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Yes sorry, it’s been a big week and I got distracted but no excuse.

Will finish and post in the next 36 hours.
Through the door a rippling aria was turned down, the melody a contrast to the song in the visiting woman’s voice. The door opened to a raven-haired teenager in a cream blouse and dark green slacks, her braid running down to the small of her back. “Hi Sarah! I’m sorry, I was dancing.”

She did a lot of that when she was alone in her quarters; her doctors said it was important to keep up her general fitness and would benefit her rehabilitation. It also harked back to what she used to do before the crash, and that was something she needed sometimes. Most of the doctors and nurses were very polite and friendly, but - except for rarely when Dr. Chauncey would put aside his work and just talk to her - she felt very alone here at Corinth. She’d never been to Mississippi before; she had asked one of the older guards once if she could go on a supervised visit to see the sights and he had given her an odd look before saying the same thing she always heard. “It’s not safe outside Iris, not until Dr. Chauncey says you’re ready.”

“I promise I won’t keep him waiting,” she assured the honey-blonde as she took the tray with a small smile. “Have a good day!”

Everyone here was always so busy, most of them caught up with helping the troubled souls in the criminal quarters. They never had time to talk, and after the first three months here she had learnt to stop trying. The rare times one of the younger nurses or guards would stay to talk, it always turned out there was somewhere else the were supposed to be, and trouble would erupt as a result.

“You too Iris,” Sarah effused, watching carefully as the girl closed her door and then turning to walk away. By the time she passed the guard at the corner of the hallway, she was already mentally counting her winnings again. She just had one more bout of surgery to scrub up for, and then…

Inside the room, Iris ate as she always did - dipping her biscuit into the milk and taking little bites from the soaking bits around the rim until it was gone. Then the cheerios interspersed with long draughts of juice, and finally draining the milk from the bowl. That was when she found the tablet, the little clear plastic tablet tapping at her lips and looked at it in surprise. The Truth? Was this part of a new testing regimen? She saw the USB port and looked briefly around her quarters. No, no laptop had suddenly made an appearance so with a mental shrug she slipped it into her pocket and set off for her morning appointment.

She would ask the doctor, he always knew what to do.

It was only a short walk here in the upper levels of the facility, and almost exactly thirty two minutes after Sarah delivered her breakfast she was pressing a button outside a door. The screen lit up with a familiar-looking older face and she gave him her first full smile of the day. “Iris here Doctor Chauncey, I’m sorry I’m late.”
@Mag Lev Can you give us any more information on the physical characteristics of each race? Average lifespan, height and weight?

Great lore so far, thanks for sharing!
Not necessarily combat training, but I assume the evil scientists see something marketable in each of us - either now or in future subjects of the same projects.

I agree, some of us have no business in fights. Unless Daedalus really wants to punish Iris by putting her against someone who will take her apart in eight seconds flat ^^
[@TheGrundleSnark] and @Hellion, for different reasons I think Iris wouldn't really know what to do with your less orthodox appearances. Prejudiced as anything and I hope she grows past that in the course of the roleplay, but before we start I think she'd maintain a certain separation insofar as she has control of that sort of thing.

Actually that's a good question for one and all (and especially Oxenfree): What do we think Daedalus does in terms of training and exercising their case subjects?

I mean, are they trying to train us together to operate as a team, or setting us against each other with an intention of selling us individually to the highest bidder (criminal, corporate, nation state...) or something else entirely?

@Naive1 I don't know if you agree, but reviewing our different profiles I think Iris would probably find Olivia her closest friend in the institution. Neither of them are particularly happy with the experimentation they're undergoing, but neither is violently objecting or trying to fight their captors (at least not before the story begins). What do you think. Friends?
@NorthernKraken Great! She is likely to be unpersuadable as far as Dr Chauncey goes, but I can absolutely see the rare opportunities for a private conversation with him helping to guide her from doubts to actual desire to escape. Sure they saved her life, but is this, now, a life worth living? And strengthening their friendship as well.

@thedman That makes perfect sense, good to have a connection that’s not exactly enmity, but not especially friendly either. Escape will change lots of things and probably bring them closer together (Freaks against the world!)

@Ever That also makes perfect sense, particularly given Alice’s own experiences with Doctors taking a special interest in someone. I’m actually cool with that perception (and it’s probably fair), so we have Iris looking at Alice as a sometimes-fascinating sometimes-deadly vipe. And Alice absolutely judging Iris for her attitude to her own place at Daedalus. Plenty of plot fodder!
@Ever I feel Alice would confuse Iris at first read - sometimes the darkness and anger would scare her, and sometimes she would be strangely drawn to the masked girl. Want to build on that with a micro scene, or have ideas about which way that would land? What would Alice think of Iris?

@Gingerboi123 Iris would be polite and courteous to him, and might be cautiously friendly but that would depend on whether she caught a glimpse of the humanity beneath. Thoughts?

I was partly being slow to pick this up until we know which characters make the cut, partly because I passed out almost as soon as I finished posting Elaine/Iris. Actually during, but that’s another story.

I went with Project Iris because Daedalus seem to like their Greek mythology and decided she would use the code name for her own because of the disconnect with her pre-Daedalus life.

@NorthernKraken I think she would likely be cautiously friendly with Kieran, don’t you?

@thedman I was looking at Jared in a similar light, but I think reviewing his profile he would be more likely to make her uncomfortable. He probably wouldn’t approve of her cooperative attitude to Daedalus either (at least over the last year since her rescue). I don’t know, what do you think?

Anyone else want to talk prior relationships, for good or ill?
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