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Week 7, Day 2, Early Morning

Dominik had managed to grab a few more hours of sleep the previous night. His body hadn't felt exhausted but his mind said otherwise. After waking again, he immediately found himself back in front of the mountain of rock. The rest of the village started to stir as the sun rose higher over the horizon. The crystals grew brighter and slowly the chill in the air started to soften.

Whilst everyone lined up for their portions, Dominik found himself lost in thought and meditation. No one else would be able to pull him out of his trance save Aren, Val, and Lo of course. As his Padawan drew near, Dominik's mind returned to the present and his eyes opened as Lo sat in front of him. He took in a deep breath as he completely closed off his mind from the trance he had been in and focused on Lo. A small smile grew on his face at her suggestion to eat. It was more an order, and Dominik knew there was no denying it.

"As you wish." He said, chucking as he took the bowl from her hands and moved it to his lips, taking a long sip of the broth over the rim of the bowl. There was a silence between them for a short moment, one Dominik despised. Many of the older Twi'leks were on edge. Patrols were going out today, one of them had already left earlier. It was a dangerous time to be leaving the cavern but an assessment of their surroundings was necessary. Dominik just hated the idea of not seeing the situation with his own eyes.

"Are you prepared for today?"
Week 7, Day 2, Early Morning
Week 7, Day 1, Late Evening

It didn’t take Dominik long to find Sar, for the Twi’lek leader seemed to have nearly sought him out after the tremor. He seemed to be accompanying another older Twi’lek as well. The second’s aura felt vaguely familiar, but the older Jedi had been through a lot. So he pushed the familiarity aside as Sar approached him and Lo.

The familiar Twi’lek broke off as the two Jedi got near, Dom couldn’t tell what for, but he pushed the thought aside. Holding on tightly to the waist-high walking stick in his right hand, Sar covered most of the distance so that the older Jedi wouldn’t have to.

“I’m glad to see you are both alright.” Sar said, glancing from the older Jedi to the younger one for a moment. “How are you feeling?” he continued, looking back to Dominik.

“Could be better. But thanks to Lo’s quick thinking, I’ve got some herbal medicine down that should dull the pain considerably, for a while at least. How are things here?”

Sar sighed and glanced behind him, seeing Jer helping a few younger Twi’leks and watching a few others work before looking back to the Jedi. “We’re alright. But our scouts aren’t sure what the tremor was caused by. We’re going to gather up a few advanced scouting parties to depart when things settle down.”

“I recall you mentioned that Ryloth is most dangerous at night. I assume you’re waiting until morning to send them?” Lo asked, checking her facts. She tilted her head and watched the Twi’lek’s reaction to her question.

“Exactly.” Sar replied, nodding to Lo in confirmation. He caught Dominik’s confused expression out of the corner of his eye. He couldn’t blame the older Jedi though, it had been weeks since he had been outside, or even been moving. It was starting to show in his form; he seemed thinner, a little slower and it reflected in his voice how his body felt. Though Sar had no doubt that Dominik could recover fully and get back to where he had been before the mortar attack.

The older Jedi couldn’t help but feel worried as to what the cause of the ‘tremor’ had been. “I can lead a small party through one of the tunnels so-”

Sar interrupted immediately, holding one finger up so as to show Dominik he was speaking over him. “No, Master Jedi. You are still healing. Lo and I can take care of the patrols, we need you here.”

“Master, we have only been on Ryloth for a short time. I feel it’s best to trust Sar’s judgement and wisdom on this matter. He is a native of the planet and knows the full risk of certain actions. It’s what the Force tells me to do.” Lo said, keeping the older Jedi from insisting on carrying out his suicidal intentions.

Hearing his Padawan’s words, Dominik took a deep breath and sighed calmly, accepting his defeat. “You listen well Lo.” Dominik said, smiling weakly over at his Padawan before looking back to Sar. “I trust both of you in doing this. I’ll stay back and help your people while you’re out.” He then turned to Lo, his expression somewhat stern before he spoke, “If you need anything, I’ll be here. This isn’t the first hit I’ve taken, young one. But I want you to be wary, we don’t know yet who is behind this, or what the cause of it was in the first place.” He warned, his eyes resting on his Padawan before they moved back to Sar. Dominik smiled weakly again, nodding to his friend before he turned.

His eyes caught the large pile of rock across the cavern, no doubt the same one he had used to create a protective barrier between the Twi’lek people and the explosions weeks ago. He said nothing to Lo before starting towards the pile. He needed to meditate, to clear his mind so that he could freely think on what or who was to come.

Lo watched her master, but didn't interfere. The moment he was out of earshot, she let out a large and heavy sigh. It rumbled through her body before she turned to Sar with a faint smile.

