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Yes hello here I am with yet another interest check (I have too many ideas in my head). This one is another monster romance: vampire edition. But...a very soft vampire. The horror tag is mainly there because I anticipate other monsters making appearances throughout the story, which may involve moderate levels of gore. However, the focus will be on the romance aspect.

Ascelin would be called a pathetic excuse for a vampire by most of his undying brethren if any of them knew he existed at all. Surviving on animal blood and hiding in plain sight, he works as an archivist and librarian for an organization dedicated to protecting humans from monsters. He never intended to be found and never intended to trust anyone with his secret. After all, who would look for a monster in the very halls dedicated to eradicating them?

[YC] is one of the most prominent hunters in the guild. Strong, brave, and sweethearted, it's difficult not to like the man, but the fact remains that he is a hunter. Ascelin, therefore, is determined to keep a distance, but coincidental circumstances keep throwing them together again and again. Keeping the secret becomes harder with each passing of the moon, until one night, Ascelin slips up and makes a fatal mistake. But perhaps [YC] is more understanding than expected...

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Hellooooo. What were you thinking for a setting here? Earth or a secondary world? Modern or historical (or strictly fantasy)?

Cool premise

EDIT: Also, how taboo is homosexuality going to be in this setting? Would they already have gotten in trouble well before the racial dynamic? More of an egalitarian setting or (sadly) a realistic one?
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