Ari's Character Catalogue - WIP

cast colors
|| Zel - 7356ba || Miry - d0a5fd || Kazia - f3c9ff || Nenra - ad90a8 || Gaelin - a15290 || Sia - d13bc0 || Kalai - a948b8 ||

Aymiria Loravyr - bride of Zakroti Unalim. A sixteen-year-old water Gem. Her mother stood up to a Drakkan prince during the reaping and demanded they take the younger sister, not the older one who was set to marry the Gemmenian crown prince. Whether for cruelty or perhaps some twisted sense of mercy, the prince agreed. Miry's most notable physical feature is her incredibly diminutive stature; she scarcely comes up to the collarbones of any of her sister-brides. Most notably about her demeanor, she cannot communicate verbally; she uses sign language or writes with lines of water on a pale grey silk screen that is always on her person.

Gaelin Unalim - bride of Nastaki Unalim. An eighty-six year old earth Gem. Gaelin has been steadfastly loyal to Nastaki since she was reaped, sixty-seven years ago. It's nearly unheard of for a bride to live this long, much less to maintain favor of her husband for the duration of her life. She has assumed all the roles of the lady of the household since both of Nastaki's drakken wives passed on to age, and is effectively properly wed to him in all but legal status. Her household standing is nearly unheard of for a Gemmenite bride. She bears herself quite proudly and properly, standing tall despite the years and the toll motherhood took on her body.

Kalai Vunalathi - TBA. tba

Kasimaera Niyeseri - bride of Qeynate Unalim. An eighteen-year-old air gem. She's the middle child of a pair of Gemmenian court musicians, and was a dancer in her childhood. Kazia's most notable physical feature is her majestic cascade of pearl-white hair, falling in ringlets to the backs of her knees. As far as her demeanor, it's noted that she can never, ever sit still - even when she must, she fidgets with currents of air in her skirts and her hair. Kazia adores jewelry and all things sparkly, often wearing several rings and incredibly intricate necklaces, bracelets, and ear cuffs or hair ornaments.

Nenra Corislen - bride of Zakroti Unalim. A twenty-year-old earth gem. Born in a tiny farming community in the middle of nowhere - a community often stricken by the blistering plague, at that - Nenra never expected to be reaped. A wayward Drakkan reaping party, struggling to meet their quota of potential brides, took her and several of her cousins. Most notable about Nenra's appearance is her tall, muscular frame, seconded by her piercing, gold-green stare, peculiarly reflective and haunting. She always bites her nails and invariably, no matter how clean her environment is, ends up with a smudge of dirt across her face or skirts before midday.

Siadamkiru Beneni - TBA. tba

Zelphyra Chazumin - TBA. tba