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Current Yess, Scorbunny for the win <3
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I can't wait to play the newest Gen <3 I hate Black and White(2) as well, but afterwards they kind of recovered. Imo.
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I knew I was sick, but not "slept for 12 hours" sick.
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How do you block someone? I don't need this negativity in my PMs, especially not when I try to help.
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How To Train Your Dragon 3 was amazing <3



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🌕Micah Barns



🌕Micah has blonde hair and blue eyes.
🌕This is different than when he was younger. About the age of 6, his hair turned blonde from brown, his eyes were brown as well.
🌕He is on the smaller side for a boy his age.
🌕He stands at 54 inches tall, and weighs about 80 pounds.
🌕He has some muscle mass, but nothing that is above other children of his age.
🌕His hair falls just past his ears, and is often unkempt. He brushes it from time to time.
🌕Despite his living situation, Micah values personal hygiene.

🌑Darkness Manipulation
🌕The power to manipulate darkness and shadows.
🌕Micah can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a the power he gains from the moon and stars, it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: he can also control and manipulate shadows and darkness to create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness.
🌕Using the shadows to create shields or any other physical form takes much concentration, and is difficult to sustain for a long period of time.
🌕Micah can cloak himself in darkness, and under the moon and stars, can walk around "unseen" but still physically tangible.
🌕Micah only has access to his powers at night.
🌕If it's a cloudy night, or the stars and moon are shrouded in some other way the entire night, Micah has little to no way to use his powers.
🌕If Micah is not able to be outside at all during the night, his "battery" does not charge and his powers are weaker.
🌕His powers act on a "battery", his blonde hair and blue eyes take in the nighttime light from the stars and moon and give him the ability to manipulate shadows.
🌕His inhibitor chip greatly stunts his powers, with it he has a hard time using them at all.
🌕Because of this, he is helpless to stopping others, be they bullies or otherwise, unless he has "charged" his powers for a few nights.
🌕Micah must be physically in the shadows to utilize them.
🌕This means he can use his own shadow, or shadows from the smallest objects and magnify them.
🌕The sun makes Micah uneasy, as it stops him from being able to use his powers at all.
🌕A bright source of light that can dispel shadows would also cause Micah to lose the ability to control his powers.

🌑Small and Agile
🌕Since Micah is on the smaller side for his age, he is able to run faster and fit in places others may not. He is also rather quiet in his movement, letting him sneak around without the notice of others.

🌕Micah is still quite young, but he isn't without smarts. He loves dabbling in puzzles and mind games, and can usually think up a quick solution to a problem given some time to think. He enjoys strategy games as well. When the opportunity presents himself, he'll often get caught up in a book and finish it in very few sittings.

🌑First Aid
🌕Micah can't quite remember, but something piqued his interest in terms of the medical field. Of course, as a young boy he doesn't have access to the best equipment, but he's learned how to patch himself, and others up with what he can find in the environment.

🌕Micah is often seen wearing worn jeans of a darker color.
🌕He also wears short sleeved shirts in the summer, and cozier sweaters in the winter, no matter how worn down they may seem.
🌕He also enjoys wearing zip up hoodies and sweatshirts.
🌕Sometimes he'll run around barefoot, but when shoes are found, he'll wear them until the soles fall off.
🌕When the weather is colder, he'll usually wear a beanie. But when night falls, he tends to avoid hats so that he can take in the light of the moon and stars.

🌕It wasn't clear that Micah was a Deviant at birth.
🌕It is unknown whether he had his powers at birth, or whether he acquired them a few years later.
🌕It is thought that his parents had been a part of the day of Black Sabbath. Micah had not been born yet.
🌕All that Micah understands, is that he had been born into the arms of two loving parents. Somehow, he had ended up at an orphanage at three years of age.
🌕Not long after arriving at the orphanage, he met Willow. The boys grew close, and still like to see each other to this day.
🌕Being on the smaller side as he grew up, Micah was constantly picked on, both by orphanage staff and by other children.
🌕Because of this, Micah has sadly grown accustomed to being picked on and told he's useless, both in terms of his powers and his capability.

🌕Micah is a loving and caring kid for those who feel the same towards him. He values friendship, his best friend being Willow.
🌕He is very humble, and often won't talk about being bullied, or even tell who's bullying him. He doesn't like to bug Willow too often, for fear of being too clingy or needy, so he'll disappear for a day or two at a time, keeping to himself.
🌕To others, he might seem as that one ray of innocence, one of few left in the compound in the form of children who are on their own.
🌕He can be somewhat loud at times, as certain things can pique his interest and excitement. He loves a good laugh, and playing harmless jokes on others he cares about.
🌕Micah is a very curious boy. He hasn't had many people around while growing up, so he's had to figure things out on his own. This warrants some curiosity, and lack of fear, when learning about new places or things.
🌕Micah respects those with experience, and listens well to authority and instructions given to him by such people. He feels extremely uncomfortable challenging those he feels are above him, be their rank something they've earned, or their authority as something they've scared into him.
As will I!

Approved :)


Approved :)
For the SW Persistent Galaxy RP, Bryethe Farlance.

Interested! I'd be up for anything without romance xD I can PM you later if you'd like? :)
Good, thinking up a reply but I don't have a day off until this coming Wednesday. I plan on getting a reply in then, if not earlier.
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