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Up to 10 versions of a Canon Character can be focused on. Here is a list of characters that will appear in the story. Note that this list is always subject to change and updates. Character versions fall as follow,(GT, Super, Hero, Xeno, Future)

Son “Kakarot” Goku

Prince Vegeta IV


Broly (DBS)


Vegeta Jr (Vegeta the Fifth)

Son “Kakarot” Goku Jr

Son Gohan

Trunks Briefs






Tien Shinhan


Android 18

Android 17


Android 21 (Good)


Bulma Briefs

Bulla Briefs

Son Pan

Son Videl Satan

Son Chi-Chi

Son Beat

Son Erito

Son Basaku

Son Viola

Note Briefs

Forte Briefs














Syn/ Omega Shenron

Nova Shenron

Ise Shenron

Oceanus Shenron







Cell Jr

Dr. Gero

Evil Android 21

Android 19

Android 13

Android 14

Android 15

Hell Fighter Android 17

Future Android 17 (Both Timelines)

Future Android 18 (Both timelines)

Future Cell (Both Timelines)

The Entire Red Ribbon Army

The Frieza Force, Cold Force, and Cooler force (Including Meta Cooler and the Big Gete Star)

Bojack’s Gang

Crusher Corp

Slug’s army

Garlic Jr’s Forces

The Shadow Dragons (Evil Versions)

Goku Black/Zamasu

Frieza and The Frieza Force

Cooler and The Cooler Force










Red Ribbon Army


Garlic jr

Captain Ginyu


Paragus (Z Xeno and Super)

Z Broly (All Versions)

King Vegeta The Third (All Versions)






Bulma Leigh Briefs

Potential Characters (Not Guaranteed):

Dragon Quest Content and Characters

MegaMan Content and Characters

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Content and Characters

Final Fantasy Content and Characters.

Open to ideas from the writing partners.

OC template:


Nickname (if any):

Species Variant (If applicable):


Rank/Title (if any):


Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Abilities/Skills/Transformations (if any):
Strengths and Weaknesses:

Mate/Spouse (if any):



Overall Appearance:
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Here is a profile for my original take on Goku Jr for an example of what the OC profile should look like:

Son “Kakarot” Goku Jr:

Race/Species: Pure-Blooded Saiyan

Answers to: Goku, Jr, Kaka (one of many nicknames), Kakarot (when he’s angered his parents), Son, Son-Kun, Karot (hates this nickname).

Planet of Origin: Earth

Born: Age 767

Universe: Universe 7

Timeline: New Frontier Timeline (Hero and Xeno)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Transformations: Can transform into all of Goku's official transformations (Super Saiyan 1 to 4, God and Blue, Stronger variants, and Blue Ascensions in the proper order.) Up to Ultra Instinct Omen at will, he can only tap into mastered actual UI sub-consciously (Due to Years of Training under multiple mentors).

Techniques: All of Goku's official techniques, Time Skip, Ki control, Spirit sword, and Soul Punisher

Mentors and Teachers: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, King Kai, Whis, Future Trunks, Future Gohan, Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, and the Yardrats.

Age: 24 (Goten is the same age)

Family: Goku (adopted father), Chi-Chi (adopted mother), Gohan and Goten, both versions of Beat, Erito, Viola, and Basaku (adopted brothers and sister), Videl (adopted sister-in-law), Pan (adopted niece), Ox King (Adopted maternal grandfather), Bardock and Gine (Paternal adopted grandparents, but they are deceased, except for the Xeno Timeline) Grandpa Gohan (adopted paternal great-grandfather but he is also dead), He’s related to all versions of those characters in this regard. Eventually, He attacks a red ribbon army base, finds Son Gohan Jr (a Clone of Gohan and Goku Jr’s Adopted son), and adopts him. He is currently not married. His spouse is to be determined.

Affiliation: Z fighters of that dimension, Time Patrol.

Friends: all of the Z fighters, Broly (that timeline's DBS), Marron (due to being Brothers with Goten), Whis, Beerus, Hit, Champa, Vados, Cabba, Caulifla, Kale, Puck, Android 21 (Good) (Secondary Mother figure who became his therapist to help him deal with his depression), Uub, Bulma, Vegeta, Android 17, Mr. And Mrs. Briefs, Trunks, Bulla, Mai, and the pilaf gang, Android 8 (Eighter), Suno, Oolong, Puar, the Dragon Ball heroes (Beat and Company), could potentially be friends with the entire Time Patrol, including Chronoa. Most of the people from universes 6 and 11.

