Teal Deer

- Fantasy set in a world in the 17th century level of tech. A world of reason, where education and technology are starting to take off.
- Magic was a thing in the past, documented in history.
- The history, of course, is inaccurate. The real story is there.
- The Empire, which rules the continent and has for a long time, is built upon its founding myth, of the binding of magic by Jovon.
- Beasts of out of legends mount a ferocious attack on the Imperial family. They are led by men that seem to know magic, which is impossible since magic has been suppressed for millennia.
- Your character, a female descendant of Jovon and Yariel, his queen, watches her family being attacked and knows that the only thing she can do to save herself and even have a chance of fighting the fell beasts is to follow the instructions of a family legend - go down these stairs and insert that stone there.
- Character should be someone that is capable on their own of handling business; including assassins, uprisings and leading an army. Well-educated, politically astute. In this setting, women can rule.
- The plot proceeds from that start.
- Looking for advanced and someone that can collaborate on the design. Since your character is coming from the modern world, it makes sense that you should take lead on that design (but I'll definitely be able to help extensively.)
- You can PM or reach out to HeySeuss #6650 on Discord.

In Character

The official histories claim that Jovon, who became first emperor, defeated Ciron, the last great magocrat, a sorcerer that lusted to rule and coveted his wife to be, Yariel. Magic, that tore the world apart, was at last done for. Ciron, who represented all that was wrong with the world, was the end of the era. Humanity reverted to an earlier time and where the rule of Jovon's line continued on one continent, others faded into mist and legend.

Since that time, with the magic's sources suppressed, sealed away, civilization flourished under a peaceful rule without spirits, good or bad, to interfere in the affairs of mortals. The magic ebbed away without replenishment and there was a stable, prosperous golden age. No one had magic anymore, and order and peace prevailed. Humanity was not without strife, for there was unrest in the Empire, but the magic that nearly tore the world apart with its apocalyptic power was no more. The damage was limited.

Until, of course, someone found a way to partially unseal magic, and the Imperial family found itself under assault by fell beasts of a like from the legends of the Age of Tempest. Even the muskets and halberds of the guard could not stop these things, or the men that led them, wielding fire and lightning, felling those that ruled the Empire. It is the hell of the old stories come again, the old fear that someday, someone would figure out how to undo the ancient bindings.

An heir, knowing of an old family catacomb and a contingency against such a thing, stumbles down the stairs, as the palace rumbles, coughing from the dust, with a runestone in hand, to be inserted into a crevice only in the most dire of circumstances. They were Empress Yariel's instructions to her descendants, handed down from mother to daughter in the Imperial Family. This was only to be used in the most dire of need, when all seems lost.

Her savior, Yariel's contingency against the return of magic, the intended guardian of her bloodline, is none other than Ciron, the great villain of history.

Out of Character

There is, of course, a deeper story of what really happened, and I will be happy to discuss that in Discord with interested players. I need to use Discord to brainstorm quickly. What really happened in the Age of Tempest is a well kept secret, because the truth would shatter the Empire anyway. Who the heroes are, who the villains are, who did what? It's been centuries and an Empire intent on unifying a continent with ideas has been at the histories. The truth has long since been lost. Some of this plot will be the system shock of your character talking to a man that knew the heroes of the age in the flesh...and the danger of what he might say if it got out.

Is there an element of Mary Magdalene and that debate to this plot? Absolutely.

But what remains is that magic has returned and the Empire is being torn apart. And your character has to make decisions under duress. Ideally, your character is someone that is capable on her own, able to make tough decisions, solve problems and kick ass as needed, not some damsel being dragged around by a rescuer so much as someone that has her own hand of cards to play in the strife to ensue.

After all, she might well decide that Ciron is too dangerous to keep loose. Imperial politics is play for keeps and the family knows that they might have to put down a governor that they know personally and socially, because it is necessary.

As for the rest of the setting, there are other continents, but they are barely discovered. They could come into play later.

If that's your kind of plot, please reach out and thanks for reading!