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The heroes were making quick work of the Ultron Bots. With the main Ultron being preoccupied with Vision these mere robots stood no chance against the combined might of the two Avengers teams.

The battle between Ultron and the Vision raged on. Ultron was giving it his all, but Vision was prolonging this fight for as much as he could. He knew they were on the clock, but wanted to having a lasting experience with this being that was so much like him, yet so corrupt and unwavering. Part of Vision wished that he could turn Ultron, but from what he knew of the future this one in front of him was a lost cause. Perhaps things would change if he were one day born anew. But for that to happen this one needed to die.

Vision rushed forward phasing into Ultron instead of through him. It was almost like he possessed him like a ghost. It wasn't a complete possession. Ultron was still there, but for a moment their consciousnesses connected. Ultron finally saw the hope that Vision saw, but it was too late. With his corrupt programing there's no way he'd see the light. While inside him Vision released the data from the Ultron Virus and quickly exiting his body before it could have the chance to affect his own data or existence. He watched as Ultron started to malfunction. His words broken and slurred. The infection spread immediately. Every Ultron Bot connected to the main body was falling to the floor completely depowered. Vision had won. The heroes had won. The people were safe, but there was something bothering him. It seemed too easy, yet metaphorically it was hard on his mind. He shook his head returning to the ground.

The heroes gathered together while the civilians cheered on. Though there was a good number of them calling for Tony's head for starting this mess, but because no one died or was seriously injured their voices of disapproval were drowned out by the cheers of appreciation of the saving and show they just witnessed.

Vision made his way to Nathan and Tony and began speaking once he arrived. "I hate to break up the celebration, but you must leave. The others need you in Los Angeles. I'll remain here to assist in the clean up efforts."

"Take my Quinjet." Tony said.

"Dude. We're riding in the Quinjet?" Spider-Woman asked as she landed near them. "Officially the greatest birthday ever."

The flight over to LA was smooth and fast. The Spider-Sisters joined the Young Avengers on their mission at Dani's begging. There was no way she was going to miss this. Liz and Camilla took the flight to catch Caty up on everything that had been happening since Christmas. About how they were actually Agents of SHIELD and that they've been training and helping out the Avengers on some missions. Their first field op was the Wakandan Invasion. Caty tried to hide her jealousy. Then they continued to say that overtime the two of them fell for each other. Caty told them that she figured it out and she was happy for them and that she and Karolina started dating today. Everyone was happy and took the remaining time to rest before they landed.

Meanwhile there was one Ultron Bot that didn't completely shut down with the others. Ultron transferred his consciousness to it and used it to escape. It was badly damaged and practically inoperable, but it was enough to get him on the footsteps of one Anna Maria Marconi. "I... need help."

Anna saw what had happened with the Avengers and Ultron. Maybe this was her chance of saving him and humanity. She took her phone out and called someone. "Otto come over now. I need your help."

The Quinjet landed on the beach and the team wasted no time heading for the shore. Nathan formed a barrier around them to get them down to the Gibborim ritual site. It was now time.
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Upon seeing the Gibborim in their full glory, Danny was terrified. Danny felt a chill run down his spine. The monstrous figures were a nightmarish sight. Danny’s heart pounded in his chest, he was paralyzed by fear.

Chase noticed Danny’s hesitation, and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Hey, we can do this. Remember, we’re a team.”

Danny took a deep breath, forcing himself to focus. “Yeah, you’re right. We have to stop them.”

And then Danny heard a familiar voice. “Lucky for you! Reinforcements have arrived!” Dani swung in, kicking a Gibborim in the face. Which very clearly pissed it off.

Chase raised an eyebrow at the smaller, female version of Danny standing in front of him. “Uh… who is this?”

Danny smiled underneath his mask. “This is Dani. She’s my cousin/clone. It’s a long story. I’ll explain later.” He then gave her a hug. “Good to see you again! Although, I wish it were under better circumstances…”

The others joined Dani on the scene. They were truly assembled now like a full team. Liz, Nathan, and Karolina hovered above while the ground troops remained below.

Liz was surprised by what she was seeing. She was still the newest to things like this. “Wow. Those guys are huge.”

“That just means the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Caty said ready to take these guys on so she can enjoy the rest of her birthday in peace.

