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Current Sometimes resisiting the urge to be passive aggressive online seems to be the hardest thing
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Sometimes rezisiti
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*sour fml
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Final Fantasy XIII is like a fine wine. It starts as spur grapes but eventually it's aged to like Barefoot wine from Walmart. Drinkable.
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Gotta love when you get ghosted by 4 people in the same two week period of time.


Love detailed role plays more than life itself sometimes! I usually play females who are either nudists or get naked easily. No limits and will explore just about anything you want! Time zone is eastern standard time.

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Lily felt like she was about to burst into tears again, shaking right there on the spot at the helmet monsters make their way to to her. Somehow having a name for them didn't make her feel better, but rather much worse. She was truly about to be devoured by monsters, a stranger in a strange land who had no idea what exactly she had gotten into. All she wanted to do was go home and find herself under some covers after having this nightmare. Tears ran down her face but she heard the boy say something. These were monsters from a video game, and he knew how to at least avoid their attacks.

One of the little yellow helmets fires a ball of energy towards them, and Lily dives to hide behind the boy. Just as he said, the attacks flies harmlessly to their side since the monsters could only attack straight. This seems to give her green monster some sort of room, yet it bounces off the helmet without so much as a scratch.

Clutching the box, she feels a sudden warmth in her hands as a voice whispers to her. Guiding her even if she can't quite make out what they are saying to her. Closer to a feeling or instinct than a plan, Lily grips the box and the expense caller close to her heart.

"Acualtization!" She screams at the top of her lungs as rings of light seem to come all over her body. Closing her eyes, the two balls of light and data suddenly freeze in midair.

"Minomon digivolved to..."

"DemiMeramon digivolvrd to..."

"Wormon!" Said the green one, landing ahead of her dead on with the virus. "Great to meet ya Lily! I'm Wormon, what say you we kick some butt!?"

"Candlemon!" The other declares, holding out its...arms of sorts to protect her, "Stay behind us, we'll take care of this! That's what digimon do!"

Lily was stunned, Wormon firing off string to wrap up the monster as Candlemon sets it alight with fireballs from its mouth. Her heart was racing as she looked at the creatures, " own digimon?"
Lily looked down to see the boy open his eyes, hearing him ask if she knew what was going on. The young girl was just so happy to hear another human voice, to know that this wasn't some terrible schizophrenic break with reality. Her whole body was shaking as the little monsters seemed to be getting closer and closer to the two of them. Tears from the fear of it all were running down her face and she dropped to her knees, paralyzed now that the bravado of it all had started to wear off for her. Every single second, every moment told her more and more that this was no dream at all. This was some kind of reality, twisted though it may be and beyond mysterious.

" I don't...I'm sorry I don't know anything that's going on but I want....I want to go home right now!" The red haired girl cried, covering her face as the monsters started to get closer and closer to the two of them. She was on her hands and knees, dirt scraping against her dress. This was enough to make her have a near full blown panic attack. Not even the potential comforting thought that this might be a dream was coming to her. This was the reality of her situation, and all the evidence was mounting that she was a very scared little girl that was about to be eaten by monsters.

"Anyone! Please help us!" Lily cries out, covering her head and getting closer to the boy so that he can protect her.

One of the little monsters seemed to have heard the cry more than the others had. It saw her and the boy, their glowing Omniphones almost like beacons for them. It made a lunge towards Lily. Yet through it the eggs final crack open. Before Lily's eyes the there is a green little bouncing head hurling itself into the creature, just to be smacked down. A puff of greyish smoke floats near her, rubbing her cheek and seeming to put itself between her and the monsters. The red head cowers near the boy, sure now that she has totally lost her mind.
Lily found herself in the middle of what had to be some kind of dream. There was a soft bed of grass under her yet it was totally unfamiliar than the fields outside of her family home. Her head was ringing something fierce like she had been knocked on the knoggin by a softball. Very slowly she managed to sit up, taking a deep breath and giving herself a moment to gather her senses. Looking forward, she saw an unfamiliar boy laying there next to her. She had to fight the urge to scream, to cry out or even kick this sure to be kidnapper. Yet once the more wild thoughts dispersed she realized that he was probably just as lost as she was. In front of her she saw a box and two eggs. One light green and other orange.

