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Rose Clemens was the ideal high school girl in almost every way. She went to school, took care of her little sister, and even participated in chess tournaments for the high school. As a senior who has just turned 18, she has her whole life to look forward to. With good grades, a diverse circle of friends and good looks the world is her oyster. Her parents are doctors, her grandparents are successful stock brokers, and her eldest sister is the head of a tech start up in silicon Valley. Even her younger sister is a prodigy at the piano at the age of just ten years old. Ivy league schools are scouting her already and she need only decide if she wants to a lawyer, a doctor or a business woman
Her entrance into high society is all but assured.

Rose, however, has a secret. Every night she logs onto her computer and opens a chat. Men and women come to see her do something very simple. They watch her take her clothes off. Rose loves the eyes on her as she strips, as people make crass comments about her body. Tease her, encourage her and pay her for doing anything from showing her feet to all kinds of...demeaning acts. It isn't about the money, but the thrill of it. The rush she feels in her (tiny) breast is unlike anything else.

One day, she receives a message. An offer to meet and stay with them to start a new life. Nothing more. Normally, she would never even think to do this. Who knows who could be on the other side? But after a fight with her parents, the red head decides to say fuck it and agrees. Stealing off in the middle of the night, Rose drives hours to...you.

Looking for a long term partner to play the role of the person (or persons) who sent Rose that message. It could be a man or a woman, or a even a group of people. Are you someone trying to save her soul? Or a twist looking to drag her into the depths of depravity?

Send me a PM if you're interested.

Name: Rose Clemens
Stage name: Little Flower
Age: 18
Sexual orientation: bi sexual
Height: 4'11
Breasts: A cup
Weight: 100 pounds
Hair: red
Eyes: Green
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"Yeah Dan and Jade are married. As for how I ended up here I was friends with benefits with both of them and even introduced them to each other. They ended up married but both agreed that they could sleep with anyone who had the approval of the other, mainly me. Despite the whole pet thing I'm not bound by that agreement and fuck whoever I want." Roxy had no trouble telling Rose all that, after all she was now part of their little group.

When the redhead fixed her hair in front of the mirror she enjoyed seeing Rose twice and wished her younger sister wasn't underage. "I have a cage yeah but I don't have to sleep in it I mean we could if we wanted too but so far the whole pet thing is just something Jade and I do for fun not a full time deal. Long as I pay my share of everything and don't go out of my to purposely break stuff things are pretty casual here, though knowing Jade and Dan neither of them would have a problem with a fulltime pet."

Assuming Rose was done with the mirror she continued on downstairs, showing off the living room first. It was mostly a normal room with a four person couch, a coffee table and atv though it had some big windows someone could easily see inside through.
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