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Bellamy Hughes

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93)

Bellamy took a hit to the stomach, the laser fire had knocked the air out of him and leaves a large, painful burn, forcing him down to his two knees as he watched the Sentinels continue to unload fire. He struggles to stand right back up, slightly wincing as his fresh wound is left agitated by the sudden movement. Focusing now on one Sentinel, instead of the whole troop's worth, he manages to steal some speed off the mutant-hunting machine, admittedly less than he would like to work with. There was enough juice - raw kinetic energy – coursing throughout his body, enough for one good burst of speed.

I'm just too easy of a kill out in the open like this. If the heavy hitters like Hulk, Stark, or Magneto aren't dealing any real damage then I've got nothing to offer, other than as a meatshield... Yeah, fuck that noise. Rushing for the nearest cover with what little juice he got, he somewhat enhances his speed but it didn't like it would last for long. His foot gets caught on some rubble, and he trips at near-peak human speeds which sends him diving headfirst into cover. Quickly he catches his breathe, straining his body and mind to work through the pain, back to a column that shields him from the Sentinel's laser fire for now.

Niah Bautista, Griffin Lee, Maria Smith & Marygold Isley

Location: S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy - Training Room

Once again, Mary found herself waiting in the training room for her next group. It was interesting for her to say the least, though she knew that she tended to be a little nicer with training sessions than the ones she started out with when she first joined the team. Training with Wolverine tended to make you want to keep track of what you were doing, and always stay focus, otherwise, you would usually end up injured in some way.

Maria entered the training room as she looked over as she noticed Marygold there and gave her a friendly smile and wave towards her as she quickly ran up towards her. "Hey there, how are you doing today?" Maria asked, she was pretty excited to be training with the leader of the X-Men as she extended her gloved hand over towards Mary. She wanted to make a better impression this time with her than when they all came out of the Framework.

Niah was tired. She hadn't been sleeping well and everything felt like it was weighing her down. She wanted to work on her powers though so she had signed up for some training with Marygold. When she showed up Maria was there, she gave her running friend a small smile. Then nodded at Marygold. "Thank you for the gloves."

Last to arrive, Grif walks into the room in the same training outfit he had on last time. Agent Lee reporting for duty. Pleasure to be training under you again ma’am. Setting his eyes on Marygold before stepping into a brief salute. He thinks to the last training session, his fall left bruises across his back and they were still sore as they are; not that he would admit it, of course. Nevertheless, today was a new day to further improve his skills.

"Nice to meet you," she said, shaking Maria's hand, and giving Niah a smile before she turned to Griffin. "Nice to see you again too Lee, though might I say, don't feel too bad about falling like that. Try getting pushed out a four-story window by Pietro Maximoff, before he kind of ended up becoming a friend... Anyway, we are going to still be working on power control. I've noticed we've got a few people here who I haven't already met, so let's see how much control you have over your powers, at least for the moment, and you are welcome for the gloves. I might have raided a few things from the old team that they had left lying around, the gloves the pair of you have are from my friend Rogue... Anyway, I want you two to show me at least somewhat how much control over your powers you have... And Lee? Let's see if you have better control over yours..." she said with a bit of a smile.

Maria looked over towards Niah and nodded towards her. "Good morning." Maria said, though she felt bad for her friend after hearing the training session with Cass when they lost Z for some weird reason. She didn't even know what happened in the first place, but she would be there for her friend if she needed. Then Griff came in as well and she nodded towards him as well, before her attention went back over towards Marygold. She was also grateful for the gloves as well, though she couldn't really touch anyone unless they wanted to feel their life trained from them, and also copying their powers if they had any. She gave Marygold a friendly smile for a moment she was looking forward to the training session. "I'm really looking forward to be training with you as well by the way." Maria said as she rubbed the back of her neck slightly. "Speaking of Rogue, it seems I sort of have the same powerset as hers, anyone okay if they share?" Maria asked.

"I'm okay with sharing. I have the ability to amplify my senses as desired. But depending on what I amplify I lose something. My other power is psychometry, touching things tells me something about them. I haven't used that one at all yet." Niah pulled her glove free and offered it, Maria. She then looked at the latecomer "Hello I'm Niah Bautista."