"I should've expected this. All healing patients get antsy as they heal and the pent-up energy doesn't help. I wish we were at H'Ratth. They would suggest water exercises to build up strength and stamina."

Sar chuckled heartily, looking down to Lo before glancing over as Dominik walked away. “I’m not sure he would count as a normal patient either Lo. Your Master has a stubbornness to him that it seems only you can tame.”

“It’s not easy. The trick is logic he would use. Which is harder unless you know him well enough. I’m still struggling with it and H’Ratth has dealt with stubborn patients before. It’s where I learned how.” She chuckled softly, recalling the lessons.

“A few would’ve likely slipped something into his tea and let him sleep for a while.”

Sar chuckled a little louder than he wanted, but he couldn’t help it. Imagining a Jedi Master put to sleep by his Padawan through use of herbal tricks. “You’ve done well Lo,” he said, putting a comforting hand on her closest shoulder as he looked down at her. “You’ve both helped my people more than anyone else, and your own healing abilities are invaluable. Thank you.” Sar said, giving her a reassuring smile. He was grateful for all the Jedi had done, and was even more grateful for all Lo herself had sacrificed. She had saved his people, and even her Master after the mortar bombings.

“I do my best and with what I know. Healing is natural to me. I’m also glad it helps everyone that needs it, even I hope it is never needed.” Lo inhaled then moved on.

“I will meet a few of the scouts for a report later. The more knowledge I get, the more likely my master will settle down and at least remain in the village. For now, I should check my supplies and take note over what we might need. Something in the Force tells me it is better to be safe than sorry.” With that, she took her leave.

Soon after leaving Sar and Lo, Dominik found himself standing in front of the pile of rubble that was the tunnel collapse he had initiated weeks ago. He smirked at the thought of how silly he must look. Standing in front of a mountain of rock, reflecting upon the attack that put him in his current condition. Dominik knew he had done all that he could. His mind exhausted his options at the time, and even reflecting upon it now there was nothing Dominik could think of that would have worked better. That whole experience seemed to have a lasting impression on Lo, as any chance of losing your Master would to any Jedi. Dominik just hoped he hadn’t forced her to grow up, to lose that sense of freedom and learning that involved being a younger Jedi. He had all of these concerns, grievances, and regrets. His near death experience brought back painful memories of his past, memories he had believed to be gone forever; things he’d prefer not to reflect upon.

It seemed that first he would have to clear his most recent obstacle. But that would take more time, patience, and forgiveness in himself and what had happened.

Week 7, Day 1, Late Evening
Sᴀʀ ᴀɴᴅ Jᴇʀ

They weren’t very far from the village now. Sar had taken them through the safest part of the tunnel as he led the way back towards the cavern. His thoughts wandered; over Jer, Dominik, Lo. The Twi’lek man hoped and prayed he was making the right choice. Trust was the hardest thing he could give right now.

His thoughts were shattered at the sudden shaking of the ground beneath them. Sar fell to both knees in an attempt to avoid being knocked down completely. A few of the other men promptly met the ground with their faces before Sar glanced back at Jer just a few moments later. The tremor didn’t last long, but it was powerful, and had obviously come from a source nearby. Was it an earthquake? More mortar bombings? Sar’s thoughts were silenced again as the sound of a loud shockwave and explosion rattled through the tunnels, making the man cover his ears with his hands as his head rang painfully. It was over after a few long seconds, the echo of the blast running through the tunnels.

Sar’s gaze moved farther down the dark tunnel, only lit by the crystals that scattered the cave walls. His men had dropped their torches, the fire being snuffed by the ground, after they had fallen.

The sides of the tunnel cracked, small rocks fell from its ceiling, causing Sar to look up. After a few moments while holding his breath, nothing further happened. No cave in or collapse.. Thankfully. They hadn’t the resources to deal with another.

“Feven, Arso, lead the group back to check on the village, Jer and I will be right behind you.”

The former mercenary’s eyes went wide as he felt the entire cavern rumble. He went down roughly, the impact evident from the sound his heavy metallic armor made. Jer sat there as the shaking continued, praying that it did not collapse the entire cave system and crush them all. Ryloth had the occasional earthquakes but they never were that powerful. His eyes went wide at the distinct sounds of an explosive shockwave echoing through the tunnels. It brought him back to the war, those horrific moments of being shelled by the enemy. The only thing you could truly do was hit the floor and hope the blasts missed you.

Jer’s gaze darted upwards at the shaking ceiling, he breathed slowly in those dreadful moments which dragged on like hours. A large chunk of rock splintered off from the cavern’s ceiling, causing Jer to sprawl to his feet. It slammed into the floor and shattered into smaller pieces, filling the air momentarily with dust. As the bombing subsided and the cavern’s shaking ceased he glanced over at Sar as the twi’lek issued orders.

