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Amy Winehouse has been sober for six years. Just wanted to remind folks of this.
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Apologies to my collaborators, I've been having a rough weekend and didn't get anywhere near what I wanted to get done in posting.
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Found a bolt in my front left tire today. It must be tire week on the Guild, because others had the same stuff.
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Hot dogs are already cooked. Might as well just sear them to add flavor.
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I love it when I catch up on my posting.


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@HeySeuss I get that much but I'd like an example maybe of what these worlds are actually like. Like, are they planets orbiting stars, or turtles flying through space, or crystal dimensional spheres or what? Is that a clearer question?

Any of the three, honestly.
If permissible I could try my hand at both the firestarter and the vampire. The former for the fun character interactions, the latter just because I enjoy playing that sort of character.

I have a question about the cosmology of sorts: are there different worlds that characters are from? Are they called worlds? Would "homeworld" be an appropriate term to use? What kind of scale are we working at here? More information along this vein would be appreciated.

The scale is not space as we know it, it's more of an Astral plane. These are homeworlds, yes. But it's not space as we know it with huge expanses. That's to just sidestep the hard sci fi components and keep it very fantasy.
<Snipped quote by Dead Cruiser>

I'm pretty keen to tap into the weird with Lorne (and her focus on Outer Rift magic), so this concept might be a tad redundant.

I sort of envisioned the perils of navigating the astral plane being related to communicating/bargaining with said entities (or at the very least steering clear of them).

I'd be curious to see how a capital A-Anarchist interacts with the rest of the cast, given that two characters are more than alright with keeping/trading in flesh. And it'd be cool to see how a character with perhaps slightly more loftier goals moves through the world. I'm kind of stuck in Dune mode, but I could see a Duncan Idaho type of character being pretty fun.

Classic swashbucklers/duelists/swordsmen are always fun as well.

Oh just being possessed by some of them, as is the case of Ghal. But he's linked to a series of potent spirits that are constantly fighting for control of his flesh. They tend to keep the non-member riff-raff out of the country club.
Either option looks good, so let's see the concepts!
Now Recruiting! RP is here.

Sky galleons of Mars by Flavio Bolla

TL;DR Summary

  • Inspirations: Black Sails, Spelljammer, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Master and Commander.
  • Mashup of Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and so forth. To wit: sailing ships, airships and seagoing vessels of various types are able to, via a complex mashup of magic and technology, take to space with crews. By the same token, there is flintlock technology and cannons, but also magic swords and spells.
  • Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Dragons, etc. Not much has been fleshed of this, because it's better to let players do that in the process of creating a character.
  • Characters will be ship's crew, having been enslaved in service to a horrible entity named Lord Korzbubathul, a dimensional horror. The crew just overthrew their master...though aren't sure if he's dead.
  • They have just arrived in the great Space Pirate Republic, headquartered on the ancient space station of Quattryn, a lawless place where there is freedom and danger, rife with thieves, killers, anarchists. It smells of gold and gems, fancy perfume and a whiff of death at all times.
  • Ship is not named or even described yet, pending player input. Only exception: The ship's cat Waldo is a black, fey beast with strange powers, like a friendly, playful sphinx. Besides what we have up above, there is no setting stuff done.
  • Crew runs according to a pirate code of democracy where quartermasters and captains are voted in and actions are subject to referendum. That means characters get a vote, get to argue, and implement conflicting beliefs. It means politics!
  • People should be cool with the concept of on-the-fly brainstorming and setting lore that is not really set up ahead of time.
  • Discord Chat!

In Character Info

They took freedom at the point of a blade; metaphoricaly anyway. There were lots of ways that the crew killed of the minions of Lord Korzbubathul, a slobbering thing of slimy flesh, one or many eyes depending on what time of day. It, no gender, definitely no gender, don't even think about how its kind reproduces, had enslaved crew running its ship, plundering and serving as mind-blanked killers on its behalf, serving its agenda.

No one is quite sure who, what or how it happened that they were able to break free from the narcotic control of Lord Korzbubathul, but it was flushed out into the cold vacuum of space by a series of events. As the haze wore off on the slave crew, its dedicated servants, the overseers and officers that did little work besides give the orders, tried to fight back, but the slaves found that they were soft, easy prey.

They woke from their mind-slumber with little knowledge of each other, and a head full of memories and trauma aboard a ship. Somehow, they limped into the Free Port of Quattryn with their prize, the only place that would have them. To stay alive and prosperous in the Space Pirate's Republic, they had to work. They had a ship; they had a crew and they had common cause. The Spheres, as space was known, was a cold, uncaring place for those on their own...

Out of Character Info

So there are obviously things not even yet described, such as the operation of the ships and so forth in space. We will be leaning on the magitech to describe a lot of the functions, a fusion of mystic power and 19th century, at best, machinery. In some cases, we're looking at wildly different tech within the overlapping types of motiffs we are invoking here.

The ideal player thrives on brainstorming and enjoys themes of rebellion, like the Pirate's Republic in the Caribbean. I am intentionally not drawing on Spelljammer, besides getting a slight boost to start with, so I am not apologizing for any accidental duplication, nor am I claiming originality. Most of my thought processes came from a DVD set of Black Sails, a couple other books on the Spanish Armada and privateering and thoughts on what the power dynamics could look like in space with fantasy races.

That is to say, I had a couple brainwaves and then I wrote this stuff down. But I want to find good partners to work with on this.
Someone suggested a colony of orcs or half-orcs where "all these" half orcs came from; I see only mine. I will work on a location stub to be posted at a later date.

I have a half-orc gunner, yes, but yeah. Orcs in Space. The thing is, I feel like they should be all over the place.
<Snipped quote by HeySeuss>

Does this mean a sailor can walk the decks of a ship, while in "space" and breath air? Gravity?

Yes. It is more like the Astral Plane in a sense, than actual space. The ship has a power source (working on the stub) that powers what generate the gravity and atmosphere. There is limited power in these for weapons systems, atmosphere and gravity. Depending on how the ship moves, it draws power that takes away from speed. For example, turning, diving, ascending, moving in any way besides forward per the bow. Magicians can also draw considerable extra 'juice' from these power systems, so movement that conserves this 'fuel' is prioritized.

Also, the distances are not like Space as we know it. Stars and planets, sure, but not as we know them in space.
Hey everyone,

In order to set up physics for the RP, by "Space" we really mean an alternate plane, like a Plane in D&D terms, or similar that is spacelike in terms of appearance with planetary bodies and stellar bodies, but rooted in a medieval or ancient understanding of space. We're way away from hard Sci fi here and I thought it best to clarify that.

Edit: The Astral Plane, basically, Medieval concept that explained space in more theological or mythical terms than anything.
Can we make sure to keep all sheets in one post from each player? Organization thing.
Let’s start shifting sheets into the character sheets tab, folks!
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