Enemies: Every villain of Dragon Ball that has not been redeemed, most of universe 9, Rebrianne/Brianne De Chateau (both despise each other), Frost (both hate each other), most of universe 4, Dispo (Dispo hates Goku Jr, Goku Jr. despises Dyspo), Belmod the God of the destruction of universe 11 (Belmod likes Goku jr. but Goku Jr. despises Belmod), Helles the goddess of destruction of Universe 2 (she likes him, but he dislikes her), Sedra, Quitella (hate Goku Jr, because Beerus favors him)

Rivals: Caulifla (close friends, but they are very competitive towards each other; they also act like they’re brother and sister), his version of Vegeta jr.(mainly through competition), Trunks, Goten (due to a sibling rivalry, pranks wars, and competition), Cabba (they tend to compete as well), Beat, Note, Erito, Viola, Forte, Basaku (competitive with all of them, sibling rivalry with Beat, Erito, Viola, and Basaku)

Indifferent towards/ acquaintances: Most of Universes 10 (Disinterested by most of them), 2 (Annoyed by them),

Personality: Goku Jr. has traits similar to his father and his brothers. He loves fighting and food but also tends to study a lot. Towards people he knows and likes, he is very social. However, it's an entirely different story for people he hasn't met. He is timid and nervous around strangers, especially if it's someone he has never met. He doesn't get along with people he doesn't like, but he wouldn't talk shit behind their backs. He's very kind and caring towards his friends and family. He balances training to be a fighter as well as his everyday life. He is capable of romantic interests, but he is only interested in girls when it comes to romance. He loves his family and friends, especially his niece. Pan is why he wants to have kids of his own one day. He can mistake versions of people he's met for those he's met in his timeline. He loves animals, especially cats, video games, anime, fighting, Martial Arts, writing, various types of music, and film.

Appearance: He looks precisely like Goku, except he still has his tail and wears a red headband occasionally. The younger look also helps his friends and family tell him apart.

History: Unlike the original Goku Jr, this version of Goku Jr is a clone created from the Dragon Balls of Son Goku. In his timeline, the Z fighters experienced an alternate version of the filler and the movies, as well as the OVA Yo Son Goku and his friends, return and plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. He was born at the same time as Goten, maybe even a couple of minutes earlier, by the Pilaf gang. Gohan then soon discovers Goku Jr after tracing an extensive energy reading similar to Goku. Still, to his disappointment, this was a clone of Goku that was an infant instead of his father brought back to life. Chi-Chi took the news considerably well when she saw the child and raised the boy as if he was her flesh and blood, treating him no different from Goten. Chi-Chi quickly learned how hard it was to raise a pure-blooded Saiyan child. He has a considerable appetite, an intense passion for fighting, and his ability to go Super Saiyan at a very young age, but to her surprise, he had a heart of gold. It turned out he had all of Goku's traits when he died. The only difference is that he was a child. Even had the mind of a child. Luckily not only did Gohan help raise Junior, but all of the z fighters also helped. Throughout his life, he experienced the events of the Buu saga and learned to go Super Saiyan 2 during the training with a hyperbolic Time chamber. Goten was highly jealous of his brother, considering his brother was significantly more potent than him. This led to the two having a very intense sibling rivalry. Trunks were also very jealous of Goku Jr's strengths and abilities. He was killed initially when Earth was destroyed and was even absorbed by Buu before the destruction of Earth. During the final battle, he was revived along with the rest of the Earth. After Majin Buu’s defeat and during the Battle of Janemba, Goku Jr. Fought against the many hordes of demons and creatures from hell. When Janemba was defeated, Goku and Vegeta were revived after they were killed in the final battle with Buu. Goku then spent the next two years teaching Goku jr everything he knew, even teaching Goku Jr to go Super Saiyan 3. A year later, Wrath of the Dragon happened, and Goku Jr. Played a significant part in fighting Hirudegarn. Though he was beaten unconscious along with his brother Goten, he helped discover the monster's weakness.

