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After the Biosyn incident in 2022, the sanctuary was designated a global sanctuary by the United Nations, where the animals will live freely, safe from the outside world.

"Life on Earth has existed for hundreds of millions of years. And dinosaurs were only a part of that, and we’re an even smaller part of that. They really put us in perspective. The idea that life on Earth existed 65 million years ago... it’s humbling. We act like we’re alone here, but we’re not. We’re part of a fragile system made up of all living things. If we’re going to survive, we’ll have to trust each other, depend on each other, coexist."
—Charlotte Lockwood

Northern Zimbabwe, Africa, 2022

A herd of five elephants was traveling through.

Next to the herd of elephants was a herd of Dinosaurs.


They appeared to be getting along with the African elephants. One of them was even climbing on top of the head of another dinosaur and trashing it with its tail.

There was also an Indominus Rex that had wandered out from a large herd of Triceratops. The Indominus was lumbering around, flailing her arms about in a manner not dissimilar to that of the elephant but at the same time she was looking agitated as well. As for the triceratops...well they weren't doing anything as they did not see her.

A line of T-Rex was sauntering up the hillside towards the area where the Indominus Rex and Sinoceratops herds met. It wasn't until they got very close that the Triceratops realized what was going on.

The triceratops herd was terrified and angry at the same time!

The Indominus Rex made a roar that let the herds and line of T-Rexes know she was there. The herd stopped advancing and turned to look back. The Indominus roared again and started backing up as well.

That didn't stop the T-Rex from advancing further into the valley.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose!

The Triceratops and Sinoceratops began to run in different directions as The I-Rex and T-Rexes began their assaults!

Bobby McAllister noticed the commotion, picked up his rifle, and aimed for one of the dinosaurs that were attacking the smaller dinosaurs. "I'm taking out one of those T-Rexes!" he said over the speaker system.

With that, Bobby McAllister began to start the assault on one of the T-Rexes! He walked calmly across the hilltop and fired several rounds before moving towards the monster!

"T-Rex is charging! You need to pick him off quickly if you want to save your herd." The voice of someone on the speaker.

The T-rex started charging and chasing Bobby as He was easy prey.

Suddenly something landed next to Bobby and wrapped itself around his legs. The triceratops yelped loudly and tried to push away the creature who seemed quite determined to cling to Bobby.

"Leave me alone triceratops! Don't you dare!"

he yelled at the distressed creature who yelped a reply of its own.

The two beasts struggled and scratched at each other until finally the dinosaur fell back down and lay panting on the ground.

"Now would be a good time to move!"

With that, Bobby ran as fast as he could to get away from the two creatures that were now fighting against each other and trying to kill each other.

He only took a few steps when he felt something grab his shirt! He pulled himself away from the attacker and looked up to see the I-Rex lunging for him with its teeth bared!

Bobby panicked and fired the gun.

It did not hurt or wound the I-Rex at all.

With that, The I-Rex opened its mouth and chomped on Bobby as he became its meal of the day.

The Indominus Rex then swallowed its meal whole with some chewing at the end.

Meanwhile, the Triceratops herd had managed to flee away from the Indominus Rex's immediate vicinity, although one was still taken by surprise. He heard Bobby McAllister screaming as he ran by, probably scared out of his wits as the I-Rex devoured the living food.

After the ordeal, the herds of African elephants and dinosaurs went about their business peacefully once more.

With that, The T-Rex walked away to find another kill.

As it walked around looking for another kill, it spotted something that might be a kill.

On closer inspection, however, it saw that the dead thing was actually a pale pink female Triceratops!

So...the T-Rex was thinking that this girl was still alive and was hiding. In order to find her, the Rex slowly walked closer to not get caught. When it was almost upon the downed animal, it found that the triceratops had her eyes closed. So far so good...then it noted that her tail wasn't moving and had yet to feel the massive amount of pain the reptile had.

The T-Rex walked closer to the triceratops.

As it lay dying, It closed its eyes for the last time.

The T-Rex then walked closer and began to eat its meal.

Soon, the night was beginning to start as the sun set and it was a beautiful night for a good night's sleep.

After that eventful day, The African Elephants settled down for the evening. They soon dozed off while sitting up together watching over the dinosaur tribes.

The rest of the dinosaurs had returned to their separate locations to either relax or just sleep for the night.

Meanwhile, in Niger, North Africa, Another meat-eating dinosaur was sleeping for the night under a tree in the Sahara Desert.



The moon set, turning the desert landscape into darkness. This time of night meant that Carcharodontosaurus had grown hungry. However, instead of returning to his normal hunting grounds, he continued to stay put and rest for the night, because he wanted to be ready for the hunt in the morning.

As the hours passed by, The dinosaur slept a little bit longer. At the first sign of light coming up, the Carcharodontosaurus woke up. After waking up, he spent several minutes resting, after which he finally stood up, stretched, and stood up again.

