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Apologies to my collaborators, I've been having a rough weekend and didn't get anywhere near what I wanted to get done in posting.
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When I posted Vando was doing a perimeter sweep to see if there were any threats to the Senator. What sort of bad guys or lurkers could possibly be out there? I could have him re-enter the meeting room and let the other security personnel know what is out there.

Good question. I'd say there's a degree of surveillance by the Rothanan Security Service, but it's not necessarily targeting the Senator so much as securing him.

Though, in practice, they could easily start surveiling the Senator and his team.
"They've got some blasters, but what's available on the black market here isn't what they would need to do more than hunt and peck occasionally," Clang was a flyboy, but he was also an ex-ganger and knew his way through the seamy underbelly of these places in a way that allowed him to feel situations out carefully. It was hard to say why, but Shan seemed to have a good instinct for sifting through the chaff to get at a decent seeming lead, "But what they really need is computing and communications equipment and the expertise to use them." Rothana was what amounted to a surveillance state, and the surveillance was sophisticated. It was a tall order, but the planet also was a high value target to compromise in such a fashion.

"Quid pro quo; we get them set up, they are able to reciprocate. That is the deal they want to hammer out." Rothana's air defenses were formidable to the point of making regular use of aerial combat vehicles or starfighters on a regular basis a good idea -- eventually, they'd pile on the resources and shoot everything out of the sky. These guys needed the technical assistance to become more sophisticated, to expand their capability to slice and spoof and allow movement. It might involve more than that, but that wasn't Shan's problem. His problem was this unit's mission of engaging in diplomacy of a decidedly dangerous sort.

He shrugged as the Senator's aide made it clear that the Senator himself should avoid the meeting; it made sense. The senator was watched. His staff were not as watched, and Rothana's surveillance systems were so large that there were, inevitably, gaps that they took advantage of. Sending the Senator to meet with others made sense. It would also mean that Clang was driving the Senator, and wouldn't be meeting these folks again.

"I'll transfer the contact info over to Leto and let him work it out; contact was made through underworld types. One other thing; the locals think that the local fixer might sell us out, if they think there is some profit in it. This broker in the initial contact, Dras Don, does not know on whose behalf I am working, but might have some inkling of what is afoot here." That was said with a shrug, "Still, they might try to fork us over to the local counterintelligence authorities. We let slip to Dras Don that the meet was going to be at the Rusty Rudder, another fine establishment. They're going to put locals on the surveillance to see if some bounty hunters working on contract for the ISB show up. If so, they want Dras Don taken out from our side, while they put out the word that spice dealers were getting very impatient about a short count. We would need to create the impression of a flurry of borrowing activity to support that. We've been very careful to control what he knows and who is exposed, but he's a loose end."

That, of course, was the dirty end of the business.

I think we should have NPC's or second characters as redshirts. Also, I think a droid. But let's figure out the droid's quirk rather than throw one in.

Being the Outer Rim, the ability to speak Huttese and move and groove with the grottier elements of society would work.
Sorry about the wait time here, but I was interrupted by the holidays. First post is up though!
Rothana was as hostile as it got. A pro-Republic, anti-Sep planet fully on board with the Empire. It was hard to argue with the hand that feeds, and Rothana did big business as a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards.

So an agent, even one with a legitimate diplomatic cover as a Senator's entourage, in this case his driver and pilot, kept a low profile.

Much of his work here was not the usual; in those instances, he would rub shoulders with swoopers and smugglers, fellow Huttese speakers, and form some bonds and maybe start the process of establishing information brokering with them. Rothana, however, was a fortress world of the Empire, and so it required a degree of delicacy.

It was a heavy research world, so surveillance was a given. And while Clang was a pilot first, he knew through previous experience how to identify undercover surveillance and then had the benefit of training for this role. It wasn't a volunteerism thing; they had to pry him out of an X-wing cockpit and transfer him. But it was an important job and senators needed good pilots too. The trick here wasn't watching for surveillance, it was identifying the surveillance and its quality without giving any indication that they were actually aware of it. It was the cat and mouse game, and the Rebels working for Senator Ordo were content to catalogue the extent of their tails for if and when they needed to do something about it.

