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6 mos ago
Current How good is the Punisher in Netflix's Daredevil series? "Just some guys who are about to walk into a diner for the last time." That line is so manly it could make a toddler sprout a beard.
6 mos ago
The Justice League trailer is giving me mixed emotions. On the one hand, I desperately want to get hyped. On the other, Snyder and co have burnt me too many times in the past. I'm a conflicted mess.
6 mos ago
What? The Lethal Weapon tv show isn't utter garbage at all, instead being an enjoyable watch. What the fuck is the world coming to?
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7 mos ago
Scotland: Easily the team who has given the most during the 6 Nations. . . like the three penalties they've given away in almost thirty minutes.
7 mos ago
I'm not a naturally violent person, but boy, what I wouldn't give for a chance to rearrange Chris Martin's stupid weasel face with my bare hands.
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For all you know I'm handsome as hell. Let's keep it that way.

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@Fat Boy Kyle Have you got a name in mind for the capital city of La Lament? For backstory purposes.
@MrDidact That sounds good to me amigo, let's do it.

S'pose this means I have to start writing a CS now though. Damn.

@POOHEAD189 Looks like I'm making a con-man werewolf! You still making a dwarf?
@MrDidact I've been going over it for like two hours now, and I'm still swithering between the guardsmen and Elf thief, the young witcher and werewolf con-man, or the older witcher and whichever character you want to pair him with (I actually think any of the character concepts you offered up would work with him, even the elf thief and telekinetic warrior.)

I'm happy with any of the above pairings (I've abandoned the renegade Aen Elle, just wasn't feeling it as much as the other) so if you want to make the final decision, I'd be very happy. I'm spoiled for choice, and will probably keep going back and forth on which I want to do most for the next week and a half.
@MrDidact Honestly wouldn't presume to tell you what character to play in a duo, but I'll fire off a few of my different ideas for my own character, and if you can think of a CS of your own that you think would play off them nicely then we can see what we can work from there.

  • The Witcher: The Witcher I have in mind would be experienced, having been at monster slaying business for fifty+ years. He was skilled, talented, and mostly hard working, but years of seeing the worst of what the world has to offer has left its mark on him. He responds to the world with a detached, warped sense of humor that alienates most of those around him, has a severe drinking problem that has began to interfere with his work, believes that his swords 'speak' to him, and has found himself growing more and more prone to violence. He still finds joy in the hunt, but it's a savage kind of pleasure, the kind that once would have filled him with shame.
  • The Guardsman: The Guardsman is a the youngest scion of an impoverished noble house. When he realized that the writing was on the wall for his families fortunes he traded what little influence they had left for a mid-level post in the city guard. He cares very little for religion or civic order, but the job security makes up for that, and the work was largely unobtrusive, allowing him the opportunity to follow his real passions; wine, women and song. However his superior officer has given him the unenviable task of solving the current influx of monster attacks, a job that a foppish wastrel like him is woefully unprepared for.
  • The Aen Elle: The third would be an Aen Elle, banished from his own world. Other than him being a warrior, I haven't put much thought into this one, just like the thought of playing a banished elf.

I'm also considering a Witcher, but a young and relatively inexperienced one.

If Didact goes that route then I think I'll be making a cowardly werewolf con-artist who serves as his companion/handicap.
I just finished The Last Wish, and absolutely loved it. Are you reading the short stories or the novels that feature Ciri?

Lol if I really wanted to go for OP I could try my hand at a Golden Dragon app, see if that gets through.

If we're gonna do a Witcher and his monster buddy I think I'd quite like to do a cowardly Werewolf, though would need a contrived reason for why A) The Witcher didn't just kill him and B) Why he isn't eating folk every month.
Maybe we could do a Witcher and their monster buddy lol.

I'd be down for that.
Only if I get to be fantasy Witcher-Riggs.

Yeah, Higher Vampires are, if we're using the games as a basis, especially the DLC. I got the impression CD Projekt Red bumped the HV threat level a touch, as Regis wasn't quite as Godlike in the books as the HV are made out to be in Blood and Wine.

Hell, even the Higher Vamps displayed in the vanilla game are pushovers compared to those in B+W.
I would say two Witchers should be the absolute max.

I wouldn't mind rolling up an ol' cat eyed killer, but can just as easily go for something else if there's a lot of competition for the roles.

EDIT: What's the word on player controlled monster characters? I know some species don't lend themselves easily to the role (fiends, necrophages, gryphons etc jump to mind), but what about the likes of Dopplers or Higher Vampires. They have the sentience required to be considered a viable character, and there is precedent of their like rubbing shoulders with a Witcher.
You kinda disappeared for a while, had us concerned a bit.

Yeah, things got out of hand for a minute, but shits back under control now. Sorry if I worried ya, and the hassle caused.
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