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Current That moment when you realize the Introduce Yourself forum is being spammed by a bot, and there is no report button...
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Appologies to all I RP with! I recently lost power, so I may take a while with my posts, as I have to go off my phone and I have limited data to use.
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@AcetheKidd Here ya go!…
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Got a new RP based on the Inheritance Cycle, come join!…
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@Leaves Sadly, he never will be able to. RIP
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Chuck gave a thumb's up as he approached the trial site. Just then, a giant Alolan Sandslash burst out of the ground, the Totem Pokémon. Chuck smirked and said "Let's make quick work of this Megumin!" He sent out the Turtonator and activated his Z-Crystal. "Get it on one shot! Inferno Overdrive!" Megumin charged up a massive ball of fire and launched it at the Alolan Sandslash, causing a massive explosion. Once the dust settled, the Totem Pokémon was knocked out, unable to withstand the massive damage due to it's 4x weakness. Chuck thanked Megumin and recalled her, using some items to heal the Sandslash and receiving the Z-Crystal from an Alolan Vulpix.
So, what's the Totem Poemon?
"I guess that leaves me then." Chuck said, with a chuckle and stepping forward to take on the trial.
"Sounds good to me." Chuck said, getting up and heading to the door.
"Well, I'm ready to go if you guys are." Chuck said.
"If using that analogy, I suppose you could say I feel I need to go even further, and become a Mega Salamence." Chuck said, retrieving his own Pokémon that he'd left before they arrived. "Strength of not only body, but also mind and spirit. The incident with Marshadow shows I still have more to learn. Who knows, this Island Challenge could be what I'm looking for."
Chuck looked at his hand and clenched his fist. "It's true that I am strong, but I can just feel it deep inside. I'm not strong enough just yet."
"Yeah, it was newly discovered when he'd hopped on the ship there, wanting to be the first to discover and learn about their legends." he said. "The last we'd heard is that he'd found some documents referring to the Sword and Shield Pokémon of Galar legend, and went to investigate further. Then we lost contact with him. I've been hoping to get stronger and become a better trainer so one day I can go to this Galar region and maybe find some clue as to what happened to him myself, but I know I'm not strong enough yet."
Hah, didn't think of that.
In case you didn't notice, Chuck's older brother's name is Tru North.
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