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Someone needs to tidy this place up...

T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S:

O R I G I N A L S E T T I N G S:

F A N D O M S E T T I N G S:

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"Is he a man, a mutant or something else?"
"A creature of the night."


| N A M E: |
Bruce Thomas Wayne aka The Batman
Gotham's Dark Knight
The Caped Crusader

| A L I G N M E N T: |
Chaotic Good

| A F F I L I A T I O N: |
The Justice League (Formerly/Temporarily)
The Chaste (Formerly)

| H I S T O R Y: |
1978-1983 | Born into one of Gotham's most influential and wealthiest family's, Bruce Thomas Wayne grew up living an entitled life. His father, Thomas Wayne was the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, a military defense contractor that included dozens of umbrella companies involved in all sectors of the economy both in Gotham City and around the world. This included Thomas' personal pride and joy, Wayne Healthcare.

Bruce's mother, Martha on the other hand spent her days fighting against the abuse of Gotham's children and against the trafficking of children around the globe. In her youth, Martha had a reputation as a notorious party girl, socialite, and debutante, frequenting all the most prestigious country clubs, night clubs, and soirees. Upon meeting Thomas Wayne however, Martha developed a social conscience and often used her family's wealth and status to champion causes and charities.

As such Martha headed a covert detection agency with help from a young officer James Gordon and the family butler Jarvis Pennyworth until his untimely death in 1984. Their goals were to stem abuse against children, in the hopes that those children would not grow up to turn into abusers and criminals themselves.

1984-1985 | With the death of his father Jarvis, retired MI-6 Operative turned stage actor, Alfred Thaddeus Pennyworth is summoned to the Wayne Family Estate as it was his father's will he would serve the Waynes as his replacement. While originally reluctant, Alfred complied with his father's wishes and left London for Gotham. Arriving at Wayne Manor, Alfred was accepted by Thomas and Martha with open arms but clashed repetitively with the family's young heir.

1986-1991 | At the age of eight, Bruce Wayne watched his parents murdered before his eyes. Thomas and Martha Wayne were walking home from the Monarch Theater one night with their son, when they were held up at gunpoint by a mugger who demanded the pearl necklace that Martha was wearing. When Dr. Wayne refused to surrender it, both he and Martha were shot dead in the streets.

The death of his parents traumatized the young Bruce Wayne. Taken back to the Gotham City Police Station by Officer James Gordon, Bruce was put in the care of one of the late Thomas' associates, physician and social worker Leslie Thompkins. Providing loving comfort to the traumatized Bruce, Leslie advised Gotham's child services to put Bruce in the care of Alfred Pennyworth despite the protests of the young Wayne.

Despite a rocky beginning, Alfred and Bruce eventually learned to understand each other. The former military man eventually began to get through to the spoiled boy and Alfred and Bruce began to bond. When Bruce was bullied at school, Alfred would be the one to tend to his wounds. Alfred taught Bruce how to throw his first punch and how to stand up for himself. By the time Bruce had graduated into secondary school, Alfred had changed the spoiled boy into budding young man more than willing to take care of himself.

But no matter how much Alfred forged the boy into a man he could not extinguish the fire that burned for justice. After witnessing the murder, Bruce swore revenge on criminals, an oath tempered by a strong sense of justice. Hardened by the death of his parents, Bruce devised a crusade on crime believing that Alfred could help him become a force for change.

1992-1995 | Despite his insistence that he be home-schooled, Alfred denied Bruce's whims and ensured he stayed enrolled in the prestigious Excelsior Academy his parents had intended him to learn at. His classmates at Excelsior were among some of the most gifted young minds in North America and the class was filled with numerous individuals who would go on to change the world. These individuals included the likes of Alexander Luthor, Anthony Stark and Oliver Queen1. It was here at Excelsior that Bruce developed a close friendship with a fellow Gotham heir by the name of Thomas Elliot. Bruce's rival in every way, Thomas excelled at strategic thinking and always seemed to be two steps ahead of Bruce.

During his late teens, Bruce took an interest in the occult, demonology and necromancy having known of such mystic arts due to his father's friendship with Giovanni Zatara. Searching Gotham for another with this interest, Bruce eventually discovered Jason Blood. However upon finding out Blood's true nature and his cursed existance, Bruce decided to abandon his quest to resurrect his parents or imbue himself with otherworldly powers. Deciding to leave Gotham, Bruce bid Alfred goodbye and headed out on his own.

1996-2011| At the age of eighteen, Bruce departed Gotham travelling the world in order to learn the skills necessary to start a war with the criminals of Gotham. Alfred put Bruce in contact with an old MI-6 Operative by the name of Sir Denis Nayland Smith. While Smith had retired he directed Bruce to Hong Kong putting the young billionaire in contact with Shang Chi.

For the next fifteen years, Bruce backpacked across the globe learning anything and everything he could from various masters and specialists. After leaving Hong Kong, Bruce continued to travel across Asia eventually encountering an enigmatic blind man known solely by the name of Stick. Like Shang Chi, Stick was a master martial artist, unlike Shang Chi, Stick was robbed of his sight. Teaching Bruce how to fight without his eyes, Stick taught Bruce how to enhance his senses and see the world through more than just his eyes.

Continuing East, Bruce hunted down humors of a legacy of hunters who were near perfect trackers. Eventually finding the home of the Kravinoff family, Bruce observed them and eventually gained their trust going on numerous hunts with them. Bruce discovered the secret to their abilities was in fact a concoction made with local herbs. This concoction prolonged the user's lifespan while enhancing both the body and the senses.

Departing Russia, Bruce made his way South in Europe where he made his way to the Italian home of one of his father's associates. As a boy, Bruce remembered being amused by the parlor tricks of Giovanni Zatara but after the deaths of Martha and Thomas, Giovanni departed Gotham. Moving to Europe, Zatara had met and wed Sindella, who gave birth to their daughter, Zatanna. However leaving Gotham had not allowed Zatara to escape further tragedy as Sindella died after giving birth to Zatanna. This led Zatar into a downward spiral as he become a depressed drunk.

Things changed for the better in Zatara's life when a Bruce Wayne arrived, requesting Zatara to teach him to become an escape artist and illusionist. While it was a struggle, the combined efforts of Bruce and Zatanna eventually led to Zatara agreeing to teach his skills to Bruce while he battling with his own alcoholism. By the time Bruce departed Italy, Giovanni had been sober for nearly six months.

Continuing South, Bruce found himself recruited into a band of mercenaries in Egpyt. It was here he learned the tactics of guerrilla warfare as Bruce was taught how to strike back against insurgent forces. During one penultimate firefight, Bruce and his allies found themselves ambushed leading to Bruce taking a bullet for his associate Marc Spector. The two forged a friendship as they survived the ambush and helped patched one another up while Marc headed further into Egypt and Bruce made his way to Wakanda.

In Wakanda, Bruce honed his hunter skills, learning to track in ways the Kravinoff's hadn't been able to show him. It was also hear that Bruce discovered the mysterious metal known as vibranium. Learning about the properties of the metal, Bruce would years later incorporate the precious metal into his Batsuit armor and weapons.

Leaving Africa behind, Bruce made his way to Brazil where he learned to handle a wide variety of automobiles and motorcycles on the narrow and treacherous roads around Rio de Janeiro. It took a few years for Bruce to be able to handle any vehicle as he constantly modded, wrecked and rebuilt cars each passing day. Entering into the underground racing scene, Bruce eventually departed after hand delivering the organization heads to the police.

From Brazil, Bruce found his way onto Blackhawk Island. Enlisting help from the retired Blackhawks who still resided there, Bruce sought them out in order to learn how to handle aircraft. As some of the world's finest pilots, Bruce sought their instruction and experience. They in turn put him to work repairing the older vehicles in the hanger believing Bruce would not be ready to fly until he knew the place from the inside out. Upon mastering the art of flying, Bruce contacted Alfred and arranged his return to Gotham.

2012 | Returning to Gotham after fifteen years, Bruce began his crusade against the criminal underworld. Shot on his first outing, Alfred demanded that Bruce not take on the underworld single-handedly, instead encouraging Bruce to follow in his parent's footsteps. Due to his injuries, Bruce reluctantly succumbed to Alfred's request and turned his attention to the family company. Taking the reigns of Wayne Enterprises back, Bruce begins to take a page out of his mother's playbook and invests in Gotham developing jobs for the unemployed and seeing that the underprivileged are able to gain education.

His actions lead to Bruce becoming a target promptly Alfred to hire Bruce a protector in the form of Sasha Bordeaux.

2013 | After nearly a year of charity work and pushing Wayne Enterprises, crime has yet to recede in Gotham leaving a very devastated Bruce Wayne. Drunkenly stumbling into his father's study one night, Bruce found himself staring out the window defeated when a bat smashed through the glass. Seeing the Bat as a sign from his father beyond the grave, Bruce swore that he would become a Bat. Realizing that fear was his best weapon, Bruce fashioned a costume that would take him from man into a hellish monster in the eyes of the superstitious and cowardly criminal underworld.

2014 | Working in secret with Alfred and Lucius Fox, Bruce develops the Batsuit and rapidly expands his armory taking a new brutal brand of justice to the streets of Gotham. These develops include an improved 'Batsuit', a 'Batmobile' and eventually an aerial vehicle known as the 'Batwing'.

While working with the alien known as Superman, Bruce realized that he was a man among gods. Consulting with Lucius, the two devised a secondary Batsuit that would allow Bruce to work with his more gifted colleagues on an even footing. However under advice from Alfred, Bruce avoided using the suit in Gotham in order to not rely on it as a crutch or to incite escalation from his foes.

2015 | Having gained the attention of the largest crime families in Gotham, a hit is put on the Batman's head bringing the assassin's Deathstroke and Elektra1 to Gotham.

At the request of Superman, Bruce commissions Lucius to help him design a suit capable of taking on the Man of Steel himself should the alien ever go rogue. The suit was further designed to be able to take on some of the world's other mythic foes including the Amazon Wonder Woman, and the Norse God Thor.

2016 | Having become a thorn in the criminal underworld's side for nearly five years, a hit has been put out on the Batman's head. Fifty million for him dead, a hundred million for him alive.

1 Pending the permissions of those players

| S U P P O R T I N G C A S T: |
Alfred Pennyworth:
Bruce's loyal butler, father figure and confident. Former MI-6 Operative and Actor.

Alfred's loyal German Shepard. Given to Alfred as a puppy during his training with MI-6.

Sasha Bordeaux:
Bruce Wayne's bodyguard at the behest of Alfred. Originally Bruce believed that Alfred was trying to set him up with the lovely Miss Bordeaux until she revealed herself to be his new protector. Bruce often ditches Sasha in order to suit up as the Batman.

Zatanna Zatara:
A former flame of Bruce Wayne's, Zatanna and Bruce enjoyed a brief but intense romantic relationship while Bruce trained under her father in Italy. After departing Italy, Bruce and Zatanna fell out of contact but she still holds a place in his heart.

Lucius Fox:
The Chairman and former head of Research and Development at Wayne Enterprises. Lucius is also a confident of Bruce Wayne, although he refuses to acknowledge that he's away of the Billionaire Playboy's nightly activities. Lucius is the mastermind behind most of the Batman's equipment and tools.

| N O T A B L E D I F F E R E N C E S: |
This Batman has nothing to prove by simply being a man. When in the company of Superhumans, Bruce does not shy away from utilizing more high tech batsuits akin to the 'Batman Beyond'/Batwing suit. Additionally he possesses bigger and more powerful 'Kryptonian Buster' Suits akin to the one used during the 'Night of Owls' and 'Endgame' arcs for taking on foes like the Hulk and Superman himself if the need should arise.

Batman has never been a member of the League of Shadows, as mentioned in his history, Bruce did travel the world to learn his numerous skills but he never joined the League merely training under various master martial artists.

Due to ingesting a similar concoction as Kraven the Hunter, Bruce ages at a slower rate and has an enhanced physical condition beyond those provided by his rigorous training regime.

| M I S C. N O T E S: |
The standard Batsuit is a technological marvel that almost rivals the Iron Man Suit. Bruce's Batsuit can augment his strength by a factor of two, containing Vibranium in the gauntlets and boots in order to minimize harm and increase striking power. The cape is fire retardant and goes rigid to allow for gliding when passed with an electrical current. The Bat's boots contain Stark repulsor technology to boost Bruce's jumping abilities and aid his grapple guns. The grapple guns are mounted in the gauntlets and use OsCorp fluid wire technology that is also seen in the Spider-Man's webshooters.

| S T O R Y L I N E S: |
'One Night To Kill The Bat!'
Having made numerous enemies in Gotham and gained a reputation, an anonymous benefactor has issued a reward for the head of the Batman. Fifty Million for the Bat dead, a hundred million for him alive.

| S A M P L E: |
~I'm sure I will need to write one of these~

| R E F E R E N C E S: |
1. 'Fun On The Bleachers' - Mavericks: Valiant Heroics
2. 'Don't Forget The Eggs' - Maximum Comics: Dawn of Justice
3. '12% Of A Plan' - Maximum Comics: Dawn of Justice
4. 'A Knight in Blüdhaven' - DC Universe: Gods Among Us
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"I got lightning running through my veins, Ain't nobody gonna stop this train, So hop on board, or get out the way!"

Bartholomew Henry 'Barry' Allen
The Fastest Man Alive
The Scarlet Speedster
The Crimson Comet
The Blur
The Streak
The Flash

1989-2000 | LEARN TO BREATHE:
"Being a hero isn't always about how fast you can run, it's about helping however you can, wherever you're needed most."
-Nora Allen

Born October 8th to loving parents Henry and Nora Allen, Bartholomew Allen was born two weeks late in the small midwestern town of Fallville, Iowa. The lateness of Barry's birth only foreshadowed his bad habit of always being late. Not long after his birth, Henry was offered an esteemed position at the Central City Hospital prompting the family to move from their farm into the city.

During Barry's childhood, the relationship between Nora and Henry wasn't going well. It was during this time that Barry found himself retreating from the world and immersing himself in numerous books both fictional and non-fictional. In this retreat, he took refuge in the pages of a comic-book called 'The Flash'. The Flash was a man named Jay Garrick, a scientist by day and a superhero by night.

Thanks to Jay Garrick's adventures, Barry loved science from an early age, specifically chemistry. He won first place in the Fallville County Fair Agricultural Competition, which would encourage him to continue his academic skills. Despite this, Barry's mother Nora was struggling to encourage him, her relationship with Henry wasn't going well since moving to Central City. Struggling to find substantial work, Nora ended up working double shifts at a local diner and had decided to try to get a divorce from Henry.

At the age of eleven, Barry had decided to participate in a spelling bee at the school. It was on this same day that Henry received the divorce papers on the day of the spelling bee, and because Nora had to work, he seethed and took Barry to school. When Nora returned from work, she was happy to see that her son had won the competition, but she was obligated to speak to Henry about their relationship, and so Barry was sent to bed early. Awoke in the middle of a bad thunderstorm, Barry rubbed his eye and made his way downstairs to get a glass of water. However upon entering the kitchen, Barry was shocked to witness his mother murdered as the room filled with lightning.

Suddenly knocked from the room, Barry found himself on the front yard before regaining his senses and running back inside. Returning to the kitchen, Barry found his father cradling Nora as he sobbed over her dead body as neighbour and police officer Joseph West entered the room. Escorting Barry outside of the room, Barry was left to sit outside on the porch until Joe returned. Barry's father had been placed under arrest, despite the overwhelming evidence, he continued to profess his innocence.

2001-2008 | MOVE:
"Well, he may not have his mother, but he's got two amazing fathers. Seemed like he needed both."
-Iris West

With the murder of his mother and his father imprisoned for the crime, Barry was taken in by Joseph West. Having been close friends with the Allens since they moved to Central City, and with no other family in the area the Wests didn't want to see Barry get taken away. Growing up in the West house hold took quite a bit of adjusting to for Barry especially since he was now living under the same roof as his child hold crush and eventual first love, Iris West.

Iris and Barry were fast friends from the time they met on the playground and quickly became best friends as children. Unbeknownst to Iris however, Barry had quickly developed a crush on Iris and as such, living with her as a sister was very awkward for the young boy.

Growing up under Joe, Barry originally would fight with his new foster parent due to Joe not letting Barry see his father, however Henry had asked Joe to not let his son see him. Not knowing this, Barry kept trying to run away to see his father at Iron Heights, and he was caught and stopped by Joe every time; at one point, Barry called him out for it, telling him that he wasn't his father and that he hated him. Eventually, Barry finally reached Iron Heights before Joe could stop him, and he finally came face to face with his father. Henry told him that he simply did not want Barry to see him in prison. Despite this, Barry begged for his father's release, insisting that the man in the lightning was who killed his mother, not Henry. Henry told him that he couldn't help him and asked that he be a good boy while Joe raised him. Henry was promptly taken away.

In school Barry was relentlessly bullied by another boy named Tony Woodward. Joe noticed this and had Barry spar with Iris who easily beat him. Joe then told Barry that if he ever got into a fight he couldn't win that it was okay to run the other way.

Growing closer with Joe, Barry began to take an interest in Joe's career as the former officer was promoted to detective. Having learned from Joe that the search for evidence in that case would inevitably lead to the truth, Barry became a forensic scientist. For years, he visited Henry in prison, promising to look over all of the evidence of his mother's murder case until he found a way to prove his father's innocence.

In high school, Barry had a reputation for being slow and easy-going. On his first date, he went to a carnival. His date had wanted to put a little motion in his life, and they went on the roller-coaster first thing. Because of this, he developed a fear of roller-coasters, a fear that he didn't get rid of until much later in his life. High school was a difficult time for Barry, as both he and Iris developed, they drifted apart. Upon graduation Barry accepted a full scholarship to Midwestern University in Keystone City.

2009-2011 | BE SOMEBODY:
"Barry is the kind of man that I would've hoped to become if my parents hadn't been murdered."
- Bruce Wayne, the Batman

Attending Midwestern University, Barry graduated in three years with a major in organic chemistry and a minor in criminology. During this time, he kept his own private investigation into his mother's murder, visiting his father every chance he had. While a senior, Barry helped the authorities apprehend a bank robber, and he was offered a job as a police scientist for the Central City Police Department Special Investigations Unit. Eager to use his skills and knowledge to help people, Barry accepted the offer.

After years of coming back, and failing to find any proof, Henry broke down and admitted that he had committed the crime. The shock of realizing that all of his efforts had been for nothing depressed Barry. On the night of a storm, Barry angrily tore his lab apart. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning crashed through his lab's window, and struck him in the chest, causing him to drop the chemical vials he was carrying, and douse himself.

After a long comatose period, Barry woke dazed and confused but none the less checked himself out of the hospital. Deciding to return home, Barry called for a taxi as he normally would. However, the taxi started to pull away without noticing him. Barry sprinted after it, only to run straight past it as if it had been standing still. He decided to sit down and recollect his thoughts at a diner. A passing waitress accidentally spilled the items of her tray onto Barry, who amazingly caught them all in mid-air and returns them to the tray. The next day, Barry saved Joe from a stray bullet. There was no question about it: the accident had somehow given Barry superhuman speed.

Inspired by his foster father Joe and the examples of other superheroes, Barry decided to take on a symbol for himself, and decided to use his powers to help humanity. Designing a special costume, Barry used a special cold cast polyester he developed in college, which could be molded into miniature outfits from liquid material, that, when submersed in a special liquid, became sensitive to hydrogen, expanding on contact with the hydrogen in the air. A charge from a battery-powered ring he wore on his finger caused the fabric to release the extra hydrogen and shrink into the ring. He later revised the process, making the fabric sensitive to nitrogen instead. He called himself the Flash, a tribute to his childhood idol. He briefly considered wearing a costume that would show his face, like Jay had, but decided that it would be best to wear a mask to conceal his true identity.

Barry's first meeting with his future Justice League team members happened while responding to a call from Superman. Running to Metropolis, Barry joined the fight against the alien known as BRAINIAC. With the outcome of the battle being in favour of the heroes, they decided to join forces and the Justice League was founded from that day forth.

