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4 mos ago
Current Amy Winehouse has been sober for six years. Just wanted to remind folks of this.
4 mos ago
Apologies to my collaborators, I've been having a rough weekend and didn't get anywhere near what I wanted to get done in posting.
5 mos ago
Found a bolt in my front left tire today. It must be tire week on the Guild, because others had the same stuff.
5 mos ago
Hot dogs are already cooked. Might as well just sear them to add flavor.
5 mos ago
I love it when I catch up on my posting.


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Cool, please post the character in sheets. Might want to join the Discord, we have a lot of the background situation out on there.
Notes on the East Germans, the situation nationally in terms of US strategy for dealing. Stuff like that.
I have a post going but kind of want to refine it and maybe collab. Who is up for that?
@Xandrya There's an operation on now, and it's entirely possible her cell tangled with East German infantry and came off worse for it. Perhaps wounded?

That'd give us a reason to get the Doctor moving.
Pretty sure there's two "Casual" RPs in the Casual RP section that don't belong there.

GM's call, there has never been an enforcement mechanism for this and there probably won't be. The sections have guidelines, people tend to self-sort themselves into the section they feel is the best fit. This came up several years ago. So there is no mechanism for forcing RP's into sections, keeping in with mahz's philosophy of minimal intervention and the Guild's overall philosophy of GM self-government of RP's.
Welcome to the Guild, there's plenty of good fantasy settings being tossed around and they've got one for the persistent world as well.

Good luck with it!
@HeySeuss If someone would like to join the RP as a recently inserted member of A Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Rangers, that would work. I might make another character along those lines. Of course most of the guys are very young; between the ages of 19 and ~30.

Not sure the Rangers would be breaking up like that though. I suppose if we decided that the Burlington raid went bad, sure.

Edit: And if that makes more plot sense, we can certainly have casualties from the Burlington Raid.

Well, I was going for the default of just having my character be found along the way, but if there should be more to it I'll happily oblige.

Could easily work out that she's from another cell and moves over to theirs for some reason. We can create a casualty situation, like a firefight with GDR troops, that would make her a survivor looking for another unit.
I'm very interested. Okay if I make a CS?

Sure, but we need to be able to work on how
Your character is introduced.
I'll tie in material from other RP's if it's useful and relevant to the current RP, so in a sense you do get repetitions of names and places, and it's easier to use that material than reinvent the wheel. But it's not deliberate universe building, it's more that if things fit together, it gets thrown in there.

So if I had an RP in the past with a city setting and I need a city and it fits the purpose of the current RP, then I find the notes and use 'em.
The room check was gruelling in that you opened a door and checked very carefully, on the ragged edge of nerves and ready to shoot anything that said boo. So much could go wrong with a momentary reflex. It was scary work, especially since they were trying not to just kill whomever was in there. They had to identify targets in a flash and then off them. Riding on an adrenaline high, nerves shaking, this was not as simple as movies made it look. Room after room had stuff, but no people. That was part of the plan, that the attack on Burlington Airport would draw off defenders and make this target softer than usual.

They arrived at a communications room that had an occupant, a state trooper who was manning one of the dispatch computer/radio consoles. That guy had his hands up even before they came in the door, which was completely the right move. A split second of decision led Dan to bark out, "KNEEL NOW!" and he never wavered with his rifle in hands, sweeping.

As Park came behind him, he moved to cover a different angle, letting the green beret handle that particular situation -- essentially, Park and Morse were in command. Dan had a good sense of what needed to be done, but he also stayed in his lane. They had only run into one Stasi type, a security grunt, and that meant there were more around.

It also had a lady in a chair in a separate room. No Germans. Dan swept the room carefully and pointed out the still-warm laptops and other equipment sitting on a table to the others as a sign that they had more people around. It was entirely possible that the Stasi officers, upon hearing the action, decided to go see what was going on before they'd raided the Williston barracks.

"I'll cover, you guys figure out what's going on with the equipment, the trooper and the lady," Dan told them, fully aware that they only had so much time before the Soviets would divert airpower from the Georgia theater to Vermont. They might not have time to loiter, but they'd probably be attacking anything that moved on the roads soon. The raid had to end before that all happened, for the rangers and the guerrillas alike. They had some AA capability against helicopters, but not much against jet fighters. The whole point was to get in, smash what they could, and get out -- all fast. There was no time for niceties.
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