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Current Any new RP partner I've met over the last 3 months: "Oh hey sorry but I can't respond because I've gotten super depression, I work 23 hours days and a meteor hit my house."
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"Oh wow this new RP is going fantastic! Lots or detail, good back and forth and may I say even a little spicy 😉. These last three days of RP have been great." (Part 1)
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Sometimes resisiting the urge to be passive aggressive online seems to be the hardest thing
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Sometimes rezisiti
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*sour fml


Love detailed role plays more than life itself sometimes! I usually play females who are either nudists or get naked easily. No limits and will explore just about anything you want! Time zone is eastern standard time.

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It took Lily a little bit to snap out of her brief crush on the digital angel. Her cheeks turned red when she realized that more than a few of them had given her a sideways glance. Demi-Meramon sent a face palm emoji through the expanse caller and she could almost sense that Minomon was sulking. What really worked to snap her out of it though was her stomach. Hearing from the digimon that there was food but no guarantee that it was edible made her heart sink. Looking Round gave her the impression that this place may not have a Walmart or something to shop at, but she assumed there would be something. Potentially starving to death hadn't really crossed her mind.

"Thank you Mr. Meramon, that's a very kind offer." Lily says, deciding that showing her anxiety wouldn't help anyone right now. They didn't have the luxury of doubts or stalling out here. They had to advance and that meant keeping a positive attitude up even if that felt impossible with an empty stomach, "If you can catch it I can cook it! I cook for my dad and his friends all the time!"

Seeing two adults come out of the woodwork so suddenly made her give pause. They had the same helmets as the little monsters. Or rather...not the same. Different in some key ways but clearly a red flag. Her expanse caller seemed to hum as she looked at them, as though her partners were warning her that these men were probably not all they appeared to be.

"We...we did sir." Lily admitted, taking a step closer to Suzi. There was something not quite right and she wanted to be close her new friend right now. Meramon and Clockmon were what was really setting her on edge. They seemed ready to fight. The digimon they met so far had been friends, even these two who had originally attacked them. 'Actualize' came to her thoughts and in a flash of green Wormom appears. Looking tired, but responding to some silent bond between them as he crawled between Meramon and Clockmon, his mandible clicking in what could be approximately be called a 'growl'.
Chatting with Suzi was a much welcomed change of pace. Rather than constantly running into danger it was nice to just have a normal conversation with someone. Suzi seemed nice, even if the girl was different than her. Lily had no idea why she thought her last name was 'Chan' but she smiled and thought about it for a moment.

"Well...I was sitting in front of my computer playing a game. It had to do with digimon. Next thing I knew my omniphone got all bright and..." Lily stopped herself as her memory seemed to go blank. What had happened to her? She took a moment to look at her expanse caller that had replaced it. There was all kinds of strange code, lines of data she couldn't make heads or tails of, "Then...I just woke up here. I'm glad everyone is OK now though."

They were interrupted as Angemon descended from on high. Lily found herself struck by the majesty of his wings. The light that came from him in a glow that made her heart flutter. Her tongue hung to the roof of her mouth and she was dumbstruck.

"Ah...Lily? Digital World to Lily?" Demi-Meramon asked in a tired voice as his flame flickered weakly.

Lily ignored him and tucked some hair behind her ear, only to watch the angel man fly away. "Wait no...can I have your number?" She asked in vain as the digimon flew away without so much as a glance in her direction. Minomon huffed, muttering that he would look way cooler if he had wings.

The notice on her phone caught her attention away from the digitial hunk of angel man. De actualize? That was like the phrase she had said to call out her digimon in the first place. Worry gripped her little heart but her partners smiled and seemed to sense her concern.

"We just need to rest a bit is all. If anything happens we'll come right out to help ya!" Minomon assured her, dissipating some of her fears.

" actualize." Lily said, returning her partners to a sort of 'sleep mode'..

She held the expanse caller to her chest for a moment and looked at the two remaining adult level digimon, "If the two of you wouldn't there a safe place you can take us? I think we all need to get some rest and..." her stomach growled loudly and she laughed, "I think I could use something to eat!" She admitted to the group, feeling much safer among her new friends.
The first thing that Lily thought of when seeing the two larger digimon was how they were possibly expected to have another battle. Every minute since dropping into this world had been filled with danger. Around her she could still see the scars from the battle with the Mettaurus. They had won, but only through an incredible amount of combined effort. Several digimon and other apparitions had come together to win the day...or at least give them a chance to see tomorrow. Even if she herself hasn't fought in the battle, Lily felt herself drop to her knees in exhaustion. The battle had taken something out of her and she needed a second to catch her breath.