The Rothanans were so heavy on security that the supply of counterintelligence agents, especially their best, could not keep up with demand. It was a droid heavy surveillance net. Omnipresent, but automated and therefore vulnerable. On the other hand, despite the puckered, monocultural nature of the New Order, with its uniforms, marching in lockstep and everything running on time, there was still a seamy underbelly; it was, after all, the Outer Rim. It was muted compared to a Hutt-run planet, but the gamblinng dens, prostitution, loan sharking and smuggling of things, mostly drugs, continued unabated. In fact, Rothana probably had more of it before, because the Empire clamped down on people's lives and that miasma of fear led to people seeking their diversions a little harder...particularly on a company world where the company culture was also relentless and highly competitive.

And so his mission was to run back and forth. Someone needed takeout food? Clang. Someone needed any sort of shopping? Clang. The others were involved in driving, dropping off and running errands, and this was how they were able to notice patterns in their surveillance as well as lay down their own patterns, recon alternate routes that broke from the pattern if needed and, essentially, put their tails to sleep. Meanwhile, Clang made slow contact with guarded locals that were always worried that they might be talking to someone that was stooging for the Empire.

With a little luck and persistence, he'd already started to patronize a couple of these holes, the sort of seamy places that garnered little attention but where business was inevitably conducted. Then, with consultation with Leto, he'd started buying up the debt of a few low level types to start gathering information in exchange for easing their debt, slowly but surely.

Eventually, they got what they wanted, a contact with one of the local rebel groups through a local underworld lowlife after a bit of cat and mouse. The Senator was here to inspect Rothana's new line of small shuttle craft, a proposed upgrade to the old LAAT/i dropship, and the Senator was in a committee that could theoretically fund such a thing, but the real job was to establish lines of communication with local Rothanan resistance cells. After the Kamino uprising, Rothana fell out of favor, and there were hard feelings about it as other companies, core worlds more entrenched with the Empire, received more and more of the business.

A meeting now and, perhaps, down the line, smuggled equipment for the Rebels? Perhaps an underworld buy. It was all possible once Senator Ordo or one of his functionaries had a high level enough meeting where they'd work to bring the local into the Rebel Alliance fold.

"Jojako Harlush at the Rokarokatusawa. He wants a time to meet." He reported the others in the common area of their starship, which was, in addition to being fast and stately for the purposes of a Senator, also shielded from eavesdropping. Clang spoke Huttese; it was a lingua franca in the parts of the Rim he came from. His squadron, the Intruders, spoke it in the X-wings, to the despair of the core worlder military command establishment. It was a collection of pirates, smugglers and other ne'er to do wells, but once in X-wings, they also took to the hit and fade nature of the war. There was a bit of a twinge of loss that he felt over being transferred, but he shoved that well down to the back of his mind.

"That translates to the Brain Damage Bar," he added, with a grin.


With the characters we have on board, I think we can start discussing how to set the first scene.

Also, I think we will eventually need specialists like slicers and so forth but we can add them later.
So far cool with the character sheets provided.
Name: Lieutenant Kerrick "Clang" Shan
Species: Human
Faction/Unit: 6th Special Personal Security Detail, formerly of Blue Squadron, Independence
Location: TBD
Synopsis of Role: Experienced starfighter pilot with combat experience at Turkana and in Operation Skyhook seconded to the 6 SPSD to provide support duties. A former Outer Rim swoop ganger, he can fly a light freighter, starfighter, any sort of speeder and does not look, in any way, military.

(Link here.)

The Rebellion doesn’t look so glamorous from the mud-side…


  • Discord Chat for the RP. - to plot, collaborate and otherwise make things interesting.
  • I want only a couple things over in character sheets - a name, a faction (empire, rebel, smugglers, etc) a location (System, Planet, City, etc.) and maybe a one sentence summary of the character. Yeah, because we need to be writing posts, not character sheets, and this way we can quickly -add- essential characters.
  • Please use one sheet for all stubs, character and lore.

Character Stubs

The whole point of this system is to quickly introduce a character's name, faction, species and a quick summary of who they are in order to get them into the fight quickly. We're doing away with large sheets as an experiment. You can even write this stuff -after- you make the first post.

Faction/Unit: (ex. Rebel Alliance, 2nd Uslam Liberators or Imperial Navy, CO ISD Reprisal)
Synopsis of Role: (One sentence, keep it moving. Ex. Combat Engineer with the Uslam Liberators or Starship captain with 19 years of Imperial Navy experience.)

Lore Stubs

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Faction/Unit: (ex. Rebel Alliance, Empire, Corporate)
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