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7 mos ago
Current ...mfw you’re scrolling and accidentally like a status. -1 support, Arcanus. There really needs to be a way to unlike statuses
8 mos ago
Ooooor we could not joke about suicide in the status bar? Always that option too, right?
4 yrs ago
I'm sorry I haven't been on very often, school has been really kicking my butt. I'll try to be around more guys, I promise!
4 yrs ago
O_O I finally remembered my password.... Welp.


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*boops in a smol bunny friend*

WITCHY! *is going to lurk and maybe join.*
Actually I think I’m going to drop this in light of recent developments. @hitman, give my spot to @kiltmanbagz. Sorry.
Oh gosh I’m so sorry! @soph somehow I missed that. Pls disregard me aaaaaa <3
@soph I'm not sure that we're accepting extra players right now! @Hitman said he only wanted there to be seven of us, and he got seven of us from the interest check. I could be mistaken, of course.
Okay so full disclosure I have approximately six fanteams and a handful of unassociated characters from RPs on my other account. I have too damn many OCs so expect me to draw up a couple or three CSes before I find one I’m happy with.
Interested! I think RWBY is what I need to get out of my creative slump.
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