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Looking for a 1x1 partner pm me to discuss ideas.
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Sometimes if you try hard enough, you can find the light within the darkness inside your soul.
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Hitting on the OG, got coffee, and a cig. Perfect day.


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So I'm probably going to develope an accent for darcy. Shes already struggling with english so it makes sense to have the leprechaun talk right??
Darcy O'Connell

As Darcy stepped through the doors, closing her eyes and breathing in as she feels out the lobby. She stood for a moment with an almost disturbed look on her face as a flood of terrible emotions, fear, agony, pain, and anger all flooded into her. It was almost overwhelming to her but she tried her best to continue, trying to get some sort of connection. Darcy then groaned a bit as a slight pain ereged in her head, seemingly getring worse the more she attempted to feel, almost like something didn't want her to.

She suddenly felt disorientation as a gust of wind blew through the broken windows, echoing and eerie wail throughout the lobby. The entire vibe there felt dark. The air was heavy with dust, cobwebs draped off old wooden awnings of the multple hall entrances. Few old wooden benches were intact whille others rotted and broken. The tiling of the floor racked and chipped from ware and abandonment. This place looked and felt like lingering death. Darcy turned to the others after getting her barings, feeling a bit drained.There's definitely something here.." She said, now messaging her temples to dull the slight pain.

Nora Mays

Nora took an EMF Detector out of her tech bag and began pacing around the room as her device fluctuates a series of click patterns. She finally stops before a hall to the left of the lobby, her devives now clicking raoidly as she points the antenna toards the end of the long dark hallyway."Woah this is nuts.. Guys we definitely got a spike here.." she said before flashing her tac mini flashlight down the hall, revealing a couple of wheel chairs, a gurney and some other indistinguishable rubble.

Sorey for the lateness ill have a cs up today
Sometime between the events of The Mandolorian and The Force Awakens(Dont worry No spoilers just a what if non canon events occurs.) The Jesi Order has fallen and there are very little Jedi left. (I don't mind if you happen to make a Jedi) The Empire too has fallen and is trying to rebuild, leaving bounty hunters a lot of jobs and some have even caused war between bounty hunter guilds and clans. Mara Cade, A former Mandolorian had went rouge after her guild was wiped out by an inside job, now is out traveling around has a nomad doing bounty work to survive, all the while, accompanied with a left for dead IG droid she had wired to follow her chain of command.

Your charcter can be whomever you like to create and there could be several ways out chracters meet, maybe during a job, or just at a local spot where bounty hunters to to receive said jobs. Maybe they are forced to have to work together to survuve, none the less they would grow find of one another as their adventures unfold and they fight side by side.

If yiu are interested, please pm me with a CS with come casual detail check my CS below for an example.

Paige looked across the street to see the four men standing, she waved at them before coming to introduce herself. "Oh rad! Beer! You fols are alright." She sounded like your typical stoner, hippie woman with a North Carolina accent, now looking at Hank presenting her hand."Names Paige Romano, came all they way from Cameron NC to get here. Hell of a drive, mnd if I partake?" She asks pointing at the beer cooler.
Nora Mays

Nora and Jason waited for the perfect moment, when the right amount of silence was there, they both jumped out at their group of friends with a loud yell, hoping to catch them off guard, unaware that Conner was long with them.

Darcy O'Connell

"Man you look like hell Conner,Here.. She tossed him a coffee energy drink from her bag before taking a step closer to him, giving Conner a feiendly pat on the cheeck."Gotta sober up bud, shits gonna kill you one day." She knew Conner the least amount of time but still well enough to care for his well being. As the air grew silent as Jason and Nora tried to care them. Darcy jumped a bit but didn't scream as she was used to their mischief.
" And the Delinquent Duo arrives!... Now that were all here and ready.. Let's get spooky.." Darcy said with a smirk pushing through the old crickety doors of the Aslyum, leading her group in.

@Rekker@Dark Light@Eveekitten
Kairi Romano


Kairi was caught off gaurd, looking down with a blank lifeless expression."Hey there little guy." she said in a monotoned voice, surprisingly picking up Solace, tilting her head before gently hugging him. Now, pulling Shadow(Ghatsly) into the mix, after ashing her cigarette and clearing the smoke of course. She didn't care too much if humans were around smoke, but Pokemon was another thing. She knew Solace wouldnt like it, but it wouldn't bother Shadow.

She then took a long pause, slightly remembering Solace."I know you..Been a while huh Solace? Regis is with you I suppose." For a moment there, Kairi had a very slight smile. A few years back before Kairi went into gloom, she volunteered to help Regis' father raise a few Pokemon, sometimes along side Regis. At the time, Kairi was outgoing and had quite a few friends and wanted to be friends with Regis, resulting in some familiarly between them. She gently put Solace down and gave him two Chilace berries."Go say hi to Regis for me will you?" She then patted his head gently let him be on his way.

Shadow nudged her."You know I can't leave you out bud.."She gently handed him the last of the Chilace berries she had. Shadow didn't really have the need to eat, he just really enjoyed tasty things every now and then.
Kairi let out a seiries of dry spits as the taste of the perfume hit her tongue."Gahh now I smell like a fashion show dressing room." She said as she squinted and shook her face, the comment intended to poke a little fun at André. At least her sense of humor hasn't changed. She then came back to her blank expression and stood silently.

"Please.... Excuse me." She said softly, giving André gentle pat on the back as she walked away, not too far, but just enough to enjoy some solitude as she sits upon a wooden railing around the seating area the group congregated at. She lit up another smoke and sighed staring off into the sky. Ghastly came floating up beside her and she gently patted him. both seeming to share a gloomy aspect.

@RekkerFeel free to post when you want we were waiting on a couple posts before moving proceeding forward
@Rekker Good to go and thank you for making the changes you may post him in thr character tab. We've just arrived at The Northern State Mental Asylum after meeting up at the Queen Anne Branch Library.
Nothing much has happened which is a good point for you to show just include something about contacting Darcy's cell and telling her your own the way and arrive in your entry post and we can continue from there
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