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Name: Hecatoncheires Special Project 11 "Snake"
Snake to old NASA staff, AI colleagues, dragonwatchers and close friends. Heca to human society. "Hecaton Cheires" on official station documentation (not her choice but she's stuck with it now). November when doing crime/journalism.

Handle: November
She thinks it's a sexy word.
Star Sign: Gemini
She thinks it's a relevant fact. Zodiac animal is snake. That's a second conversation detail.
Pronouns: She/her

Accounting 1
Architecture 2/2
Art History 1
History 1
Human Terrain 1/2
Languages 1
Law 1/1
Military Science 0/2
Research 1/1

Bullshit Detector 1/1
Flattery 1/1
Flirting 2/2
High Society 0/1
Interrogation 1
Intimidation 0/1
Negotiation 1/1
Reassurance 1/2
Tradecraft 0/1

Chemistry 1/1
Cryptography 1
Diagnosis 1/1
Data Recovery 1/2
Electronic Surveillance 0/1
Forgery 1/1
Notice 1/1
Pharmacy 0/1
Photography 1
Traffic Analysis 0/1

Athletics 8/8
Conceal 8/8
Cover 3 (4: Crimson Tower, disaster relief, 2: Caliban and Ariel, traveling performers, 1: Neo Potism, the perfect resume)
Digital Intrusion 8
Disguise 8/8
Explosive Devices 3/4
Filch 4/4
Hand to Hand 8/8
Health 6
Infiltration 8/8
Mechanics 1/1
Medic 1
Network 9 (3: Sophie, Rogue Neurosurgeon, 3: Bondi Magnusson, faildaughter magician)
Preparedness 3/8 MOS
Sense Trouble 8/8
Shooting 1/1
Shrink 1/2
Stability 4
Surveillance 6/8

Perfect Holdout
If your Conceal rating is 8 or more, you can hide a small object (e.g., knife, detonator, phone, lockpicks, .22 caliber pistol) on your person or in your clothing that cannot be found without an X-ray or strip search

Cracker's’ Crypto
If your Digital Intrusion rating is 8 or more, you get 1 free rating point in the Investigative ability Cryptography. You can also encrypt your team’s electronic communications against all but government-level (NSA, GCHQ, MID, DGSE, GRU, Unit 8200, etc.) cracking.

Open Sesame
If your Infiltration rating is 8 or more, you can automatically pick or bypass any normal, commercial door lock or alarm (on buildings or vehicles) without a test. (Otherwise, the Difficulty for such a lock is 2.) Many locks require specialized tools, possession of which without a locksmith’s license is a criminal offense in most jurisdictions. Complex or tricky locks may still require tests to open them speedily, to avoid noise or damage, or to relock afterward. Safes, handcuffs, security doors, and so forth always require tests of Infiltration.

Swiss Army Prep
If your Mechanics rating is 8 or more, you can spend Mechanics pool points for Preparedness tests, as long as you provide a jaunty, Burn Notice-style explanation of how you repurposed this gadget or component. If your agent is present, you can even spend Mechanics pool points for another agent’s Preparedness tests: each 2 points you spend counting as 1 point for their Preparedness test.

In the Nick of Time
If you have a Preparedness rating of 8 or more, you can have also retroactively prepared specific timely actions.
You must have had opportunity and the means to set up the action — which can include the help of fellow agents who “suddenly realize what you asked” when the stop lights all turn red.

The Wire
8 or more points in Surveillance grants you 1 free point of the Investigative ability Electronic Surveillance.

Hard to Hit
If your Athletics rating is 8 or more, your Hit Threshold, the Difficulty Number your opponents use when attempting to hit you in combat, is 4. Otherwise, your Hit Threshold is 3.

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Elodie Auclair

Handle: Persephone
Formerly publicly known as the Lunar Gate Bomber (now exonerated)

Investigative Abilities

Architecture O
Art History O
Bullshit Detector O
Diagnosis O
Electronic Surveillance O
Human Terrain OO
Interrogation O
Intimidation O
Law O
Notice OOO
Outdoor Survival O
Urban Survival OOO
Pharmacy O
Photography O
Reassurance O
Research O
Streetwise OOO
Traffic Analysis O
Tradecraft O

General Abilities

Athletics 8/8
Cover 10/10
Filch 4/4
Hand To Hand 10/10 (MOS)
Health 10/10
Infiltration 8/8
Mechanics 8/8
Medic 4/4
Network 17/17
Preparedness 2/2
Sense Trouble 8/8
Stability 6/6
Surveillance 8/8

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Vesna “Vixillusion” Valentine
Proprietor of Gensoukyo Gaming And Cafe
Mythos Eurasia Grand Championships, First Place

Handle: 3V.
Alternatively: Threevee, 3vee, Vixillusion, VixSticks, Vixvanity.
Star Sign: Scorpio.
Pronouns: She/They.

Cool +3
Clever +1
Tough +0
Quick +2

Origin: Gamer.
Once per mission, Boost a Quick roll. (That is, add a d6.)

Hey, I Know You!
When meeting someone new, you can roll 1d6. On 5-6, they know you, and your next Social roll is Boosted. On a 1-2, they know you, and your next Social roll is treated as having taken Serious Harm (reputational).
Well Traveled
Roll with Advantage (3d6, highest 2) when relying on knowledge of the station’s layout. Roll with Advantage when losing unspent Cash at the end of a session.

Paid (Hands) [Generic]
No further Burden from the Augment.
Plausible Deniability [Fixer]
Advantage on covering up, lying about or concealing dubious or criminal activity, either your own or others’.

Action Specialties
+1 Charm
+1 Bullshit

Generic Specialities:
Esports +2
Games +1
Motorcycles +1
Online Communities +1
Social Media +1
Station Layout +1

Trendy Wardrobe
Small Local Business
3V3D Printer

RayZyr Gamer Hands of Glory (Rad Mod, Esports +1)

Occupation: Fixer 1
Burden: 1
Cash: 0
Prep: 0
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