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Current Amy Winehouse has been sober for six years. Just wanted to remind folks of this.
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Apologies to my collaborators, I've been having a rough weekend and didn't get anywhere near what I wanted to get done in posting.
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Found a bolt in my front left tire today. It must be tire week on the Guild, because others had the same stuff.
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Hot dogs are already cooked. Might as well just sear them to add flavor.
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Hart's voice came back flat on the comms, cold as steel, "This is not a training exercise. Weapons hot, this is a live situation, Rat Lance. Repeat, weapons hot. If fired upon, engage. Otherwise hold for command to fire. Over."
Battlemechs had three types of basic sensors. Thermographs detected heat signatures, electromagnetic sensors were able to provide detailed information at close range and were the primary means of identifying enemy unit types from that information.

The final one was seismic. It didn't give a lot of information, but it at least let you know that there was a presence in the area, presumably hostile in a patrol situation. So when the call went up on comms from one of the lighter mechs, pushed forward, that there were contacts on seismic, the rule of thumb was, if approaching as a unit on patrol, to let the faster units hold for the heavier stuff to come up.

With the unit split between two three mech manuever elements, that meant that the jumpers got into a good overwatch.

As the contact developed, there would be orders given. Comms discipline internal to the lance was less strigent, a mash up of names and callsigns they used on a regular basis, more conversational. But in reporting enemy designations and so forth, language was standard.

"Rat 1-5," that being Mazigh, "we have contacts to our west in the vicinity of the sensor net station. Will update as we determine nature of contacts. Put the artillery support on standby, over."

Mattlov, in his Shadow Hawk, carefully navigated to maintain a degree of cover while observing from one of the wadis, with his autocannon poking out around the left side of the rock, "Rat 1-6, Mattlov, have visual on what looks like a dropship, spheroid type. Estimated range, 3 clicks. Confirming sensor contacts: multiple contacts, tonnage in the 20-55 range, could be a mix of vehicles and mechs, over."

It took a minute for Hart to get back, routing communication back to Steelton PLANCOM regarding any dropships that were missing or supposed to be operating in the AO, then he got back on the tactical comms.

"1-6 here, presumed hostile dropship in AO." we're going to advance in closer. 1-5, I want you to stand by with everything you can throw at the coordinates I am transmitting now and to position vehicles at these other coordinates," Hart's fingers could be heard tapping a console, "to block escape of this element. Engage only on my command or if engaged first. Be careful."

"Mattlov, von Wulfhart and Burns, marking a position for you to ascend to fire support position. The rest of you are advancing with me. Slow and steady, keep your eye on the terrain and check flanks. If we can see them on seismic, that means they're expecting us."

We'll be setting up enemy contact in the next series of posts past the initial one. By my count, we need two more posts to have everyone posted up.

If possible, describe the advance and the terrain. The area is wadis, so there are narrow canyons, hills and the such, which is to say, jumping mechs are taking the high ground on Hart's orders to provide overwatch for vehicles and mechs to avoid ambush in gully areas.

Current TO&E: TF RAT
Location: Steelton, Lyran Commonwealth
Date:: April, 3050
Task Force CO: Captain Geoffrey Hart, AFFS - ENF-5D
Mechwarrior: Cadet Lyris von Wulfhart, LCAF - GRF-1S
Mechwarrior: Subaltern Harper Rall, AFFS - WVR-7M
Mechwarrior: Cadet Edric Burns, LCAF - VLK-QD
Mechwarrior: Cadet Han Bjornson, LCAF - WLF-1
Mechwarrior: Subaltern Johan Eichberg, AFFS - RFL-5D
Mechwarrior: Subaltern Peter Mattlov, AFFS - SHD-2Hb

Task Force XO: 1LT Gregory Mazigh, LCAF - Vehicle Commander
- Combat Vehicles
- 2 Condors
- 1 Maxim Hover Transport
- 1 Saracen
- 2 Plainsmen

- Recon Vehicles
- 1 Hi-Scout Drone Carrier and Drones
- 1 J. Edgar TAG/BAP

- Support Vehicles
- 1 B├╝ffel VII combat engineering vehicles (Cargo-specced)
- 1 Daimyo Class Mobile HQ (Captured DCMS vehicle)
- 2 Battlemech Recovery Vehicles
- 1 Heavy Battlemech Recovery Vehicle
- 4 Sherpa Transports
- 4 J-27 Ordnance Transports (Fusion)

- Artillery Vehicles
- 1 Prototype Padilla Arrow VI Tank
- 2 Ballista Self-Propelled Artillery Tanks
- 1 Partisan (Air Defense)

- Dropship - Carrack-class, a derivative of the Seeker class dropship, modified for rapid combined arms deployment.