2012-2014 | E FOR EXTINCTION:
"You know what they say, live fast, die young."
-Captain Cold

As the Guardian of Central City, Barry began to attract the attention of the numerous villains who would plague the city. During his first year as the Flash, Barry tangled with criminal known by the likes of Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Captain Boomerang, Weather Wizard and the Trickster. Sending each of these felons to hopefully rot in Iron Heights Prison, Barry unfortunately brought them together as they bonded over the one thing they all had in common; a hatred for the Flash. Unfortunately for Barry, Captain Cold had a sister who had dubbed herself the Golden Glider. Joining forces with two new players known as Mirror Master and the Pied Piper, the Golden Glider managed to break out the other felons. Joining forces, the felons branded themselves as the Rogues and sought to bring chaos to Central City.

Overwhelmed and outgunned, Barry was nearly killed as he charged headlong into the combined forces of his greatest enemies. Forced to retreat, Barry realized he couldn't just rely on his powers to beat every foe. Instead he began to think and eventually realized that the relationship between the Rogues was built only on a selfish desire to see him dead. Breaking the team apart, Barry was eventually able to pick them out one by one. Having outed himself to Joe and Iris, Barry convinced Joe to have the Rogues imprisoned separately in maximum security to avoid any further communication.

"Ever since the big man fell at the hands of that monster, I can't help but be reminded of our own mortality, of how limited our time here is in the grand scheme of things. It's made me realize that we should spend every moment we can surrounded by our friends and the ones we love. To treasure them and remind them every day just how special they are. On that note, Iris West, will you marry me?"
-Barry Allen, New Years Eve 2015

While new threats seemed to appear constantly, there was nothing that could have prepared Barry for the arrival of Doomsday. Tossed aside by the beast during the Justice League's first run at the monster, Barry was powerless to stop the ensuing death of Superman. Resolving to better himself as a hero and make time for those he treasures, Barry proposes to Iris who immediately says yes. Now dealing with the fallout of Superman's death and making plans for his pending nuptials, Barry has to balance his life as a hero more than ever.

The Speed Force is a vaguely defined extra-dimensional energy force from which most superspeed-powered heroes draw their powers. The Speed Force serves as the ultimate measure of velocity. Velocity is often referred to in terms of barriers: Sound barrier, Light barrier, Time Barrier, Dimensional Barrier, and finally the Speed Force Barrier. Barry Allen is the very source and creator of the Speed Force,and generates it with every step he takes. For this very reason, he is unaffected if any other speedster tries to steal or drain his speed. Barry Allen is the fastest of the Flashes, and is arguably one of, the fastest beings to have ever existed. He is currently fast enough to easily break all of the barriers and even enter the Speed Force itself, and is one of the few people to have ever escaped from it. He does not often go beyond Mach 10, as speeds above that level are catastrophic to the environment. To this extent, Barry can most likely reach any speed he can imagine, and more.

Speed Force conduits have one main ability above all else. Conduits are connected to the barrier and accumulation of all Speed known in their universe. These characters immediately understand how to run at superhuman speeds and their bodies instinctively understand how to react at high-speed situations. Older speedsters have a reduced but maxed speed of 770mph which is just below sonic booms allowing them to react to situations without causing civilians undo stress. Speedsters in their prime can travel at much faster speeds such as the max level of recorded aided speed on Earth and even reach the speed of light with enough willpower. It is possible for conduits to travel much faster than the speed of light however such levels require an incredible amount of stress. Speedsters unaccustomed to their max level of speeds may detach themselves from the Speed Force or even become part of the Speed Force by accident.

Barry is incredibly agile, able to change direction immediately. This allows him to make sharp turns on city streets without sliding or losing his balance, and helps him leap farther and higher while running.

Barry's increased speed also augments his reaction time, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than a normal human. When shot in the neck on his blindside, Barry was able to catch the bullet and minimize the damage before it could fully penetrate his skin.

Barry's body can handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress, and his body's enhanced stamina allows him to function much longer than a normal human without getting tired or weak. Barry is able to recover from attacks and exertion much quicker than normal humans. While his durability is no greater than before, he has been able to withstand being struck with Weather Wizard's lightning, with him only being stunned for several minutes, as well as only being stunned by Grodd's strength.

Barry's speed also extends to his senses and mental capacities, able to take in information and process it just as fast. This allows Barry to see the world as if it is in slow motion, which combined with his physical speed lets him think, perform actions, react to events, long before a normal human around him could even perceive them.

Barry has dramatically heightened healing capacities. This is caused by his body's molecules moving at accelerated rates, causing the chemical reactions responsible for metabolism to mend and even restore any damages much quicker and efficiently than regular humans. His body can heal itself in hours or days with little to no treatment or therapy. After breaking his wrist while testing his new-found speed, Barry made a full recovery within three hours with no lingering effects or even signs of it having happened. Even normally permanent damage to his body, like becoming a paraplegic, will completely repair itself within days. His body also has a heightened resistance, if not immunity, to any sickness, disease, toxins, and poisons. Normal drinking does not affect him consuming a special 500 proof alcohol only intoxicated for a few seconds. Similarly, when injected him with 2,000 milligrams of horse tranquilizer, Barry was only momentarily slowed down until he burned through it. Further testing of Barry's body has speculated that this augmented metabolism is drastically reducing his aging process while likewise extending his health and longevity.

Barry has the ability to vibrate some or all of his cells and overall parts of his body on command for various effects. His bodily control can vibrate his entire body to mask his form from others clearly perceiving it and distort his vocal cords to disguise his voice. Similar, he can vibrate his cells fast enough to forcibly expel any toxins that do manage to affect him. He can vibrate at varying frequencies and with different levels of force, allowing him to create small tremor-like effects on any object or person he touches. Later learning how to vibrate all the cells in his body at the same frequency as air, Barry can allow himself to seamlessly pass through any solid target unfazed. His can also choose which matter he phases together with him as he phased Iris and Joe both in and out of moving vehicles.

Through Barry's ability to accelerate his movements, he can generate great amounts of physical forces through kinetic energy and friction, allowing him to overpower regular humans with little to no effort. Through generation of his accelerated momentum, he can propel himself through the air and create substantial frictional force with any object he comes into contact with, able to jumped over 15 feet in the air. The friction from his speed can also cause extreme heat and set objects ablaze. Alternatively, his enhanced speed lets him channel the force into powerful strikes, often propelling targets several feet. Barry has an increased level of strength added to his body which he can impart in different ways. He can strengthen each and every move he makes however this requires attention and stress for each movement and therefore is almost never used. In most cases Barry can focus the Speed Force's extra-dimensional energies into one massive punch. The force he generates can even produce sonic blasts with his strikes, enough to disable a meta-human who could become as strong and hard as steel. Similarly, Barry is able to hurl a bullet from his hand with enough force to penetrate a powerful barrier and still pierce clean through a person.

Using his speed, Barry can control air flow on all levels by moving through them fast enough and create vacuums. He can suffocate people by creating a strong vortex around them by running around them. He can spin his arms at the speed of a tornado to remove air from fire and extinguish it and repel targets away. For larger scale feats, he can completely removing the physical force from massive tidal waves and stabilize a giant singularity by running back and forth or in a circle.

A keen-minded individual, from a young age, Barry quickly showed a natural understanding and quick capacity to learn, making it hard for his foster-father Joe to help him with homework by the time he was twelve. Barry is also very well-read, greatly impressing even award-winning professors. Barry is a capable tactician and leader. In times of crisis when the other leaders of the Justice League have been indisposed, Barry has managed to keep the remaining team together and lead it well. Barry's intelligence made the Chief of Police trust him enough to make Barry the new head of the Special Investigative Unit at the Central City Police Department.

Barry is a highly skilled forensics examiner. From a single glance of the crime scene, he can quickly determine much of the events that transpired. Barry has repeatedly been able to quickly analyze any given data and quickly form accurate theories on the given situation.

Barry's knowledge and skill in chemistry is very advanced, shown when he was terrified at how certain chemicals were stored at a lab at Queen Consolidated, describing them all as the definition of dangerous. He has also been able to cure a poison victim using only a small amount of rat poison and consequently dosed with a blood coagulant. He could also use unknown types of chemicals to make a compressible micro-fabric costume for himself that resisted the extreme forces of fiction his speed exerted upon it.

The adoptive daughter of Joseph and Francine West, Iris was born to a family she never knew before being left on the footsteps of the Midvale Orphanage. Adopted a year later by Wests who were unable to have children of their own, Iris was raised as their own child. Entering into kindergarten, Iris met Barry Allen with the two becoming quick friends. The two remained inseparable from that point on. However Iris' life was not free of strife as her mother suffered a severe back becoming addicted to her prescribed pain killers. Eventually Joe convinced Francine to commit herself to rehab, however neither Iris or Joe heard from her again. Entering into highschool, Barry and Iris began to drift apart as they found themselves in separate social circles. Graduating with honors, Iris took an interest in journalism and attended the local college for such. Upon graduation she found herself work with the Central City News and became one of the first reporters to write on the Flash. Eventually Barry revealed himself to Iris as the two entered into a romantic relationship.

The father of Iris West and foster father to Barry Allen, Joseph was a close friend of Henry and Nora Allen when they first moved to Central City. With Henry's conviction and Nora's death, Joe became Barry's foster father and while the relationship between the two was originally rough, they became very close as time went on. Joe was the first person that Barry revealed himself as the Flash to and has become one of his most valuable allies in his mission to protect Central City.
















*It should be noted that Joe West is based upon his CW counterpart, whereas Iris is on her comicbook one. Albeit with notable changes. Due to not blood relation, Wally West would be directly related to Joseph by blood but not Iris. Personally I was thinking Joseph's nephew.*

My goals for Barry are to show him constantly moving forward. While he has thus far accomplished quite a bit in his career, there's a lot more to go. With the death of Superman, I want to show Barry stepping up to take more weight than he can handle, eventually breaking when confronted with the truth about his mother's murder. My story arcs will involve the Rogues, Grodd, and off course Eobard Thawne.

That all said, I'd also like to state I'm open to collaborative story arcs between other League Members and potentially Kid Flashes and/or Jesse Quick.

The platter of empty burger containers had piled up as Iris stared across the booth at Barry in disbelief while the mummers of disdain from other customers tickled the back of Barry's ears.

"A guy's gotta eat folks." Barry said with a shrug as Iris shook her head.

"This is why we should only ever get take out." She said with a wry smirk. "Your appetite draws way too much attention."

"Hey, I put more miles on these legs in an hour than most people put on their cars in a week. I think I deserve the right to as many Big Belly Burgers as I want."

"You do Barry," Iris paused looking around with a glare as everyone else went back to their meals. "Just not in public, okay Sweetie?" She added reaching across the table with a napkin before Barry snatched it out of her hand and dotted against his own mouth.

"So what's next on the agenda? Movie? Mini-putt?" Barry asked as he leaned over the table and pecked Iris on the lips.

"Well, provided you're free..." Iris started before the sound of sirens interrupted her. "And now you're not." She said with a sad smile as Barry pulled out his cellphone. A text from Joe illuminating the screen as Barry swiped his finger across the screen.

"Armed robbery on fifth." Barry stated. "Don't worry Babe, I'll be back in a..."

"Flash." Iris replied with an amused smirk. "Go get 'im Tiger."

With a kiss on the cheek, Barry was out the door. Ejecting his suit from his ring, Barry quickly changed into the Flash as the street became filled with a streak of red and yellow. The sights and sounds of Central city flew past Barry as he weaved in and out of the streets. The smells of the various street vendors filled his nostrils as Barry jumped up over a line of stopped traffic, the momentum carrying him the distance as he landed and continued without a loss of velocity.

Coming up on the blinding flash of red and blue, Barry rushed the scene as the armed criminals raised their weapons. Breaking the next speed barrier, Barry disarmed the criminals before a shot could be fired. Discarding the weapons at the feet of the police officers, Barry continued moving as he borrowed a couple pairs of handcuffs off the belts of the officers. Cuffing the thieves together around a nearby light post, Barry came to a stop beside Joe West.

"All yours from here Officer." Flash stated with a smile and a salute.

"In a hurry tonight Flash?" Joe said with a smile as Flash nodded.

"Got a hot date Officer, I was always taught to never keep a lady waiting."

With a chuckle, Joe replied with a pat to the Flash's back. "Sounds like a wise man taught you that, don't let us keep you Flash. We can take it from here."

"Good night Officer." Flash said as he sped away.
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Dinah Lance aka The Black Canary​

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Dr. Jonathan Cillian Crane aka The Scarecrow

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| NAME: |
Jerome 'Jerry' King

| ALIAS: |

In Disguise



Onomatopoeia's usual outfit consists of reinforced black gloves, knee high black steel toe motorcycle boots, kevlar pants, a shirt made with both kevlar and ceramic plates reinforcing it, and a long kevlar and nomex lined black trench coat. To cover his face, Onomatopoeia wears a full, black hood decorated by concentric white circles. This hood contains armored plating to protect Onomatopoeia from head attacks as well as a bloodpack in the forehead between two armor layers that when struck will explode allowing Onomatopoeia to play opossum and take his foe by surprise, a technique employed also by Batman and Deadshot.

Outside of costume, Jerome King is a rather plain and unassuming man with a close shave haircut and coarse five o'clock shadow. Often wearing a wrinkled pair of trousers and ruffled dress shirt, Jerome works as an insurance adjuster in a mild and unassuming white collar office.

Growing up in Star City, Jerome 'Jerry' King was a star student and athlete with a very promising potential. During his youth and even into his adult years, Jerome practiced numerous martial arts in order to keep in shape along with participated in track and field. Graduating with top honours and as his class' valedictorian, Jerome went on to attend university in Star City eventually graduating a doctor in linguistics. Marrying his high school Jane Patricks sweetheart after university, Jerome opened his own practice in speech therapy becoming a very successful and wealthy doctor. About a year after their marriage, Jane announced herself to be pregnant and eventually gave birth to a beautiful daughter the pair decided to name Charlotte. However, while Jerome seemed to lead a silver spoon life, his world was turned upside down the year of his daughter's thirteenth birthday.

Coming home from work one day, Jerome found his wife and daughter raped and murdered in their home, victims of the latest crime wave of the serial rapist Mad Dog Hawkins. Discovering their bodies displayed in their chairs at the kitchen table, their fingernails painted with their own blood, and their heads severed and placed on the others' body. Jerome's mind cracked as he slipped into a zombie-like state unable to cope with the trauma before him. Continuing to attend work, Jerome left the bodies as they were, coming home everyday to have dinner 'with' them. Eventually he suffered a total break down at work, the police discovered the scene at his house horrified by the decaying bodies. Blamed for the murders of his own family, Jerome was placed in psychiatric care eventually transferring to Arkham Asylum in Gotham when the care in Star City was found to be inadequate. For nearly six months, Jerome would only respond to the doctors by repeating the sounds around him, perfectly imitating the creeking of the walls and the dripping of leaky pipes against the cold stone. Eventually awakening from this state, Jerome began to train his body, performing gruelling exercises for hours on end. His honed his physical condition which was further increased by his latent metahuman genes. Coming to terms with the death of his wife and child, Jerome was released from Arkham with a clean bill of health. Deciding to remain in Gotham, Jerome found himself a small apartment took a part-time job as an insurance adjuster.

Despite being released, Jerome's mind was far from healed. Believing Star City's resident hero and vigilante, Green Arrow was to blame for the death of his wife and child, Jerome began to form a personal vendetta not only against the Arrow but against every non-powered hero. While Jerome had no problem with the likes of Superman and Flash who obviously had powers and were compelled to use them, Jerome believe the Arrow, the Batman and others like them were a blight unto society only further creating problems instead of actually stopping them. While he had been in Arkham, Jerome had become Onomatopoeia, learning to perfectly imitate the sounds around him. Further honing this personal, Jerome developed a costume and took to the streets, luring out non powered vigilantes and hunting them down. Each one he killed, he would take their mask and keep it as a trophy in his home. Eventually growing over confident, Onomatopoeia took on a secondary disguise as a non-powered vigilante and worked to gain the trust of Batman under the guise of Baphomet. Despite his plan nearly succeeding, Onomatopeia was discovered and after a long drawn out fight he was incarcerated in Belle Reeve.

Accelerated Healing: Onomatopoeia has an accelerated healing factors while allows his body to repair itself at nearly ten times the rate of a human. While wounds don't instantly close, they do heal as fast as hours to days depending on the severity of the wounds.

Superhuman Stamina: Onomatopoeia is capable of fighting for extended periods of time even when severly injured. As an example he has took six arrows without stopping. He took two to one shoulder, one to the other, one in between the first and middle knuckles of his right hand, one through his right foot, one through the palm of his right hand, none of which slowed him or even impaired his manual dexterity. After being shot, he took a seven story drop off the roof of the Star City hospital and still managed to run away before Green Arrow could find him.

Superhuman Reflexes: Onomatopoeia's reflexes are superhuman fast which increases his dexterity and marksmen skills allowing him to react and fire at a rate which could almost catch the Flash off guard. Against non-powered foes this makes him especially lethal.

Furthermore, Onomatopoeia is a master marksman skilled in the use of dual handguns and a sniper rifle. He shows further proficiency in other weapons as well including various knives which he uses for melee combat scenarios. He is an expert martial artist having studied numerous over the course of his life and faced off against numerous other styles while hunting vigilantes. Onomatopoeia also possesses a very high intellect making him a master planner and a very dangerous foe.
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| NAME: |
Richard John 'Dick' Grayson

| ALIAS: |

The Boy Wonder

Born on the first day of spring on one of Gotham's rare sunny days, Richard John Grayson was handed into the hands of his loving parents who looked down on their son overwhelmed with pride. Upon first looking at her newborn baby boy, Mary called the boy her 'Little Robin', relating to his birth on the Spring Solstice. This term of endearment would imprint on the young Grayson for his entire life.

Like his father, Richard comes from a line of Romani descent. The Graysons were the ancestors of a roaming gypsy family who had been part of the circus for longer than any written record could tell. However unbeknownst to them, the Graysons were also the descendant of one of Gotham's most deadly legends, a man by the name of William Cobb. Cobb lived most of his life as a Talon, a highly feared enforcer for a group that has been all but long forgotten save for the haunting rhymes told to children who disobey their parents. As such the history of William Cobb fell into obscurity, lost in a history of circus performers and Romanies.

As his parents had, Richard or as he preferred to go by, Dick lived his whole life travelling from city to city in Haly's Circus. Trained by his parents, Mary and John Grayson, Dick was taught to be an acrobat and began performing at an early age, wowing crowds with his natural prowess on the trapeze. Together with his parents wo were both world renowned acrobats, Dick would begin his introduction to performing at a young age and essentially from birth was trained to be a performer in the circus. His mother's nickname for him only became further enforced as Dick learned to perform on the trapeze, as Mary would constantly comment how he reminded her of a Robin while flying through the air in his red leotard. Together they were collectively known as the 'Flying Graysons' and were recognized as being one of the biggest shows in the circus business. In fact the circus' owner Jack Haley often remarked that the Grayson's were the biggest asset to the circus' business. Known for performing without a net, the 'Flying Graysons' true trade mark was their signature quadruple somersault, a move that only the three Graysons were known to be capable of performing. Growing up in the circus, Dick made several friends with the children of the other performers such as Jimmy, Zane and his childhood crush Raya Vestri.

Travelling the world with the circus, Dick became very cultured and outgoing though his education did suffer as he was only taught what those around him knew. None the less, his quick mind grasped onto most concepts quickly and Dick was recognized among the other performers as being a very sharp kid. At the age of fifteen, Dick found himself in Gotham City as the circus rolled into town for its annual performance. Dick had only ever performed in Gotham a few times previously, but that said having heard of Gotham's reputation for crime he had always been understandably nervous about leaving the circus grounds to explore the city like he had in Paris, New York, and numerous other locations. However, staying at the circus gave the boy a unique opportunity as he was able to meet a young fan of his by the name of Timothy Drake. At the time, Timothy was only about nine years old, but none the less he remembered seeing Grayson's performances in previous years, wanting nothing more than to soar through the air like the older boy did. Having his picture taken with Tim and his parents, Dick wandered off through the circus to kill time before his family's show that evening.

