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7 days ago
Current "If I ever see you again -- and this gun is loaded -- you'll sleep in Hell."
8 days ago
That's gonna be a hard no from me.
11 days ago
The Leafs are just forks after soup right now.
20 days ago
I'm bad at replies right now. Might need a few days. Sorry.
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22 days ago
I had the honour of witnessing Kobe annihilate the Raptors in person back in 2006. 81 fucking points. Repose en paix, 24.


You can call me James, if you like. I'm 27, live in Toronto (EST), am fluent in Québécois French (Je sais que tu m'en tabarnak.) and English (obviously), diagnosed bipolar and Borderline, and that's just the good stuff. I used to have a much more descriptive and personal bio, but then I realised no one gives a fuck.

My roleplay interests vary greatly: ranging from anime and video game fandoms; to gritty, modern realism; maybe painstakingly accurate historical fiction; or fantastical tales of monsters and magic. Interesting, multi-layered characters & intriguing, unpredictable plots always catch my fancy... as do enthusiastic and involved partners. I do my best to respond every day, and I will always try to inform you of an extended absence.

I've been doing this 16 years. I was on the old guild under the name AClockworkOrange, but I lost access to that email address and could not import it from the other site. You'd think the experience would improve my writing ability. The jury is still out on that one.

Go Leafs!

P.S.: Misusing affect and effect is a pet peeve of mine. Watch yourself! XD XD

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