Current encounter maps (task force Rat approaching from West)

"PLANCOM, this is Rat 1-6. Orders acknowledged. Over."

The radio orders were broadcast from the Captain's comm circuit to the rest of the lance and the other officers in the Task Force to keep them up to date on the new orders.

"Rat 1-6 here, we're redeploying the mechs from planned patrol to focus on sensor anomalies in the Pitt basin. Burns, von Wulfhart, Mattlov, use jets to obtain overwatch positions and maintain security. Rall, Bjornson, Eichberg and myself will push through along to grid 5-Bravo-9'er-Delta from here. Lieutenant Mazigh will oversee drone deployment and security to cover the flank approaches."

Captain Hart had the typical Davion 'school' accent; like the BBC of ancient Terra, Davion school-ships and broadcasts emphasized a common accent, and the Captain had it. He was some part of Draconis March gentry, but a career officer and NAIS cadre instructor, tasked with finishing off mechwarriors that were deemed ready to start their careers before they graduated and were placed in units. It was a shakedown for cadets that transitioned them from the rigid structure of the academy to active duty and, presumably, command in the future.

The man was in an Enforcer, a very standard type of Davion mech, though his was fitted, as all the mechs here were, with advanced technology. Steelton was near the periphery, had lots of environmental factors to deal with and so it was an ideal place to train new mechwarriors and test new equipment. They ran exercises against the Star Guards, an elite unit, and learned things the hard way alongside and against some of the best Mechwarriors in the Inner Sphere. The Captain was well-respected with these men and women, coming from McKinnon's Raiders, in the 7th Crucis Lancers. He'd fought the Dragoons and lived to tell the tale. He'd fought in the Fourth Succession War and the War of 3039 and had a good professional reputation among fellow mechwarriors; even Crab Carraza, the Star Guards' commander. The rest of them, however, just fresh from the academy, were firmly made aware of their position on the pecking order by the Star Guards personnel they ran into -- they were greenies.

Mattlov had a very similar accent was the product of good schooling and NAIS, though he was not an aristocrat, more of a man-at-arms from a family, on the maternal side, of Mechwarriors who weren't title-holders. The distinction didn't matter that much; a mechwarrior was a mechwarrior, at least in the Federated Suns, and they all fancied themselves knights defending their realm. His Shadow Hawk happened to be painted a dusty desert pattern to match the terrain, and it didn't shine, but that didn't dull the romanticism of being a mechwarrior for Mattlov. He bought the Hanse Davion cult, the image of the great savior of their civilization, a man and a cause to fight for. His Caph upbringing was supposed to make him cynical of the mass media manipulation, even in a constitutional state like the Federated Suns, but he followed his mother's path, a warrior's path.

PLANCOM's regional sensor net had gone down about a day ago, which meant that geographic data was not being updated realtime and commos depended on onboard systems alone. Mechs were fine, but a lot of vehicles weren't. As a result, the Star Guard sent out one of their engineer detachments along with the task force in the area to check on the backup sensors system and stand by to activate them to keep the navigation networks going. It was an ideal time to send out a lance, preferably a green one, to pick up some good training in the field doing maneuvers with their mechs while providing an escort (and a tie-in to the planet's commo net) for the engineering, infantry and other elements in the area. Steelton was a hub of anti-piracy operations near the Periphery in Lyran Space, but it was unlikely that a raider element would hit a planet with an elite garrison. All the same, standard operating procedure in the Star Guards, and Mattlov approved, was to take it all seriously.

After all, Caph didn't expect to get hit in 3039, but he was there for it when the Ryuken regiments landed. They were beaten bloody by the ready reserve for the Federated Suns push into the Combine, but it taught Mattlov a valuable lesson; don't assume. He vaguely monitored the lance's internal commo net, but maintained relative silence. They had a lance leader and commo discipline could be hard to maintain at times on boring 'milk run' operations, but Mattlov learned the hard way through NAIS discipline to keep it professional in the cockpit. He had a mouth, so the lessons were reinforced with a lot of company punishment before he finally got it.

