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Princess Alina Cascade

The Petrichor Princess
The Enlightened

Sad, green eyes - delicate body - frosted glass armor, diaphanous, multi-colored silks - lightly curled, lavender hair

Salvation: Seek out your own peace of mind.
Be Brave, Take Risks
Tell Us Of Your People
Improve The World Around You

Blood: +0
Courage: -1
Grace: +2
Sense: +1
Wisdom: +3

You wander the world, keeping whatever it is you wish to keep. Your little light gains the following form:

Light convenience (Useful). Your little light can take the form of tools or comfort items, like ropes, wrenches, screwdrivers, blankets, small animals, tattoos, or clothes. These things still glow, as your light normally does.

Alina's light is derived from her crown. Each crystal has a different color, and each color has its own specialties. When needed, the crystals can float freely off of her head and clip into the bracers on her arms and legs, which stabilizes their functionality (though not their magic. That comes from her heart). Since she's missing Red, her overall fighting power is lower than her station suggests. Since she's missing Yellow, her magic's not as bright as it should be. Her rainbow bridge has holes in it sometimes, please watch your step.

Your Little Light
You carry a little light with you. It generally floats around you wherever it wishes, but it sticks close to you and rests inside the [lantern] you carry. Your little light cannot speak, but it can point things out to you with beams of light, and flicker or change color to relay simple messages. Your little light will always provide light for you, and it can change its form to suit your needs. Its forms are listed in your gear. When you Share this Move, they also add the little light's Basic Forms to their Gear.

Bend Light
When you command the light to do as you say, choose a spell from the list and mark it. You cannot use a spell when it is marked. When you Fill Your Belly, remove a mark from one spell. When you Recover, remove all marks on your spells.
[X] Bridge: The light makes a path, forming a (almost) rainbow road for you to walk on. This bridge can connect any two well-lit places you can see.
[ ] Flash: The light blinds everyone nearby, everyone but you.
[ ] Shadow: The light flees the area, plunging it into darkness.
[X] Wall: The light grows still, forming a wall of hard light to block off a passageway.

This move cannot be Shared.

Reveal The Way (Wisdom)
When you tell someone what is best for them, you mean it, and they listen, roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, they will do as you say, with Hope. On a 7-9, they'll do it, but they'll either do it in the way they think is best, or they'll only do it if you help them. On a 6-, they reject your advice entirely.
When you Reveal The Way to another player, instead of rolling, they choose how to react. If they take the advice at face value, they roll with Hope the next time they follow it. If they refuse your advice outright, they roll with Hope the next time they do something to spite you.

Healing Light. You may damage your little light to heal someone.

Hook Shot. Your little light gains the following Form:
Hook - Your little light can pull you to anything heavy enough to hold your weight, or pull anything lighter than that to you. The hook has a limited range, and cannot pull you past a certain distance.

Strength of a hundred. You can pick up anything and anyone you can firmly grasp with at least one hand. Objects and enemies you hold have the tags Ranged and Thrown.

Soul's Blade. Your little light is especially combat adept, and can take on two Forms at once. When your little light is damaged, instead of reverting to Lantern Form, it may retain only one Form for the rest of the scene. If your little light is damaged a second time, it reverts to Lantern Form for the rest of the scene, as normal. This move cannot be shared.

I Am One With The World. When you are not alone, you cannot have Despair.

Golden Warrior. You can pay a price at any time to envelop yourself in shining light, granting you total invincibility. While your armor lasts, Cuts have no effect on you, and you cannot take damage or suffer consequences from enemy actions. However, maintaining this armor drains your strength. When you make a move while wearing your golden armor, you take damage after rolling. Your armor goes away when you dismiss it, when you get Taken Out by it, or at the end of the scene, whichever comes first.

Your little light has all of these Forms, but only one at a time:
Lantern - its basic form. The little light can fly wherever it wants, point things out to you, and provide a warm glow. If your little light takes damage, it enters this form and cannot leave it for the rest of the scene.
Light weaponry - (Melee). Your little light rapidly changes to suit your movements, forming blades around your arms and legs as needed.
Laser beams - (Ranged). Your lttle light fires blasts of energy at your enemies.
Light shield - (Armor). This shield will protect someone from all damage the light can see coming, but a hard enough hit will damage the little light. You can keep the shield for yourself, or command it to protect an ally.
Battle Ribbon (Melee)
A light meal (3/3 Uses, Food)
Ornate Armor and Jewelry (Armor, 1 Use, Precious, 2 Uses)
Throwing knives and explorer's gear (Ranged, 3 Ammo, Useful, 2 Uses)

Princess Adila is so honest! Listening to her, she sometimes reminds me of home.
Princess Adila is a good friend, and I trust her even when she doesn't trust herself.
Princess Adila promised to win back Illumina.
Princess Kazelia saw me during my most vulnerable moment.

