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Current my favourite game; "Was that a firework or a gunshot?" gets harder on every 4th, especially now with the state our oountry's in.
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fart sounds will never not be funny and i’m not apologizing anymore.
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incel more like wincel amirite
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so you're a freshly bathed furry then?
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why aren't YOU quoting sonic in the status bar?


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bump, got two more spots that just opened up.
bump. two more openings just became available ;w;
In Code Vein 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
hi everyone, i'm khosmik, nice to meet y'all, um, exit told me about this group and i thought it'd be pretty cool to try out! I haven't rped with a large group in a while, but I have alot of spots open so I'm confident I have the time to put into a thing like this. I don't have any knowledge of this game but it seems like a super dope concept and I'm super excited to see if I can pop in here! :3

Alrighty, here goes nothing!


| AGE |
-24 when passed, woke up as a revanant about 3 years later.

Tall & Lanky- No, seriously. Indigo stands at 6'5, built like they barely ate in their life, a stark contrast to their physical prowess.

Androgynous- Gender roles don't pertain to Indigo, nor do gender-specific appearances.

The Physical- Their hair is a mop of black with a birthmark on their scalp that turns a chunk of it white-blonde. Their eyes are a storm of greys and blues that tend to give off the appearance that they have the eyes of a corpse, fittingly so, being that they were one for a while. Their skin is pallid and almost sickly-pale. They have long limbs, long fingers, and good posture.

A Punk in their Past Life- Indigo prefers grungy clothing with rips and tears. Their casual outfit consists of these, though it's hard to tell which rips were on purpose and which tears were simply from being a homeless vagrant for a long period of time. Their mission attire consists of a homemade "battle-jacket" that is covered in random patches, tears, chains, spikes, and the like. Black pants are the staple for Indigo most of the time, whether on a mission or just casual. Another constant in their wardrobe is their large, scary-looking combat boots that they woke up with, also black and scuffed from assumedly years of use and abuse.

Ink & Metal- Indigo has tattoos all over their body, except their face. There is still space to be able to see the pale skin that sits below, but they have a significant amount of ink on them. Their piercings consist of; two bars through their tongue, a medusa that sits on their cupid's bow, a ring in the middle of their bottom lip, and a bar through their bridge. Their chest has also been pierced, but those are often not visible thanks to their loose shirts. Their ears are gauged to just over a half-inch, with four more piercings on each ear, some in cartilage, some in the lobe.

Inquisitive - Off-Kilter - A Bit Strange - Charming

Inquisitive- Indigo will be the first one to ask questions, even if it's not a question anyone else might have. Their brain craves information no matter if someone else sees it as useful or not. They are curious to a fault.

Off-Kilter- There's something off about Indigo, perhaps it's the fact that they manage to be socially awkward and charming at the same time., or how quickly they can change from that charming character to a feral beast. People in the world before the Collapse might've chalked it up to mental illness.

A Bit Strange- Can you blame them? Being alone for most of their previous and current life has done a number to the way they interact with the world and those who live in it. They mean to harm to anyone who has the same intentions for them, but might still leave an odd taste in the mouths of those who meet them.

"Something ain't quite right about that kid."

Charming- Indigo naturally is very kind and friendly to people who don't pose a threat to them, and will go out of their way to help with tasks, bond with people, and try their best to make anyone in their presence feel welcome. They know what it's like to be an outcast, and would rather not see someone else go through the same.

AB+ - Indigo is incredibly strong, fast, and agile. They use their abilities to as much of their advantage as possible, even if it means harming themselves in the process.

Their energy colour is a UV purple, like a blacklight.

Indigo cannot remember the troubled life they led before their awakening. Even if they could, they'd most likely prefer not to. They grew up in an absent household of inexperienced first-time parents that were in no way ready for a child. Never really getting enough care or nurturing, Indigo was exposed to the cold of the world before they knew how to process it correctly. They left their space early, a vagabond that traipsed through the abandoned streets carelessly. They hadn't a great sense of self-preservation, leading to their early but inevitable demise. (Hiding the rest for the story)

Empty Handed- Indigo's main weapon is themselves. Due to their ferocity in battle, they prefer to rip apart their opponents with their bare hands. Their punches and kicks are fueled by their supernatural strength.

