Optional 1X1 or Small Group.

Rated M for Mature

Looking for those willing to play OCs and Canons. Also willing to go with a not completely canon compliant story.

The following content may potentially contain adult and dark themes, such as touchy subjects like genocide, slavery, trauma, and other sensitive topics, as well as potential sexual content (Will be a private RP if sexual themes are to be present).

Also, MULTIVERSE-type Dragon Ball Story. Also, canon divergent as well. There will be drastic departures from Canon. Especially when regarding certain characters.

Set in a series of Timelines split from the original Dragon Ball continuities, reborn time and time again as younger versions of themselves, with all their memories, powers, and strengths intact, Transfered into the next life from every lifetime they live, Goku and his Friends are forced to explore worlds they thought they would never explore and encounter not only various versions of everyone they have met but also new people along the way. Some have never heard of them, some know their stories, and some know them very personally. Goku And His companions embark on a journey filled with absolute uncertainty.

In many timelines, the story of Dragon Ball is similar to the original in many ways but different in others. For example, imagine a timeline where Future Gohan survived his battle with the Androids and helped Trunks in the past, or a timeline where GT took place before the events of Super. Perhaps there is a timeline where the Heroes and Xenoverse stories are part of Super's story. Maybe there's a timeline where Goku Jr is Goku's son rather than his descendant, and the same would apply to Beat. Perhaps there is a timeline where Goku lost to Frieza or one where he became an experiment for the Red Ribbon Army. The list could go on. Different actions may lead to splits in the timeline, creating new timelines as a result, where certain events have happened differently. Trillions of people make trillions of choices every day, creating Infinite worlds. All timelines under the official Dragon Ball exist in this RP. However, these timelines remain untouched, unaltered in any way. You won't be interacting with those timelines much. Instead, you will be interacting with alternate timelines for the most part. Almost all timelines we interact with have been or will be merged with Conton City's timeline. The most powerful Gods, Good or Evil, in this RP also can merge multiple realities into one. A feat that most people are not capable of.

Original and Canon Characters are both available. If Playing an Available Canon, please try to pick a Character you are familiar with or even portrayed before. If Playing an OC, Please submit a profile of your OC. The Story will also focus on multiple perspectives. All OCS must not try to be romantic with the Original versions of Canons. Original Canons are with their canonical partners if they have one. Other versions of Canons are more secondary and are available for romance with an OC but will require chemistry.

To register, you must either a, Create a character, or b, request to play a canon. 1 player per canon, and it's first come, first serve.

All OCs require a profile, even Characters you have already created, that you want to bring into the story. Profiles MUST be submitted and APPROVED before you can play your OCS.

Both the OC profiles and Canon Requests MUST be submitted and approved in order for either type of character to be used.


Nickname (if any):

Species Variant (If applicable):


Rank/Title (if any):


Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Abilities/Skills/Transformations (if any):
Strengths and Weaknesses:

Mate/Spouse (if any):



Overall Appearance: