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Sound great! @Omega Man

I'm here for about another week. Gonna talk to my pal @Shard and try to get some details worked out. Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop and allowing me to still be a part of it :)
Brye had her head slightly hung in silence before she heard a soft chuckle come from Satele. Her head lifted as she looked at her Master, listening closely as she started to speak. Brye was never disappointed when listening to her Master's stories, her advice, her warnings. Brye had never been steered wrong by Satele's words, which is why she was listening closely now.

Accepting failure is hard when it nearly cost your Master her life.

Brye's thoughts went in and out as she listened to Satele. The young Jedi didn't want to ponder over what would happen had Satele not made it off Dxun alive. She felt a close bond with her Master, closer and stronger than Brye had felt with her previous Master; most likely due to the hardships the Padawan had endured since her first Master's death.

She felt that bloody hand on hers, comforting yet causing the Padawans thoughts and emotions to conflict.

They were headed to Manaan, Satele suggested rest, but Brye knew she couldn't rest with her emotions like they were. She would find a quiet place and meditate instead.
The Padawan looked to Satele, pausing for a moment before taking a breath as she spoke.
"If you need me Master, I won't be far."

With that, Brye gave a soft smile in return before making her leave from the medbay, intent on finding a quiet place to meditate as they made their way to Manaan.
Bryethe did not feel nor wake to anything. From the rough landing of the escape pod to the Mandalorians carrying her to the medbay of the ship. What caused the young Jedi to stir was when she sensed her Master close by.

The Starshine lifted off from the Dxun dirt, their journey to Manaan underway.

The medical droid patched Brye up quickly, treating the bodily shock from the Sith's lightning assault earlier, along with treating and bandaging the singe marks from the various Sith lightsabers throughout the duels on Dxun. Once the medical droids programming concluded no further care could be given at the time, it moved quickly to the Jedi Grandmaster, for more time and care would be needed to stabilize her for the trip.

Time passed, and Brye stirred more. Eyes opened slightly to the bright lights above her medical bed, then they looked around the room. She picked her head up and immediately saw her Master across the bay from her, the medical droid finishing up its care.

"Master Shan..." the young Jedi mumbled, hands underneath her as she sat up slowly. The medical droid was over to her in an instant, its flat-toned voice immediately giving instructions.

"Ma'am, you cannot move from your bed, you are still healing."

"I don't care droid, now leave me be." Brye retorted as the droid stopped next to her.

Mechanical hands were on her quickly, pushing her back down with impressive strength. "Ma'am, I insist, you need to-"

Brye raised a hand, her eyes focused intently on the droid as she waved that hand to the side. "You will let me leave this bed." She instructed, her voice reflecting her feelings in that moment, irritated, worried, and determined to go see her Master.
The droid paused momentarily, as if someone had pressed a reset button.
"I will let you leave this bed." It said suddenly, stepping back from the Padawan and moving back over to Satele.

Brye sighed heavily, slowly sitting back up and letting her legs swing over the side of the bed. She was at Satele's side after a few long moments.
Her eyes scanned over her Master, bloodied bandages littering the floor from when the droid re-wrapped her wounds.
The Padawan looked away, down towards the floor for a few moments, eyes closed as her mind replayed the previous hours events. It was evident in the injuries Satele had taken that she tried to reach Brye, but it had been too late, that much the young Padawan could decipher.

Grim sat submerged in the kolto tank, and Brye could sense someone else nearby, obviously piloting the ship, but to where?
Although, most of the Padawan's worries were directed towards Satele.

"You shouldn't have had to come for me. I should've handled it myself." She whispered, looking back at her Master as Brye leaned slightly against the bed, her hands keeping her steady against the bed frame.

"You said I was ready, you thought I was. But I couldn't live up to it... My failure caused this."
We have ideas. I'm currently away doing some military stuff for a couple more weeks so I'm not able to work on anything in depth until I get back home.
Featuring: Bryethe, Kurin & two lesser Sith

The two Sith worked in unison, striking almost as one against the Jedi padawan, forcing her back quickly, hoping to overwhelm her to the point where they could crush her. A series of hard blows from one of the two, a hulking brute of a human, pushed the padawan down to her knees. He kept beating on her, forcing her to maintain her defense. The other Sith moved in for the kill, intent upon striking the padawan in the back.

