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Have you ever stopped to think about Minecraft now? I mean REALLY thought. Here is this world we get dropped into, as a stranger to us as we are to it. A world that at first glance seems untouched by civilization. But the more you explore, the more you search, the more you dig... the more you realize you arent the first here, nor the only one capable of surviving.

Long abandoned mineshafts, temples to unknown deities, half buried pyramids housing the remains and treasures of long forgotten rulers. Portals to a hellish dimention with the ruined remains of long since perished builders of it's own. Dig deeper still, until the darkness is no longer content to simply gaze back and almost feels as if it could swallow you whole... the ruins of underground bunkers leading to the space between worlds, mind bogglingly massive underground cities coated in an infection that stands a silent vigil to some of the only remaining evidence of not just what came before, but before even that.

Here you stand, not in the ruins of an apocalypse, not the regrowing post apocalypse, but the FAR long since healed remains of one. The world has long forgotten and swallows up the remains, leaving behind only monsters, animals, the industrious survivors and those who would prey upon them... all having long since forgotten what their ancestor's ancestors experienced, content to raid, or to be protected by ancient golems LONG since past their capacity for recreation.

This is intended for three or four people at most with me as a sort of DM. It will include light numbers to help solidify certain story aspects about characters but will by no means be the focus.

This will not be a minecraft server, and the world and it's inhabitants are not blocky (worry not however, your favorite cubes will make an appearance in a few ways.)

Think of this as a HEAVILY themed DnD campaign of sorts. I will take liberties with certain themes and lean slightly heavier into certain fantasy elements, but I hope to retain the same feeling minecraft held for us when we first played, and that love and awe I recently rediscovered with my overthinking of the funny block game.
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Very Late, but the idea does tickle my interest.
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