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British guy, twenty one years old and counting, history student/enthusiast, fond of medieval fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural fiction, but I pretty much dabble in all the nerdy things. Pretty good at Arena combat as well. Little cynical, little blunt, but mostly just interested in creating some cool stories and having fun. Catch you around, if I haven't already.

Credit to Shard, my adoring fan.

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The thing was, the head of the spear was wider than the link of the chain, hence why it got stuck in the first place. The edge of the spear’s point was sticking out past the chain’s width and could still cut the man, even as Brennus drew back and dragged it along his groin, stepping backwards to hasten its retraction. So, while the chain did indeed reduce the damage he could have taken, it would not negate it entirely.

Not that it mattered, doing damage while retracting his spear was ultimately just a fortunate happenstance for Brennus. In truth, he simply wanted to free his weapon of the obstruction, and did so, withdrawing the point so it hovered between the two of them. Now should the man remain stationary he was just in time for his backstep to lead into another sudden forward gathering step. The point of his spear was placed nicely for another gut shot, so he thrust his back hand forward to shoot the shaft through his lead hand, with the intention of putting six inches of steel into the man’s lower abdomen. If the man instead moved towards him, he could thrust from where he was standing after his backstep with the exact same result. He aimed a couple inches off to the man’s right side in either case, as he was striking from his own right.
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Brennus had taken the chain into account, which was why he thrust for the inner thigh rather than the leg proper, but by a twist of fate (and the chain) his spear had jammed itself between one of the wide links. The chain would still slam into the inside of the man’s leg, but apparently not enough of the point had breached the link to cut into his body. Unfortunate, but it meant retrieving the spear would be no difficult task, it wasn’t wedged if it wasn’t poking out the other side. Brennus quickly moved into his next attack, as the chained spear point bounced off the man’s leg it would thrust between both legs, and Brennus knew that a spear could still be dangerous going out again.

Straightening his body, Brennus lifted the spear quickly with his lead hand, as he retracted with a forceful draw cut aimed at the man’s groin. The spear point would of course free itself from the chain as it pulled backwards, and the side of the blade would pose a credible threat in the form of cutting open the man’s nether region. Bleeding out from such a wound was not uncommon, but more importantly, what man wanted his dick cut open by a spear? To accommodate this movement, he’d have to make another of those gathering steps in reverse, but a bunching in his thigh suggested he was ready to rush back in again once his spear point was again in his control.
An arrow flying at 3400 meters per second through the air is a rather dangerous thing. The only thing that might make it more dangerous, was if one were to spew fire everywhere and cause smoke and dust to cloud their surroundings. Because an arrow you have no hope of even seeing is a very, very, dangerous thing.

The twang of his bowstring was exceedingly loud, but it would serve as no warning to the firemancer, because this arrow was flying far faster than the speed of sound. In fact, it would take the arrow 0.03 seconds to cover the three hundred feet separating them, and Thomas could see his enemy clearly through smoke, fire, and whatever other impediments he sought to set against him due to his demon sight. He’d aimed dead centre, having no reason to account for the man’s movements due to the speed of his projectile, so the arrow would slam into his foe’s chest from a little off to the left.

Forged in hellfire themselves, Thomas’ arrows were resilient to the heat and fire around them as much as they were resistant to any outside magic. But frankly, the likelihood of his foe having the capacity to even recognise he was about to be shot was pretty negligible. The only likely consequence was his arrow impacting the chest armour of the fire user, testing its durability against the head of his arrow. However, the man’s problems were not to end there, as the arrow was a shatterhead. Upon impact, it would explode, releasing the force of point blank buckshot from a shotgun directly into the man’s chest, along with spewing copious amounts of demonic blood with an acidic quality into the wound. If that were to happen, his fate was already sealed.

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Yeah I'll judge for you if you want, and everyone else is happy with me doing so.
Anna leaned her head in uncomfortably close to Xaih, she smelled faintly of sea-salt, and damp.

“I ask because you should be afraid, Xaih. Fear isn’t just a tool to be used against people, it’s something we all have inside ourselves, use it.” The strange mentor gave the room a quick glance. “Be afraid to die, be afraid of what these people can do, the moment you are certain of anything is the moment you will lose. There are worse things than death, but not many.” Anna’s look was far away, staring right through the girl she spoke with. “Let them be brash and confident in their abilities, and then remind them that life is cruel but you’ll do anything to keep it.” It was odd advice, but perhaps that was simply the only sort of advice one such as Anna could give.

“And remember, water gives life, but in an instant, it may take it.” She raised one eyebrow, and then patted the girl’s arm. Her fingers were cold to the touch.


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Battle Roygal! Let's go!
The chained man backed away, finally showing some degree of caution towards the point of the spear that had cut him twice already. Brennus was starting to wonder if the man gave a whit about his own life, and then his mind shot back to the strange arrival of his enemy in chains. If he was the slave of some horrific creature of the underworld he was likely a plaything, tortured and defiled constantly by those terrible powers. What a pitiful creature he must be. Brennus now sought to kill him to put him out of his misery. At which point he began to babble in a language the Iceni was not familiar with.

“Dicere sensus!” Brennus barked at him in his bastardised Latin, expecting him to at least speak the language of the civilised world, like the burning, ghostly, figure up above.

Without further ado, Brennus made quick gathering step towards his foe, drawing first his back-foot level with his front, before stepping forward with his lead left. He would repeat this step to bring himself within seven feet of his enemy, continuing to pursue the man for a few steps at least if he sought to maintain distance between them. At the moment he reached this optimum thrusting range, Brennus would stop endlessly pivoting his spear and jab slightly forward towards the man’s upper torso, before revealing that he was not fully committed to the strike, retracting, and instead thrusting at his right inner thigh.
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