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12 Apr 2017 0:16
Current How good is the Punisher in Netflix's Daredevil series? "Just some guys who are about to walk into a diner for the last time." That line is so manly it could make a toddler sprout a beard.
27 Mar 2017 11:44
The Justice League trailer is giving me mixed emotions. On the one hand, I desperately want to get hyped. On the other, Snyder and co have burnt me too many times in the past. I'm a conflicted mess.
20 Mar 2017 20:47
What? The Lethal Weapon tv show isn't utter garbage at all, instead being an enjoyable watch. What the fuck is the world coming to?
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11 Mar 2017 16:45
Scotland: Easily the team who has given the most during the 6 Nations. . . like the three penalties they've given away in almost thirty minutes.
28 Feb 2017 21:12
I'm not a naturally violent person, but boy, what I wouldn't give for a chance to rearrange Chris Martin's stupid weasel face with my bare hands.
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For all you know I'm handsome as hell. Let's keep it that way.

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Hey guys, couple of players are struggling to meet the deadline, but think they should be done by Sunday. So I guess what I'm saying is 'take the weekend off.'


@FantasyChic Just in case you missed it the first time around, and are still struggling to post IC, I'll repeat my earlier question. Not sure if you seen it or not.

@FantasyChic Ok. In an ideal world, what would you be doing with Priya right not? Interacting with other players? Telling her own story? Developing her place in the Vigilance world?

If you've solved your problem, and no longer need any help, just let me know.
Great idea Faen, introduce yourself as the Prince of Lies, then offer a business proposal. What could go wrong with that?

The Heir to Thunder

Prince Faen Lokison

Interacting with: @BlackPanther

Faen watched the other man stagger out of the alley, gamely trying to hide the fact that his insides had gotten churned up something rotten during the fracas. He was failing miserably, of course – you’d need to be the Hulk to just walk off a punch from the now bound Behemoth – but the mere fact that he was trying to act tough instead of just, you know, dying, said to Faen that this Anders was a lot harder than his pretty boy façade would give him credit for.

Come to think of it, the blonde had showed off some pretty snappy moves back there. Those grenade things he had been hucking looked like they’d packed a Hel of a punch, and Faen wasn’t sure what he’d done to the bird-skeleton-thing, but that cryptologists nightmare was still down for the count.

Guy like that, might come in handy, especially in regard to the oncoming invasion of a certain super-god turned villainous conqueror. As a meatshield, if nothing else.

His mind made up, Faen followed Anders out of the alley, leaving the badguys bundled up where they where for now. This wasn’t going to take long, and it wasn’t like they were going anywhere. The Prince of Lies caught up with the injured blonde quickly. Not hard, considering Ander’s current top speed was ‘hobble’.

“Hey, Blondie, wait up!” Faen called, jogging slightly to catch level with Anders. “I didn’t introduce myself. Prince Faen Lokison, heir to the throne of Asgard, how do you do?” He thrust his hand at the other man with a smirk.

“I must say, we made a good team back there. Not great, but good. Real potential though. Real, visible potential. Me and you, we could go places. With just a bit of work, why we could be the biggest super duo to hit this side of Manhattan. Cloak and Dagger who, amirite? Be a shame to throw all that potential away, yeah? So, in the interests of our future fame and fortunes, I have got a devil of a proposal for you!”

Party? I think we'd have to formally retire the word hashtag from the English language after that.

@Superboy I always like hearing about other's design processes. I really am surprised that there was no Buffy/Supernatural/Grimm in there, but it's cool how you've come to a somewhat similar concept through an entirely different process.

Lisa is based upon a character with the exact same powerset, but a completely different personality and character I created for an older version of Vigilance who has since been retconned into becoming Lisa's father, Redford Walker. Red was also based on an older character I created for an even older RP who had the exact same powers, but an entirely different personality and character.

The powers (PAIN RESPONSIVE-BIOKINESIS/ODYNOKINESIS) are my attempt to make a homage to the powers of Wolverine and the Hulk, without it ever becoming to overpowered. How well I've done that is up for debate. They're also a neat cheat to allow Lisa to (usually) be just as strong as any confrontation/challenge might demand, without her ever eclipsing said challenge.

Can't actually remember what shaped her character or personality though, beyond wanting to make her genre savvy about comic books, superheroes and action movies, and actually see how far that gets her in the realistic (kinda) setting of Vigilance.
I personnally preferred the Justice League/Avengers crossover. It seemed to have a story beyond "wouldn't it be cool if Storm fought Wonder Woman". And also gave us this wonderful image.

How much ass would Supe's kick with Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield?

The answer is all of it. He would kick all of the ass.
Don't knock a good black pudding (that's what we call it in Scotland) till you try it. It's delicious, and I'm fairly certain it's a superfood now.

Los Paradiso | 02:31AM

Interacting with: Claire “Noctis” Quinn (@Superboy)

Lisa’s emotions were high, her anger a hot, fierce thing, animal and passionate, pulsating waves of rage rising in her chest like the sways on the sea, beating through her arms and legs, sending shivers of uncontrollable excitement shooting through her limbs. Never in her short life had she ever felt like this before. Not when she was a little girl, confused and angry at the world because of her parents’ divorce, thinking it was all her fault for being ‘broken’. Not when those criminals were beating her within an inch of her life. There was a roaring in her ears, loud and rolling, echoey, like when you hold a shell to your ear and pretend to hear the ocean. It was so loud that it seemed to block out everything else. The pattering of rain on the streets around them. The continuous wailing of the alarm from the shop the bad-guys had broken into. The very thoughts in her head. It was so deafening that if she had the ability to think straight, she might have wondered if she would ever be able to hear anything above that roaring ever again.