Throwing- They are also extremely adept at throwing blades. Their strength allows them to fling things, usually knives, through the air at terrifying speeds with incredible accuracy. Just about wherever you could possibly keep one, they have one hidden on their person.

The Zoomies- When they're not leading a frontal assault on an enemy, they're running around at impressive speeds, throwing knives or whatever objects they have, causing annoyances to help distract their targets and get them out of their element.

Movement & Acrobatics- They like the element of surprise it gives in their fights. The way they move about in battle is a bout of graceful chaos, a dance with no rhyme or reason other than a means to an end. They're well-versed in acrobatics, often parkouring to vantage points or simply for leisure and exertion of energy.

Achery- Indigo first learned how to use a bow and arrow, but lacks either of those on their person due to losing the items long ago while fleeing from an unfair fight.

Obliviously Observant- Though Indigo spends most of their time listening and absorbing information, due to their social ineptitude, they tend to completely oversee some more obvious things in conversations with others. When having to do things such as catch double-meanings and read between the lines, often Indigo will come up short and have no idea when something goes right over their head.

Over-exertion- Indigo tends to push themselves too far when it comes to their abilities, often lifting things far to heavy to the point where blood gushes from their nose. Their strength's limit reaches its peak at around the weight of a vehicle. Their stamina peak can fluctuate depending on the situation. If they're zooming for too long without giving themselves a chance to catch a breath, they'll often stop abruptly to throw up and/or collapse. They don't feel satisfied until they're sure they've done everything they can and they're trembling on the ground in a puddle of exhaustion.

Pride & Loyalty- They have a hell of a time backing down from a challenge, a weakness that lead to their downfall in their previous lifetime. They've associated fighting with blood, and so a Pavlovian response will often take over. Indigo is also loyal to a fault, and if they decide to attach themselves to a person or people, they will fight for those individuals until their head rolls.

Feral- Indigo takes all of their frustrations and pent-up emotions out in battle. They perk up at the sound of a fight, and often will be the first one to jump into one. They don't necessarily instigate, but their blood thirst doesn't assist with peaceful solutions. They crave the adrenaline rush that fighting gives them. It's hard to get them to stop once they've started.

Indigo is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They do not present as either masculine or feminine dominantly.

aye i got spots open
bump, i have spots open still!
bump, got alot of spots open!
i still have spots open!
The vigorous sword-fighting lessons from last night had left Elias with a serious crick in his neck.

Groaning as his body awoke, Elias allowed his mind to catch up just in time for a small headache to form. Great, even better. He'd have to send for the castle's apothecary, they should be more than able to heal his ailments. For now, Elias eased his tall frame out of bed, feet slipping into plush moccasins as he slipped on his thick house coat. The morning air was chill against his skin, his fingers tingling ever so slightly. He wondered if the weather would be warm again today. Perhaps he'd be able to lounge in the garden and evade his classes.

The early knock at the door told Elias that his hopes were just that, hopes.

"Good morning, your majesty. Are you awake?" the familiar voice of Tabitha, Elias' chamber maid, floated through the metal of the door between them.

"Good morning, Tabitha. Unfortunately I'm not awake, I'm currently speaking to you from my dream realm." Tabitha could hear Elias' coy grin in his voice, and she sighed in feigned exasperation. She knew the prince must have been aching from his practice yesterday, but she had been sent to fetch him, and would have to coax him from his room.

"Miss Genevieve has arrived early, she's attending our morning meal with us. Sir Garfield will be expecting you for your next swordsman lesson when the sun is at its highest."