I am the light in the darkness for Princess Kaja Ironpelt
Princess Rita von Catabas and I remember the true shape of Summerveil
I love Princess Rita von Catabas with all of my heart
Princess Rita von Catabas is my strength
Rhyza Sussari likes me even though I'm Illuminan
Rhyza Sussari is worthy of my treasure and my affection
Princess Tashanna knows that I believe in her
I helped save Princess Helya Laynasdottir from Oberon's control
Princess Helya Laynasdottir is my family, whether she thinks she deserves it or not
Princess Jessamine Cascade loves me enough to come back to my side
Princess Jessamine Cascade trusts me to take care of her
Princess Freesia Cascade protected Illumina when I couldn't. I am proud of my brave, beautiful sister
I showed Princess Ninian true kindness when nobody else would
I am going to bring King Isolde back home to Mommy, and we're all going to be a family together again

"I have fought Alina before, and left a wound upon her. It burns with winter's chill in my presence. (Didn't you learn your lesson last time, dear?)"

The Lantern
Level 6
Destiny - The Enlightened
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Princess Kazelia Swiftlance

The Harbinger


Flowing white hair with a line of blue-green - mottled verdigris skin - silver birch hooded traveling cloak with gold neck clasp and matching boots and pack - sea-green passionate eyes - Crystal spear

Doom +2, Blood +1, Courage +2, Grace -1, Sense +0, Wisdom +1
SINGER OF THE ANCIENT SONG: I remember now, the old songs, they flow through me like a vast river and connect the hearts of all who hear them.

You'll get through this: Protect your allies from harm and danger, no matter what happens to you
Be Brave, Take Risks
Tell Us Of Your People
Improve The World Around You

What is a Harbinger
My people are the Servants of the Dark, the Riders. They serve the Overlord and herald his coming, but I do not, though I retain my powers. I do not need to pay a price when I show people why they should not trifle with wizards.

Harbinger Custom
The Evil Eye Above: I'm ready for the Overlord and know him.
a) When the minions of the Overlord approach, the Overlord must tell me before the minions arrive.
b) When I know the overlord's plans, I may ask them "what is one way I could stop this" and the Overlord must answer me truthfully.

Wildspeaker: You speak the language of monsters and beasts. When you speak with them for the first time, they will always pause to listen and reply, and you can speak softly or talk sense.

Are we not the Same, You and I?
-Have an overlord stat (in the stats above). It's true while undamaged, false while damaged.
-While the overlord stat is undamaged, the overlord and I are the same in some way and I cannot harm or hinder him. If he makes An Offer You Can't Refuse while the stat is undamaged, I must accept it, but I can negotiate one (1) caveat to his terms because of my power.
-The overlord's weakness (currently Dolorous song) damages my overlord stat the same as how it damages him.

We are not the Same
Strike out stuff in Are we not the Same, above.
Once per scene, may use Heart of Fire against the Overlord without erasing a bond with him (still need to have a bond, I think).

Threat to the World
You are a Threat to the world. When someone who is not a threat to the world takes direct action against you, they have to pay a price. You no longer have to pay a price just to act against other threats to the world. A variety of moves no longer work on you.

Evil's Bane
You have become a new weakness for the Overlord. This applies to the Overlord's SHAPESHIFTING. When the overlord is in your presence, the chose stat becomes damaged.

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Princess Adila of the Watch
The Dragon Knight

Golden eyes - black scales - armour of orange, black and gold - dragon body

Relentless Justice: The laws of the great dragons are absolute. Do not break them or allow others to do so.
Be Brave, Take Risks
Tell Us Of Your People
Improve The World Around You

Blood +2
Courage +1
Grace -1
Sense +2
Wisdom +1

A hatchling, newborn.
Your power is a simple one: you are a newborn, the child of at least one dragon. You have limited control over your great strength, but it exhausts you when you draw upon it.
When you wish to unleash your true strength, you must damage your Blood stat. For the rest of the scene, you gain the tags Burning and Dangerous, you do not roll with Despair when rolling Blood or Courage, and you can damage a stat to use a Dragon Magic spell without marking it. You cannot transform while your Blood is damaged. When the scene ends, your transformation also ends.

Between Adila's lack of grace and her enormous physical strength she exists as a walking disaster area. Leaning against a tree will mean the end of the tree; a startled jump might put a dragon-sized hole in a building.

She speaks telepathically, broadcasting her thoughts into the minds of other creatures, and she can also pick up the thoughts of other creatures in exchange. This ability has two serious limitations. Firstly, most creatures have extremely poor thought discipline which makes reading their minds particularly difficult - it's not much more useful than being very good at reading body language. Secondly, Adila also has terrible thought discipline and has a hard time shutting off her stream of consciousness chatter or keeping embarrassing thoughts to herself.

Champion of Fire
You do not have your own People. You once did, but no longer. Instead, you can Command Lore about the glory of the dragons, their place in the world, and the magnificent feats they have performed throughout history. The Dragon has eleven Custom Moves to choose from instead of eight, and chooses four of them during character creation instead of two. When a Move tells someone they may take a Core Move from any basic playbook, Dragon's Custom Moves you have taken count as Core Moves. This Move cannot be Shared.