Grif eases from his salute and looks to the two agents, nodding back to Maria before greeting Niah, "Griffin Lee, Operations. I'm called a 'photokinetic' meaning that I absorb and control light if you put it simply." He briefly considering sharing his own powers with his fellow Operations agent but Bautista had already offered and truth be told, he was looking forward to putting his powers through a good showing today. Stepping away from the others, posthaste, he crosses his arms in an 'X' shape with hands spread out wide. It was all a matter of control, gather up and convert the light energy in his body into proper constructs before shaping them as he pleased. Small rounds of highlight would materialize between his fingers on both hands, none being any larger than a marble, each one giving off this intense glow. "I strongly recommend that you all shields your eyes for this." Without another moment to waste, he fires them up into the air at once, the whole barrage instantly flaring up like some high-grade fireworks. The sudden, blinding light fills the entirety of the training room.

"Looks like you might have gotten better at this Agent Lee," Mary said to him with a bit of a smile before looking over at Maria and Niah. "So I heard... Don't worry Bautista, she can try out mine. Chlorokinesis is the technical term for my powers, not to mention I am somewhat used to having my powers get zapped at a moments notice," she said, shaking her head slightly at Niah as she held out a hand to her, "Though should warn you about a few things that can happen with your powers if you aren't careful, namely you could potentially put someone into a coma if you aren't careful, or nearly kill them. If you hold onto someone else who has powers for too long, well, odds are that you'll knock them out cold, for like ever, and permanently gain their powers... I know this based around a few stories I've been told over the years. So be careful when you try to absorb powers, especially from a teammate. But feel free to try out my powers, they can be a little difficult to control, I will warn you... When I first got them I couldn't walk on grass since I'd just make everything around me burst into flowers," she said before with her other hand she tossed out a few plant seeds from her pocket and they started swirling around into vines.

"No need for all that saluting stuff really Lee, I wasn't a soldier before joining SHIELD." Maria said giving Lee a slight smile for a moment, she watched as Lee started to show off control with his powers and shielded her eyes. Seeing the display was rather impressive for her to see and smiled. "That looks amazing Lee." Maria said as she listened to her friend Niah as she spoke about hers and offered to let her use her ability. But she listened to Marygold as she warned her about her powers and nodded, it was something that she didn't want anyone to go through at least those that were enemies. But friends and allies she wouldn't let that happen to them, she watched Marygold showcase her powers seeing the seeds grow into vines which was pretty cool. "I'll take Mary's I don't want to accidentally hurt anyone of you guys." Maria said as she then went to take off her own glove and gently took Mary's hand and started to manipulate the vines that Mary had just made and smiled to herself.

But I was and still am. A chain of command within any military institution should be properly respected, I'm just giving my dues. Grif replies back to Maria, he pauses and hopes that he didn't sound too snappish, "Thank you for the compliment. You're quite adept at using Marygold's power after seeing it for the first time yourself." He'd shift into a light warm-up, mostly some stretches to work out any kinks, just to prepare for a more hands-on, physical exertion of himself later in the training session. As he was stretching out his deltoid, he was reminded of something he had to tell Marygold about his own powers. Grif walks over to the instructor, "Marygold, ma'am. I've had a development concerning my powers and to put it frankly.. I can't sleep."

"Nice job, you are a quick learner aren't you?" Mary said with a smile. Though when she let go of Maria's hand, she looked a little pale after that, maybe a little tired even. "Keep it up like that, and you'll easily be able to take on a lot of people, using their own powers against them..." she continued, now the slight exhaustion could be heard slightly in her voice, but she wasn't letting it get in her way. She turned to Griffin, "So... What? You can't turn it off or something? That could be a little bit of a problem."

Maria looked towards Griff and Mary and smiled towards them as she moved the vines around her hands and arms a little bit just to get used to them. "Thank you." Maria said towards both Mary and Griff as she looked at Griff for a moment as he asked about his power, and not being able to sleep. "Your power is like what controlling of light and stuff right?" Maria asked then looking over at Mary for a moment. "Could be sort of like solar panels, there's light all around us, they absorb light and then be used as power which probably keeps you running at night as well since it's stored?"

"I couldn't have put it better myself. With all the light I absorb throughout the day, physically speaking, my body doesn't have any real need for sleep." Grif explains, nodding at Maria's theory behind his newfound insomnia. At first, he was genuinely concerned with the lack of sleep ever since when he first gained his powers, thinking it be some sort of debilitating side effect of the Phase Three experiment. But now, after learning he was still more energized than ever even after going days without any sleep. His powers were already developing past his expectations, "To be honest, I don't feel any fatigue. Really I feel more bored if anything, my days are considerably longer now and I'm looking for some way to put the extra hours to good use."