A year after the wrath of the Dragon, he met Vegeta's brother Tarble and helped him defeat the people troubling him from Frieza’s army. A year after that, GT happened. Instead of Goku being turned back into a child, the Dragon balls were used to incapacitate him temporarily. Goku Jr, Gohan, and Mai gathered the dragon balls to undo the wish inflicted on Goku. Before this, Goku and Vegeta had obtained full power Super Saiyan 3, ultimately perfecting the form and getting and controlling the Ikari form, allowing them to mix the state with the management of the Super Saiyan transformations. Perfecting mixing it with a full-power Super Saiyan 3 would result in a Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Something both Goku and Vegeta learned the hard way after the wish undoing the wish that incapacitated Goku was done. Three months after both events, Baby arrived on Earth to get revenge on the Saiyan race, taking over many of the Earth's population, including many of the z fighters except Goku and Goku jr. Unlike the original GT, Goku, and Goku jr, despite Goku already being able to go Super Saiyan 4, and Goku jr being mighty for his age, he heavily struggled against Baby and the possessed people. Eventually, Goku jr. transformed into a tremendous golden ape and went berserk against all parties involved. Goku had to remind Goku Jr who he was for the boy to control his power, resulting in him transforming into a Super Saiyan 4. Though he was a much younger version of Super Saiyan 4 Goku in appearance, he was very close to his father's power in that state. The two Saiyans were able to defeat Baby with some difficulty. Once Baby was beaten, everyone was back to normal, and there was peace until the events of the Super 17 Arc began five months later. Goku eventually defeated Super 17, however, at the cost of Piccolo's life. Unlike in GT, Piccolo was revived after the battle, as was the original 17, who had his sanity restored. When the shadow dragons emerged, the z fighters fought all over the world against the shadow dragons. After Omega Shenron’s defeat, Goku joined Shenron in the Dragon Balls, which in this timeline led to the events of the hero's journey. During a hero's journey, in the year before the Battle of Gods, Goku Jr and his best friend, Puck, go on a trip to find all seven Dragon Balls, encountering all of the dangers that Goku jr faced in the film. However, Goku Jr was able to protect his friend and was a lot more courageous than the original Goku Jr. When the dragon balls were gathered; he wished for his father to be part of his life again. He hoped for the shadow dragons to return without their negative energy. They were still as strong as they originally were; however, their personalities changed. So much so that they became excellent friends with all the z fighters and even joined the z fighters in their timeline. One year later was the events of the Battle of Gods.

Other noticeable differences are the shadow dragons, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. With the existence of Goku Jr and all other apparent changes to the timeline, the events of Battle of Gods remain very much the same, except that both Goku and Vegeta turn Super Saiyan God and fight Beerus together. Even though they both lost, Beerus was satisfied despite not going to full power. Shortly after, Whis took both Goku and Vegeta to Beerus' planet to train them, and Goku Jr. asked his mother if he could train with them as well. Chi-Chi was initially reluctant but then permitted him to go, knowing full well that the Saiyan blood in his veins would prevent him from resisting the idea of training. Although Goku Jr was six months behind, Goku and Vegeta were able to train him up to their level. And he learned how to tap into Super Saiyan God on his own, courtesy of God Ki.

He could not go Super Saiyan Blue during the events of Resurrection F, and he was the first person to fight Golden Frieza as a Super Saiyan God. However, he wasn't strong enough to defeat him. Then the two canonical fights against Golden Frieza occurred with a significant difference. Vegeta didn't hesitate to kill Frieza, knowing that Frieza would try to destroy the planet to get the last laugh.

In the Universe 6 Tournament, Goku Jr took Monaka's place on Beerus's team and spent three years in the hyperbolic Time chamber with his father and Vegeta, where he learned how to use Super Saiyan Blue. However, although he was the weakest of the three, he was still the third most vital team member. He then went to the planet where Champa wanted this tournament to be held. This is where he met Cabba, a fellow Saiyan who would become a close friend as time progressed. Another significant difference is that Goku jr passes the test with flying colors (thanks to Chi-Chi educating him). Like the canon, Goku ended up being cheated by Frost, as was Piccolo. The events took a similar route, except Goku Jr knew that Hit would throw away the fight mainly due to the previous battle between Hit and Goku. Goku Jr only asked that he would allow him to test his strength. Hit agreed to this. After an intense matchup between Jr and Hit, Hit walked off the ring, catching everyone off guard. The rest of the event occurred the same way as in the canonical story.

