Dead Paradise.

It IS the current year. Globalization, technology, the internet, and a myriad of other new concepts and institutions brought the world closer together. Now you could meet people from across the globe in hours, and even talk to them until that moment.

The world seemed a lot smaller. So when this new pandemic hit, UVC21 enjoyed never before seen access to population bases.

Initially the disease seemed mundane, originally seeming to spread similarly to the flu. At first, many lauded the lack of fatalities even as it spread as an example of modern medicines and technologies working to our advantage.

Then people started dying. At first, the causes of death seemed unrelated to the UVC21 and the global center quarantined itself, the government working swiftly to go to great lengths to set first enforced boundaries, then moving towards setting up PHYSICALLY isolated and quarantined areas.

With the global wheels already having been spinning, and the clear pressure by the entire world LITERALLY watching this unfold via drones, phones, cameras and the internet, the reaction happened in a metaphorical blink.

Toronto was under lockdown.