"That would make the most sense, your body is also probably still getting used to the amount of energy and whatever that you constantly have... So, with that out of the way, we are going to do a similar little chase or whatever, you are going to see about hitting me or whatever, or stopping me in whatever way possible. Lee was in the last group I was helping out, and since you three should know at least somewhat how to control your powers, it'll be you three against me, but this time, I'm going to keep things on the ground since I don't want anyone falling 20, 30 feet again. Things also might be a little easier, since Maria has my powers, but we'll see," Mary said, before she got more seeds out of her pocket and tossed them, creating more that she moved around by her, and she stepped on one of them, and got away from the group rather quickly, before she stepped off, she was about 100 feet away from them on the ground.

Maria gave Griff a smile and nod, but she wasn't a scientist it would probably be a better question asked by one of their SciTech colleagues anyway. "Could ask the SciTech people when we are done I'm sure they know a thing or two about powers." Maria then turned her attention back towards Mary and gave her a nod, as she got the vines in her arms again. However, the vines had something other in mind, as they moved the complete opposite direction that she wanted. Not getting very far.

Niah listened to the conversation slipping her glove back on. Everyone's powers were so spectacular sounding, hers, on the other hand, didn't seem to add much in the way of combat help. She could probably track better, she hoped. Niah pushed away the other senses and focused on her sense of hearing. Her mouth got the now familiar tasteless-ness. There were a lot of sounds to sort through, but the strange sound of plant matter against the hard surface of the training room was easy enough to pick out. As long as Maria didn't get too exuberant with her plant making Niah thought. "She went that way." Niah spoke in quietly. She pointed the way Marygold had gone and kept her finger in the general direction she was currently. "About a hundred feet out." She added.

Maria looked over towards Niah as she started to use her own powers as well, as she started to get ready to use the vines that she borrowed from Mary. "Thanks for the info Niah." Maria said towards Niah. "Keep relaying where she is and track her." She then turned to look over at Griff. "Try and knock her down or something with your lights or something." Maria then extended her hand forward, only to have it not work and just flop uselessly in front of her. Grumbling to herself Maria decided to get closer, using the information that Niah had given her and ran in the direction of Mary.

Grif gives an affirming nod to Maria before she ran towards where Marygold had taken off to, "Affirmative. But first.." He trails off as he turns back to Niah, "It doesn't seem like you have much in the way of offensive abilities or training." Beams of light are given off of Grif's stretched out, left hand, slowly coalescing into a solid form; being shaped into a hard-light construct, resembling a machete. The glowing blade of light would hover in the air, floating within Niah's reach, "You'd be more effective against the vines with a bladed weapon, nothing overly complicated." With that said he'd make off to follow behind Maria, sparks flashing across his hands as he rushed to catch up.

Niah nervously took the light sword. She had absolutely no skill with it except the ability to swing it wildly. She might be able to use it like a machete, but it was better than nothing she supposed. She followed behind Grif listening for breathing or even footfalls that didn't belong to either Grif or Maria. Niah frowned, she thought she had heard Marygold land, but she wasn't hearing her walk. She could, however, hear her breathing and quietly gave directions accordingly to Maria and Grif.

Maria looked between Niah and Griff for a moment, before running forward a bit more trying her best to keep up with Marygold, with the vines wrapped around her arms. She concentrated and then finally forced the vines forward, watching them fly forward and couldn't help but smile proudly when it managed to hit her mark. Knocking Mary directly into the wall, but she realized that she used a little to much strength in it and quickly ran over towards Mary holding out a gloved hand to her. "I'm sorry, didn't mean to hit you that hard." Maria said looking a bit worried.

"Don't worry about it... I've definitely been hit by worse... Though that's a first getting hit by vines like that..." she said with a slight smile, accepting her hand to stand up. "Oh the stories I could tell you about every fight I've been in since I was 16... Anyway, nice job... You guys completed the goal and actually caught up to me... In a normal fight, odds are it wouldn't end with you having a conversation or anything. So, I think we're going to end the training session here, I think you guys are going to be fine, so don't worry about it... Also, Bautista, I didn't mention this before, but I heard about what happened during your last session with someone. I know how you feel, the second mission I was leading we lost someone. I still blame myself for it, since we split up and I changed the lineup of who was on which team at the last minute. Switched him with myself... That sort of thing... It will never go away... But you can use it to help yourself, to push yourself to make sure that it never happens again, that you protect the others around you... That's what I ended up doing, despite the guilt I still feel. Anyway... Thought you should hear that... I might see you all around, I might not, we'll see what happens, our session here is over," she said with a smile and small wave, heading out of the room. She helped them out the best she could, and now she was going to see about tracking down some painkillers for her headache.

