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Current Returning from family reunion today to all my friends I'm currently role-playing with I will get posts out today
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In the name of Shenan, if one shenans, they will shenanigan
2 yrs ago
I'm not man enough to be human, but I'm trying to fit and and I'm learning to fake it ;)
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Tried making cheese sticks for the first time...... well more like cheese logs now
7 yrs ago
Looking for a 1x1 partner pm me to discuss ideas.
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This Roleplay if or Mature participants only, if you are not 18+, then this isn't the RP for you. This will contain strong NSFW content!

-A note before the premise: This Rp is a fandom of the Yosuga no Sora anime series and the plot is very similar in some aspects..You would also be playing the role of the older brother or sister in the RP

You're life with your younger sister Lily was just as average as any family's life, albeit your family was more wealthy than most. Life was good, well..mostly, Lily was becoming strange.. She started becoming quiet and often locked herself away in her room. Eventually, signs would show that she was suffering from lack of sleep due to night terrors. The family sent her to a home that can help children like her. She was merely thirteen when she was taken away, it was hard for you at first being fifteen and watching your younger sister be hauled away...

A few years would pass, you are now seventeen and highly involved in your studies whatever they may be. It was a dark rainy morning just before school you had received the tragic call. You had just been told your parents had died in a house fire and that you'd have to miss out in school today to meet with a group of people regarding your parent's will and your new living arrangements. You are unaware that you'd also get to see Lily today when you meet them.

- I will be playing Lily and Character sheets are required but does not need much detail.
- You have freedom to play the older sibling how you wish, what their name is, interests, hobbies, ect. But they must have a sense of perversion and they must be seventeen
- I don't do vulgar names, i would not use them in any of my posts as a sign of mutual respect.
- I am very open to plot twists and ideas.
- This RP will take place in DMs, feel free to message me
Ghostie herself was at the beach party, indulging herself I'm party favors, more so the smoking part. After receiving a text from her mentor SKID. Hazely, she makes her way up to the strip from the beach, downing a bottle of water before tossing it into a rarely used garbage bin.

Ghostie then re-actiavtes. Throwing her board down, she catches it in a Casper before flucking the board on it's side to Primo, now scooping the deck as she stood onto of it's side, nailing a 360 shuvit and pushing off heavy.

Now she was rocketing down the street on her board, maintaining her amazing speed, eventually she was going down a pretty steep hill on her way to SKID's shop. At the high point of the hill, lifting her board's nose up for a perfect manual as she descends the hill, keeping ner perfect balance as she speeds passed one Rollie whom was recuperating from their minor wreck. Unfortunately Ghostie was going so fast, if she had stopped, she would of wrecked too.
Bump?? Maybe it helps??
Always open for anyone
I'll start with Volkir again. Maybe add the other in at a later time. I'm ready to have another go at this when you are. Are you till planning to have her be with Mafloy??
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