Their attacks were intense and relentless, forcing Brye to withdraw any outward attempt she had wanted at making an attack. Instead the Padawan was forced to hold a strong, but weakening, defense.
Brought to her knees, lightsaber held in front as she attempted to maintain a strong defense, Brye could feel the other Sith coming around for the kill. Her back was wide open, but she couldn't change positions, not with the brute strength of a Sith challenging her defense. With one hand holding her saber, Brye reached out with the other, towards the treeline. She pulled back with her free hand, queuing the sound of cracking wood and falling branches. A large tree fell towards the group, giving Brye the break she needed as both Sith quickly backed off as the tree fell towards them.
Brye recovered quickly, saber held up in the next moment as she prepared to keep fighting.

The tree fell down with a thunderous boom, the larger Sith only barely jumping aside from it, while the smaller Sith easily rolled out of the way, her sneak attack foiled. The padawan was no longer at quite the same disadvantage. The two sith looked at each other, trying to silently plan their attack. This had not gone the way they had planned.

They circled the padawan who now stood atop the fallen tree, their sabers spinning slowly to hopefully distract the padawan. The larger moved in again, trying to look menacing as he pulled a small boulder with the Force to toss at the Jedi. The female Sith in turn prepared to toss her lightsaber from the opposite side.

Bryethe watched both Sith closely as they circled around her, her head snapping to each one quickly every few seconds so as not to be surprised by anything. She felt the boulder coming her way, so Brye turned to face it. At the same moment she sensed the saber from the opposite Sith also being thrown in her direction.
This was her chance, one Sith unarmed, she could push the offensive. Brye jumped quickly, narrowly avoiding both the boulder and the saber as she greeted the air. Directing herself towards the unarmed female Sith, Brye used her descent and held her lightsaber at the ready, intent on taking one of the Sith out of the fight.

The female Sith realized her mistake a moment too late as the Jedi leapt up above her attack and came down towards her. As it was, she barely rolled out of the way of the Jedi’s downward slash, her saber still far away. She did the only sensible thing: she ran.

Her companion, if he could be called such, did not suffer from cowardice, sensible or not in the situation. He jumped over the fallen tree, landing heavily near the Jedi and striking immediately with a flurry of hard strikes, hoping to keep the padawan busy until his fellow Sith could get back into action. Not that he needed her to take on one measly Jedi padawan. Suddenly, in between his hard strikes, he kicked out at the Jedi.

The female Sith recovered her saber but did not yet move in to attack, perhaps trying to figure out the best means of attack.

She had an open opportunity to change the odds in this fight, and Brye failed to do so. The young Jedi was kicking herself as she started to pursue the female Sith with intent. It was then that the second Sith re-entered the fight, his attacks swift and relentless, Brye was barely able to redirect her defense in time.

His attacks came quickly, quicker than Brye was able to keep track of. She was forced to twist and turn her body in order to dodge attacks, using her saber constantly, yet she was still at a disadvantage. Brye was tiring, weakening, her mind was frantic. She hoped Satele was alright, she could still sense her Master. But with the exhaustion and injuries from the first fight coupled with the intensity of her second, the young Jedi was failing.

Bryethe suddenly felt something impact with her stomach, hard. She fell back, attempting to catch herself while still maintaining some form of defense. Her mind was groggy, thoughts frantic as she felt her body losing the fight. Blue and red lightsabers met as Brye fell back on one knee, one foot held steady into the ground as she clenched her teeth, refusing to let up her defense as the brute strength of the Sith challenged her.

She heard it then, the loud engines of what sounded like a ship, a very large one at that. And it was very close.

High above the fight Kurin’s Fury—Serith—descended rapidly, only slowing at the last moment, stopping in the air above the similarly sized Jedi vessel. It had barely been still for a moment when the landing ramp slid open and a figure dressed entirely in black leapt out, dropping at least thirty meters straight down, landing with one knee bent, and one foot and fist on the ground, quite close to the three fighters.

He rose slowly, his hood casting his helmeted face in shadow. “Apprentice Kethel Domerion, Apprentice Zi Nathel. You are wanted for violations of the Tsisajak. Surrender now and your punishment will be moderate. Fail and no leniency will be shown.” His voice was deep, gravelly.