Niah nodded at what Marygold told her. "Thanks." It would be difficult, Niah knew that. She also knew that Z and Antoine both would want her to push on. They had wanted her to better herself. Z had even said they would work on hand-to-hand, even though that had obviously never happened. She took a deep breath and offered the unused light back to Grif. "I appreciate it."

"Anytime." Grif replies back as he eyes Marygold's back leavinng the room, though his training under her was brief; the leader of the X-Men had helped hone his newfound powers for better use, in and out of combat. He grabs the blade as Niah handed it over, the hardlight construct shattering into traces of light while his gaze turned to the other two still in the room. "Nice going today the both of you. I can rest easy knowing I'll have capable agents to rely out on the field, hopefully, you can think the same as well. Until next time." Before stepping out of the room, he gives a curt salute, and then heads off to retire for the day. He'd need to find something to do to, with all the time free to himself during the nights. Maybe this could be time well spent for some individual training, the more he does the better he would on his first mission, whenever that may be. The gym it is.

Bellamy Hughes

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93)

Bellamy registered everything suddenly going to shit as a whole troop's worth of Sentinels chose then to fly into Stark Tower, sending wreckage everywhere. Thankfully he'd be spared death by being crushed by debris or impaled by shrapnel; it pays to be a subordinate of the Master of Magnetism come impending doom in the form of metal. The Sentinels would have stood fully upright as they crash in through the roof as they began firing off lasers around the room but Wanda would've already returned in kind, sending off from various projectiles at the mutant-hunting automatons. Nice but I can't just stand idly by now, can I?

His mutant power allows him to 'steal' the speed of others, over the years he gotten so good at slowing things down he could outright stop them in their tracks. He'd slow these machines to a halt and hold them in place, making for easy targets for whoever had enough power to bring them down for good. Bellamy steps out, away from Magneto and Wanda, and towards the ensuing chaos with his hands spread out wide. It always starts with the sensation of perceiving each and every thing that moves within the area, then it's a matter of honing onto your target. Ten Sentinels. Ten targets. He feels his 'speed theft' coming out to play as he siphons off kinetic energy in the form of pure speed from these cold machines. But nothing happens, the Sentinels continue to move completely undeterred. Any more attempts are unsucessful.

Bellamy Hughes

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93)

Bellamy inwardly winces at Wanda's scornful comment, he guesses Pietro’s walkout still upsets her more than she’d like to admit. Or maybe it’s just sibling bickering, not like he would know being an only child. Either way it mattered little, they hadn’t come for the wayward son of Magneto; they had come to take action against the latest in the line of threats to mutantkind with the X-Men.

Action. That was something that was sorely missed here, it’d almost be forgiven if one were to think they had just popped up for some witty banter. "It seems to me that we’ve being a great deal of talking about taking action than.. y’know actually taking action,” he offhandedly remarks, not doing himself any favours with many in the room. ”What Wanda said might as what you say is true. We might as will be talking and arguing into our early graves with how we’re going.” Bellamy could care less with what others, apart from Magneto and Wanda, would think. He wasn’t here to make new friends after all.

Arcturus Hale, Griffin Lee, Dominika Novikova & Marygold Isley

Location: S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy - Training Room

Mary was waiting for her "students" to come into the training room. She wasn't too thrilled about this, but at least she was able to help them out somewhat with learning how to control their powers. Actually, this was going to be really weird, considering the fact that she was around the same age as these agents, younger than a few of them too, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was her experience and what she could teach these agents about people with abilities.

Novikova walked into the training room, her hair held into two silver pigtails. She had contemplated braiding it, but given that the Framework constituted pretty much the entirety of her combat experience, she figured the trainer would let her know if there was an issue with her hair. She was still wearing the glasses Marygold had given her, finding that looking at anyone without them was unbearable. She didn't know it, but had she had a little more control over that ability, Fury would have asked her to screen the team for potential members of HYDRA. "Miss Isley? Agent Novikova, reporting for duty," she said confidently, holding out a gloved hand. She enjoyed roller skating, but that was about it when it came to physical activity.