Alex and Nathan thrust their arms forward. “Young Avengers! Let's kick some ass.” They said in unison as the group charged forward.

Karolina, Nathan, and Liz started off by firing beams of energy, one hitting each of the trio of giants. The blasts had some effect, but clearly weren't enough on their own.

“Don't let them blast you with anything! They're deadly!” Nathan yelled out while dodging a blast of fire.

Danny swung back into action. He launched himself towards one of the Gibborim, firing webs at its face to obscure its vision. “Come on, you big ugly, thing focus on me!” he taunted, dodging a massive swipe from the creature.

Dani joined him, using her own agility to dance around the Gibborim’s attacks. “You know, for a nightmare creature, you’re really slow!” she quipped, firing webbing at its legs to trip it up.

Chase aimed fiery blasts of energy from his fistigons at the Gibborim’s legs to destabilize them. “This doesn’t seem to be doing much!”

Nico, her Staff of One glowing brightly, chanted another spell at them. “Keep pushing! We can do this!”

Molly used her super strength to leap onto one of the Gibborim, landing a powerful punch that caused it to stagger.

Dani was in awe. “Neat! It’s nice to have someone my age in the group.”

Cloak and Dagger worked together. Dagger would throw Light knives, while Cloak would transport her out of danger whenever they tried to strike back.

Meanwhile, The Pride stood back. Too stubborn to admit they had messed up.

Alex charged forward using his gift from Nathan to his advantage. He formed a shield of energy that resembled Captain America's. He used it to parry magic blasts back from one of the Gibborim causing it to be pushed back from its own blast.

Caty launched towards the Gibborim that Alex hit with a blast and punched it in the face with all of her might to push it back even more. She swung away before he could react to her. This was going well, but not well enough. These guys seemed impossible to beat. Even their own magic barely did anything against them.

Old Lace was chomping away at their legs not staying in one spot too long so he wouldn't get stomped on before moving onto the next Gibborim.

Nathan was annoyed at Pride for just standing around and not helping. He yelled down towards them. “Are you going to sit around and let your kids clean up your mess? What kind of parents are you?”

The Pride members exchanged glances, their expressions ranging from guilt to defiance. Tina Minoru stepped forward, her eyes narrowing. “We have our reasons.” she said coldly, though there was a flicker of doubt in her eyes.

Molly, overhearing the exchange, jumped down, and stood next to Nathan. “We could really use your help right now,” she shouted. “This is bigger than all of us!”

Geoffrey Wilder clenched his fists, his eyes darting between the massive forms of the Gibborim and his son, Alex. “I didn’t sign up for this to see my son die,” he muttered, finally stepping forward.

Tina Minoru, her resolve wavering, tightened her grip on her staff. “Fine. We’ll help,” she said, her voice more resolute. “But this doesn’t mean we’re on the same side.”

Victor Stein activated his high-tech gauntlets, turning to Janet. “We do this together,” he said, and she nodded, her own gauntlets glowing with energy.

Stacey and Dale Yorkes exchanged a look, their futuristic weapons at the ready. “Let’s make sure our kids come out of this alive,” Dale said, and Stacey gave a determined nod.

Leslie and Frank Dean, their alien powers crackling around them, joined the fray with renewed determination. “For our family,” Leslie said, her eyes glowing with energy.

Alice and Robert Hayes, the telepathic and telekinetic duo, shared a brief moment of understanding. “Protect the children first,” Alice said, and Robert agreed, his focus sharpening.

As the Pride members stepped forward, the battlefield shifted. Tina raised her staff, casting a powerful spell that struck one of the Gibborim, causing it to howl in pain. Victor and Janet Stein used their advanced technology to fire beams of energy, adding to the onslaught. The other members of the Pride followed suit, their combined efforts finally making a noticeable impact.

Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder worked in perfect sync, Geoffrey’s precision shots with his energy rifle, while Catherine fought them with electrified batons. Stacey’s laser whip cracked through the air, slicing through the ethereal forms of the giants, while Dale’s plasma rifle sent explosive bursts of energy into their midst.

Leslie and Frank Dean unleashed beams of radiant energy, scorching the Gibborim and forcing them back. Alice projected illusions into their minds, creating confusion and chaos, while Robert used his telekinesis to hurl massive debris at the giants, each impact causing them to stagger.