Meanwhile, the heavily built Sith warrior had been about to strike hard at the tiring Jedi. He paused, half in uncertainty, half in shock at the arrival of the imperial vessel and the Sith it clearly belonged to. He had to win this fight, yet how could he fight both an older warrior and a Jedi?

The female Sith had also been about to attack, but she too stopped, staring more at the ship’s guns pointed straight at her than at the Sith. She knew without a doubt that she was outmatched.

Bryethe watched as a new Sith warrior made an entrance, her eyes trained both on him, and the ship. The brute of a Sith let up and Brye took that chance to stand and take a few steps back. Her lightsaber still up and trained on the Sith Male she had been fighting, but now she had another to watch for.

The new Sith warrior put Brye on edge, even more so than she had been before. He spoke as if he was here to apprehend the two Sith she had been fighting, but he was still another Sith, another enemy.

The young Jedi didn't move, she didn't attempt to make an advance nor retreat. This, she felt, was a very delicate situation; one she would have to handle carefully if she wanted to get out with her life intact.
"Leave. Now. No more blood has to be spilled here, on Dxun. It is pointless."

Slowly the male warrior—Kethel Domerion—looked between his Jedi Quarry and the other Sith. He had his orders, yet how was he supposed to fulfill them now? He couldn’t do it while taking on another Sith warrior. Especially not when that other warrior had a fully armed fury on hand. But what awaited him back in the Empire? His thoughts raced through his mind. The new Sith had spoken of him breaking the doctrine. That clearly meant his cover was blown. That could only mean someone knew he was a Revanite. It didn’t take much intelligence to know that his punishment would be harsh, probably lethal. His kind were not treated nicely by the Empire.

Nearby, many of the same thoughts flowed through the young female apprentice’s mind. Zi Nathel hadn’t been with the Order of Revan for all that long. Less than two months, in fact. This had been her first real mission for the Order. ‘No. I won’t die like this.’ she thought to herself. ‘I have more to live for.’

With a resolute gesture, she turned off her lightsaber and gently tossed it at the feet of the newly arrived Sith Warrior. “I surrender.” was all she said.

Beneath his mask Kurin smiled. ‘If only all those revanite weaklings were that easily overcome…’ he thought to himself. The woman’s lightsaber was mid-air when he caught it with the Force, pulling it into his hand. It was a well-crafted saber. “Wise choice.”

He looked at the Jedi and the other revanite piece of scum. “I will leave when I am done here, not a moment before.” This young Jedi had more guts than many Sith. Almost admirable, had she but not been a Jedi.

Looking straight into the eyes of Apprentice Kethel, he spoke out, “Will you be wise, or will you be foolish?”

Kethel looked back at the crimson-masked Sith. “Death awaits me either way. I’d rather go down fighting!” With those words, he leapt up, somersaulting and striking down, not at Kurin, but at the Jedi.

Brye did not dare lower her guard while the three Sith conversed with each other. She watched all of them closely while taking these moments to catch her breath and regain herself, as best she could. The female to Brye's side surrendered and the young Jedi couldn't help but feel relieved, even if it was the smallest victory.

The latest mask Sith questioned the brute, asked if he was going to surrender, but Brye could feel the tension in the air. He had his mission, he wanted blood, a Jedi's blood.

It seemed that he would stop at nothing, for the Sith brute was upon Bryethe quickly, with little warning, and with maximum effort.
Brye brought her saber up to parry his strike as the Sith came downward. She was caught off guard as his attack was stronger than before, pushing Brye's blade down and nearly catching her in an opening. She recovered quickly, pulling her saber around d her side as he attempted to catch her side profile in the open. He was pushing hard, every strike forced Brye to step back.
Within moments of his first strike Brye had backed herself into the landing gear of the Starshine. The young Jedi was caught off guard by the sudden obstacle behind her, too focused on the fight and trying to survive instead of her surroundings. She stopped a downward strike from the Sith brute, but suddenly felt a hand around her neck, and was thrown down afterwards. Bryethe hit the ground, hard, her head in a daze. Still, she was determined, for she brought up her lightsaber to cover herself in an attempt to defend against the next attack she knew was coming.

