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It is the year 2020; 20 years since the human world was let in on the biggest secret in history.

Vampires are real.
Werewolves are real.
They are real and they want our flesh and blood.

In more ways than you might think.
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The sun was sinking slowly into the sky by the time the crew was clocking out. There was still plenty of work left to do on the house they were building, but tonight was Matt's birthday and it had been decided that they would all go celebrate tonight. "You coming Pete?" asked Robert, a portly middle-aged bachelor, as he stripped off his gloves and cast off his suspenders "Everyone else is." "Of course he's coming!" interjected Jon, who was short and skinny but good-looking, "Matt's gonna cry if he doesn't." "I might cry if YOU do come," retorted Matt, a young African-American, with a grin at Jon before turning to address Peter, "Seriously though I'd love it if you joined us.
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