Dick's world suddenly changed that fateful night. It was one of the biggest shows of the year as Haly's Circus had once again returned to Gotham City to help ring in the New Year. But Gotham wasn't the same place it was twelve years ago, not that it was some shiny metropolis then either, yet the city had managed to become worse. Stumbling across an argument between the circus' owner Mr. Haly and a well-known and feared crime lord by the name of "Boss" Tony Zucco. Dick hide in the shadows as he heard Zucco threaten Mr. Haly unless the circus's owner paid protection money. Being an honest and moral man, Haly refused not knowing the horrors he had released. That night Dick watched in horror as his parents' high wire snapped, sending his parents hurtling to their deaths, all while many of Gotham's elite watched on. A burden of guilt came over Dick as he stood there, the realization that he could have warned his parents washing over him, downing him in anguish as he collapsed into bitter sobs.

Shortly after the tragedy of his parent's death, Dick was placed in an uncaring juvenile services system, reportedly on the grounds that social services was full. While in the juvenile systems, Dick found himself dragged into numerous brawls where he was beaten up by a number of the inmates. He was eventually passed onto a Catholic orphanage where he stayed for a couple miserable months. Though life seemed to have taken a permanent turn for the worse for the young boy, seemingly out of nowhere, infamous billionaire Bruce Wayne rescued Dick by adopting him.

Dick insisted on only being adopted as his ward, because he did not want to replace his deceased father with the billionaire who he only knew from the tabloids. In fact, Dick originally believed that Bruce only adopted him for the good press and this was further supported by the amount of time that Dick found himself spending alone in the near empty mansion. Living with the billionaire at first felt like Dick had won the lottery, but after several weeks of growing loneliness, Dick's bitterness began to resurface. Growing frustrated by the lack of attention from his new guardian and the mystery still surrounding his parents' death, Dick snuck out of Wayne Manor one evening to solve the crime on his own - only to stumble upon Gotham's mysterious Batman, who was also investigating the murder. Feeling it would be cathartic for Dick to apprehend Zucco, the Batman allowed Dick to work with him, acknowledging their similar parallels in life. The pair succeed in tracking down Zucco. Despite this, Batman was unable to apprehend Zucco as the man died of a heart attack before his arrest.

While working with Batman, Dick began to get a familiar sense about the mysterious man. An expert in reading body language, a skill inherited from the circus and playing up to crowds it didn't take Dick long to deduce that Bruce Wayne and Batman were actually the same individual. Exploring the mansion for further clues, Dick eventually found himself stumbling upon the Batcave where Batman himself was awaiting his arrival. Bruce offered to train Dick, turn Dick into a crime fighter in his own right and pass along each and every skill he himself possessed. Wanting to honor his parents, Dick wholeheartedly agreed and was put through a rigorous training regime. Exercise after grueling exercise nearly brought Dick to his knees, but the young acrobat managed to excel through all combat and physical based training. Where Dick struggled however was the more academic departments although he eventually overcame these obstacles once he was able to put his own perspective on them.

Despite training with Bruce for a year, Dick had still not been allowed in the field since the night he first snuck out. However it seemed luck was not on the side of the Batman as he found himself caught in the trap set by one of his many rogues. Stubborn still, Bruce refused Alfred's suggestion to send Dick into the field, but fearing for Bruce's safety and having complete confidence in Dick, Alfred made the decision to disobey Bruce and presented Dick with a costume. Taking the name Robin in honor of his mother, Dick managed to rescue Batman.

With the rescue of Batman, Dick was finally deemed worthy to hit the streets. However Bruce had one final test for Dick to pass - "the Gauntlet". Dick had to elude the Dark Knight on the streets of Gotham for one night - from sundown to sunrise - without any outside help. Dick succeeded, simultaneously bringing Gotham gangster Joe Minette to justice. Dick took to the streets as Batman's full-fledged partner in crime-fighting: Robin, the Boy Wonder. From that point on the two would patrol Gotham together and the name Robin became just as well known as Batman. Just as the dynamic duo were becoming well known, rumors of a female Batman began to circulate Gotham however neither paid them much attention at the time despite the rumors becoming more persistent as time went on.

It would be a year later that the pair confronted the Batgirl. While Bruce reluctantly agreed to train her, Dick became immediately smitten with the redhead and much to Bruce's chargin would go out of his way to both flirt and attempt to impress the older girl. However Batgirl took no interest in the much younger Robin and repeatedly pushed him away. Failing with Batgirl eventually lead Dick to dating other girls. In particular at the age of 19, Dick found himself attracted to one of the daughters of Gotham's socialites. While Dick Grayson enticed her, Dick soon found out that the young Bette Kane was heavily infatuated with Gotham's Boy Wonder. Meeting her as Robin, Dick used his secret identity to score with Bette only for Batman to confront him. Yelling at Dick, words were exchanged between the two with Bruce accusing Dick of manipulating the girl, being irresponsible and compromising their identities while Dick reminded Bruce that he does the same thing with Catwoman on a regular basis. In addition to this confrontation, their idealisms began to differ as Dick looked towards moving forward while Bruce was still firmly tethered in the past.

The widening gyre between the two only became worse as Dick was shot and injured during a confrontation with the Scarecrow. Subjected to a near lethal dose of fear gas, Batman put Dick on 'Cave Arrest' out of fear of seeing him further injured. However left alone in the cave, Dick discovered that Bruce had been training Jason Todd in secret which he assumed was meant to replace him. Bruce tried to explain that they were at war and Jason was a soldier for their crusade, some much needed back but Dick refused to hear any of it. The conversation got heated as Dick began to run down Bruce's crusade calling him a 'Scared Boy hiding up a blanket' and saying that 'Bruce Wayne could do ten times more for Gotham than Batman ever could.' After a final sucker punch and a dramatic exit, Dick Grayson left the Batcave.

Without Bruce, Dick was out on his own but at the age of 19 he was more than capable for looking at himself. Alfred had been kind enough over the years to teach Dick the domestic side of life and revealed to the young man that Bruce had been given control of a trust fund that Dick's parents had created for him. This trust fund had been left in the hands of financial expert Lucius Fox who had grown it into a modest fortune for Dick. Thanking Alfred for everything, Dick embarked on a soul searching trip.

Spending nearly a year backpacking through Europe, Dick took it upon himself to return to his Romani roots and explore the world as they had, living as a nomad and travelling from town to town. The experience was wholly enriching and exactly what Dick had needed on his trip of self discovery. Returning to North America, Dick avoided Gotham and instead went to New York. It was here that Dick met and enjoyed a whirlwind romance with fashionista Cheyenne Fremont. Though their romance came to an end, the two parted on friendly terms and Dick continued his journey eventually coming into contact with a Tamaranian named Koriand'r. Kori, as she preferred to be called opened Dick's eyes to the further wonders of the world as he was able to live vicariously through her optimistic and naive point of view about Earth. The two became rather passionately involved and were almost married at a Vegas Chapel until the ceremony was disturbed by the interruption of a localized zombie apocalypse. However despite intending to continue their romance, Dick returned to Gotham when Alfred contacted him regarding Barbara.

In his quest to break the Batman, The Joker had crippled Barbara Gordon but it was Dick who was out for revenge. A burning fire inside his chest once again united Batman and the former Robin on the same path. There wasn't a waking hour that Dick didn't stop by the hospital sitting at Barbara's beside. It was during this time the two became quite close, Barbara beginning to see Dick as more than the annoying kid who had a crush on her. As Barbara regained her independence, Dick continued on his trip, reunited with Kori as the two traveled to Metropolis where he came across Superman who much to Dick's surprise recognized the former Boy Wonder.

Showing Dick and Kori the city, Kal and Dick eventually sat down for a meal where the two heroes had a heart to heart, sharing their frustrations about Bruce and ended the night with Superman sharing a story he heard about two Kandorian heroes not unlike Batman and Robin, Flamebird and Nightwing. The story stuck with Dick and he took up the mantle of Nightwing stopping crime on the road alongside Kori before breaking up their partnership and returning to Gotham upon hearing that Tony Zucco had managed to evade death. In the weeks that followed, Dick was able to track Zucco and his activities to Blüdhaven, a city possibly worse than Gotham. Finding himself in a familiar pit of criminal activity, Nightwing realized that Blüdhaven could use a protector. Setting up shop, Dick had finally found a purpose. He was out of the shadow of the Bat, he was his own hero. Using a web of allies, Dick has worked closely along side the Oracle as well as assisted in the raining of a new hero, Timothy Drake.

Grayson is a prodigious natural athlete, possessing a peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills. He is generally regarded as the greatest human acrobat in the world. Batman himself is an incredible athlete in agility, but even he can admit that Grayson's skill surpasses his own. Grayson is the only person on Earth who can do the quadruple somersault (formerly one of three, the other two being his parents).

He is a master of many martial arts disciplines with an emphasis on Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wing Chun, Hapkido, Jiu-jitsu, Shotokan Karate, Savate, Kendo, Ninjitsu, Boxing and Tang Soo Do . He has effectively combined the martial arts he has mastered into a unique style that suits his strengths. This makes him a challenging opponent for even the world's best martial artists.

Taught by the Batman in the art of disguise, like his mentor, Grayson had mastered the art of disguise by the time he was 21. Grayson has used many aliases to infiltrate the underworld or just to go undercover in public situations. However unlike Batman, Grayson doesn't keep a standing collection of identities and instead invents them on an as needed basis.

Grayson is proficient at driving many vehicles like cars, motor bikes, trucks and he is also skillful at driving jets, helicopters and auto boats and small ships.

Due to his training with Batman, he possess extreme skill in escapology. Grayson has shown such proficiency as escaping a straightjacket in 4.5 seconds and was able to use a Tibetan Mind Technique to escape virtual reality. Grayson has even been able to escape a maze faster than Wally West due to his training under Batman.

Grayson is skilled enough to use modified Shuriken (Wing-Dings) to hit thugs at a great distance with his eyes closed, despite even giving him a head-start and disarm others with his wingdings. He is also capable of using firearms, as he was trained by Batman to do in order to gain a better understanding to disarm those who use them.

Grayson is a world class detective, though not quite as proficient as Batman. In light of that, Grayson has been said to be third to Batman who is widely regarded as the 'World's Greatest Detective'. Grayson was able to solve a riddle by the Riddler before Batman himself even figured it out and this was before Grayson had become Robin. Furthermore, he has been known to solve mysteries and cases in a speed that even impresses his mentor. Barbara Gordon even commented that he was able to solve 4 cases in "America's Most Wanted" in a single morning and solved a homicidal case that went unsolved for 14 years.

He is skilled enough to hack into the Batcomputer emergency override codes during a time when he and Bruce had a falling out following his evolution from Robin to Nightwing. During his travels with Kori, Grayson also hacked a Alien Terminal with the use of the Tameranian Language he had learned from former teammate and romantic interest Starfire.

Having had the finest education as Bruce Wayne's ward, he speaks with fluency in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Farsi (Persian), Mandarin and Cantonese, and has some knowledge of Romany and the alien language of Tamaran.

Gryason has been trained in hunting techniques by Batman who learned by the way of the African Bushmen (the Ghost Tribes of the Ten-eyed Brotherhood, among others). As such Grayson's skills are quite considerable both in natural and urban environments.

Grayson possesses the peak athletic strength and endurance of a man who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise. As such Grayson possesses the normal human strength of a man that has intense physical workouts at the height and weight of 5"10 175 lb. While he relies more on speed and agility than strength, Grayson has shown incredible strength throughout the years. On a peak day, Grayson can press lift 350lbs, basically meaning he can lift twice his own weight above his head. Grayson's human conditioning also grants him something in the way of durability, though more specifically it's through the fact he's used to enduring pain and can ignore and work through it. This can give the impression to lesser minds that he's superhuman.

Grayson is capable of breaching high security facilities without being detected. He can even sneak up on Batman himself on occasion. He is also skilled enough to even sneak away and keep hidden from Speedsters such as Jesse Quick or others with abilities that allow them to survey environments precisely and quickly.

Due to his training with Batman, Grayson has been taught and displayed skills and proficiency in various weaponry ranging from shurikens (which the Batfamily uses in the forms of Wing-Dings and Batarangs), to eskrima sticks and staves to swords and even bows to various modern firearms.

Probably one of the most charistmatic people you will ever meet, despite living with Batman for five years, Dick still retains his bright and sunny disposition and as such is very easy to get along with. The former circus boy is very much still a charming performer and is a huge flirt, something that is generally returned from members of the opposite sex and even those who aren't. Grayson makes the clothes fall off faster than Tequila.

Dick Grayson has the finest ass in the entire world. It's a fact, deal with it.

“When you die in Blüdhaven -- going to Hell is considered a promotion.”

Once nicknamed, "Asbestos Town, USA," Blüdhaven is a former whaling town, which was officially incorporated as a "Commonwealth" in 1912. The town had a generally poor socio-economic populace, owing in part to failed efforts to transform itself into a manufacturing and shipping center. This however rapidly gave way to highly industrial sectors which then fell into urban decay as businesses collapsed or moved out of the area during the Depression. It's infamous for its somewhat rank odor and high crime rate. Approximately 33 minutes' drive from Gotham City, Nightwing moved here initially to solve a string of murders related to a thoroughly corrupt police force, only to remain there to carve out his own reputation away from his family and loved ones.
The city lived through a corrupt balance of underhand dealings and unlawful policies, which was helped kept in check by the local police force.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Despite the riff between Bruce and Dick, the latter will always look up to the former in both gratitude and awe. Bruce Wayne took Dick in when he was 15 after watching his parents die before him. After Dick discovered Bruce's dual life, the Dark Knight trained Dick as his apprentice. The two still operate as allies and should anyone threaten the other, they have each other's backs.

Barbara 'Babs' Gordon/Oracle: Older and definitely smarter, Babs always seemed unobtainable to Dick. Perhaps that's why he fell for her almost immediately after meeting her. It might also have something to do with her red hair, a definite weak point for the Boy Wonder. Either way, Barbara Gordon has always been a friend to Dick Grayson even when they spent the first few years bickering back and forth. What started as a one sided crush eventually blossomed into a very close friendship especially after Joker's attack on Babs. Nowdays, Babs is one of Dick's closest allies and the two share a mutual attraction that neither one is exactly sure how to act on.

Jason Todd/Robin: He's a dick.

Timothy 'Tim' Drake/Red Robin: The newest addition to the extended Batfamily though notably the only one not to train under Bruce. Instead Tim works for the Oracle which often brings him in contact with Nightwing. Having assisted in Tim's training, Dick wishes that Tim had took his place instead of Jason.

Alfred Pennyworth: Somewhere between Barbara and Bruce lies Alfred's close relationship to Dick. While Alfred may have been a surrogate father to Bruce, he was a surrogate grandfather to Dick. The two have a very friendly relationship with Alfred having something of a soft spot for Dick and is more than willing to go out of his way to assist the 'young Master' if need be. Likewise Dick is just as protective of 'Alfie' as he is of Barbara. That doesn't however stop him from making fun of Alfred's cooking.

Raya Vestri: A childhood crush and acrobat like Dick, Raya Vestri was the first (but hardly the last) redhead that Dick Grayson ever loved. While they've met for coffee and drinks a few times over the year, it has yet to be fully revealed what kind of role she'll play in the young hero's life.

Cheyenne Freemont: A New York fashionista and metahuman who enjoyed a brief whirlwind romance with Dick Grayson. Dick has recently heard she relocated to Gotham to open a new line of clothing.

Koriand'r: An alien from the planet Tamaran who Dick ran into in his travels. They have an on and off again romantic relationship however Kori is very possessive over Dick and will help him without a second thought. The two were almost married in Vegas however the 'ceremony' was disturbed by a zombie apocalypse.

Joanna 'Joey' Greene: A software engineer who Dick saved from a mugger. The two eventually ended up becoming roommates after Joey ran into Grayson again while he was apartment hunting. While she's suspicious of his late night activities, Dick believes that Joey is unaware he is the Nightwing.

Michael 'Mike' Pearson: An aspiring photojournalist who met Dick when the latter moved in with Mike and his roommate Joey. Mike is untrusting of vigilantes believing they create more threats for the general populace than they solve and is hoping one day to write an exposé which will see the downfall of the Justice League.

Amy Rohrbach: A police detective with the Blüdhaven Force and one of the few honest officiers in the city. She has an uneasy alliance with Nightwing being wary of vigilantes.

Tony 'Boss' Zucco: A Gotham crime lord, Zucco tried to extort money from Jack Haly who refused leading to Zucco killing the Graysons. After being tracked down by the Batman and Dick Grayson, Zucco was able to fake not only a heart attack but his own death. Later reappearing in Gotham, Zucco attracted the attention of Dick Grayson who pursued him into Blüdhaven/

William Cobb: Otherwise known as Talon, William Cobb is Dick's great-grandfather and an assassin for the Court of Owls. So far he remains unknown to his great-grandson, but Cobb has but one goal in mind and that is to recruit his last living descendant to Court of Owls. Now by order of the Court, he hunts his great grandson in order to kill the boy and subject him to programming at the Court's hand in order to turn Dick into a proper Talon.

The Court of Owls: A mysterious organization that once ruled all of Gotham and Blüdhaven. Thought to only exist in fairy tales and rhymes used to scare children into obedience. They have an army of assassins known as Talons at their disposal who are essentially immortal.

Blockbuster: Roland Desmond is a criminal mastermind who manipulated his brother into performing numerous criminal actions while under the influence of a strength-enhancing steroid. After his brother's death, he too took this steroid and found his intelligence much reduced - until signing his soul away to the demon Neron. Using his combination of brute strength and great intelligence he took over most of the criminal operations in the city of Blüdhaven.

Lady Vic: Lady Elaine Marsh-Morton is a genuine English Aristocrat, descended from a long line of British soldiers and mercenaries. She is an expert martial artist, proficient with many different kinds of firearms and melee weapons, and works as an assassin-for-hire. The money she earns from her secret career helps prevent foreclosure on her impoverished family estate. Lady Vic sets herself apart from most other supervillains not just by her considerable skill, but by her ruthlessness and determination. She has been shown to be more than willing to kill small children for her paycheck, and once actually jumped out of a plane without a parachute to chase an escaping hostage. She most often appears in Blüdhaven and is frequently employed by gang boss Blockbuster.

Brutale: Brutale was a top-level interrogator/torturer for the secret police in the Latin American country of Hasaragua, until a revolution forced him to flee. In his native Hasaragua, Guillermo Barrera served the secret police of his government as a savage interrogator, extracting confessions efficiency with blades and tools used for surgery. When the Marxist regime of Hasaragua fell, Barrera escaped the country to America, fleeing execution for the atrocities he committed.

Adopting the name Brutale, Barrera put his "Surgical Skills" to use as a hired assassin. He eventually began working for Blockbuster II in Blüdhaven while donning a costume that resembles a gargoyle.

Shrike: Boone harbors a long standing enmity for Dick Grayson dating back to their youth, when the two shared a friendship that was in many ways doomed from its inception. While Grayson served as the Batman's partner Robin, the boy who would became known as the predatory Shrike traveled alone throughout the Pacific Rim, gleaning an array of martial arts skills both from a variety of unsavory teachers, including several former operatives of insidious League of Assassins. In the back streets of Hong Kong, Shrike met the "Master" who would forge the already hardened youth into a disciplined killing machine, undertaking contract eliminations throughout Asia and the former Soviet bloc-and never once failing to make a kill.

Saiko: As a young boy, Raymond McCreary was a circus performer at Haly's Circus alongside Dick Grayson, Raya Vestri, and Zane. Raymond, Dick, and Raya were really good friends, but Raymond and Raya had a secret disapproval of Dick because of his stardom in the circus. For a long time, Dick was the star of the show and his friends merely assistants.

Upon the death of Dick's parents and his subsequent adoption by billionaire Bruce Wayne, the Court of Owls, having lost Dick as their candidate for a new Talon, had Mr. Haly fake Raymond's drowning in a car accident, taking him instead. Torturing him to his breaking point, he was then trained as an assassin for the Court, only to be rejected and left in the woods to die, birds attacking the skin around his eyes, giving him his distinctive scars.

