In the Ye Olden Days of the Guild...

...there was a 'pet in a box' mature thread where people would post a dominant and submissive character. Submissive characters were delivered to the dominant character in a box and then the 1x1 would start. Submissive characters usually had some sort of pet trait like nekos and such. This interest check is a twist on that idea.

The Store is a place where a dominant character can either visit to pick up their 'pet' in person, or the pet can be delivered. For some pets, they are paying off debts they owe. Others had the unfortunate case of being raised within the Store. It depends on what kind of world one would like the Store set in.

I have three pets and three...let's call them owners below partner recommendations.

Needless to say, this is a mature romance interest check. Please be 21+, no jail time today. Some scenes can get a little intense, like low-core gore (ex. drawing blood). The ratio of smut to the story can vary depending on the plot we form.

You must post at a casual length (2-7 detailed paragraphs). I understand that it is hard to form ideas sometimes. Writer's block sucks, but try to give some detail to help contribute to world-building and development. Also, please have decent grammar. I'm not a freak about English being 100% correct, but it needs to make sense from a reading standpoint.

The story will be in PMs. I am not the biggest fan of threads or Discord.

There is a possibility that pairings of more taboo natures could be in play with these characters, too.

MxF or FxF pairings for your characters, please.

PM me if you are interested!