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Name: Dr Freyr Lang

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Nationality: Outreman, previously citizen of Angjusk

Occupation: Deputy head of department - Cradle Research & Development

  • Cradle quick-access implant - Allows access to and from the Cradle environment without additional hardware. This advanced module also reduces fatigue caused by the process, allowing power users multiple entries in a single day.
  • Tier 7c ‘Cradle Builder’ suite - Grants access to the programs created specifically for ‘terraforming’ the Cradle. Tier 7 out of 20 allows Freyr to auto-build a variety of specialised equipment and propose-build mid level structures.
  • Ilyes Brand communication and productivity module - Standard implant for access to Outremer’s communications network. Also integrates with many well known productivity tools like a personal assistant, as well as more bespoke scientific tools.

Freyr was born on Angjusk, an older colony than Outremer that was renowned for its military materiel, particularly star ships.

Her mother was an innovations tsar assigned by the government to a consortium of the planet’s largest ship manufacturers. During most of Freyr’s childhood, her mother’s sole task was making sure Angjusk battle fleets were the best money could buy in the Diaspora.

Before she was born, her father owned and operated a series of protein farms across Angjusk. After a chance encounter at a lobby meeting, he was headhunted to co-ordinate the military industrial complex’s entire food supply chain. He also met his future wife, as it was Freyr’s mother who had recommended him for the job on that fateful day in the lobby.

Freyr was born five years later. Her early life was a whirlwind of schooling, snatches of intimacy with her parents (when they weren’t busy) and extended periods with friends. She discovered a natural capacity for learning and excelled in her studies. So much so that she received offers from universities across the Diaspora to come and develop with them.

Her mother and father both pressured her to consider diplomas like Interplanetary Relations or Agrarian Policy. However Freyr was not interested in pursuing a career in politics. Angjusk has been involved in at least a dozen small conflicts since Freyr had been born. She had seen how politicians would destroy entire cultures for the sake of influence, and wanted none of it.

In her first act of defiance, Freyr accepted a position at a school in Babylon, the main city of a far away frontier colony called Outremer. Driven more by the desire to have time away from her planet than by the subjects on offer, she researched what Outremer was known for. It was here that she first discovered the object powering this section of the Diaspora - the Cradle.

She quickly became obsessed with its untapped potential and seemingly unknowable past. She decided to pursue Xenobiology and Machine Intelligence as her subjects of interest, voraciously consuming the knowledge gathered so far on the Cradle.

It was here at the university that she met her future partner, David, who was studying art history. Isolated from her family and friends, alone on a strange planet, Freyr was glad of his unassuming company and kindness. They grew very close over the course of their degrees, and moved in together after graduation. Their daughter Amy was born a few years later.

After Uni, Freyr was picked up by an Outremer administration outreach team and placed in a government career fast lane. Her obsession with the Cradle made her an obvious choice for the Cradle Research & Development department. Once there, she quickly proved herself capable. Several breakthroughs in her first five years meant she was allowed to hand select a team of dynamic young individuals to help pursue her work. A couple more catapulted her into a deputy head of department role, to the ire of some of it’s older and more entrenched members.

It was on her 34th birthday that the Cradle abducted her family. It had been acting strangely for weeks prior, rolling back years of terraforming. Freyr had been working round the clock to figure out why, practically living at her field office by the Border. David had bought sweet treats and had Amy with her.

What can only be described as creatures emerged from beyond the Border and overran the camp. A panic spread through the mostly unarmed workers, leading many to flee for their lives. Freyr’s last memory of her family was being propelled across the camp by one of the creatures. She could only watch from her position immobile on the floor as they carried off her husband and little girl.

Security forces conducted a sweep of the immediate area beyond the Border, but found no sign of them. So Freyr began looking by herself as soon as her broken bones were reconstructed. Months went by. Her work stopped and her mental health deteriorated. Eventually she was placed on sick leave and her access revoked, after she attempted to use her influence to organise an armed excursion deep into the uncontrolled zone.
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Name: Vreta’Sori

Species: Rothian

Height: 6’7” (2 meters)

Age: 612

Gender: Male


Nationality: Rothian (Syr'Jakran by birth)

Occupation: Spy

Skills: As a spy working directly for the Rahn’Masser, Vreta is an individual with a variety of skills tailored to operating independently, and for an extended time. He is well-researched on the societies and laws of every known, spacefaring civilization, and he is skilled in the art of deception. He is not a soldier, though he does have combat training for self-defense. Though, the largest reason that he, in particular, was selected as the agent to investigate the Cradle was due to his background as an expert in technology. He has, at different points in his life, been involved in programming, research and development for computer hardware and other high-tech devices, and most importantly, the study of alien technology.


