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Hello there! I'm Ray, he/they/it. I've been roleplaying for almost a decade but my old forum has gone to hell, so I'm here looking for a new community. Happy to meet you!

I prefer 1x1 freeform stories and don't have any experience with dice-based games. I prefer multi-paragraph posts and long-term RPs, and consider myself fairly literate and competent as a writer, though, of course, that's for other people to judge.

I like adventurous, dramatic, fantasy, sci-fi, or horror stories, and almost always have plots in mind for each of these things. Platonic relationships are as important and interesting to me as romantic ones, and I find it difficult to be engaged with a romantic storyline if it isn't at all queer.

When I'm not roleplaying, I like to draw, hike, read, or watch something my friends recommend me. If we click and RP together, I'll probably draw our characters.

Hit me up if you're cool! I'll read up on this forum's etiquette and probably make a proper interest check later, but I can't wait to RP! Hope this introduction wasn't terribly tedious. Cheers!
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