Shortly thereafter, Arcturus entered, prompt as ever, though he quickly realised was not the first to arrive. The roster informed him that two of those who had been on different teams in the Framework were also signed up under Isley, and he couldn't deny being curious as to what their powers looked like in action –– especially Agent Novikova, given they were to be on the same team after this. "Agent Hale," he introduced himself with a winning smile, "Nice to meet you."

Grif steps into the training room, decked out in a casual training suit with his battleaxe sheathed on his back, and notes himself to be the last to arrive. By this time he had set great expectations for himself, aiming to absorb as much as he could from these training sessions; his experience from the Framework had already proven that he couldn't rely alone on his military expertise. He would nod at the other agents, Novikova and Hale, so far being unacquainted with the two, before stopping at Marygold. "Ma'am. Agent Lee, reporting for duty." Ending his brief introduction with a prompt salute, despite being a civilian on paper, she would effectively be her superior during training until further notice, so he'd treat as such.

"Nice to meet you all, I'm Marygold Isley, but I'm guessing you knew that already... Anyway, you all are stuck with me for training I guess, or practice or whatever, but trust me some of the things I have had to do on the fly, not so fun... I also know the ins and outs of the mission you all were on in the Framework, though it definitely did not happen like that... I've gone against the Brotherhood way too many times to count by now. As I'm guessing you know, I'm currently the leader of the X-Men, so generally I have to make quick decisions on the fly, and use my powers the best that I can. You also need to remember one key thing, your powers do not always work. My first mission was in the middle of a desert, do you know how many plants grow in a desert? Not many let me tell you... So first things first, let's see how much control you've got over your powers currently... Don't worry Novikova, we've got some boulders brought in for you to try and move around, since I'm guessing you don't want to take off those shades and try that thing out... Yeah, before I came I raided everything that we had at the mansion, figured an old pair of Cyclops' shades would work for you... So, whoever wants to go first, be my guest and show me what you've got. If you've got any questions for me, or want to here a story of a mission I've been on for some reason, ask away," she said, edging away slightly from them. Mary was tossing plant seeds into the air and catching them in her hand again, on occasion one of the would sprout and go back to being a seed again.

"I'll go," Novikova said simply. In the Framework, all of the earth she had been digging up came from the ground itself. But now, seeing the handful of boulders in the corner, she couldn't help but find it was easier to focus. She held out her hand, looking at the boulder through the ruby tinted lenses, and she raised it about ten feet into the air. It was surprisingly easy and she smiled a bit, before she raised the second boulder at the same time. She then tried to get the third boulder up as well, but she broke into a sweat and the third one only went about five feet into the air.

Mine is significantly less exciting, Arcturus thought wryly, projecting it outwards the short distance to the other members of the team. It was accompanied by a self-deprecating sigh. Not that he was unhappy with his power, as it suited his role perfectly, but telepathy did leave him somewhat defenseless. While the whispering presence of other minds was wearing thin on him, shutting that off completely wasn't exactly what he wanted out of power training. I'm hoping to find a way of amplifying this to reach greater distances, or picking up more than surface thoughts. Even some consistency would be appreciated. Right now it's just... talking, but a bit special.

As it had turned out, Grif's powers were ever reliant on how much light he absorbed day-to-day and on this occassion he was essentially 'full' and ready to let loose. "I suppose it's my turn then," he says before concentrating on forming some basic constructs of light, be it barriers, balls, or cubes he had each visualised in his head. The end result were small flashes of light that fail to solidify into any shape but he continued on, undeterred. Next, he would gather his two hands, sparks crackling between the both of them, "Suggest that you keep your distance for this, I'll be attempting the same flashbang move I had used during the simulated mission." A white flash fills the room, briefly blinding its occupants for a few seconds Grif himself would slowly blink out the spots in his eyes, "Apologies for that. I did try to contain and minimise the flash," he pauses to regather his focus, "Now, I have one last demonstration." After a quick look through the training room, he finds a few targets away from where they were all gathered. His dominant, right hand was raised and leveled at one target and in an instant a beam of light would punch through said target, singing the behind wall. With his short display completed, he promptly turns on his heel back to Marygold, waiting for his evaluation.