"Are you ok Lily?" Wormmom asked before he too suddenly shrunk back down to Minomon with Candlemon following suit to return to DemiMeramon. She blinked at the sudden transformation of her partners back into a weaker state. The other young girl's partner seemed to be fine. It was the first semi quiet moment that she had seen Suzi in since arriving. A thought did nag at her though; her digimon partners were tied at least in some way to her spirt and ability to persevere. Was her own will lacking in some way.

Lily forced herself to nod and give a little bow of her head to the two concerned digimon, "Thank you both for helping me. I'm glad you're both alright."

She turned now to Suzi and met her gave. A little blush found its way to her cheek as she forced herself back to her feet and brushed off her dress, "I don't think we really had a chance to meet. I'm Lily from the United States." She offered looking now at Clockmon and Meramon.

She kept some distance from them as she stood near Suzi and Kudamon. She remembered the digimon who had brought reinforcements to their aid. She could always ask him...

No. Too risky. The price was potentially far too high. Better to save it for an emergency, a true emergency. There was also the potential of asking him to send them home. Was she being selfish? There would be time for that later.

"If you both don't mind...I think we're as lost as you are. Do either of you know how to get back to Wyoming?"
Lily screamed as the burst of light emerged from the box she was holding, seeing it open up to reveal the face of Lampon. There was something incredibly unsettling about the Demon Man type digimon. The way it seemed to be mocking her, the way it came from out nowhere. Lily had no time to process this before suddenly she saw Emma and Fefnir were sucked into the box. Light shown around the Mettarus, and Lily had to close her eyes for a moment with how bright everything had suddenly become. She felt her knees trembling as she did finally look up to see the face of Lampon. The demon seemed quite pleased with itself, giving her its cryptic warning. Lily let out an anguished cry, "Wait! Where did they go?" She asked desperately, a twisted feeling inside of her stomach. Two people, two good people, had been sucked out of existence in a moment. It was all she could do to not cry.

Two wishes, two cards she could use. She took them from the air with trembling fingers, the entire world spinning underneath her. She had wanted to survive. She wanted to live and she didn't want anyone else to die either. What had been this cost exactly. Could those two be...

She pushed the question out of her mind, shaking her hair as she swallowed the terrible thought before it could be born. They had to be fine, they had to be safe. They couldn't have been...

"Lily" Wormon called out, snapping her back to reality. The little green larva type digimon was panting heavily, having been throw back towards her by the larger monster. Candlemon was breathing heavily too, its arms dropping to its sides as the rookie level digimon seemed to double over. Everyone looked more ragged, everyone had their backs to the wall.

"I don't...I could..." Lily mused to herself, looking at the wish. She could just make the monster go away. With a single utterance she could end this entire battle. But what would the cost be? Would she suck Suzuki or Wormon into this...thing? Would Lampmon come back? What was the price for these wishes. She didn't know, and that was more frightening than the monster. She had wanted to live and she was resolved now to keep on living. There had already been too high of a cost and she would make sure it wasn't in vain.

She clutched her expanse caller. Everyone had always called her a coward. They were right, but she couldn't let that stop her now. She needed more power, more from her digimon and from herself. She looked at Kudamon and the girl named Suzuki. They were scared too. Yet the girl's faith seemed to keep her partner fighting. Did she have that same power? Even if she didn't....

"I want to live...I want to live!" Lily yelled as that seemed to be signal for her partners. Wormon nodded and flung itself back at the Mettarus. There was no way they could beat it alone...but maybe together...

Wormon sensed it too. Standing with Candlemon, the pair of rookies shot their attacks at the monster's legs. "Everyone! Try hitting it together!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, hoping someone would hear her and this plan would work. It had to.
The question came into Lil's mind from...what felt like everywhere. She couldn't tell if it had been spoken by a man or a woman and she was unable to even get a read on its intention. In some ways it reminder her of her father at his best, and of her father at his worst. That duality of fear and comfort from the voice inside of her head made her visibly shiver. All around her the battle was seemed to slow down to a crawl with everything coming into focus. Her eyes went to the now gaping wound on the Mettaurus' gaping wound where his arm had once been. The bodies of the strangers she had just met were moving all around her and she could faintly smell the ozone from the attacks being hurled at the beast.

