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Jedi Temple Public Records

Name: Evemari “Evie “ Barrall
Species: Human
Homeworld: Chandrila

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Rank : Knight(Shadow)
Master: None
Former Master: Graddon Bayasto
Jedi Temple Internal Records

Detailed appearance. Imagery insufficient.
Evie stands at about 6ft tall and with piercing green eyes. She has an elegant beauty that is often complimented with her white robes and eerily warm smile. She often will wear her hair down and always seems to be well kept.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.

Force Speed- Intermediate Talent
Tutaminis- Intermediate Training
Telekinetic Defense- Expert Talent
Force Stealth- Intermediate Training
Force Cloak-Intermediate Talent
Basic Force Powers- Intermediate Training

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber training.

• Form I Shi-Cho Intermediate Training
• Form II Makashi Expert Talent

Names and pertinent details for all political and social associates. Including allies, enemies, rivals, underlings, apprentices and more.
Aren Bec- Surrogate sister from her days on Arkania Praxeum and often will write her.

Graddon Bayasto- Her former master and often will train with him in-between missions

Personality analysis of candidate.
Evie has a patient, warm, and gentle aura about her that is grounded by a distinct sense of duty. A polite confidence that is a balanced by her unrelenting tenacity to achieve her goal or the goals given to her by the Jedi Order. This sense of duty and tenacity will override her gentler nature that allows for her to thrive as a shadow. The code is but a set of guidelines to her as the terror of the Sith often require more aggressive measures to stamp out. If it can be helped she would much rather turn Sith back to the light whether it be by persuasion or force. She’s them as lost souls that need to be guided back to the light or become one with force as the blight of the Sith can never be allowed to fester.

[h3][sub]List and description of known and suspected flaws, obligations, vices and weaknesses.
She has the tendency to not have a filter and often will speak what is on her mind. She can be a bit forlorn at isolation that involves being a Shadow. So much so that she desperately wants the approval of her peers, however this can come off as wooden and tends to agitate them. She worries that she will succumb to the tragedies that often are apparent to shadows such as social isolation and paranoia. She is not very trusting of any captured Jedi unless they have shown their worth as they can potentially be agents to the Sith. She has smidgen of her master’s paranoia that was instilled in her since she was a Padawan as “The darkness is all around us, often hiding in plain view.” This saying has never left her mind and often present when meeting someone new. She does her best to rationalize that there is no definitive proof that they are aligned with the darkness and should not assume the worst given the state of the galaxy. She wonder if anybody will care for her or will her life be destined to that of tragic isolation.
She enjoys music and often will go to dance halls to take her mind off the situations that are going around her. This is the one vice she enjoys to partake in as it helps her feel somewhat normal and offers her a brief respite from the tragedies of this age.[/sub ][/h3]

Owned equipment of note.
A curved hilt Green Saber
Data Dagger

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