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Current heyyyy nooo, I wanna be the problemmmmmmmm
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Anyone here ever log in and get really sad cause you have no notifications?
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*distant screaming followed by a glitchy noise*
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my bf fell asleep in our VC...he won't wake up. what do i do?
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tell me mortal...why do you tourture the demon's so? *while looking at a picture of a cat burrito*


'ello, I'm Enoch. I've been doing roleplay since I was 12, and as I got older I decided to explore some online roleplaying platforms.
I'm a therapist friend, so if you ever need someone to rant to, shoot me a DM. I also love 1x1 roleplay, so shoot a DM for that too. Only thing is, I refuse to do sex scenes. Now if you want your character to be in a romantic relationship with mine, cool, great even. Just no. sex. scenes.

I'm Non-binary, pansexual, and polyamourus. I have a boyfriend and am a 12th year in high school. I live in England and am an artist. I also write! I struggle with various mental health disorders, ADHD, and pansexuality (please help, so many of my peers are hot-)

so yeah! ever want a friend for a roleplay or a chat I'm here!

And remember mate, you are an attractive, precious, amazing human being. you deserve love and joy, you are worth so much more than you could ever imagine.

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@xXSINXx alrighty then, one question though, I already read that, I have a character that's basically like...a genetic experiment? a kid raised in a lab kinda...I have some fun ideas...and no alias- can I use them? if so get ready for physical androgeny-
@xXSINXx so, I just make a character sheet and wee whoop I'm good? Or is there a bit more to it than that?
It was raining a little outside, and foggy. A person came from the fog, a dazzling blue cloak hiding their face. They enter the tavern and look about. Not too many here today. They stride across the floor to the bar and seat themself and wait to be tended to. As they wait they remove their hood and run their fingers through their light blue hair, fluffing it up after being hidden under the cloak. They take out a small knife and fiddle with it, running their fingers along the blade and looking about. The Tavern had a strange feel to it. The person examined the people in the room, essentially sizing them up. The last thing they wanted was to get into a fight here, let alone now. They sigh and begin to space out a little, examining the ceiling.
may I join?...
Skyler Quinn




Hight and Weight:

about 5'7 and quite underweight


Skyler is non-binary and does their best to keep peace in the Tavern when they come. They are a child of Sea and a pirate. They are a fun person to be around and enjoy making jokes.

I'll add more later, am too lazy. sshhhhh

This is where you will leave your character sheet, and then message me for approval. Again 1-3 characters per person. Thank you, I will post my character sheet below as an example of the format.
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