Stallion: Randy Hanrahan kissed good-bye both a promising football career with the Dallas Cowboys and a much-desired Super Bowl ring when he suffered severe anterior-cruciate ligament injuries to both knees during pre-season scrimmage. "Stallion," as Hanrahan was nicknamed, subsequently moved north and tackled work as a bouncer in Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, where the notorious Penguin promoted him to "reposessor of defaulted loans." Stallion eventually became a free agent, plying his bone-crunching strength as a successful stone-cold killer, most recently in the employ of Blockbuster. Unfortunately, Stallion hasn't had much luck in completing his benefactor's contract in Nightwing, despite tag-teaming with both Lady Vic and the knife-wielding Brutale to bring down the young vigilante. Stallion has no formal martial arts training, but instead relies on his steroid-enhanced physique to muscle opponents into submission or death.

Marionette: Malina ‘Mali’ Lewis, a former Alice of Jervis Tech aka The Mad Hatter, Mali was left with a shattered mind which gave her symptoms similar to a split personality disorder. This leads to Mali often holding ‘Gollum-esque’ conversations with herself but also the unique side effect of making her something of a mimic. Most notably, Mali repeats phrases spoken to her but most extraordinarily Mali is able to mimic any skill she witnesses.

Amygdala: A man who endured terrible experiments on his amygdala making him unstable. When enraged or overly excited, Amygdala transforms from a meek human appearance into a hulking red beast complete with a child-like mind set meaning his fits are often comparable to tantrums.

The Prankster: Several years ago, a man named Harold Loomis became the electrical engineer as part of William and Wallace Cole's initiative to bring a train line through their old neighborhood. However, the deal went sour, and Harold Loomis was murdered by the Cole brothers on Halloween, left for his son Oswald to find dead on their front lawn after returning from trick-or-treating. William was eventually arrested for the crime but didn't rat out his brother, who went on to become mayor of Blüdhaven.

Little Oswald, swearing revenge on the men who killed his father, sent the mask he wore as part of his costume to William in prison, to remind the criminal that he and his brother's punishment wasn't over yet. In a twisted way to get justice for his father, Oswald, donning a mask and calling himself the Prankster, began his crusade against the corrupt officials of Blüdhaven that helped the Wallace Cole rise to power.

A Knight in Blüdhaven:
-Establish Nightwing

Team Nightwing:
-Gain Allies

Block Party:
-Take down Blockbuster

Night of the Owls:
-Tangle with the Court of Owls

Justice for All:
-Join Justice League

A stilted silence fell over the cave as Dick glared towards Bruce, an outstretched arm pointing towards the image of a younger boy on the screen.

"Who is he Bruce?" Dick yelled, anger practically seething from every ounce of his being. "Did I truly let you down so badly that you found a replacement? Were you just going to take me out in the Batmobile and dump me on the side of the road like some stray puppy who had finally grown into an ugly dog?"

The Dark and Stoic Knight remained completely unphased in the face of Dick's outburst as he carefully manufactured a inoculation against Crane's newest fear toxin.

"All I wanted was to feel some semblance of a normal life. Perhaps it was wrong of me to use Robin to get a date with Bette Kane, but how is that truly any different than you sleeping with Selina Kyle on half of the roof tops in Gotham!" Dick placed his hands on either side of his head in frustration. "They're your rules until you decide their note. Why is okay for you to have such a double standard. I'm not a fifteen year old boy who's happy to play dress up anymore Bruce. Between my studies, training and patrol, you're smothering me. All I'm looking for is some 'me' time. But no, instead you go and replace me!"

Dick began to pace back and forth as Alfred stood quietly to the side, his ever unflappable demeanor never changing nor reflecting his true emotions as the most loyal member of the Wayne estate played Switzerland.

"Or wait, is this because I was shot and gassed? Even criminals can be prepared Bruce, they knew we were coming. Like Alfred said, I'll make a full recovery. You worked alone for years, surely a weeks would have been fine while I healed. Instead you bring a petty criminal, he's a thief Bruce!"

"We are at war Dick. You're a soldier, Jason's a soldier." Bruce answered flatly as he poured the inoculation into a syringe before loading it into a small gun.

"I looked up to you as a father!" Dick roared. "You weren't my commander, you're weren't a general. You were my guardian, my protector and mentor." Suddenly Batman turned and injected the inoculation into Dick's arm. His face curling into an expression of sheer rage, Dick turned and let loose a sucker punch. From the corner, Alfred flinched as Bruce dropped the administration instrument, the syringe breaking open on the floor as Dick stood tall. His chest heavily heaving up and down.

"You're nothing but that same scared boy from the alley Bruce, hiding beneath your armor so you don't have to feel emotion. But what you fail to realize is that if you truly wanted to help Gotham, you would have hung up your cape years ago. Bruce Wayne can do ten times more for Gotham than what Batman can."

"Get out of my cave." Bruce growled as he finally turned to look at Dick. "And don't come back."

"I was already gone." Dick retorted from halfway up the stairs. Silence once again descended over the cave as the elevator departed leaving Alfred to hang his head as Bruce resumed his work.

New 52 Suit
Blue Suit
Burning City
Dick and Babs
Taking the Subway
Welcome to Blüdhaven
The Big Top
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Peter Richard Parker aka The Amazing Spider-Man
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Peter Richard Parker was born in Queens to CIA agents Richard and Mary Parker. While Peter was still an infant, his parents were assigned to infiltrate the Algerian based spy ring controlled by the terrorist sect known as KOBRA. The moment that KOBRA learned that Richard and Mary were double agents, they were killed by one of their agents. This agent was a man known only as the Finisher, who killed the Parkers in an airplane crash overseas and then framed them for treason. Peter went to live with his uncle and aunt, Ben and May Parker, in Forest Hills, New York. With Richard and Mary's deaths, they became Peter’s surrogate parents and raised him as if he were their own son.

Over the next 9 years, Parker grew to be extremely bright in science and became a high honors student at Midtown High School. Parker's shyness and scholastic interest often made him a social outcast and a target for bullies, primarily football star Flash Thompson.

While attending a public exhibition demonstrating the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, sponsored by the Osborne Corporation or simply OsCorp, the now-15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten on the hand by a spider that had been irradiated by a particle accelerator used in the demonstration. Making his way home afterwards, Peter was almost hit by a car; when Peter jumped out of the way, Peter discovered he had somehow gained incredible strength, agility, and the ability to cling to walls, spider-like traits that he immediately associated with the spider bite.

Believing with his new-found abilities, Peter could finally land a date with his childhood crush, Gwen Stacy, he quickly realized there was yet another obstacle to overcome. Growing up with his Aunt and Uncle, Peter had always lived modestly and as such he was missing was the money to take the girl out on a date. Encountering an ad offering a cash prize for staying in the ring for three minutes with professional wrestler Joseph "Crusher" Hogan, Peter decided this would be a good way to test his powers. Wearing a mask to avoid potential embarrassment in case he lost the match or was identified by his classmates, Peter easily defeated his opponent. TV producer Maxwell Shiffman observed his performance and convinced him to go on television with his 'act.' Designing a full costume, Peter created a ring alias, calling himself Spider-Man. Going on to win each match he was entered into, 'Spider-Man' became an immediate sensation.

Following his first TV appearance, the wrestling company was robbed, an incident that Peter could have stopped. However after being ripped off by Shiffman, Peter instead allowed the thief to escape, claiming that it was not his responsibility to perform security. Peter forgot the incident as his fame rose, but days later he returned home at night to find his Uncle Ben had been murdered. Learning the police had the burglar responsible holed up in a warehouse, Peter changed into his Spider-Man and easily captured the murderer only to discover he was the same thief who Peter had allowed to escape earlier. Filled with remorse, the last words that Uncle Ben had spoken to Peter hung over him. After a disagreement with his Uncle, Ben had reminded Peter that 'With great power comes great responsibility'. Realizing he had been squandering his new abilities on fame, Peter resolved to honor his Uncle's memory, quitting the wrestling arena. With word of the Hydra prison break, Peter donned the Spider-Man costume again but this time instead of fighting for money, he chose to fight for those weaker than himself.

Spider Physiology: Spider-Man possesses the proportionate powers of a spider, granted to him from an irradiated Common House Spider (Achaearanea tepidariorum) which bit Peter Parker that was apparently already mutated from prior exposure to certain frequencies of radiation and received a final, lethal dose during Parker's attendance of the exhibition. The radioactive, complex mutagenic enzymes in the spider's blood that were transferred at the time of the bite triggered numerous body-wide mutagenic changes within Parker, granting him superhuman strength, speed, toughened flesh, and numerous arachnid-like abilities.

His powers include:

Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man's exposure to the mutated spider venom induced a mutagenic, cerebellum-wide alteration of his engrams resulting in the ability to mentally control the flux of inter-atomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers. This overcomes the outer electron shell's normal behavior of mutual repulsion with other outer electron shells and permits the tremendous potential for electron attraction to prevail. The mentally controlled sub-atomic particle responsible for this has yet to be identified. This ability to affect the attraction between surfaces is so far limited to Spider-Man's body (especially concentrated in his hands and feet) and another object, with an upper limit of several tons per finger. Spider-Man is even able to prevent his opponents from taking his mask off by making it stick to his face.

Superhuman Strength: Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength enabling him to press lift many tons. Spider-Man's physical strength is sufficient enough to enable him to lift and even throw objects as heavy as a big as a large car. He must also pull his punches and kicks unless fighting someone of similar or greater physical durability. Otherwise, his blows would prove fatal to a normal human being. He has demonstrated that he is strong enough to knock out people with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head. Spider-Man's physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump to a height of several stories in a single bound. Spider-Man demonstrated this when he leaped over thirty feet vertically into the air when he first leaped out of the way of an oncoming car; it should also be noted that when he first discovered his powers as a teenager.

Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man is capable of running and moving at speeds that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Spider-Man has showed to be fast enough to catch up to an accelerating car while on foot, but prefers to travel by webs. It should be noted, this car was limited due to the urban environment of New York, therefore this was a speed of roughly thirty miles per hour.

Superhuman Stamina: Spider-Man's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. This allows him to exert himself physically for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair him. At his peak, Spider-Man can physically exert himself at his peak capacity for several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him. Several accounts depict Spider-Man as able to hold his breath for eight minutes or more.

Superhuman Durability: Spider-Man's body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. His body is more resistant to impact forces than anything else. He can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by an opponent with super strength, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort. Spider-Man's body is durable to the point where tensing his super-strong muscles while being punched in the torso by a trained heavyweight boxer caused the attacker's wrists to break; also, Spider-Man has stated that he must roll with punches thrown by people without similar strength or durability to avoid breaking their wrists.

Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Spider-Man is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. He can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at gymnastics apparatus such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines.

Superhuman Equilibrium: Spider-Man possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.

Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Man's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are currently about 40 times greater than those of an ordinary human. In combination with his spider-sense, the speed of his reflexes allows him to dodge almost any attack, or even gunfire, if he is far enough away. Spider-Man has even been shown in some cases, to be able to dodge gunfire using just his reflexes without his Spider-Sense.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Spider-Man has a limited healing factor. While not on the same level as some mutants, it is sufficiently powerful enough to recover from severe injuries, from broken bones and large amounts of tissue damage in a matter of days.

Contaminant Immunity: Due to his accelerated metabolism, Spider-Man has a higher tolerance for drugs and diseases than normal humans, and he can recover from the effects of larger doses rapidly. During an encounter with the Swarm, Spider-Man was incapacitated by thousands of bee stings, but recovered in less than 24 hours. His resistance and recovery time to other toxins and diseases varies, but is typically significantly higher than normal. Spider-Man was able to recover completely from acid being spat into his eyes by the new Vulture although the extent of the damage may have been restricted due to his superhuman durability. However, Spider-Man has the normal human tolerance for alcoholic beverages.

Spider-Sense: Spider-Man possesses an extrasensory "danger" or "spider" sense which warns him of potential immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of his skull, and links with his superhuman kinesthetics, enabling him to evade most any injuries, unless he cognitively overrides his automatic reflexes. It appears to be a simultaneous clairvoyant response to a wide variety of phenomena (everything from falling safes to speeding bullets to thrown punches), which has given several hundredths of a second warning, which is sufficient time for his reflexes to allow him to avoid injury. The sense also can create a general response on the order of several minutes: he cannot discern the nature of the threat by the sensation. He can, however, discern the severity of the danger by the strength of his response to it. Spider-Man's spider-sense is directional and can guide him to or away from hidden weapons and enemies. Sudden and extreme threats can cause his spider-sense to react with painful intensity. Spider-Man can also sense and dodge attacks directed randomly or by an artificial intelligence. Using his spider-sense to time his enhanced reflexes, Spider-Man can casually dodge attacks up to and including automatic-weapons fire, provided there is sufficient distance. His spider-sense is sufficiently well-linked to his reflexes to the point that a threat can trigger them even when Spider-Man is asleep or stunned. His spider-sense has helped him preserve his secret identity since it alerts him to observers or cameras when changing into or out of his costume. The spider-sense does react to those who Peter does not consider to be a threat, such as Aunt May. Spider-Man can choose to ignore his spider-sense, and distraction or fatigue diminish its effectiveness. Spider-Man's fighting style incorporates the advantage that his "spider-sense" provides him. His body begins to produce more adrenaline after the sense is triggered, an extension of the 'fight or flight syndrome.' Even when he does not have the use of his eyes, Spider-Man can still use his Spider Sense in a similar fashion to a Radar Sense to help him see by sensing the direction the danger is coming from by listening on the loudest noise around him.

Radio Frequency Detection: Peter's spider-sense also enables him to track certain radio frequencies, which could be used to his advantage through additional hardware.














Taking major hints from the 'ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN' comics and 'AMAZING SPIDER-MAN' movies, my Spider-Man will be more updated than some of the other takes. Further influences include both 'SPIDER-MAN THE ANIMATED SERIES' and the more recent 'SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN'. I'd like to demonstrate the difference between the nerdy, awkward and shy Peter compared to the boisterous and outgoing nature of Spider-Man. This take on Peter Parker will be more of a gadgeteering genius than the one who has been presented in common media. Ideally, Spider-Man will be able to form friendships and bonds with other young heroes in this universe such as Robin or the Titans, the X-Men and the Defenders. To begin with however, Spider-Man will be just starting out, gaining a rogue gallery and developing both his costume and gear.

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The Joker
The Pale Man of Gotham
The Ace of Knaves
The Harlequin of Hate
The Clown Prince of Crime
The Jester of Genocide

Due to his nature, the Joker suggested many possible origins for how he came to be. While most of these origins were strictly grounded in reality, they all contained at least some fantastical element.

Of the Joker's favorite origins was that he lived with his murderous Aunt Eunice. An abusive guardian, she washed his skin with bleach. Eventually this resulted in irreparable brain damage as well as the drainage of all pigmentation from his skin.

The most commonly accepted theory was that the man who would become the Joker had at some point been coerced into joining the Red Hood Gang. This man acted as a body double to Red Hood One and due to this, fell in a vat of chemicals during the Showdown at A.C.E. Chemical. The acid severely disfigured his skin and shattered his sanity, sending the man down the path to becoming the Joker. As the man who was the real Red Hood One was found dead after the Showdown, it was unknown if the body double killed him and took his spot or replaced him sometime during the Showdown.

A theory that began to arise in the later years of the Joker's activities was that he was actually the Pale Man of Gotham City. This more supernatural take on the Joker's past perpetuated that at some point prior to the construction of Gotham, a man had come into contact with the chemical compound known as dionesium. It was alleged that this compound transformed him into an immortal being that haunted Gotham City during the time of great disasters.

Whatever his origin was, the first sightings of the Joker began to happen during the 2002. At this time, the Joker had not yet taken that specific name and covered his face with wrapped bandages. Initially the man who would be Joker started to hunt down members of the Red Hood Gang, whilst they were in a gang war with The Blockbuster Gang. While hunting the gang, the Joker began to take an interest in Willis Todd, the leader of the Red Hood Gang. Following Todd to the place that the remnants of the Red Hood Gang had gathered, the Joker massacred the remaining members from a vantage point while disguised as a police officer. With a smoking sniper rifle, the Joker ended the reign of the Red Hood Gang. With his notorious murders growing, the man quickly gained the title of the Joker and due to concrete proof of his existence, became a larger media sensation than the Batman. The Joker confirmed his existence when at the Gotham City Fairgrounds where he revealed himself with an event that would shake Gotham — The Haly’s Circus Massacre. Individuals like Gillian Loeb lost their life during this event much to the Joker's amusement. A random massacre that was unpredictable, the Joker laughed in Batman's face before disappearing without a trace, returning to the ghost he had been before.

Nearing the end of the year 2003, the Joker reappeared once again on All Hallow's Eve, intending to use the holiday to incite mass fear and hysteria as he ignited a bomb scare by leaking information to the Gotham Gazette. This leak sent the city into chaos as the Joker warned that thirty-seven bombs will go off anywhere between one hour to twenty-four hours. As a televised journalist began to announce the warning to the city, the Joker hijacked a local news channel to make his own announcement. Smiling at the people of Gotham, the Joker told all who was watching that he was hosting a “sort of party” at Robinson Park where he intended to burn a large quantity of cash to celebrate the “end of Gotham”. Even though the Batman pushed himself to find and disable each of the bombs, he Joker is ultimately gone by the time all of the bombs were found and disabled — his antics continuing to mock Batman and his repeated failure.

Killing about nineteen people per year, the Joker would slowly build up a small gang. While building up his gang, which would later evolve into the Circus of Strange. With the gang created, the Joker would eventually try to prove that anybody could go insane with just one "bad" day. Returning to Gotham over a year to the Gotham Fairgrounds, the site of the infamous massacre, the circus claims to be the friendly replacement and as such lures innocents to their show where The Joker’s chaos soon takes full advantage of. It begins as the showcases start to murder the guests and it comes to Batman & Robin to arrive to put a stop to it and revealing themselves to Gotham for the first time in broad daylight. It is here where Joker reveals himself alongside his mutated accomplice, Killer Croc. A savage and difficult fight ensues but in the end The Joker is seriously beaten and all of the psychopaths are arrested by the police as Batman & Robin disappear. This fight would prove for certainty that the existence of Batman was true to the general public, any doubts that could be left would be gone.

After his apprehension at the hands of Batman and Robin, the Joker was sentenced to Arkham Asylum. It was here where he would be treated by a beautiful young doctor named Harleen Quinzel. It did not take long for the Joker to exploit Harleen's unstable side, reavling the Harlequin within. The Joker would seduce Quinzel into insanity and would make her his assistant. Now operating from within his cell, the Joker is slowly plotting his big return to the spot light while waiting for the prefect moment to strike.

UNIQUE PHYSIOLOGY: Due to his chemical submergence, Joker has gained beyond average advantages over normal humans as well as further exposure has tainted his physiology.

PAIN RESISTENCE: It is speculated that the Joker's exposure to chemicals may have heightened his resistance to pain. It is also implied that he is masochistic in nature, and thus enjoys any pain received, making it an ineffective way of dealing with him.

TAINTED LOVE BLOOD: Joker's blood is tainted. It has been said that "being an avid consumer of his products, Joker's immunity to poisons has been built up over years of dedicated abuse." When a mosquito sucks the Joker's blood, it "writhes and whines, choking on tainted blood".

JOKER VENOM IMMUNITY: The Joker is immune to his own venom as well as various similar toxins.

CHEATING DEATH: The Joker has cheated death numerous times, even in seemingly inescapable and lethal situations. He has been, among other things, caught in explosions, electrocuted, shot repeatedly, and dropped from great heights, but he always returns to once again wreak havoc.

INDOMITABLE WILL: The Joker's insanity, or his frame of mind, leaves him immune to the Spectre's judgement, though warranted, as Batman explained once that the Joker doesn't actually know what is right and wrong, a crucial understanding the Spectre needs to judge. In a way, one has to know one's deeds are evil or wrong for the Spectre to judge, and the Joker doesn't. Also, both Jim Corrigan and Hal Jordan Spectres have had major problems with navigating the Joker's mind, Corrigan even managed to get lost in it and Jordan literally was blasted out of his boots to the moon when he tried.

GENIUS LEVEL INTELLECT: The Joker is portrayed as highly intelligent and skilled in the fields of chemistry and engineering, as well an expert with explosives. From his first appearance onward, he has been consistently portrayed as capable of hijacking broadcasts - usually news programs - of both the television and radio varieties.

GIMMICK GADGETRY: The Joker commits crimes with countless "comedic" weapons (such as razor-sharp playing cards, acid-spewing flowers, cyanide pies, and lethally electric joy buzzers) and Joker venom.