Elias wasn't sure why his father was adamant about him learning so many languages. Perhaps it was for future foreign affairs. Scoffing softly, Elias trudged to his wardrobe, opening its wide oak doors so its contents could greet him. "Miss Tabitha, I'd love to partake, but as I said, I'm in a dream state, I cannot possibly--"

"Julian made those pastries you really like." The head chef knew exactly how to get Elias out of his room.

The Crown Prince smiled. "I suppose I'll go wake myself up then, hm?"

~ ~ ~

The Crown Prince's room was truly something to behold, with an impossibly large bed wrapped in expensive looking silks and furs, piles of pillows lining the headboard. He worked to fix the disturbed sheets, erasing the evidence that he had slept with a few quick, graceful movements. He ran his hands down the fur blankets as if they were still alive, thanking them quietly for once again providing him with such comforting slumber.

There was a large, black rug that kept Elias' feet from having to touch cold floor in the morning. beside his bed was a nightstand that usually housed his latest tonic to help him sleep. Beside that was his wardrobe, a large oak closet that had a rather sizable black maine coon snoozing on its top. That was Elias' familiar, Rorschach. He often followed Elias around during his morning routines, but this time was taking the opportunity to get a few extra hours of sleep while his owner went about his business.

A large, yawning window let plenty of sunlight in, lighting up the cold walls and beginning to slowly warm them. Large black curtains framed the sides of the window, pulled back almost permanently due to the perfect view of the gardens it offered its owner. There was a large sill with a few pillows and an opened book that told of where Elias liked to spend his time.

Elias glided easily down the stairs, fixing the ruffles on his chest before he hit the ground level. His hair was pulled back into a blue ribbon tied in an intricate bow. His locks were smooth and silky-looking, the morning rays that seeped through the windows bathed him in their golden hues. His matching navy-blue coat was in stark contrast to the ice in his eyes. His pants were charcoal-grey, with white stockings and dark brown leather shoes that had been polished to an impossibly impeccable degree.

His brothers had already made their way into the dining hall to take their fill. He saw the dark-brown mop of hair that belonged to the youngest, Arthur, disappear around the corner just as he entered the foyer. Hopefully those bottomless pits hadn't already ransacked the morning spread before he had a chance to even lay his eyes on the thing. Picking up his pace slightly, Elias brushed a stray lock from his face, leaving it to frame his jaw where it rested along the side. As he approached the hall, he could hear the normal morning chatter, seeing servants milling about as the royal family took their plates, and then their seats. Genevieve caught sight of her student first, offering a small curtsey as he came towards her.

"Good morning, your highness," she purred, coming back up to a relaxed stand and meeting his clear blue lakes with her own deep green forests. "I hope you don't mind that I arrived so early."

Elias let one of his signature smiles grace his face, the charm practically making his eyes glitter like diamonds. "Quite alright, Miss Genevieve. It's never too early to see you." he gave a friendly wink before making himself over to the breakfast spread that the cooks had put together. Tabitha had been right, he soon spotted a pile of strawberry tarts that lay untouched, cooked in a crisscrossed pattern that exposed tiny bits of the delicious strawberry filling within. He snatched a few, setting them on his plate along with a peach and some fresh strawberries as well. He took his seat, waving for Genevieve to do the same while he got comfortable. "Go get yourself something, miss, you can sit with me this morning." Genevieve nodded graciously, taking a plate of her own to fill.

The dining hall was huge, with gigantic stained glass windows letting in the morning light and casting multi-coloured rays down onto the seating family. A large round table house the chairs while a long, rectangular table housed the feast-like ensemble.

As Elias took a bite out of a succulent strawberry, he spotted his sister coming through the doors and waved to her. "Well, good morning, sunshine!" he called sweetly, his eyes lighting up. Octavia and him had always gotten along much better than him and any of the boys, so much so that they had become extremely close over their lifetime, especially after their mother died.

"I see you managed to brush the sleep out of your hair for once, well done, sister!" he smiled coyly.

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