--- FOREWORD ---

Hey there gentle reader, if anything below catches your eye, inspires your vision, or perhaps something amidst this sea of text makes you believe you'd be interested in this kind of forum game, then great! Feel free to comment on this post with any such thoughts. . . Especially if you've more ideas for content, I certainly won't steal it. . . Nope.

'Throne Saga' The working title of this forum game is mainly inspired through the SRPGs and TRPGs of my youth. Fire Emblem, Dragon Force, Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, etc. As well as some modern schmootz with Paradox's games as well as a big heaping of inspiration from Dominions 5.

--- TO DO ---

-- Conceptualize and balance point costs for everything.
-- Add more diverse variety of traits
-- Conceive proper battle formulae
-- Expound upon rules for every stage of the game
-- Create technology/research content
-- Create building/structures/Provincial development content
-- Create continental world map (probably based on number of players)
-- Create Terrain list and effects
-- Create example sheet from all this


The Throne Saga is a continent spanning player-driven roleplay with a competitive PvP lean. Players do not take control of a single character, but rather a host of officers, nobles, or other cadres of characters at the top of their nation. In effect, you, the player, are seeing to the control of your nation albeit with most affairs beyond militarily being obfuscated for the sake of gameplay.

Each player begins by creating their nation, the process of which is detailed below. For now, consider the ideas of what your nation may look like -- thematically we are creating the setting through this, and thus there is a great deal of leeway as to how one wishes to shape the look and feel of their nation. Whether that be a band of warmongering tribal orks, a collection of robed daemon worshipping men, an old kingdom of stalwart soldiers, or anything in between so long as the feel of everything in totality is not too in-congruent with one another.

The game will consist of two separate 'phases', the first being the 'Organization' phase, in which the players will control the details of their nation such as technological research and advancement, constructing buildings or other works, recruiting units, securing new territory or preparing to attack another nation. While the second is the 'Battle' phase, in which players of two or more nations scale down to a 'tactical map' and do battle with the characters and units they've created for the control of territory. These phases will alternate in turns until at last an undisputed ruler of the land is decided or until one nation controls the central throne for X AMOUNT OF TURNS.


In Throne Saga, nations are created by the choice of their player through the spending of DESIGN POINTS. All players begin with X DESIGN POINTS in order to create their nation and leaders within it.

NAME: All nations need a name! Ex. -- The Republic of Kal'Shtaa, Gronk's Kingdom, Men of the West.
DESCRIPTION: You may be as terse or as in-depth as you please. At the very least, describe the type of people/creature that rule or inhabit your nation as well as they ruling structure/government.

SIZE: You may choose between TINY, SMALL, MIDDLING, LARGE, or HUGE. This statistic controls the STARTING amount of territory under control of your nation.
TINY: +1 Province | +5 Design Points
SMALL: +3 Provinces | +2 Design Points
MIDDLING: +5 Provinces | -0 Design Points
LARGE: +7 Provinces | -3 Design Points
HUGE: +9 Provinces | -6 Design Points

LEADERS: Leaders are characters designed by the player of a nation and are required in order to control armies. Leaders must be individually designed and the process for this is described in the section below. All nations begin with five leaders, not including their ruler. Spending design points on this statistic will increase the starting number of leaders a nation may have, and thus, the amount of armies they may control and territory they may easily defend. Every additional leader costs 2 Design Points.

TECHNOLOGY: All nations begin with limited technology, thematically, consider them beginning between the bronze and iron ages. A player may spend design points to purchase a limited amount of starting technologies to put them ahead of their peers. They are listed below

UNIT-TYPES: Units are the main vehicle for the 'Battle Phase'. These are the components that your leaders will control in battle against other nations on the tactical map. All nations begin with three distinct unit-types, more starting unit-types can be purchased with 2 Design points per type. The creation of Unit-types will be detailed in another section.

OTHER TRAITS: Perhaps there are qualities to your nation that don't quite fit into any mold previously described. Here you may purchase traits that further define your nation.


Leaders are the driving force behind your nation's expansion and control. They are individual characters with as little or as much thought put into them as you'd like. They are required in order to lead armies into battle or defend territory. All leaders are created with the ability to spend up to 10 free points specific to them. However, you may also spend from your general pool of 'design points' in order to better define your leaders.

NAME: Everyone needs a name!
APPEARANCE: A short description or image will suffice.
PERSONALITY/HISTORY: Feel free to get as in-depth with your leaders as you'd like, it'll be all the better for your investment when they perish in a pitched battle.

Points may be spent in order to increase any of the following stats; Vitality, Might, Skill, Toughness, Resistance, Movement, and Command. One point linearly increases a statistic by one.

MIGHT: Determines how powerful a leader's direct actions in combat are.
SKILL: Determines how precise a leader's actions are in combat, as well as their chance for critical successes
RESISTANCE: Reduces chance of negative effects during combat.
COMMAND: How well the leader can control armies. Directly influences how many units can be placed under their direct control as well as their morale-boosting command radius in battle.

RETINUE: Which of your unit-types do they personally lead?

TRAITS & ABILITIES: Further define your leaders with purchasable traits.


NAME: Every gang of gribbly goblins needs a title!
DESCRIPTION: Short (or long) description of what the unit is like/what it's composed of. This doesn't necessarily have to be the same as your nations main polity. Even if you're a kingdom of humans, perhaps your 'skirmisher' units are small drakes.

UNIT-ARCHETYPE: What type of unit this is.

PREFERRED TERRAIN: What terrain your unit is more powerful on.

MIGHT: Determines how powerful the unit is in direct combat
SKILL: Determines how precise the unit's attacks are as well as chances of critical successes
TOUGHNESS: Reduces physical damage the unit receives in combat.
RESISTANCE: Reduces chance of negative effects during combat.
MOVEMENT: How many map tiles one can move in a turn.
MORALE: Affects many calculations in combat, this changes frequently during battle depending on the circumstance. If it reaches 0, the unit will attempt to flee.
DISCIPLINE: Acts as toughness for your morale, determines how well trained and unlikely to flee a unit is.

COST PER 100: How much food is required to raise one-hundred of this unit-type
UPKEEP PER 100: How much food is deducted per month for each hundred of this unit-type in your armies
RESOURCES PER 100: How many resources are required to raise one-hundred of this unit-type

TRAITS & ABILITIES: Further develop your units by purchasing traits to define them and their abilities, many traits on units will increase or decrease their cost, upkeep, or resources.