ESCAPOLOGY: A master at escaping prisons, cages, restraints and even straitjackets, the Joker is a master at escaping from any constraints that are inflicted upon him.

TACTICAL ANALYSIS: A schemer and a criminal mastermind, the Joker is capable of pulling off high risk exploits and heists. However he's also capable of framing others for murder and laying out elaborate schemes to entangle his foes or simply to incite general anarchy.

DISGUISE: A master of disguise in both physical appearance and mannerisms, the Joker can blend into any crowd to infiltrate unsuspecting foes or even to simply manipulate others for his personal amusement.

HAND TO HAND COMBAT: The Joker has moderate skill in hand to hand combat. Over the years it has been shown that although Batman is stronger, the Joker is faster and more agile, and his fighting style is chaotic and difficult to predict. The Joker has been known to be able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat against Batman, however every time he is subdued by Batman, it is through physical force. However, the Joker has proven to be very skilled in the area of martial arts as well, this being proven when beating the Batman once in a fight without "cheating". However, this skill in fighting can also be questioned, due to different artists having different reincarnations of the Joker. In some cases, he is so weak, that Batman can take him down with a single punch, whilst in other cases, he has proven to be more than a match for the Dark Knight.

INTIMIDATION: Joker is adept at torturing his victims endlessly, including shooting victims at point blank, torturing people to death and beating others into submission.


PROFESSOR PYG - Lazlo Valentin is a gifted scientist who's obsessed with making things perfect. This involves drastic harmful surgery to turn people into his brainwashed Dollotrons. Together with the Joker, Pyg helped to found the Circus of Strange.

MISTER TOAD - Kenneth Shepard, a race car driver who after suffering gross disfiguration from a crash became a car thief. Dubbed Mister Toad due to his grotesque appearance and love of fast cars, Kenneth is often seen tagging along with Professor Pyg acting as the getaway driver for the Professor’s various crimes.

THE RATCATCHER - Otis Flannegan

KILLER CROC - Waylon Jones

VICTOR ZSASZ - Victor Zsasz

FIREBUG - Joseph Rigger was a former military soldier and demolition experts who was dishonorable discharged. Returning to Gotham he found his family had been lost in three separate building-related incidents. His grip on sanity began slipping causing Joseph to begin a descent into madness. Donning the alias of Firebug, Joe went on a crusade to burn each of the buildings to the ground when contractors began to rebuild them. Quickly apprehended, Joe was committed to Arkham before eventually being broken out. He was recruited by the Joker into the Circus of Strange where he masqueraded as a fire swallower.

MR. PUNCH - Clyde Phillips

JUDY - Jewel Phillips

HARLEQUIN - Harleen Quinzel

CHARLEY QUINN - Charles Quinzel

RAG DOLL - Peter Merkel Sr.

ACE CHEMICALS - The core asset of Bludhaven owned Walker Industries, ACE Chemicals is a chemical processing and transportation company that deals in a variety of industries. A branch of the company often works closely with Professor Hugo Strange and other scientists in chemical advancements. Its R&D head is Doctor Marc Legrande.

THE ASYLUM FOR THE MENTALLY & CRIMINALLY INSANE - Nicknamed the "Arkham Asylum" after its founder, Amadeus Arkham who started the institution in the early 20th century. It is separated into two wings: the voluntary wing and the criminal wing. In its most recent history it has had two Directors who have run the facility namely Paul Quinzel and Hugo Strange. Psychologist Magdalene Kyle works directly under the director of the facility.

Taking inspiration from 'THE DARK KNIGHT', 'BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY', 'THE KILLING JOKE', 'JOKER', 'UNDER THE RED HOOD' AND 'THE MAN WHO LAUGHS', I am planning a Joker who commands a presence, a master showman who is also a psychotic criminal mastermind. This Joker has no problem hiring a gang or having others be his muscle, but also won't hesitate to drop one of his own for pure amusement. The Joker is unpredictable, changing in personality from day to day. One day Joker could scheme and plot, the next day he could walk into the middle of a crowd and start indiscriminately killing all those around him. In terms of goals, I hope to have Joker tangle not only with Batman but other major heroes. That said he'll always have a special spot for Batman and his family. Furthermore, my Joker would be happy to attack other villains, aligning with them only if their needs suit his own. My first major arc involves Joker first attempting to escape Arkham before instead asserting himself as the king in the castle, taking control of the asylum.

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Peter Quill aka Star-Lord
Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran aka Starfire

Yondu Udonta

Based in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Guardians of the Galaxy are freedom fighters formed by a diverse group of beings. The founding members are Yondo Udonta of Alpha Centauri, Charis-Nar, Thaddeus Bach and the Kryptonian H'el. Founded in order to bring the wealth of the empire to rim planets, the Guardians of the Galaxy operated as a sort of cosmic Robin Hood.

The Guardians of the Galaxy started nearly forty standard galactic years ago. During this time, the Centauri known as Yondu was operating as a rogue agent, hired by the planet Rann to transport much needed medical supplies through a Thanagarian blockade during the height of the Rann/Thanagar War. Imprisoned on the planet Spartax, Yondu found himsefl shackled alongside a Spartoi by the name of J'Son. Forging an alliance, Yondu and J'Son managed to create a prison break. During the chaos, Yondu encountered the Kryptonian H'el who too had been captured by the Thangarians. Once they had escaped from the Thanagarian prison, J'Son revealled himself to be the heir to the Spartoi throne and enlisted further help from Yondu and H'el in order to free his planet from Thanagarian control.

As a token of his thanks, J'Son gifted Yondu with a new ship, the Aurora. Departing from Spartax with H'el in tow, Yondu returned to his original mission to help the people of Rann, taking the fight to the Thanagarians. Ambushing a prison transport, Yondu and H'el release those taken by the Thanagarian army as well as finding sympathizers in Thaddeus Bach and Charis-Nar. A former peace keeper on his homeworld of Eiodolon, Thaddeus Bach brought a lot to the team while Charis-Nar, or Broot as he was often referred to as brought the team unhinged power almost able to rival that of H'el.

Striking at the Thanagarian army using guerilla techniques, the team became known as the Guardians of the Galaxy by those they protected. Striking out of the darkness of space in the Aurora, the Guardians could even managed to down a Thanagarian battlecruiser which crippled the blockade. This of course led to the begining of the end as Rann managed to gain a foot hold against the Thanagarians and drive them back to their own system. With Rann on its way to becoming independent again, Thaddeus decided to go his own way as the remaining Guardians wandered the galaxy in search of jobs and adventure.

Encountering a distress call, the crew of the Aurora encountered a small craft of Terran origin. Inside was an alien being which identified itself as Cosmo, a Cosmonaut of the Soviet Union. Originally a test animal, Cosmo, was a creature referred to on Terra as a dog , who was launched into space where his craft passed through a temporal anomally. This anomally exposed Cosmo to an intense form of cosmic radiation which mutated him, granting him telepathy and enhanced cognitive abilities.Taking Thaddeus' place among the crew, Cosmo proved to be a valuable asset to the Guardians throughout their adventures.

Running the rim worlds smuggling goods and liberating wealth from the Kree, Shi'ar and Skrull empires, the Guardians picked up a notorious reputation. This attracted the attention of those who hired the assassin Gamora. Despite an attempt on Yondu's life, Gamora was ultimately thrawted by Pren NuParr. Indebted, Yondu welcomed Pren to the crew of the Aurora while Gamora was revealled to be a double agent who in turn also joined the Guardians albeit not without several degrees of mistrust.

Feeling betrayed when Yondu promoted Pren as his successor, H'el departed the group citing a need to return home. Under the leadership of Pren, the Guardians turned their attention to the Vega System. Unfortunately for Pren, the Guardains infamy had travelled to the the ruling Citadel. In response of what they could only imagine was an attempt by the Guardians to break their authority, the Citadel allied itself with Thanagar recruiting their warbirds to defend against the Guardians' tactics. Outgunned and out-manuevered, the Guardains recruited a new wild card member, a Czarnian by the name of Lobo. Despite this, the Aurora was still destroyed and the surviving members of the Guardians disbanded.

With the Guardians gone, the former leader, Yondu Undonta started a gang of space pirates in the Andromeda Galaxy, far from those who knew him in the Milky Way Galaxy. Naming his new crew the Ravagers, Yondu stayed away from getting involved in the disputes of other worlds and instead became a 'Procurer of Property', or rather a thief. Performing odd jobs across the galaxy, Yondu was eventually contacted by J'Son of Spartax once again who requested a special delivery from Terra. The package turned out to be a ten year old boy by the name of Peter Quill. However seeing the state of Spartax, Yondu decided to keep the boy and raise him himself. Over the next fifteen years, Yondu passed everything he learned onto the boy.

Having grown up under the guidance of Yondu, it came at no one's surprise that Peter Quill would become the newest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately for Peter, he had to start over much like Yondu did originally. Locating the wreck of the Aurora, Peter had it retrofitted and restored the M-Ship, redubbing it the Milano after his Terran childhood crush. With a ship, Peter headed out into the galaxy, journying to Knowhere in order to gain allies and put together a crew not knowing there was still those who would seek to destroy any who referred to themselves as a Guardian of the Galaxy.


The Guardians are comprised of a number of various races each with their own unique traits. Furthermore, each individual has lived colourful lives, acquiring a great number of specialized skills. Above all else however, the Guardians are all survivors often having seen the worse the universe has to offer. Below is an outline of their individual gifts.


My goal with the Guardians is to intertwine them in a variety of galactic adventures in the style of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and Firefly. A small crew not siding with a higher power, fighting to survive and maybe for their own personal gain. I aim to put the spot light on the various Guardians throughout their adventures starting with Starfire and then moving on from there.

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"Talks like Jane Seymour, fights like Bruce Lee."

| Identity |
Lady Elaine Marsh-Morton aka Lady Vic [Short for 'Victim']

| Origin & Backstory |
Lady Elaine Marsh-Morton was born to parents who were the current generation of a family of genuine English Aristocrats, descended from a long line of British soldiers and mercenaries. Despite the history of wealth in their family, Elaine's parents were struggling to make ends meet particularly due to a rival family's company bringing them into competition and ultimately shorting their shares and sales as well as pushing the company to the verge of bankruptcy. In a last ditch effort, Elaine's parents contacted the legendary League of Assassins to take out their competition. The League accepted the contract and the hit went off without a hitch, the only problem being that the Lord and Lady found themselves with insufficient funds to pay the League. Begging for their lives, Elaine's parents attempted one last negotiation, bartering with their daughter. From that moment on Elaine was essentially sold to the League where she was submitted to their life style and trained in their ways.

As Elaine grew, she proved to be vicious and ruthless, as though nothing in life could hold her back from accomplishing her goals. A trait which captured the attention of her mentors and allowed her to rise through the ranks at a relatively young age. Elaine seemed to thirst for the fight, and passionately threw herself into learning whatever martial art or weapon the League taught her. Elaine eventually was sent on missions of her, impressing her mentors as she didn't hesitate to kill no matter who she was sent after, young or old, woman or child, Elaine was ruthless and seemingly lacking of all compassion.

Perhaps then it should have come of no surprise that she slew her own parents when perhaps by karma's hand their number came up. Elaine didn't shed a single tear as she drove her blade through her mother, no did she cry out as she gunned her father down without batting an eyelash. With her parents gone, the League now had another use for Elaine as she was the sole heir to the Morton Estate. As such, Elaine was brought under a new training by the League as they trained her to act and blend into society as an educated Lady. Unlike combat, Elaine almost struggled against the civilized mannerisms the League attempted to indoctrinate her with. After nearly a year, the League finally deemed Elaine suitable to emerge into the society of aristocrats as she laid claim to her family home backed by the finances of the League as they restored the Estate all the while setting up a hidden base beneath the Estate in order to gain a foothold in London. By the age of twenty five, Elaine had risen through the ranks enough to challenge her mentor for the right to for control over a sect of her own. After a long and bloody battle, Lady Elaine defeated her mentor and though he begged for his life, she merely laughed in his face as she plunged her blade through his heart.

Taking the name Lady Vic, Elaine now runs the the London base while reporting to the Sensei himself. Though this sect of the League operates primarily in Europe, Lady Vic herself still accepts contracts worldwide and especially has a penchant for going after big names targets such as metahumans and other super heroes or villains. However she makes her home in London when not on assignment, directing the sect as she sees fit to ensure the League of Assassins stays a name whispered in fear and paid in cold hard cash all the while keeping their presence there, and her career a secret.

| Character Notes |

| Powers & Abilities |
Lady Vic has no powers however she is an expert trained martial artists and combatant. Lady Vic is also incredible proficient with a wide variety of firearms and melee weapons having a particular inclination towards classical and historical weapons, as such she rather enjoys using flintlock pistols, swords and other archaic weaponry.

| How is this character different? |
As there is very little established canon material on Lady Vic, the character isn't necessarily different so much as more defined and developed. Alterations have been made to her backstory however to round out the character and explain why she is more deadly and efficient. As well as to fit into the Ultimate Universe as devised by Gowi and the others.

| What is your goal with this character? |
My goal with this character is to expand and elaborate in the Ultimate Universe away from some of the more major hub cities like Gotham and Metropolis. That said, I'm not against having my character travel to those cities but for the most part I may stay away from them. Depending on how my first few arcs for Lady Vic go I may send her to Gotham or some other such city for a contract in an effort to run into conflict with a bigger hero.

| Sample Post |

"So you believe you're good enough to replace me?" Elaine's eyes narrowed behind her mask as she looked up at her mentor. For years she had followed every order he had ever issued but now Elaine knew it was her turn to give the orders. Drawing her blade from its sheath, she gripped it tightly as she took a step towards her Mentor. The older man smiled as he produced a long knife from within the long sleeves of his robes.

"I'm prepared to take that which I deserve." Elaine spat towards him, her cultured accent now forever embedded in her speech. She hated the way it sounded, so refined and educated but yet she had to appreciate the camouflage it provided. Like a tiger's stripes hiding it in the long grass so her accent concealed her in society as being a killer.

"Then come, take what is yours. But I will take your life if you fail to take mine." The Mentor said raising his blade as Elaine came rushing towards him, raising her blade above her head she heaved it down with all her might only to miss as the other man spun out of way. Recovering quickly, Elaine barely had enough time to parry the incoming blow from her mentor, but yet was able to twirl her blade around to knock the knife away from her ribs. Swinging her blade horizontally, the Mentor jumped back as part of his sleeve fell to the ground, Elaine's youth and speed catching up on the Mentor's age. Acknowledging the fallen sleeve with a twisted smile, Elaine rushed forward swinging madly as she bobbed and weaved around the other man's own blows yet he still was able to match her steel for steel as he raised his dagger into a blade lock, the man's strength forcing Elaine's blade above her head as he held it there. Struggling against the man, Elaine's eyes opened in fear as she realized her abdomen was completely exposed as the Mentor's knee came up winding her. Losing her balance Elaine stumbled as the the Mentor rushed her, thrusting his blade forward. Elaine stumbled to the ground, losing the grip on her sword as she failed to avoid the knife blade as it opened her side. Biting down on her lip as the burning sensation of an open wound shot up her side, Elaine pushed herself to flip backwards, landing back on her feet as she dodged the next blow from the knife. Stepping aside, Elaine caught the man's wrist and gave it a twist making him drop the knife. Kicking the blade out of reach, Elaine threw a punch towards her mentor's head only for him to counter her blow and throw one of his own. The pair went into a flurry of blows and parries as they struggled back and forth, changing tactics, Elaine made a swipe at her Mentor's feet, taking him off balance as she delivered a fist straight to his face. Blood erupted from his nose as the old man stumbled backwards only for a other fist to collided with his face, his own blood splashing into his eyes.

Not to be outdone, the Mentor produced a pistol from within his robe, firing off a volley of shots towards Elaine despite being partially blinded. Holding her side, Elaine danced out of the way of fire before retrieving her blade. Wiping, blood from his face, the Mentor went to reload only to feel sharp steel rip through his wrist as he was suddenly brought face to face with Elaine as she plunged her sword through his chest.
"London is mine." She spat in his face before pulling back and putting a heeled boot to his chest and kicking her mentor's dead body across the floor. "Assassins, you follow me now." Elaine said as she swung her blade over her shoulder and walked away.
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"So feelin' the 'aster."

| Identity |
Richard John Grayson aka Robin

| Origin & Backstory |
Born of Romani descent, the Graysons are the ancestors of a gypsy family and unbeknownst to them also the descendant of one of Gotham's most deadly legends, a Talon by the name of William Cobb. A Talon being the assassin for the Court of Owls, a feared enforcer in the days of old in Gotham. However in modern times, the Court is often thought to be nothing more than a myth and so Grayson's family history fell into obscurity, lost in a history of circus performers and Romanies.

As such, Richard John Grayson, was born and raised to the age of twelve in the Haly's Circus. Richard, or Dick as he's commonly known was born on the first day of spring, March 21, to his parents while they had been passing through Gotham. Raised and trained by his parents, Mary and John Grayson, DIck was taught to be an acrobat and began performing at an early age, wowing crowds with his natural prowess on the trapeze. Together with his parents, they were collectively known as the 'Flying Graysons' and were recognized as being one of the biggest shows in the circus business, as well as the biggest draw to the Haly's Circus. The 'Flying Graysons' trade mark was both their feat of performing without a net as well as their signature quadruple somersault, a move that the three Graysons were the only people known capable of performing it. Growing up in the circus, Dick made friends with the children of the other performers such as Jimmy, Zane and his childhood crush Raya Vestri.

However Dick's world suddenly changed one fateful night. It was one of the biggest shows of the year as Haly's Circus had once again returned to Gotham City to help ring in the New Year. But Gotham wasn't the same place it was twelve years ago, not that it was some shiny metropolis then either, yet the city had managed to become worse. Many blamed the presence of the Batman who drew others to him, others with fractured psyches and sick minds. Individuals like the Joker. It was just before the Flying Graysons were due to perform that the Joker struck, his bombs going off and immediately killing many of the Circus' patrons. However due to the location of the bombs and their blasts, most of the circus staff were spared surviving with only minor injuries in comparison to the patrons who were caught in the blasts and shrapnel. It was only those currently performing who were caught in the destruction as John and Mary rushed Dick away from the scene. As they ran down through the rows of tents, the trio was suddenly knocked to the ground by a man with a gun. Looking up, Dick gazed into the face of Tony Zucco, one of the Circus' other acts. His act wasn't as popular as the Graysons and as such was often cancelled or pushed aside in order for Haly's to save money. This has led to an intense jealousy of the Grayson family as well as a hatred for them, Zucco had even tried to bribe the ringmaster to let him perform to no avail. He had planned to end the Grayson's reign over the circus once and for all by sabotaging their wires but even that planned had failed due to the Joker's attack. Desperate and at the end of his rope, Zucco raised the gun towards the family only for John to rush Zucco. It was to no avail as Zucco didn't even blink, pulling the trigger as John's body fell into the snow lifeless. Dick is still haunted by the sound of Mary's scream as she cried out for her husband only for her too to be silenced by the deafening sound of the revolver issuing another bullet into the cold night air.

Huddling over the bodies of his now deceased parents, Dick looked up defiantly as Zucco turned the gun towards him. His finger hesitated as the tried to pull the trigger only for him to suddenly drop the gun as sharp bat shaped object suddenly lodged itself in his hand. A shadow cast itself upon the small alley between the tents as the Batman himself descended upon the scene. Zucco took one look back for running past Dick in sheer horror. The Batman went to chase Zucco before fully realizing the scene before him and its reflection of a memory of his own. Getting the boy to safety, Batman reluctantly left Dick in the care of the police before continuing his pursuit of the Joker and now Tony Zucco.

Shortly after the tragic death of his parents, Dick was placed in an uncaring juvenile services system, on the grounds that social services was full. Being completely different from the other boys around him, Dick was beaten up by a number of the inmates before he was sent to a Catholic orphanage. Bruce Wayne, haunted by what he had saw the night when he rescued Dick as Batman decided to seek out the boy and adopt him. Dick insisted on only being adopted as his ward, because he did not want to replace his deceased father with the billionaire who he only knew from the tabloids. In fact, Dick originally believed that Bruce only adopted him for the good press and this was further supported by the amount of time that Dick found himself spending alone in the near empty mansion. Frustrated by the lack of attention from his new guardian and the lack of closure due to Tony Zucco continuing to evade capture at the hands of both the Batman and police, Dick began his own investigation using what resources he could find from around the mansion. However while scrounging together his resources, Dick stumbled across Bruce's secret finding out that the billionaire and the Dark Knight were one and the same.

