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Current <o/
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1 yr ago
Nothing like GMing a solid Star wars RP with good old friends, then being invited to join back in on an old Witcher RP with another good group <3
1 yr ago
Alexa, play "I'm Deranged" by David Bowie for someone who thinks I stalk them, ty. Then follow it up with something along the lines of "Only Because It Bugs You". Thanksss!
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1 yr ago
As a crazy plant lady, this outbreak and quarantine is not helping my random online buying sprees... I'm gonna live in a jungle by time this is over.
1 yr ago
Oh hell yea 🔥🔥 roleplayerguild.com/posts/5…



-Who I am/bio desc
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-What I've written/literacy examples
-What I hope to achieve here!

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Serendipity 2 yrs ago
Welcome to the guild - just found you on the sidebar lol.

Look forward to writing with you more often!
Miraboreasu 2 yrs ago
Given his full name, our little lycanthrope is likely Russian.
Exit 2 yrs ago
Welcome to the guild! Just wanted to say that the "What I hope to achieve here" bit is kind of heartwarming. Hope you reach whatever goals you set for yourself and you walk away from here years later with something to take with you.
Blaze Gamma 2 yrs ago
Greatest Profile Ever!
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