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I'm Yeonin (연인) and I hope to write with you soon. I'm looking for a new place to write, and I'm hoping this will be that place. ^^

A bit about me:
--I started writing stories in little journals at 7. Writing is a very precious to me.
--I post in multi-paragraph format, as I enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing.
--When using character images for reference, I will not use real images except for special cases.
--I roleplay in any timeframe/era, but I have a soft spot for the dark ages and feudal eras.
--I generally write for men and have absolutely no preferences as to the gender of my partner or for the characters they choose to write as.
--I am 22 and I am a-okay with 18+/NSFW themes. Please let me know what you are/are not comfortable with!
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