Dick begged Bruce to train him and teach what he knew but Bruce denied the boy not wanting Dick to live a life as burdened as his. As a sort of negotiation however, Bruce allowed Dick the resources of the Batcave to track down Zucco on the condition that he would come to Bruce with any leads he might discover. Bruce also set Dick up with a private tutor to bring his education up to, and well above par. It seemed that circus folk did not in fact have the best educators.

A few months passed and brought new changes to the Wayne Manor as Bruce adopted another young teenager, this time a girl by the name of Harleen Quinzel. Dick, who had never been shy immediately became smitten with the girl who quickly shot down his advances. As the weeks went by, Dick began to notice the similarities between Harley and Bruce and grew jealous at how quickly he took to her comparing how he spent so many nights away as Batman when he first adopted Dick. It didn't help matters when Bruce actually sat down with Harley to reveal his nightly hobby where as Dick was left to discover it for himself. It was during these few months that Dick began to 'bond' with Alfred feeling that the older man was the only one in the house he could talk to as he felt slightly betrayed by Bruce. Due to this, Dick threw himself more than ever into his studies and his investigation into Zucco as a method of escape. Eventually finding a lead which connected Zucco to a mob boss in Chicago. However it wasn't enough for Bruce to act on, leaving Dick disappointed and once again feeling tossed aside in exchange for Harley. Yet, much to Dick's surprise he was invited down to the Batcave the following night where he was added to Harley's training as Bruce, against Alfred's wishes, began to teach the pair in martial arts and further bestow his crime fighting talents and skills upon the pair.

In the winter of 2012, Bruce presented both Dick and Harley with the option to join his crusade. Though Bruce increased their training further, he continued to neglect bringing his wards on patrol with him which pushed Harley to suck a boiling point that she decided to strike out on her own. Watching her go, Dick stayed in the cave until he couldn't stand it any longer. However as he was about to leave the Dark Knight himself returned to the cave, leading to Dick spilling his guts on everything he knew. Though disappointed, in the end Bruce was impressed by Harley. Finally being allowed to come on patrol, they were granted the honor of picking codenames and given costumes of their own. Harley took up the name Batgirl and a cowl of her own to suit. Dick on the other hand wanted something different, choosing the name 'Robin' in honor of his mother's nickname for him and rescuing that his costume have a lighter motif than the menacing cowls and capes that Harley and Bruce were drawn to.

Despite this, the pair didn't get a chance to debut until after the New Year when they were brought in by Bruce to help with his battle against the villains Anarky, Firefly and Freeze. Though in Dick's case it was more like dragged in due to Harley's impatience and Bruce being overly cautious. Despite the hiccups, the trio managed to gain what even Bruce refers to as a 'great success.'

With the early months of the year flying by, the rest of the year seemed to drag by as Dick continued his studies in order to prove to Bruce he could attend a school the same as Harley had been doing. Aside from studying, Dick was suiting up every night to go out on patrol, his combat prowess and detective skills growing as he reopened his own case into the location of Tony Zucco, finding out the man had moved up the ladder and seated himself in command of a gang of his own. Deciding to keep this information from Bruce, Dick continued to keep tabs on Zucco as his operations came closer and closer to Gotham.

During the mid-summer, in July, Dick and Harley accompanied Bruce to Blüdhaven to help one of Bruce's allies, John Law also know as the Tarantula. It seemed Blüdhaven's resident gang leader, Black Mask had gotten a bit out of control and the Tarantula could use a hand putting him down. The Bat-Family were more than happy to oblige and for the first time, Dick finally began to feel a part of something that was truly making a difference. In Gotham it felt like no matter what they did there was another criminal to go after but being called to help a friend meant they must be doing something right after all. This truly helped Dick grow into his Robin persona.

In late August, Dick asked Bruce to enroll him in a school, something outside of the mansion. It took some pleading and convincing from both Dick and even Alfred, but in the end Bruce was convinced that Dick's private studies were more than adequate to enroll him in the Gotham Academy for Higher Learning and the Arts. The argument was made that the boy could use a life outside of the mansion and Harley herself had already been attending the school in question meaning she could show Dick the ropes.

The following couple of months proved to be a whirlwind adventure as Dick learned to balance both grade eight and his after-school life as a newly hatched vigilante. But October brought the “Circus of Strange” into Gotham City at the Haly Fairgrounds. That alone was enough to upset Dick as no other circus had set up there since the massacre when he lost his parents. Under the guise of Haly's friendly replacement, those inside the Circus of Strange lured innocents to their show only to inflict unthinkable horrors upon them. These criminals turned out to be Big Top - an extremely obese and bearded, but strong woman, Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad - two freakish men in eponymous animal masks who were obsessed with making the 'perfect' subservient humans by fusing masks to the faces of and lobotomizing their victims.

Dick in full costume as Robin, soon arrived on the scene along with Batman and Batgirl. Finally revealing themselves for the first time in broad daylight. Taking on the six villains, the trio found Pyg, Toad, and Big Top to be rather easy to defeat. However much to the surprise of the trio, the Joker himself re-emerged, having been hidden behind the scenes pulling the strings with his primary accomplice Killer Croc. As the Bat-family confronted the Joker, he suddenly released Killer Croc on them and in the following chaos Dick was cut off from his partners. While Batman and Batgirl were trapped in grueling combat with Croc, Dick found himself trapped with the Joker; a battle he had feared since Batman first revealed to the him that he suspected the Joker would one day return to Gotham. The battle was long and cruel and Robin tried his best to remain ahead of the clown prince of crime. Eventually defeating the Harlequin of Hate, Robin suffered grievous wounds and was barely able to make it back to the Batcave. Meanwhile a savage and difficult fight raged on between the giant crocodile-man and the two Bat-themed vigilantes. After a grueling battle which left both Batman and Batgirl injured as well, all of the psychopathic murderers were arrested by the GCPD.

Spending several weeks recovering, Dick had Bruce explain his injuries at school as a skiing accident. Upon recovering Dick dedicated more time to his combat training not wanting to be the weak link of the Batfamily anymore.

| Character Notes |
-Currently 14 years old.
-Lived with Bruce for nearly two years at this point
-Been Robin for just over a year.
-Almost halfway through his freshman year of highschool
-Has a crush on Barbara Gordon, one of Harley's friends much to Harley's annoyance.

-Bruce Wayne: Father figure to Dick, Dick looks up to and admires Bruce despite disagreeing with several of his methods. Though Dick would have rather not have lost his parents, he has also fully embraced his life and despite not legally being Bruce's son, would have no problem with being called such.

-Alfred Pennyworth: Dick sees Alfred as a sort of surrogate Grandfather and Uncle. The 'butler' to Bruce Wayne has a gruff yet eloquent mannerisms which Dick finds both amusing and endearing. Dick often likes to engage Alfred in what Dick deems philosophical discussions and though Alfred goes along with it, Dick can never tell if the older man is doing so willingly or reluctantly.

-Harleen 'Harley' Quinzel: Like Dick, Harleen was adopted by Bruce after the unfortunate death of her parents. Originally Dick had a crush on the blonde girl who continually kicked his butt in sparring matches. However over the last year, he has grown out of the crush and former a brother-sister bond with Harley often leading to mindless bickering especially while out in costume.

-Tony 'Boss' Zucco: Though formerly only a Circus strong-man act, after the murder of the 'Flying Graysons', Zucco fled Gotham relocating to Chicago where he established himself as mob enforcer. Over the last two years, Zucco has moved up the ladder and current rumors have him running his own gang and possibly even back in Gotham.

-William Cobb: Otherwise known as Talon, William Cobb is Dick's great-grandfather and an assassin for the Court of Owls. So far he remains unknown to his great-grandson, but Cobb has but one goal in mind and that is to recruit his last living descendant to Court of Owls.

| Powers & Abilities |
Dick Grayson is pushing his body to the peak athletic strength and endurance of a man who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise. Under Bruce's tutelage, one day Dick's martial arts skills will rival those of Batman. He is trained in dozens of martial arts disciplines and is being rigorously trained by his mentor in everything from escapology to criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, and numerous other combat/non-combat disciplines.

Dick's martial arts disciplines include aikido, savate, judo, and capoeira with an emphasis on aikido, as well as being armed with twin Eskrima sticks made from an unbreakable polymer. He also carries several dozen modified batarangs (called wing-dings) along with de-cel jumplines and gas capsules among other items in his utility as provided and stocked by Batman.

Grayson is a prodigious natural athlete, possessing a great deal of agility and acrobatic skills. If Dick were to continue to hone his skill, he could potentially be the greatest human acrobat. He is the only human on Earth who can do the quadruple somersault (formerly one of three, the other two being his parents). Along with this, Dick learned and became quite proficient in the sport of parkour and art of free running from playing with other kids in the circus. Often racing against trains and then leaping over them and whatever else was around to amuse themselves between shows. Having had the finest education as Bruce Wayne's ward, he fluently speaks in English, as well as Romanian (his first language), and is learning French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and American Sign Language.

Besides his resources as Bruce Wayne's adopted son and heir apparent, Dick's parents also left him a trust fund which Lucius Fox is slowly turning into a small fortune.

| How is this character different? |
Like Gowi's Batman, this version of Dick Grayson borrows from a wide range of media to tie his back-story and origins together. This Dick will also have deeper connections and ties to the Court of Owls as well as not just focusing on Dick as Robin but also portraying Dick Grayson the person developing his Casanova status in a high school setting.

| What is your goal with this character? |
To become Batman No but seriously I am intending to become Nightwing portray Robin as a teenager struggling with his past, his current identity and his future as well as adapting to Bruce as his new paternal figure and his distant guardian as well as masquerading as a ward for the richest man in Gotham City. All while likely attending some ritzy highschool which cramps Dick's style as he grows into the biggest Casanova in the DC universe. DC totally dropped the ball with 'Gotham High', it should have been based on Dick.

| Sample Post |

The night, the darkness, the fresh air. It all made Richard John Grayson feel alive again. The feeling of free falling without a line as his cape fluttered behind him. He wasn't a big fan of the cape, but Bruce had insisted on it, he claimed it helped to hide one's body mass, making it harder for goons to aim their guns at you. Naturally Bruce had been right as the cape had already been patched and remade numerous times as it was shot up and ripped to shreds in their many nightly excursions. Heck, Richard, or rather Dick as he went by, had to have an entire new costume created for him after his battle with the Joker. Launching a line from his grapple, Dick felt the line go taunt as his arm snapped forward, the braces in the suit keeping his shoulder from dislocating as Dick was pulled upwards before pressing the release on the gun and somersaulting through the air. Firing another line, Dick used the momentum to carry himself upwards again, soaring above Gotham's skyline freely, the closest he'd ever come to flying.

From this height, Gotham almost looked like a nice place to live. But Dick knew the city, not only from above it but also from within it and below it. He couldn't claim to be as intimately attuned to Gotham as Bruce was, but Gotham was part of him. It didn't feel like a coincidence that Haly's just happened to have been in Gotham on the night he was born. No, it was some sort of twisted guiding hand of fate, the same twisted hand which had his parents killed in this damned city. Gently rolling onto a rooftop, he was as silent as the night itself as he looked down at the streets below. Gotham seemed to be having a quiet night but Bruce had always told Dick to never assume anything in Gotham. A shriek of fear from the next block over alerted Dick to the fact that somebody at least could use Robin's assistance tonight. Running towards the edge of the roof, Dick fired his grapple as the claw adhered itself to one of Gotham;s many gargoyles, this one in particular looked like a rather monstrous owl. Dick felt a shiver run down his spine, something about owls had always freaked him out, even as a small child he could remember seeing their piercing eyes watching him from the rafters of the big top. But no other city had owls quite like Gotham.

Owls and bats, both nocturnal and both seemed to haunt Gotham every night. Diving to the ground, Dick pulled threw a wing ding towards a man who had gun in one hand pressed hard against a woman while another hand was slowly undoing his own pants. The wing ding bit into the man's hand with a razor sharp edge as he cried out, letting go of the gun. Rushing forward, Dick pulled his escrima sticks from the back of his belt as he jumped into the air, bringing himself just above the man's standing height as he delivered one quick blow after another, the first to the man's throat and the other to his shoulder.

The man dropped to the ground as Dick spun around and delivered a hard kick to his face before pulling a zip tie from his belt and restraining the man's hands. Harley would have been harsher on the man, but Dick wasn't Harley, nor was he Bruce. That said part of him wanted to break every bone in this man's hands but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead Dick pantsed the man before using his grapple gun as a pulley and hoisting the man up a nearby flagpole and surrounding him with trash. Whether the police or the garbage truck got to him first, Dick didn't care, all that mattered was he wouldn't be doing anything else any time soon. Hopefully never again.

Then again this was Gotham and in Gotham, criminals never seemed to learn.
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| NAME: |
Mariand'r 'Mari' Grayson

| ALIAS: |

| AGE: |

Tamaranean/Human Physiology: Like her mother, Mari's alien physiology constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy. Mari has green eyes with no pupils, pale orange skin and dark iridescent purple hair. When she is using her abilities in full force, her hair seems to glow and react like fire. However, this is simply an illusion. Unlike her mother, Mari is only half Tamaranean, thus lacking most of her mother's tremendous strength, stamina and durability. Mari however has inherited her father's natural athleticism making her a very agile combatant.

Energy Absorption: Primarily, Mari absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the stars and other sources of radiation. She can also absorb the ultraviolet radiation from other life forms such as Kryptonians who thrive on it. However Mari can not contain as much radiation as her mother thus significantly lowering her power levels and exhausting her abilities much faster.

Energy Projection: Mari can project her 'starbolts' at her opponents in a variety of ways. The energy is burning hot and melts or destroys most metal objects and skin. Due to her mother's DNA being modified by experiments by the alien Psions, Mari has inheirated the power and ability to channel and project her stored energy into destructive blasts called 'starbolts'. Mari also has the power and ability to unleash all her stored energy into a pseudo nova blast. While her mother's nova blast was as hot as a burning sun, Mari's is lessened due to her stored energy being nearly halved in comparison to Koriand'r.

Superhuman Strength: Like Koriand'r, Mari is superhumanly strong. Unlike Kori however, Mari's strength is far less although still considerable. At maximum strength, Mari is able to lift twenty five tonnes above her head.

Flight: Mari can use her energy to push herself through the sky which leaves a distinctive energy contrail behind, looking as if it is coming directly from her hair. This only works when gravity is affecting her, and she cannot fly unaided in space. It should also be noted that Mari can not fly at supersonic speeds and as such still requires transport for long term distances due to both this and her lack of true Tamaranean stamina.

Lacking her mother's superhuman stamina and durability, Mari takes considerable harm although not from her own abilities. To further explain, Mari does not take damage from holding a car above her head or punching through a solid wall, but high caliber firearms can still pierce her skin as can blades if made of a resilient enough material and used by a strong enough foe. Furthermore, as Mari lacks Kori's stamina, her abilities exhaust her much faster. While her stamina is above that of a human's, it's not anywhere notable. This is primarily due to Mari not taking her training seriously hampering her own abilities. It should also be noted that Mari can't exceed a speed of 250mph/400km/h while in flight. On foot, her abilities are those of a skilled athlete. Since Mari lacks true Tamaranean durability as noted above, she can't fly higher than the stratosphere.

Unlike Kori, Mari lacks the ability to assimilate languages through contact and as such must learn them the old fashion way, much to her annoyance. Lastly, Mari lacks the experience of her parents and intense training her father received when he was her age. This makes Mari a relatively unskilled combatant especially when compared to other students her age. In this department, Mari is her own biggest draw back as she runs in the opposite direction from the legacy in her parents. As such she's something of a slacker and comes across as an apathetic 'rebel'.

The overly cheerful chime of the alarm was possibly the most unwelcome noise that Mariand'r Grayson could imagine at this very moment as it disturbed her sleep, permeating every square inch of her skull. Dragging the covers over her as she buried her head beneath the over-sized pillow, Mari audibly groaned as she realized the darkness which she embraced to sleep had been violated by the constant flickering of daylight as it slithered between the mangled blinds on her window. After a struggle lasting a whole five minutes, Mari finally reluctantly surrendered to the alarm as she rolled over and hit the button, the looming display almost seemed like some hellish abomination as the red numbers angrily stared back at her.

'9:45? Already? Seriously I feel like it was 3am half an hour ago. A groan escaped her lips as she flopped back over on the bed, spreading out to allow the bed to consume her as the young woman stared at the antique ceiling above her head.

'What day is it even? Do I have class? Please say it's Friday, oh I pray to whatever higher power there may be that it's Friday.' Her inner monologue went on, as she sat up and reached for her cellphone only to let out a cry of anguish upon reading the screen realizing that not only was it not Friday, but it was also Hallowe'en. That mean the Brew was going to be a gong show later.

"At least I'm not working." She grumbled to herself as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, feeling around with her feet for her slippers before standing up. Tugging at her tanktop, she looked down remembering she had been too tired for pajamas and had slept in her underwear, silently cursing as she remembered her blinds didn't really protect her privacy. Scrambling to her closet as the wooden floor beneath her creaked and moaned with wear, Mari pulled out a robe and quickly threw it over her. Making her way to the bathroom she nearly did a double take as her reflection looked like it was already dressed for this evening. Mari had forgotten to remove her makeup from the day before and now it, combined with the mess of hair atop her head gave her a look that could probably turn a gorgon to stone.


Reaching into the glass enclosure, Mari turned the tap and began to run the hot water, ensuring her shower would be more than warm enough before she undressed. Pulling a fresh towel out of the nearby closet, Mariand'r peeled off what few clothes she had on before stepping into the baptism of hot water as it rained down on her seemingly washing away all her stress of tiredness. Mari was a firm believing that a hot shower was better than any cup of coffee in the morning.

After the hot water tank had been drained and about an hour after that, Mariand'r finally emerged from the bathroom, only her robe between her and any would be peepers in the dorm across from hers as she moved back into her bedroom. After quickly throwing on her usual attire of jeans and a tank top, Mari decided she had best check in on her emails ensuring that she hadn't missed anything from the class that took place while she had taken her shower. Her stomach growled as she sat down at the small desk and opened the laptop, the first reminder that she hadn't eaten yet this morning.

'12:30, fuck!' Or rather this afternoon as the case was currently. She shook her head at the time as she opened her inbox, noticing a rather large amount of emails from 'Facbook'.

"Don Macintosh has added you as a friend, Charles Glover... Fredrick Hattin... Who are these people? Fuckin' creepers." Mari muttered as she leaned back in her chair, selecting all the emails and hitting delete. Clicking open a new tab, she logged into her Facebook and quickly 'ignored' the same friend requests. "Preferred when it said rejected. Bunch of stupid boys." She noted that most of them had been at the Brew last night, which meant they too attended Corrigan and figured she was cute so they could add her.

'The least they could have done was talk to me first.' Her stomach suddenly growled again prompting Mari to close the laptop and grab her leather jacket off the back of the door before locking up her apartment and heading downstairs. Coming out into the hallway, Mari nearly collided with a wall of orange and black balloons. Her eyes starting to glow as her hands began to heat up but the sound of another person caused Mari to step back, cooling down as she looked around the floating wall.

"Good afternoon Mari!" Came a male voice from behind the balloons as one of her dorm mates poked his head out.

"Hey Scott," Mari responded with a small wave. She really wasn't in the mood for letting small talk stop her from grabbing a bite to eat. But she knew Scott, and he'd want to talk. "Serena got you setting up for tonight already?" She asked, moving around the balloons and slowly moving towards the dorm's exit.

"Yeah buddy, Ravencroft's favourite holiday tonight. I thought you'd know that. You've been here over a year haven't you?"

"I'm in my third year actually," Mari responded turning towards the door only to let out a silent sigh of exasperation as Scott continued the conversation.

