The day had been much like any other, you come home from your day time activities, be it school, work, university, what ever it is that consumes your daylight hours feeling exhausted from another long day filled with the same repetitive actions that you have long since committed to memory. You have longed for some sense of adventure in a world that has long since given up on such things. So you found yourselves drawn to the rim world initiative, something that never seemed overly viable but at least having lodged your application you could say that you'd done something towards the spirit of adventure.

What you weren't expecting however is the letter that was awaiting you that day when you returned to your living space, you wouldn't call it a home, small, cramped and in as more mediocre part of town, but it did offer safety and all the amenities that one would need to live in this world. The letter read.

Dear.... [Insert Character Name]

Your application to join the Rim world initiative has been reviewed and summarily accepted, We would like to extend our warmest greetings and would invite you to come to our office at your next convenience. We will review further steps involved in becoming a settler of the stars, and get all your paperwork filed away in preparation.

Thanking you

Director of Client affairs.

Ellen Brookes.