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British guy, twenty one years old and counting, history student/enthusiast, fond of medieval fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural fiction, but I pretty much dabble in all the nerdy things. Pretty good at Arena combat as well. Little cynical, little blunt, but mostly just interested in creating some cool stories and having fun. Catch you around, if I haven't already.

Credit to Shard, my adoring fan.

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Sorry Rilla, I feel like I haven't helped the situation much, I'm really not writing at the moment for some reason.
Join this RP, and you too will have stories to tell of slaying giant chickens.
Well, I'm eager to kill more giant chickens, so count me in.
Well it took a while but it looks like we're good to go
@MelonHead I am going to try. My my character, Hiro, is a little bullheaded. So, he is going to have to slow his pace, to win this fight.

Rilla's weakness is being shot with loads of arrows or having axes thrown at him, if you can't do either of those things, you'll have to get really creative.
I am still relatively new to this site. I joined, because a buddy of mine told me the roleplayers were of a higher qualities; along with the fighting, of course. I love what I have seen so far, and look forward to meeting more, and fighting more people.

Beat Rilla for me m8!
Seems like too many generalisations and assumptions getting thrown about. If you feel unwelcome, it's because you've let yourself feel unwelcome, or because you've decided any one or two or even three people represent the whole arena. They don't.
There were times like that?

Yeah, remember you ran this roleplay? can't remember what it was called, I killed a big chicken or something.
Yes he is, we are, we must have moar players.

Khan you should join too, we can adventure together like old times, the old times where we weren't trying to kill each other.
Sorry, but that diagram was nearly the death of me.

I am the next Picasso.
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