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Current That moment when you realize the Introduce Yourself forum is being spammed by a bot, and there is no report button...
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Appologies to all I RP with! I recently lost power, so I may take a while with my posts, as I have to go off my phone and I have limited data to use.
1 yr ago
@AcetheKidd Here ya go!…
1 yr ago
Got a new RP based on the Inheritance Cycle, come join!…
1 yr ago
@Leaves Sadly, he never will be able to. RIP
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As we are halfway through the region, we are no longer accepting characters
I had a feeling his cameo had already been done.
It seems that the man, the myth, the legend Stan Lee has passed away this morning. It seems he was being taken to the hospital because he'd been sick for a while, and he passed on the way there. This truly is a sad day.
You guys need to check this shit out…


And on a sad note, it seems Stan Lee has passed away.
"Exactly. For now let's just get to that trial." Chuck said, ushering Cosmo back into his bag.
"It seems particularly afraid of the Ultra Beasts." Chuck said. "Then again, it's not really strong itself. It only knows Splash and Teleport."
"Hm?" Chuck asked, looking behind him to see Cosmo peeking out. When Chuck sees him, Cosmo smiles and calls out "Cos!" Chuck sighed and said "I guess you can come on out Cosmo, guess I can't keep you hidden." "Cos!" Cosmo calls out again, hopping out of the bag. "This is Cosmo, apparently it's a Cosmog, and may be an Ultra Beast. I found it at the Aether Foundation before Nihilego appeared. He was being chased by a couple of the Aether Foundation members, so I suggested he hide in my bag and come with me. I figured something might have been going on, so I decided to keep him hidden."
"Maybe someday you'll find I can be quite the tough trainer myself." Chuck said with a smirk. Curious, Cosmo peeked from Chuck's back, looking at everyone.
"Nice to meet you Trevor, I recently made 1st in the Indigo League, beat the Elite Four, but barely lost to Shiranui in the end." Chuck said, shaking his hand. "We just arrived to the island, and are making our way to the first trial."
"Hello, I'm Chuck North, who are you?" Chuck asked, offering his hand.
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