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3 days ago
Current Woo, a fatal stabbing right outside my office. #Baltimore
5 days ago
TFW you pour 1/8 of the bottle into your cocktail because the day was that hosed.
8 days ago
[@Drag] That feels like an RP idea coming on.
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8 days ago
Well, it's nice to see we have Miss Manners here to show us all how it's done.
9 days ago
Father's Day.


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Something involving airship piracy centering around a Nassau-style pirate's republic. Definitely very Guns of Icarus-inspired, and probably my first foray into steampunk.
Patronymics, maybe?

What about just "the free nation of aevland", I'm just aiming for a trade-dominated nation

That is acceptable, so are other naming methods. Tribal names, such as Caesar of the Julii, for example. Or Philip of Macedon. Cato Minor. Or just single names like Aristophanes, Euripedes. Sappho of Lesbos. Etc.
@Aleranicus You still with us? I think we are waiting on you in this. If Parael doesn't off goat boy, Rusty will. :D

Then the other Rusty will happen to be there.
I apologize for being out a few days. I tried to advance the plot somewhat with Prodigal nearly falling then and there. I feel like he should be tenuous if he continues to be silent and if brothers continue to fall here.

The other question is who has characters left here and where are they?
The foe was terrible in its strength, and even the wiles of veteran Astartes did not stop one of their own from falling to one of those two-handed blades, leaving a terrible wound and a dead battle-brother as the foe sought another victim.

The intercession of the others helped turn that grim tide; and the fight started to move the other way. All the while, the sounds in his ears and the altered vision, the product of unusual lights and things that flashed around, as vision itself shifted subtly and unpredictably, making one question their balance and, more fundamentally, their sanity. It made the fight with these things even more desperate, as something gnawed at them and laughed all the while, promising them torment, pleasure, power...

He'd heard the seductive likes before and perhaps it was his lot to be eternally tempted. The Primarch had fallen, and perhaps they shared the flaws that made them extra attractive to the things seething out there. Perhaps it was easier to prey on their emotions, knowing they were cast adrift lacking their genetic founder.

Even that doubt was deadly, and caused him to falter a moment, realize his error and come back at the red-skined demon with a roar and a renewed ferocity. It wasn't unthinking fury, but the thought that he was faltering and abandoning his brothers in the fight that carried him through; a chainsword gripped in both hands and brought down into the skull of the thing that he was duelling with, the blades ripping through flesh without remorse, roaring down through horn and bone as he pushed it harder and harder into the thing. The blade might well be ruined in the fight, for chainswords were not invincible, but at least he'd kill the beast. And if it didn't do the job completely, he'd find another way.

He wasn't going to be taken, not this time...
I'll work out a way to get Bill over to where the rest of them are. Maybe the other Rusty McKenzie is hanging at Sally's.

Edit: ...and recognizes the other Rusty McKenzie for hilarious reasons.
We are still recruiting, but we have added a sasquatach in the middle of a really ugly divorce.
Not sure how I feel about a people's democracy, that feels a little too modern for my taste. We might want to shift the naming more toward something that isn't as modern as the first name-last name style either. Just a thought on name generation, but I feel like we should try to disassociate from modern/English.
Busy as hell week, I'll be getting down to this after tomorrow is endured.
Submitted the samsquamch.

Yeah, that had me laughing most of the way through. Definitely accepted.
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