Alex looked at Nathan saying, “Thank you.” He stayed true to his word. Even with their parents initially fighting against them he gave them the chance to make up for it. He had renewed determination. Everything would finally be okay. No doomed futures and a life of beauty and wonder for him and his friends.

Caty watched in amazement. This moment reminded her of Flint Marco and what he was doing for his daughter and how he fought back against the Sinister 5 and Osborn. She needed to check on his daughter once this was all over.

Nathan hovered in front of the group as they pushed the Gibborim back. With Pride on their side they could actually overpower them. “Everyone with energy based powers and weapons release them at me. Everything you got! I'll absorb and release it in one attack.”

They all did as he said. Liz started with her bioelectric energy shooting him with a blast that recharged his suit and then some. Karolina and her parents fired off blasts as well, her parents having augmented energy from the Gibborims and boosting it even more.

Geoffrey used everything in his energy rifle to shoot him where the others had. The Stein family released their energy beams along with Chase’s initially reluctant flames, but his parents assured him that fire was still energy. “You guys still kinda suck, but this is amazing and I'm glad we got to do it together.” Chase said having the best time since they began this Runaway adventure.

The Minoru clan blasted Nathan's suit with energy spells and Tandy finished it with a summoned sword of light that she threw into his back stabilizing all of the energy inside of his suit. Nathan felt overwhelmed with power. He never felt anything like this before. If his suit wasn't containing all of this he was sure he'd be dead by now. But he felt after this his suit might not be able to do anything like this again.

The Gibborim stepped forward preparing to counter. They looked towards their Pride. “You have truly disappointed and failed us.”

“You failed yourselves.” Iron Knight said before releasing a massive beam of energy at the Gibborim sending them all crashing to the floor and dying.

With the energy they had left they put their hands together forming a counterspell to blast them all away.

Alex's body moved on instinct and jumped in front of the group. He formed a giant barrier from his wrist that took on the force of the blast. The tech that Nathan gave him allowed him to form shields and barriers like the future Invisible Woman. Unfortunately or rather fortunately Alex was a human and wasn't able to naturally absorb these energies like her or Nathan's suit. The barrier protected everyone, but Alex absorbed energy that leaked through his barrier altering his DNA in the process. He was human, but also part Gibborim.

Alex dropped the barrier once the Gibborim and the spell faded. They had won. They really won. They saved the world. Alex fell backwards, but his father caught him. “You did good, son.”

As the dust settled and the Gibborim were finally vanquished, the atmosphere was a mix of relief and exhaustion. The Young Avengers and the Pride stood together, breathing heavily but victorious.

Chase looked around at the team, a proud smile on his face. “We did it. We actually did it.”

Danny, still catching his breath, nodded. “Yeah, we did. Together.”

Nico, her Staff of One glowing faintly, stepped forward. “This isn’t over. We still have a lot to figure out, but at least for now, we’ve won.”

Alex turned to his parents. “We need to make sure this never happens again.”

Just then, the sound of sirens pierced the air, growing louder as several police cars and S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles approached the scene. Agents and officers quickly surrounded the area, their weapons at the ready.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill stepped forward. “We received reports of a massive energy disturbance and unauthorized gatherings. What’s going on here?”

Nathan stepped forward. “We’ve stopped a catastrophic event, but these people—” he gestured towards the Pride—“are responsible for endangering countless lives. They need to be held accountable.”

Tina Minoru stepped forward, her staff lowered. “We’ll go quietly. Our children don’t deserve to pay for our mistakes.”

One by one, the members of the Pride allowed themselves to be handcuffed and led away. Geoffrey Wilder glanced back at Alex. “You did good, son. I’m proud of you.”

Alex, his emotions conflicted, simply nodded. “We’ll make sure the world is safe.”

Victor Stein looked at Chase, a hint of pride in his eyes. “Keep using your talents for good, Chase. Make something of yourself.”

Chase nodded, tears welling up in his eyes. “I will, Dad.”

As the Pride members were escorted into police vehicles, the Young Avengers gathered together, their faces a mix of relief and exhaustion. Danny looked at his friends and allies, feeling a sense of unity stronger than ever before.

