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Hello, looking for a partner whose up for brainstorming and worldbuilding with me. My account is fairly straightforward so don't hesitate to click on it to learn my preferences and writing style.

NOTE: The plot bellow is not set in stone nor do I expect to use the scenario in our RP, it's an example of the kind of world I imagined and it's purely a showcase of my thought process.


About me section:roleplayerguild.com/users/apocalypsefan

Partner expectations:
-Lit. Match each other's length, more or less, doesn't have to be perfect.
-don't overshare about personal life until mutual trust is established
-MxM, MxF,MxA
-Has own ideas and plots to try out
-Brief but though out OC, recycled and modded OC, detailed OC. Just have an OC.
-Collaboration with partner on a home-brewed RP setting
-Playing with OCs and original NPCs
-Grammar mistakes are okay and expected in long RP's, humans aren't perfect
Partner must be 18+
(Your worth is not dictated by your age, one day you will be in the same position as I am and understand where I'm coming from)
(Do not take age requirement personally, we do not choose to age, but we choose who we associate with)​

I want to flesh out and share a world with a creative person, make plots and tales in it, make new worlds, new characters and repeat. You'll find me accommodating and always in the mood for collaboration, as I enjoy limiting my contact with people to one person or a very select few to bounce ideas off.

The plot in the spoiler bellow is what I am working on right now, it's still a work in progress and everything is subject to change. If you like my though process and writing, then I am looking forward on collaborating with you on something new or similar.

Note: I love OCs, both mine and seeing what others make. I do not like premade characters from existing stories nor playing with them (Ellie, Joel, Dexter, Homelander, Negan, Shane etc)

In 1998 a Farmer in [REDACTED] called the police due to his 10 cattle herd being found mutilated and partially eaten, officers on the scene reported that the perpetrator was a cow suffering from mad cow disease. The CPH heard of the incident and deemed it odd, launching an investigation on the cadavers found at the farm. Samples we're brought back and studied in the Canadian Public Health agency. The American's Center for Disease Control caught wind of the discovery, and in 2000 America acquired it's own sample. A special department was made in 2001 where a joint crew of CDC and CPH researchers shared knowledge to further understand the strain.

Maera-9 was the name of the prion, in honor of the head researcher Maera Winston who who first identified the prion strain and mapped out it's genetic profile in Canada. Indeed the prion shared similarities to BSE (mad cow disease) but it was discovered that the mutation potential was much higher than it's counterpart. The prion showed remarkable resistance to cold. Mainly waterborn, it was believed that the prion is moved by rain and lakes. Testing showed that the main nesting and incubation location was in mammalian brain matter, the prion remained dormant for long periods of time, lower limit being 3-6 days, upper limit still being monitored but it has been assumed that the average is 3 months. After the incubation period, the prion rapidly spreads trough the brain and into the blood supply, causing animal test subjects to disregard own self preservation instincts and regular diet in favor of aggressively seek out the nearest living organism to kill and consume. Despite subjects being mainly cows, who eat birds and squirrels only periodically to supplement it's iron diet, now they actively hunt and maul natural predators and fellow mammals. Despite the nutrition, the infected subject will leave the victims brain stem intact and move on to another victim. If the subject is starved, it will gradually waste away and enter a deep sleep. If stimulated by sound, smell, sight or touch, the subject will rapidly wake up and lumber towards the nearest food supply, or if nutrition is nowhere to be found, go back to sleep. After about a year, the subject becomes a cadaver if unable to sustain itself. Oddly enough, in the quarantine area, affected animals who we're on the verge of death seeked out water sources to drown and spread the disease.

In 1999, the farm in which the prion was first discovered was quarantined. Soon after the city of [REDACTED] was evacuated due to suspected water tampering. The disease spread to mainly larger animals with a more complicated brain anatomy, finding that smaller animals such as mice, rats and squirrels died a day after the initial infection. Dog's and wolves affected with the strain showed aggression, but day two after the incubation period the animals muscles erratically spazzed out. Unable to feed, reach water or due to neck muscles snapping the spine, medium sized subjects showed high mortality rates and deemed low risk vectors of transmission.

On June 19th 1999, an incident occurred where Harry Newman was bitten after handling an affected squirrel that was stuck in an exhaust pipe, the bite was not reported at the time for unknown reasons. 01:00 EST, the barracks was woken up by loud screaming and grunting. Harry was on top of fellow security officer Elaine Miller, who was viciously mauled, scratched and beaten by Harry. By the time fellow bunkmates and on site staff restrained and quarantined Harry, Elaine was pronounced dead due to her windpipe being bitten off, ceasing oxygen flow and inducing death mere minutes after the injury.

Harry therefore became the first human test subject, and Elaine's body was cremated. Humans affected by the Prion showed high aggression and an aversion to light. Attempts to communicate with the subject ended in failure. Communication from subject was restricted to grunts, moans and guttural screams. The muscles, much like in other animals, were spastic and erratic. Significantly hindering the subjects movement to a mere shamble. Despite the spasms, the subject showed remarkable grip strength, bending the metal bars of it's enclosure after tugging at them for more than an hour. It's bite force was also significant, measuring about the same as a coyote bite. However, this caused significant damage to the jaw and teeth, causing the subjects jaw to permanently dislocate and more than half of it's teeth to either break or fall out. Due to this dislocation, the subject was unable to eat, and on December 15th 1999 Harry was pronounced dead due to malnutrition.

In 2009, the prion was reported to originate from the sub-zero conditions of Alaska, where glaciers were found containing a similar strain. This is not able to be confirmed however, as in 2010 Canada closed it's land, air and sea borders. In 2011 Canadian president Stephen Harper was killed in the Ottawa riots.

America tried and succeeded to contain the spread from 2010 to XXXX. Unfortunately, Europe, Africa, China and the middle East did not. With it's trade routes cut off and growing civil unrest, XXXX was pronounced the year where humanity lost it's last official country.

It's the end of the world as we know it.​
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bumping for possible interest
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