"Alright... Looks like we might have a little bit of work to do..." she said, looking at the group. Novikova was by far the better of the group, while the other two needed some help when it came to their powers. Turning, she looked at Arcturus, "Trying to strengthen your powers, get it so that it can reach further can be useful, but just keep in mind that you can't get into everyone's heads. Like even if your powers were stronger, doubt you'd be able to read the mind of Charles Xavier, who is the most powerful telepath in the world. Though you likely would be able to create some difficulty, should another telepath try to read your mind, that is if your powers are strong enough for it. Don't worry, any sort of power takes time to develop properly, and telepathy is a little difficult unless you can sit there and practice with another telepath and getting past their defenses. Now, Agent Lee, your powers are very similar to a friend of mine, whose powers are light based and he can create things out of it... You seemed to have better luck creating that flash bang effect, much like how it is easier for him. You likely could use that to your advantage, blind your opponent and take them down that way. He also tends to form small balls of light in his hand, finding it easier to do that then to create light out of nowhere at a distance, and when he has the light, he swirls it around to create whatever he wants."

"That's just my take on things... So, let's see if you can take what I told you, and put it to some use, your goal? Simply manage to hit me, Hale, use the skills you gained in the Framework fighting wise, and use your telepathy as a sort of relay system, creating a connection of networks that you can use to communicate with the others, and so they can communicate with one another... It makes it a lot more difficult for your opponent to defend themselves if they can't hear what you are planning. Novikova, use the boulders in the room to your advantage, try to do something different, and Lee, see about taking what I told you, and coming up with ways to use that to your advantage. This is also to see if the three of you can use some form of teamwork together, and see if you can come up with plans on the fly if you need it. I started carrying plant seeds around, since I was finding it difficult to use my powers inside of a building so, yeah... See if you can keep up,"
she said, before she tossed seeds out of her pocket, and large vines sprouted from them, and she jumped onto one of them and took off away from them. Mary was somewhat far away from the group now, and she turned to look down at them.

Novikova lowered the boulders she had been holding, a bit disappointed that Marygold hadn't given her any feedback. She couldn't improve if she didn't receive constructive criticism, just like Marygold had done for Hale and Lee. The Russian-American agent nodded anyways, listening to Marygold's instructions. There was one benefit to constantly wearing glorified sunglasses - it'd protect her from any misfires on Lee's part, just in case he ended up nearly blinding his teammates. She then glanced at the boulder in the corner, getting an idea from something she had told Lee, and Novikova broke off a chunk of it. As if she were Saturn, small stones formed a near ring around her. If you can hear me, Hale, I can try and get the three of us airborne...

Arc listened along to the advice Isley gave, rubbing at his chin, though he was mostly tuned out for Agent Lee's part of the lesson, lost in thought. He felt a prickle of distraction, as if someone was trying to get his attention but he was working on the wrong frequency. Novikova's voice reached him, but it was just out of reach, too quiet to decipher, and trying to do so led only to frustration –– he pushed it aside to focus on other things for now.

Like a relay system, Arc mused. He wasn't sure how to visualise that at first, whether to imagine a satellite pinging messages from point to point, two towers signalling each other, a cable running between them, or a literal relay race, though the last one was more of an intrusive thought than a serious attempt at forming a connection. He stilled for a moment, figuring that their tutor was not going to attack them despite her show of control over the plants, and reached out to agents Novikova and Lee with the lightest mental touch.

Arc settled on the basic premise of a network, placing himself and his own mind as an interface between the two. If all went well, for one to contact the other, it would be translated through his power. Such a thing must be theoretically possible, or Isley wouldn't have suggested it, though it left him uneasy, having no knowledge of the boundaries of his power. He exerted more pressure, ensuring the connection had a firm grip, and sent, Plan? as a test message. He was still uncertain as to whether or not the link was formed correctly, and 'Hello, World!' seemed too on the nose.

A foreign voice, which he recognizes to be Arc's, reverberates through his head, never having had this sort of intrusion into his own mind before the experience is slightly unsettling – not that he would ever admit, of course. He attempts to communicate back through this so-called relay system by clearly projecting his thoughts 'outloud' I'll take the lead, my blast might be able to drop Marygold from her vines. Stepping towards where the vines had carried their instructor, he had his right hand readied and directed at her before his aim drifts to the appreciably larger plantlife, and therefore easier target to hit. Grif lets loose, the same beam of light from before is deadset accurate and manages to hit the vines. However there is a considerable lack of falling involved and the blast leaves only some burn marks across. We need to close the distance. If we can somehow meet her up in the air...

