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25 days ago
Out of the loony bin again. What a wonderful world...
5 mos ago
Draining a massive Pumpkin Spice Latte. Don't @ me.
5 mos ago
I've developed a head-canon that Mahz was kidnapped by Kyrgyzstani rebels while on vacation abroad. Recently, he escaped by using nothing but his wit and is fleeing on foot.
6 mos ago
"Doctor, I can't feel my legs!" "That's because your arms have been blown off."
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6 mos ago
I hear voices... But I ignore them and just carry on killing.
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You can call me James, if you like. I'm 26 and married. My wife and I are the hapless slaves of four demonic budgies and a betta fish. Seriously, they live like royalty. I was born in Scotland, but I now live in lovely Toronto. If you're in the neigbourhood, you'll catch me at a Leafs or Jays game for sure.

My roleplay interests vary greatly: ranging from anime and video game fandoms; to gritty, modern realism; maybe painstakingly accurate historical fiction; or fantastical tales of monsters and magic. Interesting, multi-layered characters & intriguing, unpredictable plots always catch my fancy... as do enthusiastic and involved partners. I do my best to respond every day, and I will always inform you of an extended absence.

I have struggled with major depression, crippling anxiety, and substance abuse/dependence for over a decade. Though I have turned a corner in my life, I still wish to assist those in need. If you just need to talk or vent about something, feel free to shoot me a PM. I will do my best to help or listen at the very least. Your woes will be held in the strictest confidence. Believe me when I say I've heard it all, and I respect everyone's stories equally.

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I'm tempted to join as a trainer with a team of six Pokémon. Will this be taking place in an established region or somewhere of your own creation?
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