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Appologies to all I RP with! I recently lost power, so I may take a while with my posts, as I have to go off my phone and I have limited data to use.
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@AcetheKidd Here ya go!…
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Got a new RP based on the Inheritance Cycle, come join!…
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@Leaves Sadly, he never will be able to. RIP
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"If I recall correctly, Kahuna Olivia specializes in Rock Types, and hands out the Rocknium Z." Chuck said.
Chuck thanked the Lurantis, and Liam, and took the Grassnium Z from Lurantis. Then he heard Mike ask Jen if she was okay and he paled, turning to her. "I am so sorry!" he said, getting on his hands and knees before her. "I had completely forgotten in the heat of battle!" Megumin was also on her hands and knees saying "Turt!"
"Sorry Mike, hope you guys are okay. Megumin just got a little overexcited." Chuck said as the Lurantis used a Sunny Day/Solar Blade combo on the Turtonator. However, Chuck and Megumin were prepared for this. "Megumin, Shell Trap!" Chuck called. The Turtonator turned around and blocked the Solar Blade with her shell, which then exploded, knocking the Lurantis back a bit. It recovered and went for a Solar Beam. Chuck activated his Z-Ring and performed the Fire dance. "Megumin, Overheat Inferno Overdrive!" Megumin turned her snout toward the Lurantis and it's Solar Beam and fired off a massive ball of fire. The two attacks collided and pushed against eachother. However, the Inferno Overdrive overpowered the Solar Beam and engulfed the Lurantis. When the flames dissipated, Lurantis was on the ground, knocked out.
Before Liam could finish what he was saying, Megumin charged in, unleashing a Flamethrower, eager to prove herself.
Megumin was getting a bit huffy that her challenge was ignored and let out another roar.
"Leave that to me!" Chuck said with a smirk, tossing a ball into the air and catching it. "Let's go, Megumin!" He tossed the ball and out came his Turtonator, who issued a bellowing roar, challenging the Totem to reveal itself.
"Alright, so it's in this jungle right?" Chuck asked, looking back at the others.
"Sounds good to me." Chuck said. "We've had enough distractions."
"Thanks guys, my parents will be happy to hear that." Chuck said, smiling. "They're not looking to get rich, or put anyone out of business, they just want to help out Pokémon and their trainers. But if they're that good, it'll help with the bills too. Pokémon Daycares don't make as much as you think, since all the costs that go into taking care of Pokémon. However, these are simple and easy to make, and the ingredients don't cost much. So, I'll let them know what you guys think, and we may be seeing them in PokéMarts in the next couple months."
(Oh, I missed that, sorry.) "Alright, I'll be back." Chuck said. Soon he arrived with a small dish for Shiranui. "They liked the name so they decided to change it up a bit to make it an actual soufflé." He then handed a small bag to Jen and said "Here's a small sample of every snack for each of your Pokémon's types."
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