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1 day ago
Current The walls are breathing.
1 day ago
When you've had as many concussions as I have, perc fucks you up more than usual.
2 days ago
Teetering. Tottering. It might be time to slip.
3 days ago
No, sir. Nihilism is not practical.
4 days ago
The deafening sound you hear is coming straight from your mouth.


You can call me James, if you like. I'm 27, Canadian, and that's about it. I used to have a much more descriptive and personal bio, but then I realised no one gives a fuck.

My roleplay interests vary greatly: ranging from anime and video game fandoms; to gritty, modern realism; maybe painstakingly accurate historical fiction; or fantastical tales of monsters and magic. Interesting, multi-layered characters & intriguing, unpredictable plots always catch my fancy... as do enthusiastic and involved partners. I do my best to respond every day, and I will always try to inform you of an extended absence.

I've been doing this 15 years. Yes, my skills are probably declining. In fact, I'm sure they are. Either that, or everyone here flakes out a lot more than I remember. If you ghost me, I probably deserved it.


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I know it can kill me, but there's nothing else like it.
Once more. With feeling!
If only she wasn't so ashamed of her old music.

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