“I don’t think that will be the last strike on the caverns. I’d wager they’re gonna try to bring the entire cave system upon us.” He stated as he walked alongside Sar, watching the other men move off ahead. The prospect of relocating somewhere either deeper into the caverns or outside of them would have to be debated.

"That wasn't like the attack before…" Sar began, glancing to the man at his side. His eyes moved to observe the darkened tunnel, noticing the deeper cracks and falling dust from loose rocks. The main cavern was the safest thing; structurally it was very strong and proved to withstand the last attack against them. But if the tunnels collapsed, they would be trapped.

But… they were in no position to gather up supplies and move. Dominik had just woken, he was their main source of strength when it came to building and moving the larger things around. Many of what they had done wouldn't have been possible if Dominik hadn't have helped.

"We need to get back, to make sure the people are alright." Sar began, picking up his pace and making sure Jer could keep up as well.

Upon arriving back at the cavern, emerging from the smaller tunnel, it was noticeable the cavern had been hit hard by the shockwave. There were Twi'lek everywhere, helping one another around, assisting those injured by their fall or something previous. Picking up supplies that had been scattered from the shockwave.

Sar led the way through his people, assisting many as he walked by, gauging the damage that had been done. It wasn't just supplies that had been scattered and damaged, it was the morale of the people too. It had helped to know the Jedi Master lived after the mortar attack, but now another attack so soon afterwards? He could feel their frustration, their fear.

Sar knew he needed to speak with the Jedi. Something needed to be done. If they didn't lose the war via fighting, they would lose the war if the support of his people vanished. Sar led the way towards Dominik's hut, no doubt he'd at least find the older Jedi and his Padawan there.

“It seems they ramped up the attack. It just means we will have to act more quickly.” As Jer echoed Sar’s increased walking pace. The attacks would not cease any time soon.

As they arrived at the cavern the elder twi’lek’s eyes took in the sight of the gathered resistance movement. There seemed to be a panic to their motions, it was something he’d seen many times before with his experience in war. These people never signed up to be soldiers, they weren’t even that. They were simply defending their homeworld and taking up arms was the best they had. Even then the odds were not exactly on their sides as they faced an overwhelming opposition intent on bringing caves down upon them. Still, Jer had sworn to help them. With intelligent strategy, bold maneuvers and some luck they had a chance.

“How well stocked are we weapons wise? I could send a transmission to some old acquaintances and try to have some more firepower delivered.” He stated calmly, following Sar through the cavern towards the Jedi. Simple hunting rifles wouldn’t do much against well armed slavers.

"We don't have much in the way of weapons besides what we've been able to scrounge up from remaining villages." Sar explained as he noticed Aren walking towards them.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Jer stated right before the Jedi started towards them.

The Jedi Knight walked straight up to Sar whilst giving Jer a quick glance over. She hadn't the time to ask extra questions.

"Aren… how is Dominik?" The Twi'lek man asked quickly, to which Aren took a deep breath as she glanced back in the direction of his hut.
"I was helping him to stand when the tremors hit… he's not well. I think he's dealing with more pain than he's letting on. His Padawan is tending to him right now- she'll need help getting him back up onto the bed later." Aren glanced to Jer again before looking back to Sar, "I need to find Val. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask me later."

The twi’lek mercenary stayed silent as the two friends conversed. He did not recognize the young Jedi, or the other one that he spoke of. It had been some time since the war had ended after all. Jer also felt it was better for everyone involved if the Jedi here were ones that he didn’t know. He would already have a sour enough reputation among them for his wartime actions

“How many other Jedi are there here? I’m Jer by the way, Jer Vusid. Some of the slavers tried to ransack my home, I see they did a number elsewhere too.” He said as he spoke out to the Jedi.

“There are four of us total, counting the two Padawan learners. We’re hoping more will show soon, but the Council is very wary of sending aid right now. But in light of recent events, I do believe we’ll need it soon.” Aren said, replying to Jer before glancing at Sar and nodding.

“If you’ll excuse me.” she said, bowing quickly but politely before she turned quickly, hurrying off to try and find her Padawan.
Week 7, Day 1, Late Evening

"Nerves..." Dominik mumbled as he listened to his Padawan's questions. "It's always felt sharp... stabbing. Lo there is nothing you can do here," he began, eyes opening to glanced at the young Jedi for a moment.

Many healers had tried and many had come up with little to no answers as to why the injury in his hip wouldn't respond to any form of healing or medical treatment. It was a wound he had sustained during his captivity on Korriban for nearly a year. The Sith had tortured him, used him for tests with certain toxins and Sith Alchemy. He had been beaten and bruised by time help had arrived. It seemed the injury to his hip would be a lasting reminder of that terrible time.

