Like a man possessed, the boy lived up to his name and his reputation. Golden blood dripped from his wounded side, betraying his divine origins but no more than his action already had, and was about to. Strong legs pumped, he moved quickly, skirting the creature’s right flank wide to avoid the lashing tail and the clouds of dirt and grass it spewed in desperation. He ran around and then toward the stricken monster, his sword in hand, cold steel catching in the sunlight, nearly blinding. Two more steps carried him so very close, and then he lunged, force was more important than poise as he literally flung himself through the air, twisting at the torso to put all his body weight into one single sword thrust. His own momentum carried him forward and down to the earth, but a split second before that his sword should make brutal contact with his intended target, the right eye of the crocodilian beast. He meant to run it through, skewer it with metal and drive the blade through the gooey eyeball and through whatever the beast had amounting to a brain.