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Current So I had H1N1 and if fucking sucked. But once again, I am not dead.
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Apparently, I am not dead.


Hey all. I'm a few sunsets over 30, and I live in Michigan.

I'm a former Marine, currently kind of going to school.

I've been RPing since AOL, so that's like <counts, then recounts, then sighs>, over 15 years.

I RP at an advance level.

I'm pretty awesome, but I'm kind of direct, prickly, and assertive in terms of the RPs I participate in and the people I RP with.

Feel free to drop me a line any time about pretty much anything.

Go easy.


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Stefan Bridges.
Dead Paradise.

It IS the current year. Globalization, technology, the internet, and a myriad of other new concepts and institutions brought the world closer together. Now you could meet people from across the globe in hours, and even talk to them until that moment.

The world seemed a lot smaller. So when this new pandemic hit, UVC21 enjoyed never before seen access to population bases.

Initially the disease seemed mundane, originally seeming to spread similarly to the flu. At first, many lauded the lack of fatalities even as it spread as an example of modern medicines and technologies working to our advantage.

Then people started dying. At first, the causes of death seemed unrelated to the UVC21 and the global center quarantined itself, the government working swiftly to go to great lengths to set first enforced boundaries, then moving towards setting up PHYSICALLY isolated and quarantined areas.

With the global wheels already having been spinning, and the clear pressure by the entire world LITERALLY watching this unfold via drones, phones, cameras and the internet, the reaction happened in a metaphorical blink.

Toronto was under lockdown.
In Howdy~ 20 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome aboard. That is an interesting collection of fandoms! I like it.

Best of luck, hope to see you around!

Would you like to chat here, in PM, or elsewhere? If PM is ok, just go ahead and message there, or message here, no need to respond just


In fact, I'd like to revisit this!

1995. Over 5 years since the various supernatural entities and organizations raised the curtain that they had been hiding behind for centuries. Some say it was pressure from the younger generations, some say it was the elders wanting the prestige that they deserved and some say it was the Wellington murders. Regardless of what you believe, you now know that werewolves and witches aren't just kids stories and cool movies anymore. Some call it Thee Day, some Pandora and others the Opening (along with a myriad of others, some less pleasant) but whatever you call it, things aren't the same anymore, plain and simple.

For the first year or so, the world was pretty shook up and many people all over the world lashed out at supernaturals (SNs), and some of them attacked back in turn. America gradually stabilized, as did most other civilized countries and the Unity Act was instituted. At that point, ANY individual with ANY power described under the Unity act needed to be registered and could be investigated or monitored at any time, same as any human owning any fire arm or eccentric weapon. Failure to register known powers was a crime, the severity based on the knowledge of powers.

Eventually the US government created the Agency of Supernatural Affairs (ASA, sometimes referred to as ASNA) and this group was to monitor SNs, deal with individuals who violated or missed registrations or those who were in gross violation of the Unity Act.

As of now there are certain social policies that target SNs. For example, any law enforcement officer can ask any SN at any time for their certification, and SNs cannot run for any political office. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. The world didn't stop turning, people and nations moved forward, to more or less of a degree.

Welcome to Earth.

The ASA.

No. Really! Come build a world with me! Haha.

@StormflyxThanks kindly, stranger, haha.

@Altered Tundra Likewise, I remember at least casually conversing with you previously. Glad to see another familiar face. Hope all has been well!

this could be a long, bloody process haha.

Are you new to the site also by the way?

@Sadi The only way to find out is to put a bolter round through you then. If you have red blood, you were human. If not, you were not.

Makes sense, right? Haha.

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