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In 2034, humanity discovered a new planet very similar to Earth and in close distance. After spending 3 whole years researching it, humans deemed the planet to be safe for humans, which is why they called it New Earth. In 2038, a first group of people were send to New Earth. After 2 years, they were forced to return due to the failing technology and lack of resources. However, these people could not simply return to their previous life, since the New Earth air messed with their bodies.

Their hair and eyes changed colors. Someone got red hair and eyes, another orange, another yellow, and so on. Soon afterwards, they noticed that they also gained superpowers related to these colors. For example, the person in red gained the ability to manipulate fire. The person in purple gained the ability to create illusions and the person in pink could change how someone felt, both physically and emotionally.

Years passed by. It is currently 2071, 31 years after the people from New Earth returned home. Since scientists never stopped researching New Earth and kept on improving their technology, they sent more people to the planet, but for shorter periods of time to prevent their bodies from changing.

The leaders of this project decided that they had made enough improvements in technology and knowledge to send people there permanently. However, there are a couple of dangers on New Earth that make it unsafe for humans to live there. So in order to actually move humanity from Earth to New Earth, these dangers have to be removed. What better way to do that than with people with magical abilities?

The original group refuses to try it out, due to their age being too high. Luckily, each of them has at least one child who inherited the ability. The leaders of the project force the original group of people to send at least one of their children to their headquarters to train their ability and eventually travel to New Earth.

Some of the original travellers are eager to send their children, while others wait until the government comes to their home to take a child away. Will these children be able to gain control of their abilities? And even if they do, will they be able to work together?

[I imagine these children as being somewhere between 16 years and 28 years, so more teenagers and young adults than actual children.]
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