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3 mos ago
Current Sorry in advance to anyone I've been RPing with, very busy day and will get to everyone when I have time
3 mos ago
I also really want to do a 1x1 pokemon role play, but Fandom RPs always seem to turn into the "nuh uh I have a shield " stories. People always need to be the most special/powerful
3 mos ago
My backlog is way too big for an MMO to fit in there lol
3 mos ago
Finishing up my time with the mainline Final Fantasy games and finally getting to II...not sure if I'm liking this one
3 mos ago
Technically guys can do that too


Love detailed role plays more than life itself sometimes! I usually play females who are either nudists or get naked easily. No limits and will explore just about anything you want! Time zone is eastern standard time.
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