The victory was bittersweet. Caty was glad that this was all over, but she felt bad for her friends. They were losing their parents. She understood what that was like with her dad. She walked over to Karolina and held her hand.

Nathan looked around at all of them. He did it. He saved the future. He wasn't disappearing though. He figured that his timeline branched off once things changed here. He wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. They were alive, but the world still had faced so much. He was just glad that they came up with the virus when they did. Even if things looked bleak in the end he trusted his family to win in the end. He'll return home to them one day, but for now his home was here. Protecting this timeline and helping his family here. “Alright everyone. Let's go home. The Quinjet awaits.”

Cloak was relieved he didn't have to transport everyone back to New York.

Caty was glad to finally be going back home and catching a break. “Finally. I love the beach, but I miss New York already.”
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It was the first day of school and for the first time in a long time Caty was pretty excited for it. It was her Senior Year and ever since her birthday everything's been pretty amazing. Her friends were staying in New York with Nathan. They had a home and it was pretty close. She and Karolina officially started dating. It's been pretty amazing and they even patrolled the city together. It became clear rather quickly that Karolina was better suited to be a daytime hero, but she still helped her at nights on some occasions. She also spent time with her son, Vision. It was still an adjustment looking to herself as a mother, let alone to a powerful android like Vision. She was still a teenager. But she loved him unconditionally. He was sweet, curious, and very smart. He was pure, but towards the end of the summer she felt a hint of sadness in him. She wanted to ask him about it, but they didn't really have the time. Vision decided to join the Avengers instead of staying with the Young Avengers. He wanted to help the world accept those like him after what happened with Ultron and found the spotlight of the Avengers to be the best place to do it. That and his powers were better equipped to serve the situations they took on. She could tell there was another reason that he wasn't sharing yet. Look at her son. Already hiding things from his mom. They grow up so fast.

There was another reason Caty was excited for the first day of school. After taking extra online classes over the winter and summer breaks she got her GPA back on track and was able to dual-enroll at ESU officially taking courses with Professor Otto Octavius. She remembered when she went to tour the campus with Danny and their dad and how he wouldn't let her sneak off to one of his lectures. He told her to be patient and here was that patience finally paying off. That felt so long ago now, but the feelings of her father still felt new. She hoped she was making him proud.

Caty closed her locker door to see a face she certainly wasn't expecting to see at her school. "Hey cutie." The person in front of her said. "I'm looking for my girlfriend. She was a cheerleader, has purple hair, and is honestly pretty hot. But not as hot as you. You wanna get out of here? But she's kind of this big superhero so she may kick your ass."

"I'm actually getting out of here early, sucks for your girlfriend. I just won the lottery and I'm pretty good in a fight. Karolina, what're you doing here?" Caty asked while embracing her.

Karolina kissed her on the lips before answering her question. "Nathan got us all enrolled here. Even Molly as a Freshman. Took a lot of tutoring to catch us all up after all the running we did. I wanted to surprise you."

Caty couldn't be happier. She was quite literally walking on air. She didn't want to say her thoughts out loud in fear that her curse would activate, but this has officially proven to be the best year ever. "Let's look at your schedule. We have the same homeroom." The two started walking off to homeroom.

Nathan watched them from afar. He was starting to get nervous. He didn't understand. If they were this in love here why didn't they end up together in the future? He was worried, but there was still some time before he and Davina were supposed to be born. He wouldn't forgive himself if he did anything to hurt her mom just so she could be born. He'd let them be happy and just watch as things progressed.

Meanwhile things between Alex and Nico really improved. His potential sacrifice to save everyone did not go unnoticed. In fact it was both the stupidest and the hottest thing Nico had ever seen. They almost conceived Jia on the Quinjet, but remembered there were two curious kids present. They spent the rest of the summer working on their relationship and trust, studying with Nathan and running tests on Alex after the battle. It was discovered that he was now part-Gibborim, but was still mostly human. His appearance stayed mostly the same. He gained more muscles and some abs and was starting to grow a beard. His afro was growing at a more rapid rate as well so he decided it was time for him to get his hair locced up. It felt better doing it here in New York than back home. It felt like a fresh new start. Alex's transformation brought he and Nico closer together. With him being able to use magic the two felt like equals, a true power couple. She taught him a lot and they took trips back to her parents' house to find any grimoires and texts to learn more together.

