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Current I plan on studying more mathemathics, gonna bore myself out to death! ^^
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I plan to continue studying lol
5 mos ago
I turned 17, 24th of april I guess. Yet I have no idea what to do lmao.
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SÄS, he be a little sus.
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(Note: OLD BIO) -- Hello there! I am just a literate 16-year-old kid! Sure I am an accepting guy and I roleplay with anybody, no matter what age group you are in. I am from Sweden and my city is called: Norrkoping!

Contact information?

Discord: nesymerp1#7100

I have, quite many ideas to show and mashup so how about we can create a story together! You may PM me or do a thread! I love roleplaying with new people! Nevertheless, my favourite subject is basically science and would like to become an astronout! Very tough job but I'm willing to work towards it!

Interested in some plots? Sure! It's in my interest thread. Also, we can remove elements and merge things as I'm very openminded. Though we'll have to talk and communication is important!

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@False Prophet Excellent! Yeah I definently have the plot in mind, but Nordic Mythology is a bit of a new thing for me as well. All I am familiar with is "Odin" and ragnarok. But hey! I am totally down to changing the plot or adjusting it. Whatever, as long as the end result is good.

Yggdrasil as well, I suppose.
Hello there friend! Since you're possibly partner searching, I think I have a idea in mind that involves war-fantasy with nordic mythology in the mix...

So yeah, hehe! Since you don't roleplay with anybody over 23+ , I'm definently way younger then that and I'm in the age of 16. If you're fine roleplaying with a minor.

In conclusion, thanks for reading! I hope I am the right partner for you.
I do, indeed. I wish I had all the power in the world to draw an epic character.
Hey! I'm Nesy, nice to meet you.
(To all old partners, I have gone inactive due to studying and school! My apologies!)

Do you like fantasy worlds or exploring the cosmos? Do you like worlds where you have the freedom to do whatever you want and immerse yourself into any experience? War,romance,thrilers and nature that may take your breath away. Perhaps you might be interested in a world where your dreams become reality? I am! But are you? Yes? Then this interest check will surely interest you!

I'm interested in sci-fi too! Right now I crave fantasy, this explains why I have the "future" tag.

What you need to know:

I'm 16, soon 17 in 24th of april.
I'm not good with roleplaying 2 main characters, but I like doing NPCs. I'm able to roleplay 1 OC. >-<
I roleplay with anybody and I'm willing to talk with anybody! Feel free to stop by!
I do mxm/mxf roleplay pairings but I don't do mxm romance. I am not comfortable roleplaying as a female, unfortunently.
Willing to brainstorm and do comprimises. Even that has limits and one of them being: "I'd like to be a protagonist in a story." Other then that, let's discuss it please.
I'm ghost friendly.
I do up to 3-4 or 5 paragraphs of posts, I could do up to 10 but that requires TOO many resources.



* Please understand that you're roleplaying with a minor, please let's ensure we don't get ourselves in trouble!

* Please make posts that are 3+ paragraphs and above. Express your creativity in ANY way you wish.

* Communicate and settle a setting, I do not want to begin a roleplay without planning out where to start! This is unacceptable!

* Be kind, be respectful! I will always be kind as much as I can too. so it's really fair to display kindness back.

* If i haven't responded in a long time. It may be because i've lost interest in roleplaying here OR because I am studying and I have a life.

Contact information: nesymerp1#7100 on discord!
Ideas: (Only 2 so far and I update my page with new ideas all the time, I'm open to more ideas!) Feel free to offer yours too!

(Short and concise ideas allow creativity and openess + people can think for themselves too!)
MC: My character.

In conclusion, thanks for reading the interest check! If my ideas inspire a roleplay then you can always message me. If not? That's fine too. Choice is yours!
Searching again...
@NesyExecutive Hi, in order to reach the "right people" it would be better to post it in 1x1 Interest Checks as the Casual Section is for group RPs (+3 RPers).

Understood! What do I do with the thread?
Hello are you still looking for new rps/rp partners? also which plots/ set ups are you craving at the moment?

@Vode An At the moment I am craving for fantasy and sci-fi plots such as:

Social Democracy plot for example with fantasy.
Or Crimoa's Desire , Chronicles of Terror.

Then we have SCI-FI plots such as destroying tyrannical regimes, and: "The end of time: The New Frontier."
Bump! I'm currently re-looking for roleplayers as I was inactive... Unfortunently.
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