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Current Sorry in advance to anyone I've been RPing with, very busy day and will get to everyone when I have time
2 mos ago
I also really want to do a 1x1 pokemon role play, but Fandom RPs always seem to turn into the "nuh uh I have a shield " stories. People always need to be the most special/powerful
2 mos ago
My backlog is way too big for an MMO to fit in there lol
2 mos ago
Finishing up my time with the mainline Final Fantasy games and finally getting to II...not sure if I'm liking this one
2 mos ago
Technically guys can do that too


Love detailed role plays more than life itself sometimes! I usually play females who are either nudists or get naked easily. No limits and will explore just about anything you want! Time zone is eastern standard time.

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@MaidRpYes it is, thinking 5 to 8 players

Well I've played Yugioh for a while but dropped out since late 2018, I would love to be apart of this. I'll try to get ygo pro going tomorrow. Would you be making all the decks yourself? Do we have any input on what our characters would play? Is this set in the timeline of a specific series (DM, 5Ds etc)?
Would this be a group RP? I've never done one but I wouldn't mind trying this one with you
Rose Clemens was the ideal high school girl in almost every way. She went to school, took care of her little sister, and even participated in chess tournaments for the high school. As a senior who has just turned 18, she has her whole life to look forward to. With good grades, a diverse circle of friends and good looks the world is her oyster. Her parents are doctors, her grandparents are successful stock brokers, and her eldest sister is the head of a tech start up in silicon Valley. Even her younger sister is a prodigy at the piano at the age of just ten years old. Ivy league schools are scouting her already and she need only decide if she wants to a lawyer, a doctor or a business woman
Her entrance into high society is all but assured.

Rose, however, has a secret. Every night she logs onto her computer and opens a chat. Men and women come to see her do something very simple. They watch her take her clothes off. Rose loves the eyes on her as she strips, as people make crass comments about her body. Tease her, encourage her and pay her for doing anything from showing her feet to all kinds of...demeaning acts. It isn't about the money, but the thrill of it. The rush she feels in her (tiny) breast is unlike anything else.

One day, she receives a message. An offer to meet and stay with them to start a new life. Nothing more. Normally, she would never even think to do this. Who knows who could be on the other side? But after a fight with her parents, the red head decides to say fuck it and agrees. Stealing off in the middle of the night, Rose drives hours

Looking for a long term partner to play the role of the person (or persons) who sent Rose that message. It could be a man or a woman, or a even a group of people. Are you someone trying to save her soul? Or a twist looking to drag her into the depths of depravity?

Send me a PM if you're interested.

Name: Rose Clemens
Stage name: Little Flower
Age: 18
Sexual orientation: bi sexual
Height: 4'11
Breasts: A cup
Weight: 100 pounds
Hair: red
Eyes: Green
I would be interested in this. I would want to play one of the standard characters, do you need or want anything special for that? When would you like a bio by?
<Snipped quote by MaidRp>

Maybe. ;)

Feel free to PM me then and let's talk:)
@MaidRp I wouldn't have thought it otherwise. :]

Well if you have any RPs that you think would work for both of us let me know I'm really looking to start with someone :)
Hey there! Looking for a one on one RP partner that would want to do something for the long term. It would be over discord if that's ok because I only just joined here and am not sure how RPing even full works.
I have an idea for one on one RPs but would also be willing to have a small group. Also down to hear any ideas you might have! I play female with anything not Futa. I like more grounded RPs so no Fandom for this.

Idea 1: Female painter x anyone: my character is an eccentric recluse of an artist, famous but pretty naive. You would play a member of her staff, a colleague or a teacher. Basically the confidant of a young woman without a lot of friends. The twist? My character has no modesty and is nearly always nude at home or working. Smut, romance, comedy whatever you want!

Name: Lily
Age: 18
Brown hair and eyes
Backstory: Lily was always a weird kid. Quiet, aloof, very shy around strangers. There was always something that made her uncomfortable. It was only through painting that she was able to truly express herself. By the time she was ten her work could be found in galas, and by thirteen she was rubbing shoulders (against her will) with members of the art world elite. The attention was a double edged sword. Lily now had the money to do whatever she wanted, but now needed to hire staff just to keep up with the day to day. Compounded with a strange...compulsion it can make her life hard.
Lily has always been a nudist. As soon as she gets home the clothes come off. Being able to move out so young has meant no one was really able to stop her from acting this way. The sight of a naked girl at her easel is something you just have to get used to. Which sounds great to some...but Lily isn't looking to be gawked at. It's her natural state...even if her hand is known to wander from time to time.
She appreciates honesty and patience. She is also more than capable of having a good time. As of the start of the story she is a virgin.
I would be down for MxF or FxF, I'm not used to this forum yet but I have a discord and would love a detailed RP
I would be down for MxF or FxF, I'm not used to this forum yet but I have a discord and would love a detailed RP
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