A lot of the filler happens the same way. Goku Jr also ends up dealing with the energy disorder Goku experiences which both Goku and Goku Jr had to rest so that it would wear off. Both of them are more compliant to do so than the canonical Goku, as it allows them to bond with their family. A lot of the fight with copy Vegeta ends up being the same. Goku Jr. was not involved as he was training with Whis to catch up in mastering Super Saiyan Blue because it took him longer to recover from the energy disorder than Goku, so he was resting while Goku and Vegeta were training to master Super Saiyan Blue.

The Goku Black Arc was vastly different from the canonical story as Goku Black works with "Vegeta Black" and even other versions of Zamasu. This ultimately resulted in fights across both the future timeline and the main timeline In Jr's world. Goku and Vegeta fused into both Vegito and Gogeta twice during that Arc in that timeline. This is where Goku Jr learned to use the spirit sword and the soul punisher techniques. A version of Goku and Vegeta black fused into Vegito Black, resulting in a Vegito vs. Vegito black fight. Vegito then managed to get the upper hand and defeat Vegito Black, killing him. The last Goku black fused with one of the Zamasus after the others were successfully sealed away by Goku, who used the Mafuba technique. After fusing with Zamasu, a mixture of the manga and anime versions of the fight with Fused Zamasu ended with Zeno erasing the Future timeline. Another significant difference was that Goku Jr convinced Future Gohan, Future Trunks, and Future Mai to stay in the main timeline and those rescued in that timeline. Resulting in a good friendship between the three of them, particularly a close brotherly bond with Future Gohan.

Unlike the original timeline, shortly after, after the baseball game, Goku hired Hit to teach Goku jr how to use the time skip. Goku Jr successfully learned it and spent the next nine months perfecting the technique. The tournament of power was also different. Two primary reasons were that it was twenty per universe instead of ten fighters. The second was that Toppo eliminated Frieza. Goku Jr was the one to fight Caulifla, Kale, and Kefla. During this, Hit was eliminated by Jiren, who had fought Goku and Vegeta on four occasions, each separately and four times together. Goku and Vegeta broke their limits in similar fashions to their Canon counterparts. Gohan lasted much longer due to his younger brother working with him. Gohan was one of the last few people eliminated and was eliminated along with Toppo, taking him out with him. Goku jr only went up to Ultra Instinct Omen when he fought Jiren. During the fight, he lost his form and was almost eliminated. Goku and Vegeta, along with 17, fought Jiren together and defeated him. Goku and Vegeta went down with Jiren. The rest played out the same way as the canon. Goku Jr and Dyspo never saw eye-to-eye after that tournament. Another character that he had developed a hatred for was Ribrianne. They somehow figured out that he was a clone and used it to torment him, calling him an abomination that should have never existed, and even if he were erased or killed, the world would still be tainted by it. Goku Jr had entered a deep depression from that. This depression got so bad that there were times when he contemplated suicide and even attempted to commit suicide. Chi-Chi saw this and stopped him, only to see that he had injured his knuckles to the point of bleeding. She asked Android 21 for help since she became a psychiatrist at that point. He's hated both Ribrianne and Dyspo ever since. Despite this, Goku Jr allowed them to be restored to their universes.

The Moro arc is similar to the manga, and Dragon Ball Super Broly happened identical to the film, except after the events of Dragon Ball Super Broly, Broly is brought to Earth along with Cheelai and Lemo. Goku Jr started school during the film's events and had no involvement. In the Moro Arc, he continued his training with Whis and started learning to tap into Ultra Instinct Omen at will. Eventually, he would join the z fighters and Galactic Patrol in the fight against Moro on Earth. Goku jr was the first person Moro actually fought and was nearly killed during the battle. Eventually, Goku and Vegeta, after struggling with Moro in their respective battles, once again worked together to defeat Moro. So far, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime events remain the same. Goku jr goes on his adventure in Universe 6 during this time, where he spent mastering his abilities; same with the Granola arc, he is training to master Ultra Instinct to the best of his ability. After that, Goku Jr trains with Goku to master it as well, eventually mastering both variants of Ultra Instinct and their omen and mastering stages. He is still learning to master True UI to use Omen of True UI effectively.
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