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I am a rather middling RPer who likes to believe they are actually at an advanced level. This is of course, nonsense created by my desire to be known as good at something. In otherwords, I'm kinda okay at things and stuff.

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The Rados Army receives 1,000 Gold in tithes from their villages.
Current Gold: 7,000

The time for great rallying words had come and gone, only a tenuous silence had befallen the Liberation Army of peasant fighters, mercenaries, and disgraced nobles from afar. These were no steel-hearted soldiers with unwavering resolve. Merely folks who raised the sword in a foolish bid against the power of Divine Blood.

They knew not Lady Lena, the person that she was, nor the plight of Chronos. They knew only that Major Forsetti blood flowed freely within her veins, and that her kin had been placed here to rule after the 'Final Holy War' alongside the likes of Menekos of Rados whom they'd hung out for the crows. . .

It was here the bloodshed began, another tragedy in Miletos.

ARGAEN: "Fools! Such recklessness! Our victory was not sealed the moment we rose blades!"

LYCUS: "Come Argaen we must turn our mens' ferocity into momentum to win us the day before it's too late!" A vision of what could be worms its way into the young peasant lord's mind, their loose formation being snuffed out in the blink of an eye by a storm of arrows and slicing wind. "HOLD!" His voice is heard over the silence as he bades his men to stand firm rather than charge into the fray.

Meanwhile, in Rados Castle. . .

ALMIN: "Damn. . . Everyone left without me, I still can't even find my sword. Hope Ada and Davos don't think I abandoned 'em or something. . ."

Rados spends 7,000G recruiting Almin.
0G is left.

The final barbarians within the walls fell, the Kassites of Zagros who beset upon the city Der to escape their harsh homeland were defeated and broken. They lay about the collective sellsword hired by the Imperials of Akkad, their hopes tarnished and trampled over by the peerless allure of coin. Just so, Der itself had suffered greatly, with their Lugal dead, stuck and bled in the throne room, and their homes burnt and battered, it would be a long and harsh struggle for them to recover. Especially so now with the oppressive looming fear of yet more barbarians crawling out of the eastern mountains for another wanton go at imperialism. Perhaps another would-be warlord like Kashtilashu with aspirations of greatness for his people, misguided by those who'd ply at a greater stage.

Yet such musings were both above the heads and purses of Hellions of Gir, no, the little force under Iddin-ninshubur milled about the inner sanctum of the city cleaning their blades and tending fast their wounds with only a mind for today, and the sum of Aurums promised to them. Despite the danger they'd invested themselves in, they were the lucky few who did not find themselves dashed against Kashtilashu's frenzied army, for beyond the walls heaps of corpses and horses alike were strewn about, their allegiance either to coin or to some national cause were irrelevant now. Mercenaries and the Zagrosi found brotherhood in death.

As the Hellions gathered themselves a handful of hooves cried by way of the eastern gate. For a moment it unnerved the mercs again until their eyes affixed upon the warn banner bearing the dual-headed hound wreathed in flame.

RAVINA: ". . . snake, how could we have let them get away? Another enemy to come sneak into our camp at night and slight our boys' throats." She sighs, shrugging as she and Sim-Ma-Sihu flank Captain Doan-Nasir as they each and all trot into the sanctum courtyard.

SIM-MA-SIHU: "Ravina. . ." Is all the lieutenant is able to muster before Doan sets his worries aside.

DOAN-NASIR: "Ravina, hush, a man must do what he can to make a living. It is merely the way of it." Doan's dour voice ablates his companion's woes for now as he and the others halt their hooves before their comrades, the dusty earth pluming forth. With one sweep of his sunken eyes the veteran takes in the situation - The Kassite chieftan's broken body, slick blood dribbling down the shaft of Etor's spear, and Lyun standing with the boys, covered in fresh scars, to that he grants a hearty nod

LYUN: "Home is those who care we are gone. I thank you for giving me my second one, captain."

Looking over the group, soon the rest of the Hellions that aided in distraction arrive from throughout the city and the entire band is collected, no better a time the captain lets his voice be heard. "10,000 Aurums!" The man raises his peculiar lance to the sound of the survivors' dull roar. Doan counts heads deflating his victorious cry for a moment, twenty, just twenty of them now. . . "450 Will go to each of us, that'll be the sum of our payment. The rest we'll spend on great food and drink to honour the fallen!"


The Hellions, twenty-told, dared not to spend the night within the walled city of Der for they were not welcome there. Not among the cowering populace who merely viewed them as hungry wolves and opportunistic dealers of death rather than heroes. And not among the corpses of the barbarians or their fellow sellswords, at least not yet -- Fate deigned they still had blood to spill yet in these harsh lands. So camp it was, just far enough to escape the ire of the common folk picking up the pieces of their lives yet close enough to watch black smoke billow into the cloudless night sky. The band broke into their good stores of wine and cured meats and celebrated well as Kashtilashu's severed head looked on in disgust alongside the covered body of the fallen Yasub-Yahad, once ensi of Der. Both were collected as proof of their concord kept.

