Echoing. Ringing. Piercing. Terrible, tragic silence as if the audio and video of a film had become desynced. Static filled his senses and the taste of metal filled his mouth. The blizzard had calmed and the ice had thawed as Fubuki stood still, frozen in place by the image in front of him. He was worn out, all of his energy spent, unable to continue fighting and yet this world seemed uncaring of his exhaustion. The winged nightmare aside, the glass he had finally managed to shatter was already attempting to reform itself, or worse. Death seemed to only stall the beasts of this plane. Torn between two reactions, fight or flight, Fubuki was paralyzed with indecision.

This is why I don't play wizards in D&D man. Getting ambushed when you're out of spell slots sucks. What do I even do in this situation? Do I have one enemy or two? I just need a moment to rest, to breathe. Where are my exit points? Is this really the best I can do? Can the other two get away on their own? If I could only have a second.

When was the last time I've been this tired? Is the rabbit kid able to move? How long have I been standing here? Why can't I feel my legs? I need some time. Can I even afford to worry about them right now? How long would it even take for me to recover after doing something like that? Is this how I die? Can I let them die in my place? Just a moment.

10 of Watchers.

Velocity. Distance over Time. Zeroed Formulas. Quantum entanglement.

The prismatic shards that were swirling together froze in midair, as if time had simply stopped for them. A golden opportunity that Fubuki was naught to waste. There was no guarantee that the shards would stay frozen nor that the angel wouldn't interfere in some way. The other two seemed unable to act as one was wracked with pain and the other frozen at the sight of the winged guest just as he was moments ago. Fubuki dashed over to the other two, panting from fatigue, lungs burning as he struggled to breathe. Even if every organ in his body decided to fail, his strength refused to give out when there was still a battle to be won. He picked up his two compatriots as gently as he could with his rigid arms without stopping and continued down the nearest hallway. He could tell his senses were dulling as his head pounded from this place's incessant buzzing.

As quickly and as far as he could go, Fubuki ran until his vision was too blurred to tell if he was even going straight anymore. Hoping that he had succeeded in putting some distance between them and danger, he looked at the wolf girl and attempted the closest thing his form could to a reassuring smile.

"Give me just a moment to catch my breath... and I'll... be able... to keep... figh-"

Fubuki passed out, no longer able to keep his body standing.