"I...I think pa needs to change where he builds the chicken coop." Lily mutters as she crawls over to the green egg. It had a slight sheen to it, glowing faintly in the light of day. And when she blinked it seemed to bounce in front of her. This startled the girl, who fumbled back and kicked a bit away from it. This finally giving her a look at just what exactly is happening around her.

In the not so far distance there looked to be people. With her head spinning like crazy it was impossible for her to really get a read on how many people there were. They looked to be older than her. Surrounding the more regular looking strangers were what looked to be dangerous half formed creatures. They were unlike any animal that Lily had ever seen before. Something about them gave off an aura of hunger. She could hear a girl screaming.

She found herself grabbing the box in front of her, sensing that something inside of it would be needed. Yet as the viruses started to advance on the other humans she felt something stir within her chest.

I got to help them she thought and looked around for some kind of weapon that she could use. Or for her phone to call the police. As she did this her foot brushed up against the green egg, finding that it started to spin and leap into the air on its own. Besides her, the orange egg did the same. Twin lights engulfed the young girl, before hatching into two tiny creatures.


Name: Lily Anderson

Age: 12

Red hair with green eyes, Lily is a petite girl and can sometimes be seen as even younger than she actually is. Known for wearing blue dresses and stockings most of the time.

Playful and tomboyish, not always the first to take charge in situation but always willing to speak her mind or act in the best interest of the group without being prompt to. Lily is not afraid to be sassy as well, but will always chose to be supportive if there is a team member in need.

The daughter of a mechanic and nurse, Lily's parents divorced when she was very young and has spent most of her life bouncing from one end of the United States to the other for summer vacations, schooling and the common enough custody disputes. Lily has a keen interest in folklore and stories about knights, princesses and other medieval themed stories as a form of escapism. Currently she is living a few miles out of Yellowstone in Wyoming with her father, using the internet as a way to connect with others outside of her small town. One day she enters a contest to obtain an "Omniphone" and is surprised when she receives one in the mail. Even more surprised when it merges with the small broken VPet she left on the same drawer she set the device down over night. In the morning she woke to find two digimon eggs.

Lily has a crippling fear of cats due to being attacked by an alleycat when she was five years old. Despite being brave, Lily has never faced anything more dangerous than middle school drama and may crack a bit under pressure.




Stage Type:
Warp digivolution (progresses through all stages normally) Typically stays in their Rookie forms unless they have lost a lot of energy (fighting for prolonged periods of time in the Ultimate to Mega stages in which cases they may revert to In-Training or even fresh).
Wormmon: Typically a very bold digimon, despite having very low combat power Wormmon is Lily's number one cheerleader and will quickly defend her honor whenever it may be threatened. Digivolving into his champion form or higher maintains that same chivalry but usually tempered by maturity.

Candlemon: Very much a shy digimon, Candlemon is very reluctant to go into battle except when necessary and prefers to let Wormmon do most of the fighting. A surprisingly powerful warrior, Candlemon is a pacifist by nature and extremely loyal to Lily. Even if Lily were to turn to the side of evil, Candlemon would follow that path without question.
N/A at this time

Other notable traits.

Digivolution Line:
Leafmon (acid bubble) - Minomon (acid bubble) - Wormmon (String shot) - Kuwagamon (scissor hands) - Okuwamon ( double scissor claw + electro shocker) - GranKuwagamon (Dimension Scissors + Z Black Hole)

Mokumon (acid bubble) - DemiMeramon (fire ball) - Candlemon (Lava Loogie) - Wizardmon (Thundercloud) - Mistymon (Core Dart + Blast Fire) - Dynasmon (Wyvern Breath + Dragon Collider)
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