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Katie McKnight
age 24/25
species: human
powers: none
story/world: to be decided soon.
bio: unknown at the moment, but to be decided soon.
other: n/a
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name: Elena Kierra
age: 27
species: undead human
powers(if any): touch weakens living beings, drains life
story/world you belong to: tbd
Ambushed by an assassin in her kingdom, she fell from her reign as queen. She has been outcast from her home and has been n the run since.
Her family and kingdom do not know she is "alive".
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Name ron Riga’s
Nickname purifier
Age 36 race human
Occupation hitman
Wealth moderate
Influence over government none
Influence over crime circles a lot
Family Unknown
Personality kind and caring but has a dark side if you break his trust
Gender male
Brief background he is a kind man in public but in the shadows he’s a ruthless killer that has no care for criminal lives but he does have empathy for those around him and care of the innocent people dearly
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