As the lance started underway, he stowed the mental chatter and focused on visuals; his Shadow Hawk had good sensors and comfortable life support, but he wasn't relying just on the sensors. Sensors could lie, after all and the eyes were needed. Once upon a time, Star League Mechwarriors were rumored to fight inside a sealed cockpit with sensors only. Mattlov couldn't see it, even though his neurohelmet was an old Star League model, provided by his parents as an early graduation gift; his mother knew how to pick the most utilitarian equipment and his father had connections through the family import/export company to get their son that, even if they could not afford a Mech.

The interface was wholly different; the SLDF model neurohelmets had a different system architecture and OS than the newer-made stuff. This one was vintage, SLDF-issue rather than a remake with familiar Davion-style screen layouts on his HUD using the old Star League tech; lostech, they once called it.

It was also a different color than the usual gold that he was used to, with different shapes and indicators for features to get his attention. He used the settings in live-training in the mech and in the simulators, but noticed a subtle difference in how the mech handled with this neurohelmet's interface.

The mech had a smoother than usual gait, and he owed it to the interface of the neurohelmet. Always a deft, delicate 'twitch' hand with the controls of a mech, which included a control stick that was set between the legs (not always the case, depending on the mech type) he marveled at the slightly elevated performance the helmet afforded. He'd gone out in a spare neurohelmet, a regular one, just because Senior Technician Reginald, his mech's crew chief, wanted to know if it was the mech or the helmet. They ran the data, crunched out a comparative report and made the SLDF neurohelmet's performance another piece of all the reports they were generating on this test equipment.

The Shadow Hawk had a restricted field of vision in some ways, which was a criticism of the design; the autocannon was overhanging the left shoulder, and there was a Streak-SRM-2 on the right side of the head, which was, quite simply, a reality of the design. Other mechs had far more expansive views, but he always liked the feel of a Shadow Hawk. The hum of the engine and power systems, the slight whine of the actuators and myomers, different in every mech, was to his liking in this particular type of Mech. He felt like he had the extra touch in one of these, and it had nothing to do with the new neurohelmet, though that helped.

There wasn't much of a view. Steelton was a dusty wasteland with mineral riches. It had jutting rock formations with a very specific hexagonal sort of characteristic that spoke of ancient geological activity of some sort, but it was mostly sand. Some extra heat, but nothing the sinks on his mech couldn't cope with. It was shades of sand, clay and slate out there, but at least the skies were clear and the horizon extended a ways. It was a desert vista that sung to his mother's heritage, and totally unlike Caph or New Avalon.

Weapons were not hot, but they could be very quickly. That was another operational rule of the Star Guards. They'd loaded with live ammo, not training stuff, just in case.

As their orders were given, he shifted his Shadow Hawk into a faster run as a prelude to a jump; with the rumble and roar of the jets beneath him, he used the neurohelmet to balance the Mech as it came down, to position the legs just so on the high ground he and the two others were told to ascend. There was a crunch of landing, as the myomers in the legs absorbed the landing shock and the arms splayed out to help the mech maintain balance just as a human would, with assistance from the neurohelmet interface.

Meanwhile, further below, the non-jumpers were making their way forward, sensors out...
First post incoming.
@HeySeuss So out of curiosity when can we expect the IC?

I hope to have it written in the next two days. Friday should be slower in the afternoon as business dies for that week.

Finally posted my app in the characters tab. Let me know if that's fine!

Approved, though I would change the artillery pieces over to Thors or Thumpers, and maybe put the Arrow VI on Padillas. As this is a testbed unit, these star league era vehicles may have been produced on a special run to spec for this unit to evaluate for general deployment with the AFFC.

Also, as house rules, I think we are going to be deploying drone units as well as that makes a lot of sense.

Sheets up to here are approved. I have a specific planet that they are going to be on, and I sort of envision their current AO as an arid sort of place.
Name: Harper Rall

Going forward, folks, please just post the sheets in the sheets tab. This one's approved.
Hello, OOC is here.

Note that we have a short but sweet character sheet.
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