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Current That moment when you realize the Introduce Yourself forum is being spammed by a bot, and there is no report button...
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Appologies to all I RP with! I recently lost power, so I may take a while with my posts, as I have to go off my phone and I have limited data to use.
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@AcetheKidd Here ya go!…
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Got a new RP based on the Inheritance Cycle, come join!…
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@Leaves Sadly, he never will be able to. RIP
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Yup, and it's a Sword only Pokemon
Nice, my dad recently went to Granit State Comicon dressed as Old Han Solo
"Now it's just you and me Tru." Chuck said, standing before the Masked Shadow. The man chuckled and said "I should have known you'd figure it out. What gave it away?" "The names of your Pokémon. I used to help take care of them back home, remember? I know them as well as you do. What did you do to them?" "I have bestowed upon them the power of the shadows, increasing their power to greater heights than ever before!" the man said, removing his mask to reveal a slightly older looking Chuck, except his sclera were black, his skin pale with black veins bulging around his face. "What happened to you brother? Why did you end up like this?" Chuck asked, tears forming in his eyes. "I looked up to you and you vanished. Now you reappear looking like this, suppressing the souls of your beloved Pokémon just to increase their strength?"

Tru North frowned and replaced his mask saying "The time for talking is over Chuckie. Now is the time for battle! King!" The Mega Aerodactyl roared and flew in for a Thunder Fang. "Zenni, Ice Beam!" Chuck called. Before the Mega Aerodactyl could get close, the Mega Blastoise fired off a freezing beam that hit it's wing, causing it to freeze and crash to the ground. "Now, while it's down, it's time for a point-blank full power Water Pulse!" Zenni stomped over to King and aimed all three cannons at it, charging up a massive water blast, which it unleashed with full force, knocking the Pokémon out. It retreated to it's Dusk ball and Tru simply said "Jaws." Before they knew what was going on, the massive Tyrantrum came barreling at Zenni from the size, clutching it's neck in it's massive jaws and unleashing a powerful Thunder Fang. The T-Rex Pokémon then proceeded to shake Zenni around while he struggled to break free before then tossing him through a nearby rock wall, knocking him down for the count. Chuck recalled him and sent out Ariel.
Nice, last year I went to Salem as Tokoyami and my sister was Jirou.
"I don't think so, King!" the Masked Shadow said. The Mega Aerodactyl flew in to try and stop them from getting passed him, but Chuck was quick on his feet. "Zenni, let's go!" he said activating his Mega Keystone, causing Zenni to Mega Evolve and rush forward to stop the Mega Aerodactyl in it's tracks.
"I can't let you guys deal with my personal business." Chuck said, stepping forward. "And the poachers are more important, they must be stopped."
"I'm fine, is Zenni ok?" Chuck asked. Zenni got to his feet and nodded "Blaaas." "Good, and thank you." he said with a sigh. Chuck got to his feet and said "You guys go on ahead, this is personal business for me, I'll catch up to you when I'm finished."
"Galapagos, Jaws, and King." the Masked Shadow said. Out popped a Carracosta, a Tyrantrum, and an Aerodactyl, all covered in the same dark aura. Carracosta countered the Surf with his own, Tyrantrum charged at the Blissey with Head Smash, not taking recoil due to Rock Head to stop it's singing, and Aerodactyl Mega Evolved and unleashed an Earthquake on Aura, and all Pokémon near it, dealing more damage due to it's Tough Claws ability. Chuck fell to his knees, tears in his eyes as he looked at the Shadow Pokémon, knowing all their names by heart. "This can't be Tru, it can't be!" he shouted. The Masked Shadow let out a chuckle and said "Marshadow." The Marshadow glowed with Z-Power and vanished. Suddenly, Zenni burst out of his ball and appeared in front of Chuck, grabbing him as they both suddenly flew back, Marshadow standing where they had just been.
The man held his left hand out and said "Aegis!" Chuck's eyes widened for a second as the Bastiodon leapt in front of the Rampardos and used Protect, stopping both attacks. Then he raised his right hand and said "Gae Bolg!" Chuck gasped and said "No, it can't be!", as the Rampardos hopped on the Bastiodon's back and leapt off of it. It then came crashing down head first on top of both Pokémon, using Superpower to deal massive damage.
Chuck's shadow extended out as the dark aura seemed to flow out of him and into his shadow. And, as Shiranui had guessed, Marshadow appeared out of the shadow. However, he was not alone. Soon after Marshadow had surfaced, another figure began coming out of his shadow. This man was clad in all black, with a white mask covering his face. The man cracked his neck as the shadow separated from Chuck, who got to his feet, winded but otherwise ok. "I'm afraid I can't let you progress any further." this Masked Shadow said. "The poachers have gathered a fair amount of Pokémon, free for the shadows and I can't allow you to free them, nor can I allow you to stop Necrozma from taking this world's light. Without light, my Shadows can roam free." Out of his cloak he produced two Dusk Balls and tossed them. Out came a Rampardos and a Bastiodon, however these were radiating a dark aura.

(think Shadow Pokémon from Coliseum)
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