Yet none of that seemed to matter at right this moment. All she could fixate on was the sound of the voice inside of her head. She felt herself mulling over the question in a second but what felt like a thousand times. Did she want to survive? Would she survive? Did she even have a choice one way or another? Lily couldn't answer that. But her lips formed a single word in response. Then she found her internal voice as well as her external one.

"Yes..." Lily whispered beneath the din of the battle around her, "I want to survive. I want to survive in this place...' Tears rand down her cheek as the realization that this may be her only chance to survive. All she could do now was stand there and listen for the voice's next orders.

At this time Wormon had seen his opportunity to attack again. Using the cover of fire provided by the others, the little worm bit down hard at the Mettaurus' foot. Candlemon continues to pelt the monster with hot wax, however he lacks the same bloodlust that his partner does. Glancing back, the small digimon sees Lily standing in a trance like state. He calls for her, hopping over to remain close as Wormon presses the attack with a rare ferocity for the species.
Lily had always been enthralled by stories about heroes. Those brave men and women that could look death and danger in the eye and still come out on top. Certain annihilation was never a certainty, but rather a challenge. She had always wanted to be the heroine of that kind of story. Even if this world had been terrifying practically from the moment she landed here a small part of her had been filled with excitement. Surely there would be thrills and adventures around every corner.

Watching as Candlemon took the attack for her and to see the Mettatur aiming its buster at her and the other children sapped all of that away. Suddenly she found herself looking at a monster. A real monster, one that would kill her and everyone here if it had half a chance. She felt the sun at her face and realize that it was the attack the monster was preparing to fire. Candlemon was picking himself off the ground and Minomon was doing his absolute best to try and get another thread on the monster to no avail.

"They're so brave..." Lily whispered under her breath. She watched as the glimmer of a Navi struck at the monster and the other digimon, Kudamon, fired a ball of light right back at the monster. But she couldn't call anything out. She was rooted to the spot, her body shaking like a leaf.

Lily found herself dropping to her knees and covering her head. Tears of sheer terror ran down her face as she shook her head. She didn't want to die! Not here, not when she had so much of her life to live! All she wanted to do was go home and return to the safety of her normal life. Her heart skipped a beat as Candlemon's shadow loomed over her. The small digimon put its arms up, the flame of top of its head burning brightly as it acted as cover for her. Minomon was still at the monster's feet, unloading as much silk as he could to try and tangle up the monster.

"You don't have to be brave right now." Candlemon told her, and for the briefest of moments Lily could have sworn that the shadow cast by her new friend looked like a dragon. "Rely on them until you are ready."

Globs of hot wax flew towards the Mettatur, aimed right at the barrel of the gun. Lily watched as everyone around her fought against this monster. Protecting her, directly or indirectly. She clutched some of the dirt in her hands, putting her faith in those around her. Right now she couldn't stand, but she trusted that those around her would carry her until she could.
Lily watched as this new virus seemed to materialize from thin air, appearing as yet another threat on top of the mountain of monsters that seemed to have harassed her from the time she had arrived in this strange world. All around her other humans, strange shimmer and creatures she had to assume were digimon were fighting or preparing for battle. The larger virus in the helmet seemed to be some kind of leader or at least the apex threat. Blasts of energy seemed to impact it, firing from the shimmering figures that are around her. Just off to the side she could see Suzuki and what appeared to be a glowing...snake? Cat? Something appear from a burst of light not dissimilar from what her own partners had done not too long ago.

"Lily?" DemiMeramon said with a tremble in its ashy voice, "Are...are you as scared as I am?"

Lily nodded, her hands trembling around the box she held that she knew was important. Her heart felt like it would explode out of her chest. This new monster was different. It was going to kill her, it was going to destroy her. This was a deep, primal fear that she felt. The animal part of her brain was telling her to run as fast and far as she could. This wasn't something she could fight, let alone beat. It was a predator and she was prey. Yet even as she thought these things her legs wouldn't work. Nothing would work.

The virus seems to flash its attention over to her and her digimon. Minomon springs forward first, firing silk from its mandible at the monster. It grabs the threads, yanking and sensing poor little Minomon crashing face first into the digital dirt. DemiMeramon cowers, but stands in front of her. Her little ball of fire seems to start up an attack, but freezes when the virus seems to turn towards her.

" can do it!" She yells out, pushing aside her fear. The tallest virus casually aims an attack at her.

"Candlemon!" A voice calls out and the attack is intercepted by a fireball, q shaking but powerful Candlemon standing in front of her.