Kurin did not immediately move in to stop the revanite imbecile. He was busy and the safety of this Jedi was secondary at best. Instead, he moved over and secured the female. It would not do for her to get a wise idea after having surrendered. He glanced occasionally at the fight, but only just that. Interference would come later. The shackles he attached were of a kind that could not be unlocked with the Force nor easily be removed with a lightsaber without cutting into limbs, but then they were designed specifically for Force-users.

With the female taken care of, Kurin could once more focus on the Jedi and the revanite. He saw how faltering the Jedi’s defense was. Proof that her training was clearly incomplete. He reached out with the Force, pulling the nearby small boulder into the air and tossing it straight at the revanite.

Kethel meanwhile, had been beating the Jedi’s defenses hard, working to break her down through exhaustion, rather than through direct harm. An unusual tactic in some ways, but at times effective.

Brye was exhausted, there was no hiding nor denying it. She met each one of the Sith's strikes with her own, refusing to show how tired she was becoming at the relentless onslaught of aggressive attacks.

She watched the newly arrived Sith, noticing when he moved. There was no reason to trust him. Even though he was supposedly here to detain two Sith who had lost their way, he was still a Sith himself.
Brye moved her body and saber in unison in order to avoid attacks, refusing to let the brute Sith get the upper hand. Her head was pounding from the impact with the ground only moments before, she could feel herself slipping ever so slightly with each attack that came.

Her saving grace was the small boulder that came hurtling towards her enemy. She narrowly avoided it, watching as it struck the Sith and knocked him back.

As the boulder impacted, Kethel’s breath was knocked out of his lungs but he did not let himself be hindered for long. Instead he summoned his rage through the dark side of the Force, his mouth producing a scream of fury as he moved to keep his attack up. He had to kill the Jedi, even if it was the last thing he did. He swung his lightsaber again and again, trying to batter the Jedi down.

From the side Kurin moved closer, as much judging the two combatants, studying the techniques of the Jedi and the revanite scum, both lightsabers held ready to be ignited in an instant if needed. Above his ship hovered, its weapons clearly tracking the rogue apprentice and the Jedi he was fighting. He could end this battle at any moment, but his orders were to—if possible—bring the criminals back alive. Ship weaponry has a tendency to not be conducive towards that goal.

He did nothing to hide the fact that he could interfere further at any point. It would be interesting to see if the Jedi would beg for assistance. There was a sort of strength of character to be found in knowing when you’re defeated and trying to find a way to live, even if it were unorthodox. If the Jedi died, it would not be all that great a loss.

"You claim to be here to bring these two to justice," Brye began, parrying the brute's attacks as best she could, but clearly speaking towards the newest Sith visitor. "Yet you are doing very little to stop this!"

Brye was exhausted, beaten, and furious. She and Satele shouldn't have separated. Not when Dxun was crawling with Sith; not when her Master faced incredible odds to fight the Sith, sending Brye back to the ship. They should've stayed together, for Brye strongly believed in strength in numbers.

"Are you going to finish what you came here for?!" She yelled, her saber clashing again with the brute's as she continued to challenge his strength and determination.

“You have the power to defeat this weakling. He is not even a proper Sith. Use your anger, forge it into a weapon. Break him.” Kurin said as he looked at the two fighting. He reached out with the Force, constricting the Apprentice’s throat a little, not enough to stop him, but enough to distract him.

He smiled beneath his mask. “Let’s make this more fun to watch.” As he said that, he tossed the captured revanite’s saber at the Jedi. He knew his crew on the ship was recording the whole thing. It would be fun to watch that later.

Brye could feel her emotions in turmoil. She could feel the anger and fury threatening to take over moral compass.
Sith lightsaber in hand, Brye could tell something had changed with the brute. He came at her again, his red saber versus the two Brye now held. She parried another relentless strike, another that threatened to overtake her strength and will.

The young Jedi was eye to eye with the brute, but her mind wandered.
Master. she began, reaching out but unknowing if Satele could hear her, or even in a position to understand.
I refuse to let you down.

Thoughts reached out, memories, emotions. Brye summoned all of her willpower as she thought about her time as a Padawan. She would not let her anger and rage overtake her, so instead she pulled strength from elsewhere. Training as an Initiate, passing the initial trials, her Masters, the Jedi who had taught her all she knew. Satele, helping her pull out of grief after losing her first Master, and helping Brye build past that grief, learning, growing.

Brye pushed hard against the brute, digging her feet into the ground, finding strength not in her anger, but in strength of will and determination.