Fast Friends
When you spend a scene by someone's side or Speak Softly with them, you may gain a Bond with them immediately.
You can have an unlimited number of Bonds with anybody. People who you have Bonds with do not become Companions. You do not have enough pull with the fellowship to just recruit people. Anyone you have Bonds with will think well of you and will not try to harm you if they can help it, regardless of their feelings for the rest of the fellowship.

You can Command Lore about anyone you have any Bonds with, except for your Bonds with other players. You can Command Lore about Companions, friends, and minions of the Overlord who you have Bonds with, but you cannot Command Lore about the other heroes of the fellowship or about the Overlord.

Please, Just Listen
When you Talk Sense to someone, you may erase a Bond with them instead of owing them a favor.
When you Speak Softly with someone, you may erase a Bond with them to make them answer a question they refuse to answer.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone
When you watch someone's back and keep your eyes peeled, you can roll to Overcome any harm against them with +Sense instead of +Blood.

Strength of a hundred. You can pick up anything and anyone you can firmly grasp with at least one hand. Objects and enemies you hold have the tags Ranged and Thrown.

Wings of a dragon. You can fly. When you fly with a passenger or a heavy load, you have the Clumsy tag.
Clumsy gives a -1 penalty to Get Away, Keep Them Busy, and Finish Them.

Through the fire and the flames. You are Dragon-Made, and the elements cannot harm or change you.

Eyes of Fire. Your eyes are unnaturally good, and you can see fine detail even through the darkest night or densest fog. When you Look Closely, you may study any location you can see, no matter how distant, as if you were standing right there.

Treasure Hoard. You are rich and powerful. Choose one extra option from each of your Gear lists.

Dragon Magic
When you draw upon the draconic power that only a fool would not call magic, choose a spell from below then mark it. You cannot use a spell while it is marked. When you Fill Your Belly, remove a mark from one spell. When you Recover, remove all marks on your spells.
O Blessing of Strength: Destroy a wall or door in your way
X Blessing of Speed: Instantly appear somewhere close by that you can see. No one else will see you move there
X Blessing of Glory: Force someone to listen to you when you Talk Sense to them.

You Have My Shield
When you Overcome the harm an ally would suffer and roll a 7+, you can redirect the harm instead of stopping it. Someone else suffers the harm that would've been inflicted upon your ally - tell us who.

We Need Your Help!
When you go to find help, the Overlord will tell you who you find. If you ask for their aid, roll +Sense.
On a 10+, all four.
On a 7-9, choose two, or pay a price and take three. Regardless of your
choices, they will help you, and they are sufficient to help with your need:
 They will help you immediately, dropping whatever they were doing
 They ask no questions and need no explanation
 They demand no favors or payment
 You Forge a Bond with them
On a 6-, they will not help you, and they may even mean you harm.

Extra spicy fruits (2/3 Uses, Food Only for Dragons)
Dragonscale (0/1 Armour)
Mighty claws and hardened scales (Melee, Dragon-Made)
Your supernatural strength and speed (Melee, Dragon-Made)
Fire Breath (Ranged, reload, burning)
Polychromatic Firebomb Dresses (Ranged, reload, burning)
Dragon's Hoard (2/3 Uses, Useful, Precious)
Myself, and my overwhelming power (2/2 uses, mark to use Dragon Magic)
Detective Brill. She's a firebreathing dragon teenager with a mysterious origin, he's a corrupt noir bureaucrat with a nose for trouble. They fight crime! (Master Plan, Backup Plan)
The Spirit of Adila I, advising me on how to best be her champion: (0/2 uses, you may use this to call her spirit to my side and roll to Speak Softly with them. They have great knowledge of many things.)

The Little Light Silver
- Lantern
- Weaponry
- Lasers
- Light Shield


Princess Alina is perfect, the kind of being I aspire to be.
I promised to restore Illumina to Princess Alina
I danced in the rain with Princess Alina
Princess Alina kicked my butt in a duel
Princess Alina healed me when I was stricken
The previous Princess Adila is a mystery, and I will learn the truth behind her legend.
Adila I issued me direct orders
Adila I and I spoke in the circus.
Princess Kazelia stood as my deputy and champion and won a duel on my behalf
Princess Kazelia reflected me in her eyes
Princess Kazelia kidnapped me
Princess Hornet is my contractually mandated friend.
Princess Dandy helped me when I was at my lowest.
Princess Dandy and I had a picnic
Princess Dandy provided pats
Princess Iron Star Crushes the Strong helped me do something terrible.
I danced with Princess Iron Star.
Liza Rippley trusted me against the odds.
Princess Eska told me about her dreams.
Princess Eska hypnotized me.
I was Princess Eska's dragon maid.

Greymane befriended me in disguise.

Level 7
- Another Dragon Custom
- Another Dragon Custom
- +1 Courage
- Knight Destiny
- Squire Core
- Knight Custom
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