DOAN-NASIR: "Hellions!" Called the captain over the central flame of their camp. "A toast to fallen, and to our triumph!" He embellished to word, choosing it over the more realistic 'survival', and as he did, poured out a liberal swig of wine into the Kassite Chieftan's half-agape mouth. It elected the response he desired and a goodly cheer came from the men. "Tomorrow, the least weary of our group will ride to Ur and collect our fare. Iddin, you and yours will rest and recuperate in Awan. I believe it best we remain on this border, there'll be more conflicts between the Kassites and our esteemed šar-kiššati, that, I am sure of."

"Only the fleet of us will go to Ur and prostrate, it should be no more than two weeks before we return, so rest easy."

Indeed, so it was that Doan-Nasir led half of the Hellions on a journey into the heartland of the empire on their way to retrieve a sum of Aurums that'd sustain them each and all until the next job blew in across the arid wind. Meanwhile the group under Iddin-Ninshubar who participated in the insertion at Der made their way east along the Karkeh River, a short ways toward the city of Awan which would be their succor until the mercenaries recovered. Most of the treasury was left with them and a sum of 200 Aurums were doled out to each as advanced pay for the hazards of their work. However. . . The Masters of Fate whispered onto that selfsame wind and spoke that the Hellions would not so easily reach Awan. . .

AKMAAN: "Ia! Do not stop moving! GO!"

IA: "Don't ask me to leave you behind! I couldn't have come this far without you and Gao-Lubaan!"

GAO-LUBAAN: "Be not so foolish lady Ia! Death won't come for us yet!"

AKMAAN: "Now! The ruins will shelter you. And the flames our spirits all the same!"

IA: "Alright. . . But you best be right behind me!"

KURGAZU: "Hehe. . . I thought these barbarians would be harder to track. That silver is as good as ours men, just don't hurt the girl - Too much."

NINIL: "Can't be far now with all the farms huh? Come on ya lead-foots I want a bed and a bath!" The plucky archer throws a finger toward the horizon, leading the pack toward Awan. Yet her pointer waivers after a moment or two, "Hey, uhm, do you guys see that?" Her gaze is beyond the little crops of brush they'd rounded -- a cloud of dust, the sun glinting off metal, and the clamber of bodies.

ASHÜR: "Yes, someone is pillaging the farmsteads, so it seems." The ex-bandit hisses his words as if personally inconvenienced. "Let us not tarry and circumvent this trouble."

NINIL: "How could you say that Ashür? If we deal with it before Awan even gets wind then we've got leverage to negotiate a reward don't'cha think?"

ASHÜR: "It's none of our business. . ."







DEPLOY UNITS AT C-3, D-2, D-4, F-3, J-3, L-2, L-4, AND M-3

The Rados Army receives 1,000 Gold in tithes from their villages.
Current Gold: 6,000

Argaen: "Countrymen! Soon the echoes of our battle shall thunder through the valley and reach the capital, let them quake at our fierce hearts that they will lay down their titles and supplicate to the new order!" The oft' stoic halberdier let's his voice be heard from the back of the line as the Miletos Liberation army makes their stand between Rados and Chronos, he nods toward the young man besides. "Milord, I'll take command of the troops, you shall remain here."

Lycus: "T'would be a fool's command Argaen. If I am to be the Liberation's leader for true, than I must lead on." The young peasant trudges ahead to his gathered men. Laborers one and all whom he'd come well to know in his time. "March on! Soon shall our blades clash, brace thyselves!"

Guarding the rear as the Liberation army marches, the old fellow, garbed in worn armor enshrouded by a ratty green cloak takes a moment, upon his steed at the crest of the port village, his sunken eyes are set out the setting sun, laying down the last rays of its light upon the sea in beauteous shimmering fashion. "Ahh but you shall endure Jugdral, no matter the scars we foolish men set upon thee. . . Forgive us for our hubris." As darkness enshrouds the village, the weary paladin rides off, the clack of his mount's hooves vanishing into the distance.
Orius gains +1 HP, SPD, DEF, RES, & LUK.

The Rados Army receives 1,000 Gold in tithes from their villages.
Current Gold: 5,000

Brygos: "Oi, Marsy, what the 'ell're we doin' anyhow? That's a whole damn army out there!"

Standing on the edge of the forest, the two woodsmen gaze out onto the field by way of Chronos, a host that easily matched their rabble of peasantry made themselves clear.

Marsy: "Shut yer trap Brygos, you wanna strip rabbits fer the rest of yer life? This's our chance to get titles ourselves if little- er I mean Lord Lycus liberates Miletos!"

Brygos: "Cripes Marsy, we're jus' damn hunters, ye can barely feather a pheasant let alone a man. I knew ye were gonna get me killed some day. . ."

IDDIN heals MAKEEN for 9 VIT, gaining 12xp!

MAKEEN moves to 21-8 and attacks KASSITE HUNTER #11 twice dealing 8 Damage and gaining 6xp!


With the final breaths of their leader, the last Kassite remaining in defiance of the joint effort of Imperial Contracted mercenaries looses their bow toward the brute, that traitorous kinsman who cut down their numbers with little remorse. The arrow flies true. . . But not true enough.