The virus steps forward, but it finds its movement slowed again. A powerful strand of thread connects the leg of the largest virus to small, but determined green worm holding it back with great effort. Presenting a potential opening.
Lily stumbled end over end in a rather undignified fashion. By the time she reached the bottom like a lump of flour the hem of her shirt had been ripped slightly and a wayward rock had left a shallow, but red cut on her stomach. Touching it for a moment as her head seemed to keep spinning, she felt the warm wet sensation of real blood. Her fingers were shaking to feel it. It's not that she had never gotten hurt before, she had spent many an afternoon exploring and getting cuts and bruises worse than this, but it was the realization of what the pain meant.

"I'm not dreaming..." Lily said to herself, her voice trembling with disbelief. This was the sort of thing that happened in nightmares, not for real. This strange, dangerous world was as real as any other. Her mind couldn't even begin to process this as the small monsters seemed to close in around her.

To his credit, Minomon still gave it a good fight. Powered down from his precious form the digital monster had lost much of his mobility. Yet he fired threads from his mandible, ensaring one for a time before a blast from another knocked him back into Demi-Meramon. The trio are all bunched up together, an easy target for the viruses closing in for the kill.

She looked to Aki, to the Navi. There was naught but a little shimmer and she wasn't sure if it was even real with how her head was spinning, "Help us please!" She begged, crying out as loud as she could so that someone might hear it and jump to her rescue.
Lily felt like her lungs were on fire as she ran, pumping her legs as hard and fast as she can while fleeing from the little virus. Little balls of yellow light flash over her head, exploding or sailing by harmlessly. They seem to be half aiming for her and half chasing her. Clutching the box to her chest, the young girl felt that it must be important if monsters wanted it. And if the type of monsters to attack little girls want it then there was no way she was going to let them have it.

Whatever had inspired the evolution of her partners was starting to wear off. Cabdlemon hoped along feebly, throwing back what she realized were loogies of wac at the monsters, "We...we can't keep this up..." He told her in a strained voice, finally stopping to catch his breath before getting nailed by one of the attacks. In a flash of light Lily suddenly found herself holding a little fire ball. She knew she should throw it away or get away...but little DemiMeramon was neither burning her or too hot for her to handle. It seems that it's flames either did not burn those around him or whatever bond they shared had protected her from it burning her.

Wormon though fights fiercely, head butting one of the little creatures and giving the trio time to flee over the cress of the hill. Yet even now the green larva loomed exhausted, a similar flash of light transforming it back into Minomon.

All seemed lost until she saw...people. Lily could see them fending off the monsters with something...or someone. She didn't have much of a choice. Scooping the two into her arms, she sprints for towards the older people, what looks like a boy and a girl. She yells out, "Help us!" Before tripping and stumbling head over heels down, clutching the box and the two baby digimon to her chest.
Lily felt like she was about to burst into tears again, shaking right there on the spot at the helmet monsters make their way to to her. Somehow having a name for them didn't make her feel better, but rather much worse. She was truly about to be devoured by monsters, a stranger in a strange land who had no idea what exactly she had gotten into. All she wanted to do was go home and find herself under some covers after having this nightmare. Tears ran down her face but she heard the boy say something. These were monsters from a video game, and he knew how to at least avoid their attacks.

One of the little yellow helmets fires a ball of energy towards them, and Lily dives to hide behind the boy. Just as he said, the attacks flies harmlessly to their side since the monsters could only attack straight. This seems to give her green monster some sort of room, yet it bounces off the helmet without so much as a scratch.

Clutching the box, she feels a sudden warmth in her hands as a voice whispers to her. Guiding her even if she can't quite make out what they are saying to her. Closer to a feeling or instinct than a plan, Lily grips the box and the expense caller close to her heart.

"Acualtization!" She screams at the top of her lungs as rings of light seem to come all over her body. Closing her eyes, the two balls of light and data suddenly freeze in midair.

"Minomon digivolved to..."

"DemiMeramon digivolvrd to..."

"Wormon!" Said the green one, landing ahead of her dead on with the virus. "Great to meet ya Lily! I'm Wormon, what say you we kick some butt!?"

"Candlemon!" The other declares, holding out its...arms of sorts to protect her, "Stay behind us, we'll take care of this! That's what digimon do!"

Lily was stunned, Wormon firing off string to wrap up the monster as Candlemon sets it alight with fireballs from its mouth. Her heart was racing as she looked at the creatures, " own digimon?"
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