The brute of a Sith was pushing hard, but Bryethe's will to live was stronger now. The Sith let up for a moment, expecting Brye to be caught off guard and move forward. She anticipated it though, and as the brute moved to get behind her, Brye moved quickly to intercept him. She met his saber with her own, and moved in quickly for a killing strike as soon as she saw an opening in the Sith's parry.

“You have strength, but you do not use it.” Kurin said with disappointment in his voice. “In time, you will learn better.” With that, he put his lightsaber onto his belt, then pointed his hands at the two fighters.

“Now feel the power of the Dark Side!” unleashing twin blasts of lightning, striking at both the Revanite and the Jedi. The revanite clearly tried to block with his lightsaber, but the surprise of the attack—combined with the raw strength of the attack—quickly overwhelmed his defense. He fell to the ground, twitching under the fury of Kurin’s assault.

Brye's strike was interrupted by the words of the Sith that watched over them, she found herself turning, attempting to block the incoming lightning with both sabers in hand. Her defense was quickly overtaken though and within a few moments the lightning had spread throughout her body.
Brye felt her heart speed up as the lightning threatened to overtake her. She cried out as the onslaught did not stop, dropping to her hands and knees, refusing to let her mind and body succumb to the attack.

Next Brye knew, she collapsed into the Dxun dirt, her body convulsing every few seconds as she attempted to stay conscious, mind and body threatening to give in.

After both opponents crumbled to the ground, Kurin alternated his blasts between them, using the other hand to pull their sabers to his belt. He would definitely have to put some of them away. That belt was quite full now with four suspended sabers instead of just the usual one. With the sabers out of the way, he pulled the second Sith away from the Jedi, holding him down as he put enough raw power into him to knock him unconscious. Considering his training, he knew exactly how much was needed. Additionally, he knew exactly how to keep from permanently harming either of his targets.

“Land the ship. Bring down additional restraints.” he said, jolting the Jedi just a little to keep her from acting up. He would take her with him. Perhaps she could be taught how to be a proper Sith, instead of a weak Jedi.

One question remained, though: Where are the other Revanites supposedly dispatched to Dxun? He did not know, but he intended to find out. Ideally taking them alive would be nice, but seeing them dead would be sufficient.

Brye could feel herself slipping away into the realm of unconsciousness. Eyes closed as thoughts raced through her head.

She was being taken captive, by the Sith. What would her Master think of her now? Would she die at the hands of this Sith, would she give in to him and conform?

She had failed. One hand clenched into the Dxun dirt as panic and uncertainty swept over the young Jedi as Brye slipped away into unconsciousness.
"Get on the bike, Brye."

It had all happened in a few short moments. One moment Brye was seated on the speeder with Grim, eyeing the line of Sith and Mandalorian who stood before them. She stopped not far behind her Master. Her mind had been focused on the previous fight. Brye was pushing away any creeping exhaustion or pain she felt, prepared to push on as needed.
Those thoughts were fleeting though as she observed the group standing before she and Satele. Brye could wield her lightsaber, she would wield her saber for her Master. Odds or not Brye would not doubt the strength they had together... but she was mistaken.

She wanted to speak up, to protest, to suggest another course of action, but the tone of Satele's voice told the young Padawan otherwise. It was not often Bryethe doubted her Master's orders. She believed in Satele and her capabilities, but this was almost too much. Ten Sith, plus Mandalorians, all odds pointing away from her Master. Yet something told her there was a reason behind the command.

So Brye did just that. She dismounted the heavy speeder and climbed onto her Master's bike, hands gripping the handles tightly as she waited for further instruction.

There was an extreme amount of tension, at least that's what Brye felt, as both sides stood their ground, neither moving nor letting their guard down.

"Swift and safe get on that ship."

Satele turned and without hesitation, instructed Brye back to the ship. Alone. Just Padawan, no Master. One without the other. The young Padawan wanted to protest, she wanted to show how against this she was, but Brye also knew better. There was a time to question orders and there was a time not to, this was a time to follow orders quickly and without hesitation.