KASSITE HUNTER #11 attacks LYUN with their BRONZE SHORT BOW, dealing 6 damage. LYUN gains 3xp!




The Rados Army receives 1,000 Gold in tithes from their villages.
Current Gold: 4,000

Orius: It would seem the Lady of Chronos has already beset her army upon the land. . .

Lycus: "As to be expected from nobles, what chance is there that they accept our righteous cause? None. Onward men!

ASHÜR moves to 12-19 and attacks KASSITE HUNTER #9 with SEEP, dealing 4 damage and poisoning them! He receives 3xp! and 1 Mysticism xp.


KASSITE REBEL #9 attacks Siris with their BRONZE SHORT SPEAR dealing 5 damage! Siris counterattacks with his BRONZE THROWING KNIVES for 12 damage! Siris gains 12xp!
KASHTILASHU attacks BALATHU with his BRONZE HAND AXE dealing 13 damage!
KASSITE HUNTER #9 attacks ASHUR dealing 4 damage. ASHUR counterattacks with SEEP dealing 4 damage! ASHUR gains 5xp!


ASHUR attacks KASSITE REBEL #9 with FLAME, dealing 6 damage! Killing them and gaining 21xp!



Orius: "Perhaps the suffering your ancestors underwent here in Miletos is our fortune. As you know, the cities are disparate and not ruled under one royal house, it is my hope that they will not be quick to to join forces. And further, though the child hunts ended more than a century ago, the armies of Miletos pale in comparison to other nations.

Argaen: "Our movement has a chance here and here alone -- the people will support our every move."

ALCI visits a village.

this is where I'd put a visit scene but I'm lazy atm
The Rados army recieves 3000 Gold!

As the rebels of Rados march east towards a future without the striations of social class and holy blood. The forces of Chronos muster to the news of Lord Menekos' fall to their west by mere peasantry.

AM-ZIKAR: "Wh-What. . ? But my. . . Sword. . !"
AM-ZIKAR dies.

The desperado wheeled by Etor, sending the boy only a passing glance as he sheathed his blade. That at the least was all it took to glean something of the mental battle that the youngest Hellion had been wrestling with the entire operation, still, Ashür wasn't one to comfort. . . He moved ahead, carving an inscrutable word into the air as he went, concentrating upon all the woe present in these husked out homes.
ASHÜR attacks KASSITE HUNTER #7 with SEEP, dealing 5 damage and poisoning them! He receives 4xp!

Balathu wordlessly joins Etor in his moment of respite, grasping his lance just as he. Somehow the man's presence is a comforting one.


Despite the wracking pain of toxins coursing through the blood of the Kassite, or perhaps specifically in spite of them, they loose a gnarled arrow that finds its mark, sticking horribly from Lyun's thick neck. Not having received punishment enough, another of the bowmen take the opportunity to fell their perceived betrayer, their kinslayer.

KASSITE HUNTER #7 receives 2 damage from their poison. Then they move 1 tile north and attack LYUN with their BRONZE SHORT BOW, hitting for 6 damage! LYUN receives 3xp.
KASSITE HUNTER #8 attacks LYUN with their BRONZE SHORT BOW, but misses!

KASHTILASHU: "Mongrel dog. Take this and more, we could at last leave the treacherous mountains for fertile soil, we could be great kings. Do your people mean nothing to you?!"




Captain Maya and the few soldiers of Tirnanog had two distinctions amidst the whirlwind age to come. In the Grannvale - Issach subjugation war of 757 brought on by the sacking of Darna and the death of King Mananan, one distinction was that their unit was the first to see combat in the theatre. The second -- they were also the first to feel the sting of death. Maya would soon be joined by millions of souls lost over the next two decades as Grannvale's influence swept across Jugdral, in part by the scheming of soon re-risen Loptous cult. Time and time again, great tragedy would befall the land of Jugdral, only for those bearing holy blood to reclaim a shred of peace -- their descendants however. . .

In the early years of the tenth century, in the often abused little trading nation of Miletos, on Jugdral's southernmost border another conflict brewed. One that would soon escalate into yet more tragedy.

Orius: "Well done. . . Well done indeed. With Menekos's holy blood spilling out from the pike we've hoisted him upon, there can be no question about the veracity of your convictions Lord Lycus"

Lycus: "Lord. . . Yes ser Orius, let this be the flag of our rebellion. No longer will our people stand to be used and abused by those in power merely for the sake of their lineage. Jugdral is aswarm with fleas grown fat on the backs of 'lesser' men, fleas that cannot see beyond the blood they feed on."

Argaen: "Do not let those heads of yours swell and pop. One castle and a handful of farmers and ruffians is hardly enough to take on the world. It's simply impossible that the rest of the country won't respond."

Lycus: "Of course. Men! Long have you sweat for the slave drivers who were handed our reigns more than a century ago, now all I ask is that you bleed for me, that we may cast off their yoke and see Miletos returned to the days of common men!

A cheer erupts from the populace, having just supplanted their prior Lord with a peasant no different than they. The year was 928, a new battle had begun.

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