"Oh well, I can't believe we've known each other that long. I feel like it was just yesterday we bumped into each other and I had to buy you a new coffee." He smiled wide as he looked at Mari who hid her annoyance quickly.

Please tell me he is not flirting with me. "Hey Scott I was ju..."

"So are you working tonight?" His voice quickly spoke over Mari he nearly caused her lip to bleed as she bit down on it in frustration. Her angry stomach growling loudly under her jacket.

"No I'm not." She answered flatly turning to leave as Scott continued to talk.

"Well you should come out to the dorm party then! I mean, you won't get to sleep with the party happening below your bed."

"I think I'll stay at a friend's!" Mari called back trying to ignore the cynic in her head. Friends, what's that, someone else to let get close so they can stab you in the back.

"Uh well, maybe you and I could get a bite to eat sometime." Scott added as Mari exited the building.

And there's the date invitation. She shook her head as she began to walk across the campus towards the mess hall. Maybe one of these days someone could look at her and not treat her like her flirtatious mother.

| NOTES: |
In case it wasn't clear, Mariand'r is the daughter of Richard Grayson and Koriand'r.
Cherry Coke all day, every day.

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| NAME: |
Aiden Gabriel Roth

| ALIAS: |

| AGE: |

Aiden has the ability to create and project thermal energy from his eyes. This thermal energy can be ejected from the eyes in one of two ways, as concussive blasts or as a powerful continuous beam.

When fired as a concussive blast, Aiden can either fire these blasts singularly or in rapid succession. The size and speed can all be controlled, with Aiden gaining more skill with his abilities each year. The temperature of his ability is variable with the hottest temperature reaching 1510 degrees Celsius (2750°F) which is even capable melting through solid steel. While Aiden can't force his ability burn any hotter than the above number, extended exposure would eventually raise the temperature of the target higher than the above numbers.

Like the temperature, Aiden controls the force behind each concussive blast. He can simply radiate heat from his eyes or, Aiden can put up to enough force to easily lift an object over five tonnes into the air, as maximum Aiden has even managed to offset a thrown car. That said, due to the strain Aiden can't keep consistently manage that much force. Likewise as with anything, the width and diameter of Aiden's blasts and beams have an effect, a focused narrow beam is more likely to cut through a target where as a wide blast will push back or knock down a target. As with the temperature and pressure, Aiden can control the size of his beams whether they're small precision blasts or wide, large blast for a maximum area of effect. While Aiden's optic blasts can be fired anywhere within his vision's range, the solid beams can actually be bent and curved by his own will as opposed to reflecting and refracting off of mirrored surfaces. To this extent, Aiden can literally chase a target with his optic beams as long as they are within eye sight.

Due to the heat and force behind his vision powers, Aiden has slightly improved durability primarily in heat resistance. Additionally his balance is enhanced in order to be able to stand against his own concussive force.

Aiden's optical powers have a wide variety of uses outside of the obvious combat ones. For instance, a low heat beam can be used to help bring of the body heat of a teammate on the verge of hypothermia. Likewise, his abilities could also be used as a signal flare or to start a fire.

A blast or beam with a very low to no heat level could be used to push a teammate who's out of arm's' reach in the case they were in danger or didn't see an incoming threat. A focused high heat beam could be used to cut with surgical precision if given training, further more it would also cauterize the wound. High level heat beams can also be used to weld or cut through metal and other materials. Wide beams can be used for a maximum range of effect, such as evaporating snow, ice or even water.​

While powerful, Aiden has several notable limitation that come with his abilities. First and foremost, his energy levels are not finite and overuse will leave Aiden complete drained, possibly even unconscious. In order to recharge his optic powers, Aiden requires rest and sustenance. Abuse requires substantially longer to recover from.

Furthermore, despite being resistant to the heat produced by his own abilities, Aiden can't handle the heat from his optic blast if he were to completely drain it at maximum temperature in one continuous beam. This would likely leave him with severe burns to his body as well as permanently blinded.​

Aiden's abilities tend to hinder his vision while in use, each blast he fires is a moment when the world is completely distort in a burst of brilliant colour, likewise while emitting a beam attack, his vision is almost completely obstructed leaving him open to attacks. This is particularly exploitable when you realize that Aiden's own attacks can be redirected back at him and are completely able to injure him though to a lesser extent than the intended target due to Aiden's resistance.

His attacks are however difficult to reflect but certain mirrored surfaces are capable of doing so, some glass structures too are capable of refracting his attacks and altering their path. Lastly and perhaps most notable, Aiden's body is only a small step above that of a regular human, his skin is no more resistant to knives and gunfire than a Norm making him fairly easy to kill if unprepared and unarmored.​

The smell of dirt overwhelmed Aiden's as his face was forced down into the ground, the taste of grass overpowering his mouth as the small green blades pushed through his lips and in between his teeth. As the weight of the other body got off of him, Aiden pushed himself up with his arms, another student coming over to grab the football as Aiden silently cursed to himself, spitting out the grass from his mouth as he stood up. Blinking back his glowing red eyes, he gave his head a shake in disbelief for the fact he just tried to outrun a speedster.

"Shouldn't have tried that Roth!" A playful voice yelled as Aiden looked over at voice responsible for tackling him.

"I dare you to get the ball next Zippy, I'll knock you on your ass from halfway across the field." Aiden laughed as he returned to his team's line up. Meta-ball was one of his favourite past times at Corrigan, it was football but with powers. Naturally that made for a much more interesting game.

"Roth get in here!" Bruce, Aiden's team's quarterback ordered. Like Aiden, he was able to manipulate energy, however his abilities were quite different as he was able to charge the potential energy in an object, releasing it in a large kinetic burst. It made him ideal for a Hail-Mary play. "Alright so here's the plan, Zippy over there has the ground covered so we need to somehow get past him if we want to win this game. This is our final down and we can't afford to blow it."

"Why don't you run the ball? Charge your own potential energy and launch across the field?" Aiden suggested as the other teammates murmured their agreement.

"Alright, I'll try it, but I'm counting on you to blast that speedster Roth. Everyone else, stick with your man. We've got this! Break!" Bruce yelled as the team turned around and ran to the line. Within seconds, the ball had snapped and the two teams were clashing until suddenly Bruce went barreling through, his explosion of energy propelling him almost as fast as Zippy could move. Running as fast he could, Aiden tried not to fall behind, and suddenly felt a 'WHOOSH' as Zippy passed him. Narrowing his eyes, Aiden slid to a stop and let loose a crimson concussive blast. As he narrowly missed, Aiden let out a curse as Zippy closed in on Bruce. Breathing in deeply, Aiden focused and instead of Zippy aimed at Bruce as he suddenly dropped to his knees and aimed upwards, unleashing a beam of energy from his eyes. A cry arose from both of the players as Zippy tackled Bruce just as the beam collided with them, raising both into the air as they continued to fly forward. With a thud, they suddenly dropped to the ground as Aiden stood and cheered. Rubbing his head as he too stood up, Bruce suddenly slammed the ball to the ground and joined in with Aiden's cheering as the team followed suit. Aiden's quick thinking had boosted Bruce into the endzone allowing the team their winning touch down.

"Told you I'd blast you Zippy!" Aiden called as the other teen shook his head and smiled.

"Good game Hotshot, we'll get you next time."

Scoffing, Aiden laughed as he turned back to the Speedster. "Don't count on it." He said with a wink as he headed towards the mess hall, a celebratory slice of pie was in order.​

| NOTES: |
  • Proudly Canadian, having been born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Has trouble getting close to people, afraid they're just going to leave.
  • To a degree has difficulty with the opposite sex due to a fear of incinerating them if he were aroused. As such, Aiden is relatively chaste.
  • Despite all of the above, Aiden is outgoing and enjoys being sociable especially when it comes to sports. Aiden enjoys football/meta-ball above all others though, second to that is naturally hockey.
  • His favourite teams are the Calgary Stampeders and the Calgary Flames, despite having never actually been to Alberta, let alone Calgary.
  • Hands down his favourite food is anything off a barbeque, whether a burger, pizza, steak or pork chop. As long as it has been cooked on a grill, he's going to enjoy it. For dessert however, he has a soft spot for pie, particularly Key Lime.
  • Not a big fan of video games as he claims they make his eyes hurt.
  • He loves rock music with his favourite band being Thousand Foot Krutch, although he has a guilty pleasure for Taylor Swift.
  • Despite his aspirations to be a Teen Titan, Aiden is attracted to the idea of teaching and would love to one day work at Corrigan
  • Visual Reference
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| NAME: |
Evander, often simply goes by Evan.

| ALIAS: |
Wonder Boy
Lover Boy

Demigod Physiology: As the son of a Gargarean Warrior and the Goddess Aphrodite, Evander has inherited divine traits from his mother as well as the warrior traits of his father.

Accelerated Healing: Often referred to as a "healing factor", accelerated healing is a term used to describe Evan's ability to recover from bodily injuries or disease at a superhuman rate. It differs from regeneration because although the character can repair from major tissue damage and even regenerate entire cells it cannot repair separated limbs or torn cells. So knee injuries will heal but if the knee is torn off then Accelerated Healing cannot help. Evan's accelerated healing protects him from numerous poisons, toxins and diseases notably and especially those of Earthly origin.

Decelerated Aging: Although sometimes confused for "Immortality", or "Accelerated Healing", Evan's Decelerated Aging slows his body's normal rate of decay, so as to live a longer lifespan by human standards. It is a passive power, and one that does not require direct action in order to take effect. In Evan's case, he will in fact only age to the chronological state of a twenty five year old human and then cease to age altogether.

Superhuman Durability: While it can also be referred to as "enhanced durability", Superhuman Durability is a term used to describe the ability to withstand unnaturally high levels of physical harm. It differs from invulnerability because Evan can still sustain damage from a sufficient source.

Superhuman Speed: Sometimes called "enhanced speed", Superhuman Speed is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to move at a rate of acceleration and maximum speed in excess to that of normal optimal human capacity.

Superhuman Strength: While it can also be called "enhanced strength", Superhuman Strength is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to lift and/or press volumes of mass far in excess to that normally possible for a human being functioning in Earth gravity. This term is also attributed to non-human characters when describing their superior strength.

Superhuman Stamina: Often referred to as "enhanced stamina", Superhuman Stamina is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to function without tiring or undue strain. Characters who possess this power can often go for long periods of time without rest or even sleep. An individual may develop enhanced stamina either through alien heritage, genetic manipulation or biological augmentation. Other characters may develop enhanced stamina through mystical means, or through divine intervention.

Shapeshifting: Evan's demigod nature allows him limited shapeshifting abilities. He is able to transfigure his body to visually appear as another person however he often lacks many of their other attributes including smell, voice and abilities.

Minor Pheromone Manipulation: As the son of Aphrodite, Evander's body attunes itself to release pheromones which will attract those around him to himself. As such, he is often finds those around him lusting towards him or at the very least attracted in some manor. As such, Evan is often uncomfortable in crowds.

Evander wears an Amazonian outfit modeled upon Wonder Woman's own armor. A light weight and flexible material, it is fairly resilient to damage although Evan's own abilities negate the need form most conventional armors. In addition to this Evan's primary weapon is a polished round shield that was personally forged from him by his 'step-father' Hephaestus. This shield is nigh unbreakable and has honed edges in order to aid in combat. Furthermore, the shield is enchanted to reflect magic and energy attacks as well as return if thrown.

Evander can feel all conventional forms of pain. That said, he has a much higher tolerance for them due to his enhanced durability and only beings of equal or superior strength can inflict lasting damage such as lacerations, fractures or breaks. His strength likewise has upper limits of hoisting one tonne above his head but he can move double that if his stamina is fairly full. This strength allows Evan to make great leaps, allowing him to traverse a city in several bounds although he uses his pegasus for longer journey's. Evan's stamina can last several hours leading to him being very hard to exhaust, however if he does reach a state of exhaustion then Evan requires nearly a day's worth of rest to recover. His speed allows him to keep pace with most cars within an urban environment, that's not to say he can keep up with them at highway speeds or race speeds speeds. As such, if fully rested, Evan's speed tops out at 60km/hr or 40 mph if you prefer.

The sun beamed down on the tropical paradise as it hung low in high noon over the island of Themyscria. A gentle breeze off the island did little to cool down the scorching sand and radiant heat as the peaceful chirping of all manner of birds was drowned out by the clash of steel against steel. Beads of sweat and blood dropped into the sand as a crab skittered out of the way before a bare foot came down upon it. The two barely clothed figures moved quickly, circling one another as another echo of metal upon metal rang out over the water. Gritting his teeth, the young man summoned his strength to him as he struck again, staggering the woman opposite him as she stumbled back slightly. Gripping the hilt of the blade with both hands, the male raised the blade over his head preparing for another strong strike. The woman however had anticipated the follow up move and delivered a quick tap from the pommel of her weapon to the man's abdomen. Gasping as the blow winded him, the woman followed up with a strike from an open palm which threatened to send the man onto his back.

Deciding to move with the momentum instead of against, the male rolled backwards lashing out with his feet as he caught the Amazon by her chin. With a grunt of satisfaction, the young man landed on all fours and launched himself forward, tossing his weapon aside as he tackled the female onto her back. Pinning her hands into the sand, the male leaned over her with a smirk.

"Highest marks in my class?" He asked with a cocky raised eyebrow.

"Only one in your class." She grunted as her legs suddenly wrapped themselves around his shoulders as the weight shifted and the male felt a 'THUMP' as he found himself suddenly on his back, his half naked sparring partner leaning over him.

"It would seem you got too cocky there Lover Boy." She grinned as Evander struggled to reverse her pin to no avail. "I'm going to miss handing you your butt when you leave."

"Oh is that right?" Evan replied. "Well I'm just going to miss your butt."

"Don't push your luck." The Amazon replied as she dusted herself off and stood up.

"Like this?" Evander said with a smile as he tapped Antiope on the ass.

"Oh, so it's going to be like that then?" Antiope said with a smirk as she moved into a cartwheel and scooped up her sword. "Round two then?"

"You're on."

| NOTES: |
-Can't fly
-Rides a female pegasus named Bellerophon much to the disdain of the Amazons.
-Son of Aphrodite from when she laid with a Gargarean in the guise of an Amazon.
-Raised by the Amazons on behest of Aphrodite.
-Ignore the lasso in the picture.
-Dislikes clothes
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| NAME: |
Lian Nguyen-Harper

| ALIAS: |

Lian is a fromidable fighter and a brilliant tactitian. Under the instruction of her mother, Lian has learned several martial arts that no longer are thought to exist as well as learning various forms of weapon use. It should be noted however that Lian's prefered melee weapon is a sai like her mother as well. Like her mother, Lian is a triple jointed acrobat which makes her moves quick and unexpected, her speed and agility are nearly superhuman levels.

Lian has also learned toxicology from her mother. Like her mother, Lian makes use of poisoned finger nails which can paralyze foes with a single scratch. Having travelled the world during her youth, Lian is capable of conversation in numerous languages and completely fluent in at least Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French and Spanish.

Despite all this, Lian takes after her father in many more ways. Like her father, Lian is the current bearer of the Speedy mantle and is a crimson cloaked archer. Unlike her father, Lian prefers her 'Uncle's' compound bow instead of a basic long bow. A highly capable markswoman, Lian can bullseye a target from a hundred and fifty meteres away. Like both her father and Uncle Ollie, Lian makes use of trick arrows.

-Compound Long Bow:
A custom built, compound long bow with a 250 pounds-force (1,100 newtons) draw weight.

'Pistol-like Crossbows'

-Throwing Knives:
Harper keeps a handful of throwing knives on hand for situations where arrows aren't not ideal.

Harper has a pair of quivers, each capable of holding a full load of twenty six arrows with the exception of cluster arrow varieties as noted below.

-Drill Head Arrow:
An armor piercing arrow with a spinning head enabling it to chew through strong materials. When combined with a two stage arrow, it's especially lethal giving it extra piercing power upon impact. It can also be combined with the explosive arrow or cluster arrow for other effects.

-Grappling Line Arrow:
An arrow which upon impact ejects a lightweight liquid steel line in a straight line back along the angle of trajectory. This line is capable of supporting 250lbs of weight, if combined with a cluster arrow, multiple lines can be intertwined to support additional weight.

-Bolas Arrow:
An arrow which upon impact breaks into three equal sections. Contained within the arrow is a twin of lightweight liquid steel line. Contained within the end of each section are small orbs which when exposed to the air rapidly expands, increasing in weight allowing the bola to function correctly.

-Net Arrow:
An arrow equipped with a proximity sensor that when triggered detonates the arrow and casts a net over the target. This net is created from liquid steel line and is weighted by the same chemical which creates the heads on the bolas. The net arrow can only be equipped with a cluster arrow.

-Cluster Arrow:
A notably larger arrow, the cluster arrow explodes into numerous arrows which can rain down on either a single target or numerous. Using a proximity sensor, the arrow can decide and determine the ideal range for detonation for maximum impact.

-Explosive Arrow:
An arrow equipped with a compressed explosive. The intensity can vary from a small contained explosion to rivaling a grenade. When combined with a cluster arrow, the explosion can be increased tenfold.

-Adhesive Arrow:
An arrow whose head contains a rapidly hardening adhesive which adheres to the target upon impact. This chemical will adhere a target in place and harden almost instantly. When combined with a cluster arrow, the compound can be used on multiple targets or to subdue one large target.

-Foam Arrow:
An arrow whose head contains a rapidly expanding foam which adheres to the target upon impact. This chemical will rapidly expand over a target limiting their mobility and straining their stamina. When combined with a cluster arrow, the compound can be used on multiple targets or to subdue one large target.

-EMP Arrow:
An arrow which contains an electro magnetic pulse. It can only be exclusively used in a cluster arrow due to the small effectiveness of a single arrow sized electro magnetic pulse.

-Signal Arrow:
An arrow which can produce either a jamming signal to block enemy communications and broadcasts or broadcast a signal to allow the user to remotely hack into any nearby networks or mainframes. It can be used in a cluster arrow in order to boost the signal. Also nicknamed the 'Wifi Arrow'.

-Remote Controlled Arrow:
An arrow containing a propulsion unit and can be directed remotely through a secondary device. This arrow has a limited range of effect although it can be combined with a two stage arrow for a final boost past the remote's effective range.

-Two Stage Arrow:
An arrow equipped with a small propulsion unit easily doubling its range. The arrow is equipped with an altitude sensor and as soon as it senses any dip in altitude, the propulsion unit activates, stablizing the arrow and carrying it forward towards its target. The two-stage feature can be combined with numerous other arrows allowing Harper to snip from very far distances.

-Taser Arrow:
An arrow which upon impact administers a strong electric charge that can knock a man off his feet. The shock will likely incapacitate most humans and can be combined with numerous others in a cluster arrow to take down larger opponents or numerous ones.

-Tear Gas Arrow:
An arrow which upon releases a cloud of tear gas that can temporarily blind a man as well as increase difficulty in breathing. The cloud will likely incapacitate small groups and can be combined with numerous others in a cluster arrow to take down larger opponents and groups.

-Knock-Out Gas Arrow:
An arrow which upon releases a cloud of knock-out gas that can temporarily render a man unconcious. The cloud will likely incapacitate most humans and can be combined with numerous others in a cluster arrow to take down larger opponents or groups.

-Smoke Arrow:
An arrow which upon impact releases a cloud of smoke that obscures the oopponent's vision. This can be combined with other gas based arrows or explosive arrows. As well, it can be used in a cluster arrow for a wider field of effect. The smoke can also be colored in order for tactical signal use.

-Flash Bang Arrow:
An arrow which upon impact releases a blind flash of light that obscures the opponents vision. This can be combined with explosive arrows for additional effects or even a taser arrow. Furthermore flash bang arrows can be quickly reconfigured to act as a flare. Like most arrows, it can be combined in a cluster arrow for a larger field of effect.

Despite all of Lian's training and skills, she's still human and can have her life ended by a single bullet. Lian's biggest limitation is truly how many arrows she can carry, a full quiver is twenty six arrows unless Lian carries cluster arrows which as noted above count towards two of her total arrow count.