Finally, having no choice, Carcharodontosaurus walked out of his hideaway, making sure to be cautious. Soon, The dawn began to come up, lighting the land up with sunlight.

Once fully awake, Carcharodontosaurus jumped into action!

First, he headed to a nearby lake to drink water before continuing on to his hunt.

Upon arriving at the lake, he drank several times and made sure to refill his thirst. Then, he continued on with his journey.

Soon enough, Carcharodontosaurus arrived at a clearing, where the Tarbosaurus herd was resting near a watering hole.

It didn't take long for The Carcharodontosaurus to have a challenge and eat the reward of challenging that Tarbosaurus herd. He knew he wouldn't be able to defeat the big one, but he had no intention of being killed for lunch.

So Carcharodontosaurus decided to attack the weaker side of the group. He chose a weakly spotted member of the Tarbosaurus herd. Carcharodontosaurus jumped into action. He attacked the weakly spotted member and then, while the big one was distracted, the other members attacked Carcharodontosaurus, as well as defending their ally.

In order to win this battle, the defeat went to the largest carnivore.

The Carcharodontosaurus was killed and The Tarbosaurus herd had eaten in peace.
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Chihuahuan Desert, Mexico, 2022

A herd of Lambeosaurus was drinking at a pool-sized watering hole.

Pteranodons swooped overhead and sat on the banks as bighorn sheep bounded in the opposite direction. The bushes and trees shivered with movement: small animals scuttling into their holes and huddling close together for warmth.

Small birds called from above.

It was hot but peaceful. Everything was cool, clean, and beautiful. Just like it should be.

There was one sound that wasn't part of the natural harmony: something growing and scraping inside one of the long fallen logs of a dead tree.

A pair of fleshy feet flexed inside the cracked and splintered wood then poked out to grab hold of the narrow sloping shelf.

The feet withdrew and shifted once more before being shoved back inside the log.

Meanwhile, the herd of Lambeosaurus was still enjoying the peace at the watering hole.

There were no predators here; nothing would eat them. The bushes rustled. A snake slithered through, but the Lambeosaurus' large triangular tails swished against the sand so fast that they caught it before it could do any damage.

They were hungry, though. And thirsty. And there was an abundance of food at this watering hole. They wouldn't go away empty-handed.

Their slobbery tongues licked at the water until they'd got all they wanted. When some black-tailed jackrabbits crawled out from their holes to search for food. The group of dinosaurs swallowed down as much as they could while continuing to drink.

When one young male jumped up onto a rock above the pool, balancing on his hind legs, he stretched his neck forward. He blinked in the bright sunlight and gazed at the Jackrabbits.

Then he yawned.

His teeth chattered as he grinned. His yellow tongue flickered and the flesh around his mouth shimmied.

The hunters felt suddenly shy, even though they were not the prey. As if there was someone who was a carnivore there.

In the Sonoran Desert, An antelope jackrabbit was sleeping peacefully when two Deinonychus came along and snatched him up off the ground.

He struggled. He bucked. But he couldn't get free of their talons or sharp teeth.

As it died, the two carnivores fought over the body.

It did not take long for the body to be ripped apart for the two carnivores.

It would be enough for them both to have a full stomach for a while.

By now the sun had set and the stars were twinkling across the sky.

An adult female Pteranodon roosted on top of a rocky outcrop near the waterhole where the juvenile Lambeosaurus was with its herd. It flapped its leathery wings to warm itself. Then it squawked softly. The dinosaur below whinnied and trudged closer to the water's edge. It knelt down and drank. Its tongue ran back and forth across the surface.

The mother was anxious. Her hatchlings weren't anywhere nearby. She didn't want them to be picked up by another predator and she didn't know what else to do. She had been standing vigil over her young since early morning. She kept a very well-watchful eye on them. There was something she sensed…

Her eyes widened.

Something moved on the far side of the pool.

Two human-like creatures, only smaller than her own children. Were those humans? No!

They were humans.

One was pale-skinned. Long blonde hair dangled down to his waist. The other was dark-haired. He wore an orange tank top and jeans and held a rifle pointed toward the waterhole.

He cocked his head, listening to the noises of the herd.

His gun arm began to twitch and shake.

"Come on!" He said. "Hurry up."

The Dark One climbed down the rock face slowly and stepped cautiously over to the edge of the pool.

Her children started growling. They looked up to see the stranger, then backed away. They were just about to turn and run when they stopped themselves.

Why? What did the strangers want?

Did they want to hurt them?

She raised her head higher and eyed them.

The one who had the rifle pulled the rifle's trigger and then came a gunshot. It was missed completely.

What was he doing?!

She stood up straight, one hand grasping at the rocks, and screamed.

She cried.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. Blood dripped from the wound on her chest.

The mother then collapsed.

Because of the wound on her chest, she dies on the spot.

But what of her hatchlings?

Were they okay?

That was what she needed to find out right now.

She lay on the desert floor, lifeless. The only thing that remained of her was her blood stained across the stones.
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