Dark skies filled with blackened clouds exchanging lightning to each other, over a massive valley. People on their knees bowing down to someone standing on the top of a mountain in front of everyone. Fire erupts from the ground every so often. A blood curdling scream can be heard from the base of the mountain as the figure chuckles.
The figure holds their hand up into the air as a ball of water, fire and lightning form. With one swift motion of their wrist the ball hurdles to the crowd.

A flash of light and a bang later, Dimitri wakes up in a cold sweat on the couch. “Hey bro, you okay?” Thalia asks. “Yeah, I’m good, some sorta nightmare I think.” Dimitri replied. “Well get ready, were doing around of capture the flag with Annabeth and Percy before dinner.”

Dimitri gets off the couch and stretches before getting himself ready for the game.