~Will Be Added Shortly~

| NOTES: |
The daughter of Roy Harper and Jade Nguyen.
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| NAME: |
-The name your parents gave you.

| ALIAS: |
-Your chosen crime fighting name

___ possesses the ability to telepathically and telekinetically interface and communicate with all forms of electronics and mechanical devices. This allows ___ to perform actions such as changing the channel with a blink or even jamming a gun with a wave of the hand. Interfacing with a machine grants ___ an intimate understanding of the inner components and workings of a device. This implants the knowledge and schematics of the device into ___ allowing him to use his abilities to their fullest in order to manipulate the machine in question.

Ferrous Ally Manipulation:
A minor sub ability.

Electromagnetic Manipulation:
Minor Sub Ability.

Binary Senses:
Upon recieving his abilities, ___ was stricken blind and deaf although not in the traditional sense. His auditory and visual sense are still stimulated by the world around him however in a sense that his body views it in 1's and 0's, endless lines of constantly updating binary code. In order to compensate, ___ wears specially designed lenses and hearing aids which directly interface with his cerebral cortex and translate the binary information into images and sound in order to perceive the world around him 'normally.'

User can manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology". Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data.

Users can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will. Can operate most technology just by touching or looking. A variation on Electricity Manipulation, the user controls specific electrons and instructs them which items to engage or disengage. Some users may even be able to use the electric impulses to gently control smaller metal parts.

___ can’t control a purely mechanical object which possess no electronic or ferrous components. As such something mechanical but made entirely of plastic or '3-D Printed' is immune to ___'s abilities.

___ requires close proximity to the object being manipulated. A distance of more than twenty five feet removes ___ ability to manipulate the device at hand.

___ is left powerless if separated from modern society. ___ is nothing but a human once separated from technology.

___ can be weakened by other people who can nullify technological powers. Abilities which can block his mental abilities over even cancel out or intercept waveforms can disrupt ___'s abilities.

___ is blind more or less, his physical eyes can only perceive the world in a form of constantly moving binary 1's and 0's. As such, in order to see in a manner that most other people do, ___ is required to use various pieces of technology as his view port into the world. Due to this, ___ wears a special set of lenses at all times that translates his binary vision into full and living colour the same way binary numbers are fed into a monitor only to be displayed in vibrant pictures. Outside of these, he also can interface with cameras and other imaging devices in order to see if necessary.

-At minimum, two paragraphs showing your character in action and displaying their personality. This can be a portion of their backstory or just a random scene of your choosing.

| NOTES: |
-Any notes you wish to add. Can be for the benefit of other players or simply reminders for yourself.
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| NAME: |
Gareth Simon Wagner
Nicknamed GSW

| ALIAS: |
The Bullet

GSW possesses the ability to manipulate his molecules allowing him to manipulate his mass.
Density Manipulation

-Limitations are examples of the maximum weight you can life, top speeds etc where as weaknesses are exploitable like Superman's weakness to Kryptonite and Magic.

-At minimum, two paragraphs showing your character in action and displaying their personality. This can be a portion of their backstory or just a random scene of your choosing.

| NOTES: |
-Any notes you wish to add. Can be for the benefit of other players or simply reminders for yourself.
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| NAME(S): |
Charlotte​ Liliana Brynne Valentine


| ALIAS(ES): |

| D.O.B.: |

| AGE: |

| SEX: |



Coming from a wide mixture of ancestry including Puerto Rican, and African American on her mother's side and Scottish, English and Welsh on her father's, Charlotte has a rather unique and striking appearance. Possessing soft mocha skin, Charlotte appears to have a perpetual tan as her sun-kissed skin holds it colour all year round. Her dark eyes and hair are very striking having almost a fierce quality that reflects Charlotte's strong independent nature.

Charlie's wardrobes takes heavy inspiration from hip hop and urban fashion. She often wars baggy pants paired with tank tops, crop tops and layered with hoodies or other zip up jackets. Additionally Charlie often wears bandannas and ball caps to finish off her outfits. If the occasion calls for it however, Charlie can dress up and will occasionally don dresses, skirts and other more feminine outfits in order to meet the expectations of the event of social scene. She prefers however to lounge in baggy pants and a loose fitting top any day of the week over strapping herself into a dress with a push up bra.

Usual Attire

| GENUS: |


-Game Face
-Pale Skin
-Enhanced Senses
-Wall Crawling
-Surface Adhesion
-Enhanced Strength, Speed and Reflexes


-The ability to move faster than the eye can see making Charlotte appear as though can she can teleport. Charlotte can only do this in short bursts over small distances. This can be used to jump higher but uses a lot of her stored strength.


Due to her vampiric heritage, Charlie has a particular fondness for counting. While this can be extremely useful in combat with firearms, Charlie's need to count is compulsive and obsessive to the point she can find herself distracted or frustrated if her task can not be completed. For example if fighting a Hydra and Charlie is unable to count the heads whether due to moment or multiplying, Charlie will become fixated on gaining an exact count, losing interest in her surroundings leaving her vulnerable.

A spilt salt shaker is something of a reoccurring nightmare for Charlie.



■ Skilled Combatant
■ Skilled Mechanic

■ Pair of Runed Karambit
■ Runed .38 Swing Out Revolver
■ Runed Bullets, Silver Capped and Salt Packed
■ Law Enforcement Issue 9mm Glock 19
■ Bowie Knife with Serrated Backedge

To say Charlotte Harker wasn't born into privilege would be an understatement. The product of a night of heavy drinking and partying, Charlotte was born after her mother Lily had a debauchery fueled tryst with a man from out of the city. Despite the unplanned nature of her birth, Charlotte's biological father tried his hardest to stay in the picture but ultimately Lily's self-destructive nature drove him away. In one last final attempt at doing his parental duty, her father took Lily to court in an effort to secure custody of their baby girl. However as a musician, on paper his life style looked like the less stable and ultimately Charlotte was forced to remain solely in the custody of her mother.

Growing up, Charlotte became accustomed to the line of suitors waiting outside her mother's door. Eventually Lily foolishly married one.

What is driving your character? What makes them tick? Why do they act the way they do.

This is to make sure your writing style will mesh with the RP at a level and consistently that the GM desires. Link 1-3 posts of your writing in other RPs.

| NOTES: |
Nevermind Side B - A new club opening in the ___ District. The first example of Ewan Harker franchising his brand.

Father is Richard Eugene 'Ewan' Harker the Fifth
Mother is Lilian 'Lily' Brynne Belmonte
Nana is Celia Belmonte

Charlotte has a superhuman sense of intuition. That is to say her ability is a strong gut instinct that actively encourages towards actions which will have the most beneficial outcome. Her ability however is not all knowing and requires Charlie to have had some sort of investment in the matter at hand. For example, if she took a multiple choice test without studying or even knowing the material, her chances of performing well are no higher than anyone else. But if she had studied, even if Charlotte couldn't remember the proper answer, her intuition has a very high chance of giving her a gut sense of which answer is correct. For this reason, Charlie is often perceived as being rather lucky.

Charlotte's intuition can also act as a danger sense, prompting her to avoid and unknown attack or sense when something bad is going to happen. This can be taken further when under the influence of hallucinogens which can cause Charlotte to have a nightmare induced foresight granting her haunting and unclear visions of possible future events based on existing factors.
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| NAME(S): |
Ezekiel William Thoreau

Zee / Big Zee,
Zekey(When he was younger he was often referred to as 'Zekey', an unfortunate nickname which some of his family still refer to him as.)

| D.O.B.: |

| AGE: |

| SEX: |


Zeke is a fairly in shape young man standing roughly 5'-10" and at a weight of roughly 168lbs. He has kind seafoam green eyes which hide his brutal nature and make him seem far more trustworthy than he ought to be. Usually found unshaven, though with a trimmed five o'clock shadow, he hasn't yet managed to grow a full beard out though not for lack of trying. Generally he spikes up his hair at the front in different varieties of the quiff, ducktail and ski slope styles though Zeke isn't above putting his hair in a faux hawk. This is all of course saying he doesn't don a hat for the day.

He wears the usual clothes of someone his age, jeans, tees, hoodies. Whenever Zeke needs to conceal his identity, he has a ball cap he pulls onto his head, dipping the beak down to shield his face while raising up the hood on his sweater or jacket. Occasionally, Zeke will pull a scarf or bandanna above the lower half of his face to further ensure his identity remains hidden.

~See above picture for visual reference.~

| GENUS: |



Zeke's body is basically a living lightning bolt, his body producing over 30,000 Amperes which he can expel at a maximum force of 100 Million Volts. Due to this, Zeke's body is constantly generating raw electricity which courses through his body. From his training at P.R.C.U., Zeke has learned to manipulate, control and to sense sources of electrical and electromagnetic energy including objects that can be affected by it such as underground water pipes. He can also absorb the energy of electrical equipment such as a power plant to increase his powers further or quickly recharge himself if he's low on power. Zeke can also charge devices with his electricity if necessary or beneficial to his allies.

He can channel this energy through his hands or other extremities and project it as a super-heated discharge as lightning or even plasma. Although the speed and voltage of Zeke's electric discharges have never been measured, it can be assumed that their affects are similar to that of a natural bolt of lightning. A bolt of lightning can travel at a speed of 100,000 mph (160934 km/h), and can reach temperatures approaching 28,000 °C (60,000 °F), hot enough to fuse soil or sand into glass channels.

Using his ability offensively, Zeke has the ability to project his electricity to stun his enemies. Zeke can further increase his electrical projections by simply ionizing the hydrogen atoms in the atmosphere so in effect creating ultra-high level static discharges and having the potential to create electrical storms. As an application of his abilities, Zeke can also generate an electromagnetic fields. The most basic application of these electromagnetic fields is what Zeke refers to as 'Static Cling'. Zeke can adhere most objects or people to surfaces and other objects in addition to being able to magnetic surfaces especially those made of conductive alloys. The next application of these electromagnetic fields allows Zeke to also create barriers and shields that he can use to block, repel, hold back attacks and defend himself in battle. Magnetizing the surface beneath his feet and his own feet with a repelling force, Zeke can 'skate' along a surface at an accelerated speed. Likewise, Zeke can manipulate electromagnetic fields to cause objects to fly in almost a very clumsy form of telekinesis. He can also fire bursts of electromagnetic energy from his hands for uses like electrifying objects, administering large scale "Static Clings", generating shields and barriers. These barriers are made of a highly concentrated electromagnetic force that are powerful enough to deflect small projectiles and take a very high levels of impact such as physical attacks from Hyperhumans. Lastly, these barriers are resistant to most energy attacks.

Zeke is able to surround his body in electricity becoming a living lightning bolt that can travel through the air. While surrounded he can maintain flight for a short time or use it to hurl himself towards the ground like Zeus' Thunderbolt in order to make a grand entrance or cause quite a bit of damage. He uses magnetic fields while doing this to shield himself from most harm.

While Zeke's body produces 30,000 amperes of electricity, he can exhaust it requiring him to need an immediate recharge or be forced to wait for his body to catch up. It takes nearly a day for Zeke to recharge naturally if he's pushed to the point of exhaustion. This is slowed if Zeke is unable to keep up a healthy food intake or get a proper amount of rest. It should be noted that using his ability to fly is among his most draining abilities often keeping Zeke grounded unless there's a storm in effect. Zeke's body requires a very high level of electrolytes in order to keep his abilities running at top proficiency, as such he's rarely seen without a bottle of Gatorade in his hand. Additionally Zeke consumes a lot of salt in order to boost his abilities and a lack of it will cause his power levels to diminish.

It should be noted that in order for Zeke to actually fly it requires several pre-existing factors. Within a city, it's rather each for Zeke to obtain altitude by creating repelling forces off of conducting surfaces such a sky scrapers and other buildings. However, if he's not near conductive surfaces, Zeke is entirely dependent on the static discharge in the air. While he can stimulate it himself, for it to pay out he needs to spend enough of his own reserves in order to create an electrical storm in order to recharge himself enough to sustain flight. That said, because of the speed Zeke moves at while in flight he often will outrun his storm in a matter of seconds forcing him to either land or find another recharge while in the air. For this reason, Zeke's flight acts more like a 'teleport' forcing him to go from one point to the next without anything in between. Simply put, Zeke can not simply fly around and hurl electricity at his foes in combat.

While metal is among Zeke's greatest ally in a fight due to its conductive nature, if he were imprisoned in a metal cage, his lightning would likely be turned back on him. While this wouldn't necessarily harm Zeke, it certainly would not aid him either. Due to his traumatic entry into the world of Hyperhumans, Zeke has trouble using his abilities in large open areas where innocents and bystanders could get hurt and only does so as a last resort.

Zeke's primary weaknesses are insulators, as his powers have little or no effect on them. Rubber is by far his worse bane, causing his powers to rendered useless if he were to be forced into wearing it on his feet and hands. Wood seems to be the one he has the most difficulty with, as it cannot be electromagnetically manipulated, levitated, or damaged. While water is a conductor, Zeke cannot be emerged in it without shorting out unless the water is de-ionized in which case it has no effect on Zeke since it doesn't conduct.

Zeke's powers can also be used against him and redirected by other Hypes with similar abilities. Likewise other MARS-Type and MERCURY-Types Hypes can slow Zeke's electrons causing his electricity to simple cease and stop.

A drifter due more to circumstance than by nature, Ezekiel William Thoreau was born hundreds of miles from the land he would come to call home. His parents had originally grown up, met and fallen in love in the countryside of Wales before settling down in city of Cardiff. It was here, in the land of Cymry that Ezekiel was born to proud father, Nigel, and loving mother, Beth. Zeke spent most of his early childhood in Cardiff living a rather uninteresting life void of accomplishment or even notoriety. Shortly before his tenth birthday however, Zeke's suddenly changed as he found his room packed up and himself loaded onto a plane. Flying across the Atlantic, the couple landed in the country of Canada where Zeke soon found that his father had taken a rather well paying job.

Employed by the government of Alberta as a Senior Structural Engineer, Nigel began to bring home quite the income, much more than either he or Beth had ever dreamed of either of them making. Relief flooded over the parents as Nigel was able to ensure that his family had everything they needed to adjust to the move. As Zeke continued to grow older, Beth was able to focus on her career, starting a small catering business.

The move to Calgary had also ensured that Zeke had everything he could ever need or want at his fingertips. One of Canada's largest cities, Calgary provided all sorts of services, occasions, shopping and some of the finest schools in the province. However despite all the joy the move had brought the family, Zeke became plagued by health issues shortly after the move and spent most of the next four years in Alberta's Children Hospital. Born with a weak immune system, Zeke's body struggled with acclimatizing after the move and seemed to pick up every bug he came in contact with. As a result, his parents kept him at home whenever they could to reduce his risk to exposure. As a result of this, Zeke was home-schooled for much of his elementary school career and kept away from most public events.

At the age of fourteen, Zeke was reintroduced into the public education system. Eager to make friends, Zeke found out all too quickly how mean teenagers can be as he was mocked relentlessly for his name, mannerisms, dress and just about anything else the other teens found to be unusual about Zeke. Originally Zeke struggled to keep up in school, especially as he went through puberty and discovered he apparently had a bad touch for technology. By the time Zeke was sixteen he would swear that he could kill any machine with one touch. No matter where he sat in computer labs, he always seemed to short out the machine he was working on. In fact the school itself began to experience a record number of power fluctuations and outages throughout the four years Zeke attended class. Despite his difficulties with technology, Zeke would go on to prove himself a talented athlete, excelling at various events but in particular track and field. This however failed to make an impact on his social status as rumors of Zeke being a freak swirled around the school each and every day.

Forced to live out each day as a social outcast, Zeke led a very lonely high school career. While this never truly changed, by the time of his senior year Zeke had made enough acquaintances to earn an invitation to the senior graduation party and against his better judgement, Zeke decided to attend. Arriving what he believed to be fashionable late was Zeke's first mistake as several of the local jocks had already prepared their cruel fairwell to Zeke. Having not been swimming in the last eight years, and having no idea of his developed abilities, Zeke was completely unprepared for an impromptu trip into the pool as the football team heaved him into the water. A brilliant flash of light accompanied his impact with the surface as Zeke's body was shorted out, the years of stored current instantly electrocuting anyone in or near the pool as Zeke surfaced gasping for air only to find the majority of the graduating class now dead.

And so Zeke ran. Panicking, he had no idea of what to do, no grasp on what had happened other than the numerous dead eyes solely squared on him as the survivors screamed. Zeke became a wanted man, his running made it look intentional and there was no doubt in his mind that those who had managed to avoid the accident had pegged the blame squarely on him. But Zeke had lived a rather cushioned life, he was not cut out for life on the run as he very quickly found out. With no money and no skills to survive, Zeke was quickly apprehended for stealing. But as luck would have it, Zeke's custody was turned over from the police to an older blind woman. Much to his surprise she knew about the accident and knew more about Zeke than perhaps even he knew as she explained where the lightning had come from. She even explained to Zeke how she had contacted his parents and explained everything to them, adding that in time they would visit him.

It was on this day that Zeke officially became a student at the Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. The woman, Serena Ravencroft was a recruiter for the school, a Hyperhuman like Zeke with the gift of foresight and a sense for finding young Hyperhumans as they underwent the drastic changes the Hype-Gene brought to their bodies. Introducing Zeke to the school's chancellor, Jonas Lehrer, Zeke was enrolled and assigned to a dormitory. The school was unlike anything Zeke could ever had imagined although it took him quite some time to adjust to the military like regime and dress code mandated by the school. Assigned to Team 42 Bravo, Zeke for the first time in his life was able to make close friends. For this reason, graduating from P.R.C.U. had to be one of the saddest days in Zeke's life. While he tried to keep in contact with his friends, it simply wasn't possible with his aversion to technology.

The year after his graduation brought the Kowalski attacks and once again Zeke's life was turned upside down. Having followed in his father's footsteps, Zeke had entered the engineering business but his aversion to AutoCAD and as an extension, computers raised suspicions in his coworkers. When Kowalski ripped the proverbial mask off of not only P.R.C.U. but Hyperhumans as a whole, they quickly turned on Zeke who was forced to leave. Over the past two years Zeke had been drifting from place to place trying to find somewhere to belong. However over the past few weeks, he's had the haunting feeling that someone or something has been following him causing the lone Hyperhuman to be constantly on edge.

Having been an outcast for most of his life, Zeke is seeking a community to which he can truly belong without having to hide part of who he is. While he had this at P.R.C.U., it was ruined by Kowalski forcing Hyperhumans into the world's focus. Journeying with the convoy will allow Zeke to find his place among a community of people like him and with his skills he's able to help keep them safe as they seek out a Sanctuary of their own.

1. 'Fun On The Bleachers' - Mavericks: Valiant Heroics
2. 'Good Morning Winter!' - New Lilith: Shadows of Darkness
3. 'You Found My Weakness, It's Small Little Knives' - VIGILANCE: Memento Mori

| NOTES: |
Due in part to living in Wales until he was 10 and in part to being around his parents so much, Zeke speaks with a notable Welsh accent. Additionally he will occasionally fall into using local colloquialisms he assimilated from his parents.
Despite having some hands on experience with firearms, Zeke is a terrible shot and will allows rely on his powers above all else.
Due to living on the run for so long, Zeke has had to learn to steal. That however didn't stop his taste in vehicles having quite the affinity for stealing expensive motorcycles and cars.
Zeke is something of a skill pickpocket, primarily due to his ability to magnetize most wallets and pull them out without getting too suspicious close to his targets. That said, he generally only takes what he needs if he's forced to resort to pickpocketing. He prefers hijacking ATMs and giving 'The Man' the bird to ripping off civilians any day.
Zeke has a terrible time with electronics due to either short circuiting them or wiping them out with electromagnetic pulses. As such he does not carry a cellphone or any other portable device.
Zeke also can't use a compass and instead relies on 'Star Navigation', this has honed his natural sense of direction over the years.
While theoretically Zeke could take someone with him when he 'flies', it would be so draining that the situation would have to be awfully dire for him to consider it, let alone attempt it.
Due to his time at P.R.C.U. and their relation with H.E.L.P./H.I.T., Zeke has a dislike for vigilantes believing they give Hyperhumans a bad reputation and enforce Kowalski's beliefs.
Zeke has had several years of counselling post high school in order to cope with 'killing' his graduation class. Unfortunately after Kowalski, Zeke has become rather cynical in order to cope with the changing world.
Chicken, Pineapple, Bacon, Sausage, try it sometime.
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