Another benefit of being in New York was that no one really tied them to their parents. They weren't Pride's kids. They were just the new kids and that's a title they were more than happy with. The two kissed outside of their lockers before heading to homeroom making sure to do it there instead of being that couple in front of the classroom door.

Gert was making sure that Molly was getting adjusted to school on her first day. They stood outside the Freshman Academy and Gert fixed her hair before stepping back and getting a good look at her. "Okay, remember. No powers. No telling anyone you have powers. No telling anyone about our adventures and that we're the Young Avengers. Not even if you get bullied for being a little younger."

"You don't have to worry about me, Gert. If anything it's you that needs to be careful. Lacey may not be here, but you were with the Avengers when Ultron went psycho and you didn't really have a disguise." Molly said in response. Her tutoring sessions with Nathan also helped her in situations like this.

"Please. It was chaos out there. If anything people were focusing on the dinosaur tearing apart robots, not the random girl commanding her."

Molly shook her head and placed her hand on Gert's shoulder. "You really need to have some confidence, Gert. The girl commanding the dinosaur is just as awesome as the dinosaur. Have fun today. Meet some boys, some girls, some theys. Just relax."

"When did you get so smart?" Gert asked puzzled by Molly's sudden maturity.

"Life on the run changes a person." Molly simply said before removing her hand from Gert and walking into the Academy to find her homeroom.

"Something is wrong with that kid." Gert said starting to walk off, but hit something hard causing her to fall back. She was caught by the same thing that she ran into. "Thank you?"

"You're welcome. Are you okay? I'm Victor Marconi." A tall, handsome young boy said. He was around her age.

"I'm okay. I'm Gertrude Yorkes, but everyone calls me Gert." She said catching her composure and getting a good look at him. She tried to look down to hide her blush.

Victor lifted her head up by her chin with his finger. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Gert. I'm lost. I'm looking for the principal's office. I'm new here."

"You're really lost. Fortunately for you I'm also new and so happen to know the way. Come with me. So, Marconi... Your dad some kind of mafia boss?"

The two laughed as they walked towards the principal's office together.
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Meanwhile, Chase and Danny were holding hands, navigating the hallways of their school, excited to finish their senior year together. The events of the summer had bonded them closer than ever.

Danny grinned at Chase as they headed to their lockers. “I can’t believe we’re actually seniors now. After everything we’ve been through, this feels almost…normal.”

Chase nodded, a smirk on his face. “Yeah, it’s weird. But I’m glad we’re doing this together. It’s like a fresh start.”

Danny adjusted his backpack and looked at Chase. “I think we deserve it. A little bit of normalcy can’t hurt, right?”

Then Danny heard a familiar voice. “Well well well, it looks like somebody took my advice. I knew you could do it!” The voice belonged to MJ, who was filming a video on his phone. “Do we have Midtown High’s new It couple over here?”

Danny laughed sheepishly. “Oh, hey MJ. Chase, this is MJ. MJ, this is Chase.”

MJ lowered his phone, grinning. “Nice to meet you, Chase. Danny’s told me a lot about you.”

Chase raised an eyebrow, glancing at Danny. “All good things, I hope.”

MJ chuckled. “Mostly. So, what’s the story here? Are you two officially a thing now?”

Danny blushed slightly. “Um… Well… I guess we are…”

Chase looked at Danny, surprise and amusement flickering in his eyes. “Really? I mean… Yeah, I guess we are.”

MJ’s grin widened, his phone capturing the moment. “There you have it, folks. Midtown High’s newest power couple. Congrats, you two!”

Danny couldn’t help but laugh, feeling a combination of embarrassment and happiness. “Thanks, MJ.”

MJ waved as he walked away, still recording. “You guys are going to be the talk of the school. Catch you later!”

As MJ disappeared into the crowd, Danny turned to Chase, still a bit flustered. “Sorry about that. MJ can be a bit... much sometimes.”

Chase shrugged, a playful smile on his face. “It’s all good. I guess it’s official now, huh?”

Danny nodded. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

Chase placed a hand on Danny’s shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Well, I’m looking forward to this year even more now.”

Danny smiled. “Me too. Let’s make it a great one.”

With that, they headed off to their first class, ready to face whatever challenges senior year had in store for them.
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