Mary just looked at them, she had no idea what was going through their heads, or what they were planning. It didn't matter too much to her, as long as they managed to do something. Lee had managed to hit the vines, but he didn't cause any real damage, so she was still in the air. They probably could knock her down, but she wasn't going to flat out tell them she was going easy on them. If she wanted to, odds are she'd be able to wrap them up in vines or something. She hoped that the group would be able to work together and create some sort of plan, and if not then things would be interesting.

I'm guessing you didn't hear me. I can get us airborne. Hale, I'm keeping you on the ground. I'll go high and distract her. Griff, you go low. Novikova then focused on the boulder, trying to break it into two platform sized pieces but it didn't work. She gritted her teeth and tried harder, but nothing happened. No matter what she tried, she just couldn't get the boulder to rip apart. ...Give me a minute, this is harder than I expected...

Thank God. Arc thought wryly, glad that his feet would remain planted firmly on the ground. He wasn't that keen on dashing heroism. The other agents' efforts did not go unnoticed, and he observed that the foliage was hardly destroyed by the blast of light. Keep working on that rock. I'm going to try and tap into her mind––hopefully it doesn't kill this connection. Now was a perfect opportunity to see what effects he could pull off with his telepathy. Finding a way to dampen someone's concentration was high on his list of priorities: if they couldn't concentrate to aim at him, he wouldn't get shot. In theory, at least.

The first thing he could think of that might get annoying on repeat, other than the obvious offenders, were some excellent Christmas carols. O Tannenbaum came to mind. Reaching out to find Isley's mind, he projected the song in its entirety, even bothering to use the English translation––it wouldn't work, he was sure, if she couldn't understand it. Still, as he focused on the volume, he could sense that the distraction wouldn't loop as he'd originally hoped. A single repetition at best.

Hang on, I got you. Grif thinks outloud before swiping his hand across the two boulders, a wave of light flashes through on a horizontal level. In the blink of the eye, the hunks of stone are sliced into clean-cut, perfectly square platforms. Would that do it? He promptly steps onto one of the platforms, waiting for Novikova to send him airborne. Standing on the spot, he would gather up his two hands and generate some solid, shards of light – proper hardlight constructs, this time – and shoots them off as a barrage to Marygold and her vines. The projectiles would find their targets, puncturing the vines but leaves little overall damage. I'm not cutting it with my long-range attacks so far. Just how fast can you send me?

"Try focusing a little more, though I guess I've got it easy, been doing this stuff for around 10 years now... I'm making it a little easier for you, since you are still learning how to use your powers by staying still. All you have to do is knock me down, not too difficult of a task... And really with the Christmas music? The German version of that song is way better if you ask me. Obwohl ich fließend Deutsch spreche," she said, switching to German rather easily as she spoke with a little bit of a smirk.

Novikova was caught off guard by Marygold's German, looking at her. The accent now became identifiable and she couldn't help but wonder if HYDRA had tried to recruit Marygold since she had been at SHIELD. She doubted that she was HYDRA - it would have been too obvious - but still...There were things that Fury never told anyone. He was the spy. His secrets had secrets. What if he had lied to them and HYDRA still lurked within their unit? Novikova shook her head, clearing it and she floated one of the earthen discs over to Griff, floating him up once he jumped on until he matched Marygold in height. She then tried to send another disc flying at Marygold, but it went in a crazed pattern and hit the wall instead.

Arc rolled his eyes. It wasn't really surprising to find someone else who spoke German, in his experience, whether it was from high school classes or a native-speaking parent. He always thought that it was part of the reason he was recruited by SHIELD in the first place, above other graduates with similar skill-sets, because HYDRA was such a danger. "Yeah, but the English one is far more irritating. I take requests, by the way."

Grif was floated up to where Marygold stood on top of her vines, far up from the ground and the rest. He leaps up from Novikova's stone platform and onto the green appendages suspended in the air but struggles to find his center and is slightly unbalanced on his own two feet. His gaze levels on Marygold, drawing his battleaxe from its sheath on his back and starts towards her, running straight down the vine. A blinding flare of light shines off of Grif's visible skin, and the glare would catch the leader of the X-Men in the eyes.

Not wasting a moment to capitalize the opportunity, he lunges and pulls his axe back for a nonlethal blow, attempting to catch her with the flat side of the axeblade. Only he'd slip off the vine mid-rush and only barely manage to hold on with his axe latched on but the blade will prove to be too sharp, and combined with his weight, would slice through the vine.

