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Greetings and good day! I am Sergeant Aelius. I have been Role-Playing for a total of 6 years now. My first experience was as a Star Wars Role-Player. Role-Playing became a hobby as soon as I started doing it. My favorite genres of Role-Playing include post-apocalyptic, science-fiction, and fantasy. I prefer group Role-Plays, but I work just fine whenever I am doing a 1 on 1 Role-Play. I enjoy complex, lore-centered, advanced, and long post Role-Plays rather than fast-paced and short post Role-Plays. I enjoy playing video games, specifically Role-Playing Video Games, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Video Games, and story-driven shooter games. Some of these games are; Fallout, the Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, and Grand Theft Auto.
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Welcome I think we have a bit of everything you like. Feel free to browse and have fun.
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Ello, ello, ello, welcome to the chaos
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