Brye's hands were shaking as she held the handles of the speeder tight, turning quickly and accelerating away from the scene. There was a moment of silence between she and Satele. Go, she said. Brye's eyes met her Master's. It wasn't the last time it would happen though, it couldn't be.
The young Jedi had faith in Satele. Now all Brye had to do was return and prepare the ship. Once her Master returned they would leave immediately

Miles passed, Bryethe's mind wandered, and the freighter Starshine came into view.
Brye could feel her mind wandering. As the speeder bike slowed as it neared the ship, Brye took a deep breath and slipped off the seat.

I just... need...

The girl stopped suddenly, an odd feeling washing over her mind. She suddenly drew her blue-bladed saber from her side, flipping around towards the direction she had just came and holding it out in front of her towards the Dxun darkness.

"It shouldn't have happened this way, young Jedi. She should've come with us. Now there can't be anything but blood..."

A deep, raspy voice accompanied a tall dark figure as it emerged from the Dxun darkness. Red saber ignited with showed the position of another figure not far behind. Two Sith emerged from the darkness, slowly walking towards Brye, faces clad in black masks, long robes and armor adorning their sturdy frames.

"It doesn't have to be anyone's blood. Not mine, not yours." Brye spoke, keeping her saber held in front, the speeder bike in between the Sith and Jedi Padawan.

Suddenly, through use of the Force, the speeder bike was thrusted towards Brye, who had just enough time to avoid the projectile, diving to the side with a roll as she got back to her feet.

The two Sith were on her suddenly, a flurry of red on blue as sabers collided, igniting the Dxun darkness around them.
She was beaten, bloody and bruised. Outmatched in the first fight, outmatched here. But she could fight, and fight Brye would do.
Sounds good to me! I was wondering about the character tab as well, and decided against reposting my entire CS, but I wanted to put something there.

This sounds good to me!
Looks good to me! Excited for things to get going, even more so than they are!

I'm most excited for PC character interaction, such as something that was mentioned on Tython. I'm having a blast so far with Brye and Satele, keep up the amazing work all <3
Shit, the treeline.

Brye barely had time to process her Master's warning over the battle between her and the two Sith. She had even less time before the shadow came over them, and suddenly one of the Sith were gone, his screams echoing as he was taken far away at a very fast pace.

What the fuck was that..? Brye asked herself. She wasn't given much time to process what had just happened as the last Sith was on her quickly. Her head snapped from the treeline to his bright red saber, her focus momentarily distracted thus allowing the Sith to gain some ground.
Brye was tiring, she wouldn't deny it. The cuts, singes and heavy hits came in quick succession and the young Jedi was trying her hardest to not let them hinder her ability and movement. Bright blue and bright red blades clashed in a crackling frenzy, over and over and both saber-wielders challenged the others strength. Both utilized the Force to push and pull the other, trying to catch each other off guard. The young Jedi had never fought as hard to survive as she was now. The only experience which could rival the present was when her Master was killed. The desperation to live, the determination to win, that was all that filled every fiber in her body.

More screams were heard along the treeline, and Brye could only assume it was the other Sith Satele had been fighting.

A relentless onslaught from the last remaining Sith came at Brye. The intensity had been dialed high and he was determined to kill the Padawan. Brye kept a strong stance despite this, not letting the thought of the end of the battle lower her guard. The Sith was relentless, but clumsy in his desperation and anger. Brye saw an opening.

As quickly as the had seen it, it was gone, for the Sith Warrior suddenly went flying. Head turned and saw her Master, Satele, as she decapitated him in one swift movement. Brye's body lowered to one knee, the girls lightsaber de-activated but held tight in her hand. She took a deep breath as the pain from the battle threatened to wash over her. Satele was their quickly, however, and was offering a caring hand.

"I'm putting Grim in one of their two-seaters, we have to get him back to his village."

With the pain in the back of her mind again, and her sole intent to help her Master, Brye nodded and looked over at the broken Mandalorian warrior. Despite what had just happened, with the shadows coming through the battle and whisking away the Sith, how it all happened and how fast, Brye could sense that it was not what Satele wanted to focus on in the moment.

"I can drive him," the young Padawan began, "Those creatures are out there, and you know about them. I'll stay close behind if you want to lead... it might be safer that way."

Bryethe was never one to issue orders, and she hardly ever suggested a path of action unless the idea seemed to make sense. But sometimes making suggestions and offering a course of action was a good way to show a Master that she was involved in the situation, that her mind was constantly thinking ahead, that she cared for their outcome.
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