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British guy, twenty one years old and counting, history student/enthusiast, fond of medieval fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural fiction, but I pretty much dabble in all the nerdy things. Pretty good at Arena combat as well. Little cynical, little blunt, but mostly just interested in creating some cool stories and having fun. Catch you around, if I haven't already.

Credit to Shard, my adoring fan.

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Well it took a while but it looks like we're good to go
@MelonHead I am going to try. My my character, Hiro, is a little bullheaded. So, he is going to have to slow his pace, to win this fight.

Rilla's weakness is being shot with loads of arrows or having axes thrown at him, if you can't do either of those things, you'll have to get really creative.
I am still relatively new to this site. I joined, because a buddy of mine told me the roleplayers were of a higher qualities; along with the fighting, of course. I love what I have seen so far, and look forward to meeting more, and fighting more people.

Beat Rilla for me m8!
Seems like too many generalisations and assumptions getting thrown about. If you feel unwelcome, it's because you've let yourself feel unwelcome, or because you've decided any one or two or even three people represent the whole arena. They don't.
There were times like that?

Yeah, remember you ran this roleplay? can't remember what it was called, I killed a big chicken or something.
Yes he is, we are, we must have moar players.

Khan you should join too, we can adventure together like old times, the old times where we weren't trying to kill each other.
Sorry, but that diagram was nearly the death of me.

I am the next Picasso.
There was a subtle difference in Brennus’ jab this time as compared to his prior failed attempt. He hadn’t committed to a lunging step and thrust with his body in this instance, but had offered up only a token jab with a gathering step by feeding the pole through his left hand. In essence, it was a feinting attack, designed to draw Beatdown into another of those ludicrously fast body movements in which he turned his entire lower torso away from a thrusting spear point. Brennus hadn’t intended to thrust his spear right through the man, but rather to just barely stab six inches of steel into his gut. Which meant Brennus was indeed immune to his ‘own momentum’ because he had barely invested any, and that his opponent’s attempt at bashing away his ‘fully extended spear’ were simply thwarted.

The spear retracted lightning fast, faster than it had before as he gave the arrogant barehanded warrior a taste of the agility that had kept him alive in this arena. Then, before the man could even right himself and return to a proper stance, he’d thrust the spear before he’d even half retracted it, again by feeding the shaft through his left hand as he forced the point forward. He was looking for weakness in the man’s left side as he turned to face Brennus again, he wouldn’t be saved by a stray piece of chain or his arm in this case, the spear point would find its way into his body wherever was open when Brennus made his jab, ideally his left lung, or his liver. There was enough force in this blow to ensure ruin upon the man when he turned into the spear.

Of course, there was always the -slightest- possibility that Beatdown could simply move his entire torso out the way of the spear yet again. In that case, Brennus would be forced to step back or risk his opponent bypassing the head of his spear, as was his only realistic strategy. Brennus hadn’t made it this long by fighting like a fucking idiot, after all, honour and manliness were simply the pathetic excuses of the dead and dying in the arena sand. Brennus didn’t have the luxury of all that much belief that he’d get another chance but this one to live, and he certainly wasn’t going to rush to find out by disregarding the most fundamental concepts of combat now.
I'll just continue anyway, I can see we're at odds about the spear's movements and as your character apparently has no genitals the damage would simply be shrugged off as another flesh wound regardless.

As you can see from this crudely drawn diagram, when the spear was initially stopped by the chain-link so sufficiently that there wasn't even enough of the point remaining to even pierce Beatdown's skin, there was still a significant width of blade behind the chainlink, as is altogether common with a spear. When the spear was subsequently lifted up with no small amount of force and retracted, the widest part of the blade would be set against Beatdown's groin as it cut upwards, the angle would further diminish any protection the chainlink could provide.

My diagram is shit, but the shaft of the spear would be angled downwards, as would the point, as Brennus aimed for a lower target. Hence when he retracted his spear, that same angle would be used in reverse, ensuring the width of his blade cut Beatdown before the chainlink played any part.

Addendum: The spearhead is actually a leafblade, I just painted it like a triangle because it was easier.
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