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3 days ago
Current Roleplayers all over the globe rise up! It's time to dig a hole ;)
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9 days ago
Sucks to be 14 lol. #GrowUpNesy
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9 days ago
Sucks to be ghosted by people when I reply them in PMS. :(
12 days ago
Deep in within.
12 days ago
Still very patient so far!


Hello there! I am just a literate 14 year old kid! Sure I am an accepting guy and I roleplay with anybody, no matter what age group you are in. I am from Sweden and my city is called: Norrkoping! Well I love the town I am currently in and I feel proud living in my country where you have rights and freedom hopefully.

So feel free to slither in to my PMS and tell me what YOU are up to. ;) Roleplaying, Becoming friends and all that snazzy stuff. I also am very enthuthiastic about dark-themed/light-themed plots but please no smut. I am fine with blood and gore but not 18+ smutty things thanks.

Contact information?

Discord: nesymerp1#7100

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b u m p
You know 18+ doesn't mean just sex. There might be gore and foul language up in this bitch.

Yes I know that now.

I think this thread is starting to get a little too old here XD
This thread is still active to this day LOL.
Slapping the bump into the bump.
Slap the bump into the dump!
Still searching.

Wow, joined quite recently actually.

<Snipped quote by hawkins>

More thirst than the surface of Mercury lol

Nah, more like the surface of the sun :)
<Snipped quote by NesyExecutive>

1. In a certain large english-speaking country, there's a law regulating online corrispondance between people over 18 years, and those under that age. This is despite [and takes precedence over] the age of consent being around 16 in most places [give or take 2 years].

2. People sometimes don't got no filter. Exposing minors to... content their parents obviously may not approve of... resaulting with an awkward meeting with the roleplayer's parents' lawyers and threats of getting extradited to another country's [argueably harsher] legal system.

3. Less likely to get 'fixated' by the smut [since smut is everywhere] so more likely to focus on a story/plot.

4. See point 1... you'd be in triple-deep shit for trying to actually meet each other in person.

Doesn't matter how horny the minor is, them's the laws. Lewdness between minors is allowed, tho... for some reason.
>... Please follow the forum rules regarding lewds.

Many people has answered my question now, thanks man.
Well, that's why people take countermeasures. So appearently that's why people ghost me all the time I suppose? Since I am not over 18?

If this is the case, man this is going to be hard in the young years apparently. But if I grow older there might be a difference in results and matches as I grow older and older. Man this is just going to be complicated at this point. A hole to the heart basically.

It's just gotta keep up the pace I guess. I know this is for everyone's best and stuff.

I do not seek for smut, just saying. Like a normal roleplay where I can innovate ideas with my partners. Then play them to the test to see if it works! But I wont give up, I'll keep striving. So feel free to ask me questions or I don't know.
I get that.

Like I said -- it takes time -and a lot of it- to find a dedicated 1x1 partner. You will find one eventually though. I wouldn't give up.

The answer to this question is just to keep looking I guess!
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