In this small fishing town nothing much really happens, travelers come and go, the people do their work, and the rain keeps on a-pouring

Welcome! To Traveler's Springs, a small fishing town for weary Travelers towards larger, better places. Here you will find a large Tavern Inn in the center of town, the setting of our stories. Recently there have been things going awry in the Springs. People keep going missing, homes were broken into and robbed, and ghosts suddenly stopped in their tracks and melted into shadow. No one is safe. The Mayor has set up an immense reward for those who can stop the cause of these horrific events. Will you help? If so, report to the Tavern Inn, and we will give you more information there.

I have this RP open to about 4-5 people. You may have multiple characters, but I ask you to keep it to a minimum of three. I am open to basically any race, even one you made up. Traveler's Springs is no stranger to strange visitors and travelers. now the most important rule: HAVE FUN! this is my first time making an RP so please bear with me if I take a while to approve a character. When all 4-5 characters have been approved I will change the RP status to full and we will begin our adventure. I do also ask that you don't make your character(s) immortal or invulnerable, or give them a power that makes them extremely powerful. Other than that I have no more requests, you don't need to worry about things such as post minimums, you can post as much or as little as you want. anywhere from a sentence to a full 5000-word essay XD I really don't mind. again, HAVE FUN! I'm super excited about this and hope you will have a great time joining me on this adventure!