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Current Balance in all things, as it should be ~Thanos
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Yay for the RP's
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I'm just me, I'm mad, I'm crazy, And I RP everything,
Welcome to the madness that is me.
Feel free to message, I don't bite...
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@Bacon is fluffy
Yes, yes it is Inkarnate :3 it's an awesome tool,
And would gladly have you along
@rocketrobie2 I do has the room, when I get one more person i can get this set up for everyone :D
@Blackmist16 I'll allow just about any homebrew so long as I get to review it, and it's not stupidly broken :3

So if you guys know of anyone else that wants to join feel free to send them this way.

The First Adventure: Rise of the Necromancer
World Map

I plan on this being a series of adventures, Soo if you're interested in joining in with me please feel free to drop me a message, either here or in PM.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
The darkness that had been slowly spreading through the world had brought not only great fear and death with it but also suspicion and terror to all. Very few now dare to venture forth, or even leave their homes for fear of being taken by the darkness. Nobody knows how it started or why, simply that it is a fact of life now, and you only go out if you have to and you never, ever help a stranger. So can you imagine how strange it is that a new guild appeared, when all hope and light had vanished, and the twisted, horrific things from the darkness had all but won. A guild that dedicated itself to pushing back the darkness and of heroes.
But that is a rumor in this distant part of the world, where people huddle indoors and dare not leave the safety of town once dark has settled across the land, so imagine the strangeness of a stranger finding their way to town one day, beaten and half-dead, though wearing a badge of the rumoured guild.
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to say it's not for me, I do hope you find someone that suits your RP
Interesting concept what type of story were you going for with this setting, playing as the adventurers fighting the big bad ruler, or the ruler himself protecting what he views as his?
in saying that I also have questions about the big bad,
is he evil for the sake of being evil, or does he have reasons for being the way he is?
has he always been told he's entitled to everything and thus does not understand his actions are evil?
or maybe he does things this way because it is the only way that he knows being a werewolf, and he is protecting the people from something much worse?
@khosmik which one were you interested in doing?
@The Lost Dae so did you have in mind to play these things via PM or will you do some sort of thread? Also, I am game if you so wish.

I don't mind either way,
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