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Current Got a new RP based on the Inheritance Cycle, come join!…
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@Leaves Sadly, he never will be able to. RIP
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New interest check up!…


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Looks good to me, you're in!
Name: Known only by his alias, Shadow
Age: 29

Number of Confirmed Kills: Over 100 confirmed kills.
Personality: On the surface, Shadow seems kinda goofy, especially with his LED mask using different kinds of emoji eyes, however it is all just an act to lull people into thinking him harmless, in actuality he is deadly serious and will not hesitate to kill, even as he's joking around with someone.
Backstory: Not much is known about Shadow, and he prefers it that way.
Weapon: Melee:

Short/Mid Range:


Other: Killing in the Name of

(There was no other slot in the CS, so I just added one in to follow the rules)
Not a problem!
@Lady Hestia That's fine, accepted!

@Drakey Part of the aspect of the RP is going on and filling out the quizzes to find our actual houses, wands, and Patronuses, not just picking what we want. I would like you to do that and alter your character with those changes.
I don't mind the similar hair and eye color, however I do have a problem with her spells taking on a fire aspect, for one thing she will be a first year, and for another I don't think the magic would work like that anyways. Also, did you get those results off of Pottermore.
"Aye, mine uncle Torbjorn always told me 'Hard work pays off', and I've lived by that." Tormir said, washing his food down with some mead.
For now yes, as we're all just settling in, eating, and getting to know eachother.
Sure, just make sure to post your character in the Character's tab.
"We shall see how he holds up to Lilla when they grow." Tormir said, with a smirk. "As we shall see how you fair against mine axe, elf."
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