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Fuckin' Leafs
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Crisse ta yeule tabarnak
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I just realised I was once a literal Scotch egg.
3 mos ago
"Hope in one hand; shit in the other. Let's see which fills up first."


You can call me James, if you like. I'm probably older than you think. I live in an exurb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada called Burlington (EST, UTC-5). I may randomly speak/swear in Canadian French. It's like a tic. If there's some sort of invented language in a roleplay, I most always use that as the basis. I'm one of those weird nerds that also loves sports of all types (I'd better. It's literally my job to watch them, and it keeps me very busy). I used to have a much more descriptive and personal bio.... Mais tu t'en tabarnak.

My roleplay interests vary greatly: anime and video game fandoms; gritty, modern realism; maybe historical fiction; or fantastical tales of monsters and magic. I wouldn't say no to a clever combination of any of those! Interesting, multi-layered characters & intriguing, thought-out plots always catch my fancy... as do enthusiastic and involved partners. If I am not currently interested in what you specifically state that you're craving, you probably won't hear from me -- even if something else you have listed is what I want to play. I do my best to respond every day, and I will always try to inform you of an extended absence.

I've been doing this 17 years. I was on the old guild, but I lost access to that email address and could not import it from the other site. You'd think the experience would improve my writing ability. The jury is still out on that one.

Go Leafs!


P.S.: Misusing affect and effect is a pet peeve of mine. Watch yourself! XD XD

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Full screamo mode: Engage.

I usually take it as a bad sign when I'm compelled to listen to Saosin. Probably because it is a bad sign.

I have an inborn predilection for alcoholism, but heroin? Man, your a strong individual for beating your addiction.

Oh, let's not give me too much credit. It was this whole thing. I'll not get into it here. If anyone gives a toss, you can PM me, and I'll tell you a story.
I can rap in 3 different languages...

You too?

I used to have a heroin addiction. No kap
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