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Imagine a world like our own; buildings and technology similar to that which we have today but inhabited by individuals both alike and unlike yourself.
A world of magic.

In this world beings go about there lives just as we do. They have jobs, school, family, and friends. Even with their differences and abilities they live lives like any other.


The premise of this RP is essentially this: "What if the world, exactly as it is, but magic?"
There was a lot of inspiration for this plot, some artwork I saw a year or so ago as well as the recent film by Pixar "Onward".

But mostly the inspiration was thoughts like:
What if witches ran pharmacies?
What if some rebelled by becoming chefs, opening restaurants, and creating recipes instead of potions?
What if the most popular pop singer was a siren/mermaid?
What if mermaids got around in special wheelchairs?
"What if magic?"

The actual plot is kinda non-existent as it's more a slice-of-life RP than a true fantasy RP. The fantasy aspect is really just in that the characters aren't human.
Mostly I just wanted a laid-back RP where we could explore the idea of what modern life with magic and as magical beings would be like.

If that sounds interesting to you than feel free to check out the characters or message me for more details.


As stated before the RP takes place in world like ours, just with magic. So modern technology, economic structure, and architecture just with magic/fantasy twists added. You're free to make shit up about the world, it's a sandbox situation at present. Also humans do exist, and they are the dominate species in this world.

The settings for the RP is a town called "Bellamere" which is what I like to consider as being smaller than a city but bigger than a normal town. Another aspect that allows for interpretation by writers.

The majority of the town's population is magical as it was founded by magic users but there are a couple of humans and their families.

The characters for this RP will reside at the Whitmore Boarding House, this is to encourage character interaction which will be the driving force in the RP.

✦✧✦ The Whitmore Boarding House
✦✧✦ The Golden Scales Library of Relics

* If you have a place you want added to this list for the RP, let me know.


1. Main rule for all my RP's don't be an asshole. I don't want to see racist or derogatory language used in OOC or IC. I'm not lenient on that. You'll get a warning, if it happens a second time I kick you from the RP and report you. End of story.
2. Don't GM, this is a character interaction based RP so sometimes it will be hard to do long posts if you're interacting with characters. I'd rather see short posts then get complaints about people GMing other characters. NPCs are a different story and can be used however you like unless stated otherwise by their creator.
3. Try not to copy other characters, if they're too similar without reason (i.e. based on lore or literature) I'll ask you to change it.
4. If a species/character says it's rare or uncommon don't try to create one of that race. Please.
5. Because this is a slice-of-life RP I don't place restrictions on character powers, if someone is complain that your character is OP please tell me and I'll talk to them.
6. If anyone is making you feel uncomfortable please message me so that I can address the situation, even if I've done something to make you uncomfortable I want to know so that I can apologize as that's never my intent. I don't want anyone to be unhappy or uncomfortable in my RP.
7. Lastly, it's quite possible that there will be mature-ish themes. No cyber or anything but everything else is kinda fair game in my opinion. If that's not something you're comfortable with then please don't bother joining.

If you have questions or concerns please message me and I'll do my best to answer/work things out.

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Send Character skeletons to me in PM so I can approve. That way we don't clutter the character section.
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I PMed a character, now just waiting for them to look it over. Rejected my Andriod idea, so hopefully my new idea passes.
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