  • Skeletal reinforcement and muscular enhancement. Grants improved strength, stamina, and resistance to injury.
  • Multiple artificial organs, including the heart and lungs. Allows him to hold his breath for an extended duration, grants further improved stamina and cardiac function, and can filter most toxins. His heart possesses a fabricator for nanomachines, which assist many bodily functions and accelerate healing.
  • Enhanced neural implant. While many Rothians possess neural implants, Vreta’s is specialized to serve his role in espionage. It can allow his brain to interface directly with not only Rothian computers, but other known alien computer architectures as well. It also possesses a limited artificial intelligence program to assist in potentially adapting to novel machine architectures. The implant can also collect data from sensors throughout the body to provide information on Vreta’s vitality, as well as analyze information from other sensory implants.
  • Sensory implants. Vreta possesses ocular, aural, and olfactory implants with data collection nodes linking to his neural implant. His eyes in particular have been replaced with artificial prosthetics, which, in addition to generally improved vision, grant low light vision, and can apply visual filters to allow sight in infrared, or the ability to visualize magnetic fields. The artificial eye can also overlay information processed by his neural implant as a form of augmented reality.
  • Claws. For purposes of self-defense, Vreta’s natural, keratin claws have been replaced by prosthetics made from an advanced, highly-durable composite polymer with increased sharpness and strength. To reduce the chance of detection, they are coated in a hardened layer of keratin, with the exception of the very tips of each claw.

Background: Vreta’s upbringing was nothing unusual for a Rothian. He was hatched on the world of Syr’Jakra, and like any other child, was raised by the state. He performed well in school and was noted for his cleverness by his instructors, both in terms of completing his assignments, and for his tendency to be a troublemaker. He was occasionally guilty of mostly harmless pranks, though they were more often directed towards his fellow students than anyone else. Regardless, by the standards of his instructors, he shaped up by his graduation.

As with many Rothians, Vreta has walked many different paths through life, through multiple careers. Early in his adulthood, he made attempts at multiple jobs over about forty years. He had a few decades of an artistic streak, making attempts at writing, then painting and a few other visual arts, but could not compete with the most skilled at their crafts. When that failed, he made a short lived, and unsuccessful, attempt at becoming a professional athlete. He was in his eighties when he finally started to delve into technology for a potential career.

Vreta started with programming and was educated on designing software. His first career he found in designing games and other entertainment software, which lasted for a hundred years before he decided to go into his first retirement for about fifty years. When he came out of retirement, he tried, and failed, again at becoming a professional athlete, then spent a few years moving around between smaller jobs before returning to his work in technology. This time, his focus was more on hardware than software, as he had managed to earn a job working in research and development at a tech company on Anskaria. He spent the next century developing consumer devices for both Rothians, and lesser devices approved for export to other species, then another fifty years working directly for the government developing weapons and equipment for both soldiers and vehicles.

Vreta went into another retirement for about twenty years, but exited early upon being given the opportunity to accept an administrative role at a major tech company. He became the manager of the company’s R&D department, and over the next eighty years worked his way high up the corporate ladder. Business, he found, was his most successful career in his four hundred years of life. He was certainly knowledgeable an experienced in research, but he had a certain talent for talking to others. Not only did others find him likable, but he could read people well and could figure out just what to say to bring them over to his line of thinking. He oversaw several major deals for the company, and though shorter than some of his other careers, he earned enough money by the time he was done with it to fund several comfortable retirements. Although, he only had a short, ten year retirement before another opportunity came to him.

With the recommendation of a friend he made during his time working with the government, Vreta took on a far more…exciting career path in the form of a Rahn’Masser agent. Training alone took decades, but he had the innate skills to find his place within the agency. His cleverness and ability to understand and manipulate others were skills that served him well in espionage. With enough preparation, he found that he could even work well among non-Rothian species. He has taken on dozens of assignments through the years, and has most recently been assigned to learn more about the mysterious alien supercomputer known as “The Cradle” on the Human world of Outremer. Given how important the Cradle has been for Human technological advancement, they have thusfar refused any meaningful access to Rothian researchers, regardless of what they are offered in exchange. Vreta has been inserted as the representative of a Rothian tech company named Zuraxi’Synkuur to a Human corporation on Outremer, with which they are doing business. He is currently under orders to maintain caution and avoid causing incidents, though his cover has already allowed him limited access to certain “public” portions of the Cradle. For now, he continues to work for the company he represents, but is biding his time and waiting for just the right opportunity to act.
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Name: Agent 595

Species: Human

Gender: Female


Nationality: UNKNOWN

Weapons and/or equipment: UNKNOWN

Backstory: UNKNOWN
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