Despite all that, Lisa heard the stranger’s words with crystal clarity, her utterances cutting through the fugue in Lisa’s head like a hot knife through butter. At first it almost seemed like the other woman was confused, as if something Fury said had managed to shake that iron-conviction she seemed to have. If that was the case, then the woman’s indecision lasted mere moments before her fiery self-assuredness came rocketing back to the fore, as she snarled at Fury to get off the streets, as condescending as ever, before spinning on her heels, wordlessly dismissing the aspiring vigilante.

Lisa screwed her eyes tight, fighting the tears of frustration that were threatening to spill down her cheeks. She hated that this stranger had pegged her as a weakling, and disregarded her as of no consequence. She hated the fact that she might be right to even more.

“What’s the point of fighting the darkness and cruelty of the world, if you let it make you dark and cruel in the process!” She cried, desperate with the childish notion that if she got the last word in then she might somehow win, whatever that would mean here. “Better to die with my morals intact, than end up like them! Or you!” But she might as well have been screaming at someone on the other side of the planet, because the gunwoman was long past listening to her. Having the last word didn’t do anything for Lisa’s argument, nor did it feel nearly as fulfilling as it seemed like it should have. It just felt like she was screaming in street during a rainstorm, a lesson in futility that she was sure she didn’t need right not.

She crunched her fists up tight, feeling the ache in her knuckles, and wondered just what it was she had accomplished tonight. Just what good had she done?

Wait, what was that? That sound in the distance? Sounded almost like … Lisa cocked her ear towards the noise, straining to hear over the hammering rain and the high-pitched squealing of the alarm. Wooo-waa, wooo-waaa, woo-wa-wa-wa-wa. Her gut fell. It was distant, but getting closer. The sirens of a police cruiser were almost un-mistakable, especially for someone who’d watched as many buddy cop movies and procedural crime dramas as her. She couldn’t be caught here. Vigilantism was still illegal in the city, and if they caught Lisa on the scene they’d throw her straight into lockup, no matter how good her intentions. She had to get out of here, and quick. She took a few faltering steps before some unidentified compulsion forced her to a halt, her attention moving to focus on the unmoving body slumped upon the wet ground. Hopefully they’ll be able to …

Able to what? Find the killer? Stop her before she struck again? The killer was right there, in front of Lisa, but getting further away by the moment, walking away casually and slwoly though she hadn’t seemed to have heard the sirens yet. Fury was supposed to be a vigilante, a hero, the last defence between the innocent of this city, and the ones who would hurt them. Shouldn’t she be doing her best to take the shooter down, and hand deliver her to the police? That’s what the hero did with the murderer, right?

But then, why did the stranger kill? To save Lisa, who she thought was about to be killed by all those violent thugs. That’s what she said. She thought she had been helping, just like Lisa had thought she was helping. Who was to say which one of them was the hero here, and which one was the idiot. The masked stranger had killed, yes, but maybe she was right. Maybe a fight was no place for morals. Maybe Lisa just was too inexperienced to know the rules about such things. Maybe it was all beyond her.

The sirens were getting closer by the moment, and any second now those police cruisers would come screeching onto the scene. Lisa had to be lone gone before they arrived, but before she moved she had to decided what to do about the gunman. Let her go, or stop her now. Her guts squirmed, and her stomach churned. What was the right decision here? Was there a right decision here? Where’s the black and white in this? Why’s it all grey?

A groan creaked from Fury’s battered lips, but one that spoke of moral indecision rather than physical pain. She still hadn’t made up her mind over what the right thing to do was when she started to move towards the stranger. The sirens were so loud now that the gunwoman had obviously heard them, but perhaps she just didn’t care, as she was still ambling towards the alley mouth as slowly and as confidently as she had been beforehand. Lisa crashed into the back of the masked figure, and only in that moment of contact did she decide upon what action she was going to take. She part-pushed, part-shoved and part-dragged the gunwoman into the alleyway, then deeper into the shadowy confines, safe from the prying eyes of the law.

The woman had saved her life, or at least she thought she had. That had to count for something, Lisa decided. Her actions were misguided and brutal, and wrong on so many levels, but she had to see the good in them. She’d made a choice to help a person she’d never met before, and for that she deserved a chance. Well, a second one to be more precise. Maybe next time she wouldn’t be so quick to pull the trigger, to end a life. Maybe next time she’d think about the last person she saved, and think twice about the morality of her actions.

And maybe I’ll figure out what’s causing these storms and save the city. Truth be told, Lisa wasn’t sure if she’d made the right choice, but it was too late to second guess now. She’s have to live with her decision, like it or not. She turned to the mysterious stranger.

“Next time I see you …” She began, but then didn’t know how to finish. She’d meant to come out with some kind of raspy ultimatum, the kind to make the woman rethink her life choices, but on second thought that just seemed like it would end up sounding empty. Lisa just didn’t have the energy, or the vitriol, to make any kind of threat. “I don’t want there to be a next time.” She finished instead, unable to keep the exhaustion and hurt from her voice. With a sigh, she turned her back to the stranger, wanting nothing more in that moment than a mug of hot coco and her mom to kiss her forehead and to tell her it was ‘all going to be alright’. She began the long walk home.

Welcome to the hero-business Fury.

She wondered when the world started feeling so hollow.
@MrDidact Enemies is good. The blood of your friends is where it's at though. Can't beat that natural sweetness.
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