"Save your energy, Lo. There are others who need it more than I do."
Week 7, Day 1, Late Evening

The pain shooting up his right side was unbearable, and he knew exactly what the cause of it was. He hadn't felt this much pain from his hip in months, he had hoped most of the injury had rested. But now, due to the trauma Dominik had sustained during the mortar attack, the injury had flared and he was paying the price.

He felt his Padawan kneel near him, felt her hands on his side. Dominik knew exactly what she was aiming to do, but it wouldn't work. The injury did not heal, ever. If it had healed, it had done so improperly. One arm moved out to push Lo's hands away, "Stop. Lo, it's not worth it." He began, hissing in pain as he pulled his left leg up to bend his knee in order to better support his right side as he lay there.

"Don't waste your energy... my hip isn't able to heal. It never has been." Dominik said, forcing his words out through the pain that wracked his core. His chest rose and fell quickly as his breathing remained unsteady. Aren had moved and grabbed the extra rolled up blanket at the end of the bed and promptly tucked it under the back of his head. She knew they wouldn't be moving him immediately, not with the pain he was dealing with. "Aren... go find Sar. Make sure he's alright... please."

Aren nodded to Dominik before glancing to Lo. "If there's anything you need, please let me know. I'm going to go look for Val too." At that, the Jedi Knight stood and quickly left the hut in search of her charge.
Week 7, Day 1, in the darkness of evening

With some approval from his padawan and the help of Knight Aren, Dominik found himself being helped from the crude bed as he attempted to stand. In order to heal properly, Dominik needed to start moving. His ribs would set incorrectly and cause even more issues down the line if they did so; his muscles were also in a weakened state due to the lack of movement after the incident which put him in a coma.

After a light meal hit his stomach, the man felt that he was ready. His body ached, but perhaps the worst of all was the pain he felt in his right hip. He had refused to tell his padawan, simply due to the fact that it was an old injury that refused to respond to any form of healing. He would only worry Lo should he mention it to her at that moment, and didn't want to discourage her simply because it couldn't be healed.

As Aren stood at his left side, his arm around her shoulders, one of her hands on Dominik's chest as she slowly helped the older Jedi stand from the bedside, a shockwave suddenly ripped through the caverns followed moments later by sound of the explosion. The shockwave caused all in the caverns to lose their footing as the ground shook and pulled violently in different directions. Aren lost her footing which caused both her and Dominik to fall to the hard floor of the hut. The older man cried out as he landed, some of the fall purposefully cushioned by Aren, but the momentum of hitting the ground ripping through his body and jarring his healing bones and dark bruises.

Dominik's eyes shut tightly as he felt a fire rip up his right side and down his leg. Aren attempted to position him moments after the fall as the sound of the explosion ripped through the area.

"Just lay me down- Aren! Just let me lay down." He called, half begging as the woman quickly moved to help him lay flat.

Outside of the hut, many Twi'leks found themselves fallen, supplies scattered and opened rations spilled. Many of the younger children began to cry while those a little older attempted to help others pick themselves up.

Aren kneeled at Dominik's side, glancing to his padawan as she started to recover from her own fall before her focus moved back to the Master Jedi. The man was hissing in pain as he lay as still as possible, seeing stars as his eyes shut tight and trying to ignore what his body was feeling.
Week 7, Day 1, Afternoon

Aren stood close to Dominik's side as they anxiously waited for Lo to return. The older Jedi was fighting to keep his body awake so that he could see his Padawan. The Bacts that had been used on him over the week had helped heal any major injuries, including the blood vessels that had been ruptured. The pain still remained though, as part of it was caused by the bruised and healing ribs that he had recieved after the blast.

The sound of footsteps behind her made Aren turn to the doorway. Seeing the young Lo enter gave her some relief before she turned back to Dominik. Ro'Sara was on his other side, cleaning the healing cuts and gashes on his forehead and the side of his face while a couple Twi'leks hurried out to grab extra blankets and new gauze for later.

For a moment it seemed as if Dominik had fallen back under, but as Lo came nearer he took a deep breath and his eyes opened once more. Her aura gave him strength where his body lacked, yet he could also feel the effects the week stress and exhaustion had done to her.

"Leave us, please." Dominik muttered as he looked to everyone else in the room. Ro'Sara took an extra blanket beside her and rolled it up, giving the man a little more cushion for his head to rest on before she left right behind Aren.

After everyone had left the small room, Dominik took a deep breath as his head turned slightly to look at his Padawan. "I'm sorry all of this has happened, little one… you don't deserve the weight of responsibility that my actions have put on your shoulders…"
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