Nothing to hold onto, this sent him falling to the ground, a drop close to thirty feet. It seemed in a matter of moments, he'd be meet the training room floor with a broken back or worse, but inexplicably his fast downwards ascent stopped to a complete halt, floating mid-air. Though just as fast this brief lapse of gravitiy started, his fall resumed and return him back down to home sweet Earth. Didn't seem like anything got broken but Grif wouldn't be shrugging off the fall straight way, hard pass on that.

"Hold it," Mary said, before she went back down the the floor, getting off the vines and causing them to go back to being seeds. She caught them and put them back in her pocket as she walked over to Griffin. "Definitely did not see that one coming, nice idea, but next time you try something like that, I'd recommend making sure you can keep your balance. I'm used to walking on vines, plus I can make it so that it holds onto my ankles, so I can easily stay up, but you can't. Anyway, I think we're done for today, don't want anyone to get any worse injuries than they already have, no broken bones or anything yet and I'd prefer to keep it that way, you're lucky you didn't break anything. Anyway, we're done here, so see you around," she said, before she headed out of the room.

Bellamy Hughes

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93)

Bellamy couldn't help but scoff at the theatrics put on by the same archer, his bow having finally been lowered, "I don't know how you've managed to survive this long without some control over them critters. If you can't work with us then stow it." He had up to til here with a select few of the occupants of the room, yet still he opted to settle for scathing remarks than taking it physical so far. He shuffled back over to his place by Magneto and Wanda's side, clearly disgruntled, ruffling his own hair out of sheer irritation.

What the silver-haired girl had said caught his attention, "If what you say is true, it's even more reason to act preemptively. This supposedly being a man who treated his own daughter like lab rat, I wouldn't want to see his worse side." Arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the wall, Bellamy takes a moment to consider his next words, "We.. between everyone gathered here, there's a lot of powers. More than a few would be ideal for this hypothetical infiltration mission of ours. If we're doinng this then count me in."

Bellamy Hughes

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93)

Bellamy was underwhelmed. Really. He had expected some opposition sure, saying there was bad blood between the X-Men and Brotherhood didn't do it justice. But we came with them with the intent to provide aid, as the righteous champion for mutant rights you'd think they'll be open to joining hands against a common enemy. You'd think. His gaze turns back to the sight of an arrow still nocked in Magneto's direction, he rolls his eyes and dismisses the pointless exercise – a metal arrowhead was of the least concerns to the leader of the Brotherhood.

His attention is briefly caught by the sudden harmonica playing, a girl with a sun-kissed complexion was playing some folk music that seemed oddly familiar. The scene looked out of place with the current situation and even mildly annoying. Did she have nothing to better to do than play music now? This was getting out of hand. Bellamy cleared his throat, "It's too much to ask all of you to trust in us instead try trusting that for now, in this specific time and place, we have a common enemy and our goals align." He sneers at the squabble between Dean and Pietro, "So with that said, can we focus on the matter at hand?"

Griffin Lee

Location: Sci-Tech Building 4 - Phase Three, Medical Ward
Skills: Photokinesis

Grif had retreated into the stairways and stumbled upon the others before everything went black, the simulation ending right then and there. He slowly blinked his eyes open and removed the headset, the last hour spent in the Framework catching up to his still somewhat dazed mind. If anything he was plain disappointed with his performance, and he was more than sure it would reflect back on his evaluation which he knew for certain was the express purpose of the practice mission. Though the blame didn't lay completely on him; he and Sami were separated from and therefore unable to cooperate with the others. And even the mission itself had pitted us – a team of while trained and skilled individuals but ultimately inexperienced with our powers and each other – against the Brotherhood, a group of mutant terrorists with no qualms about killing. Perhaps later he should bring the matter up personally with the Director?

Interrupting his self-reflecting was Sami who had entered the room, looking none the worse for wear compared to his simulated self as he asked about our mission success. "Yeah, it would seem so by the looks of things," Grif answered while as he pulled himself off the bed and then extended out his right hand as if holding an invisible ball. "We all could have done better, especially with powers like these," A bright glow would light up from his open palm before closing his hand shut, "But that's fine because next time when we're in the field for real, we'll be ready. Stronger. Smarter. Better." His sober expression stretches out into a confident grin, "Some more than others."

By the looks of it, the throbbing pain from his broken ribs in the Framework hadn't followed him from the simulation. Already he felt good, he felt lively. Whatever this light he had wielded was, it must have something to do with this surge of energy. The overall feeling continued to grow stronger, Grif couldn't help but admit it felt improved most of all. He'd be looking forward to the chance to properly hone his powers for sure.

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